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Dr. Munir Munshey

as-Saffat (Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers(as-Saffat)
37:1 (Allah swears by the angels), those who stand in rows, awaiting orders, keeping ranks.
37:2 They restrain (and rebuke the unbelievers) constantly,
37:3 And carry and convey the word _ (the inspiration and revelation from Allah),
37:4 (Allah proclaims that) certainly, your God is the Absolute One!
37:5 The Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything in between, the Lord of each and every point of sunrise (the Lord of the Easts)!
37:6 Indeed, We brightened the heaven (the sky) of this world with beautiful stars!
37:7 Then screened and shielded it against every defiant Shaitan.
37:8 These Shaitans are chased out of everywhere as they attempt to eavesdrop on the conversation of the exalted angels (to learn about the events to come).
37:9 These Shaitans are outcasts. Theirs is the perpetual punishment!
37:10 If one (of the Shaitans) succeeds in snatching away a fragment (of knowledge), a piercing flame follows him (in hot pursuit).
37:11 Just ask their (the disbelievers´) opinion. What is harder to create? They, or the other things We have created? We created them from sticky clay!
37:12 In fact, (Oh prophet)! you are struck with awe, while they just mock!
37:13 And when advised, they do not heed!
37:14 When shown the sign, they scoff and laugh it off!
37:15 And respond, "This is evidently just magic!"
37:16 "Is it possible? Once we die and wither away into dust and bones, would we really be brought back to life?"
37:17 "And our forefathers, too?"
37:18 Say, "Yes! Of course you (all) would! You would be humbled."
37:19 In fact, it will take just a single hoot (and rebuke), and at once they shall (wake up and) stare.
37:20 They will say, "Oh misery to us, this is the Day of Judgment!"
37:21 (They will hear the reply), "This is the day of the verdict you used to reject!"
37:22 (Allah will order the angels): Gather together all the evildoers, their wives and also those (deities) they used to worship,
37:23 Instead of Allah! Then, shove them along the path towards the blazing fire!
37:24 But detain them for a while! First, they must answer!
37:25 What is wrong with you? Why are you not helping each other out, (today)?
37:26 In fact, that day they shall (concede and) give in so sheepishly!
37:27 Right then, they will confront and accuse each other.
37:28 Some will say to others, "You (swore and) came to us (feigning sincerity); you had (an imposing) status over us."
37:29 Others will reply, "Not so at all! You were disbelievers yourselves."
37:30 "We had no control over you. You were certainly a defiant people!"
37:31 "So (now), in our case the prediction of our Lord has come to pass. We (both of us) shall have to taste (the torment)."
37:32 "We led you astray, but we too, were (lost and) on the wrong path."
37:33 On that day, they shall all share that torment together.
37:34 This is really the way We shall deal with the criminals!
37:35 They used to scorn and scoff arrogantly when told that there is no god except Allah!
37:36 They said, "Should we give up our gods for the sake of an obsessed poet?"
37:37 On the contrary, he brought them the absolute truth; it confirmed the (teachings of the previous) messengers.
37:38 (You did not accept), so you definitely have to taste the painful punishment.
37:39 You will be punished strictly in accordance with what you had done!
37:40 But the sincere and obedient servants of Allah (will be safe).
37:41 The known rewards (and riches) will be theirs.
37:42 Fruits (of all kinds)! They will be the honored (residents),
37:43 In the blessings filled paradise!
37:44 Seated on elevated thrones, facing each other.
37:45 Cups filled with drinks from the fountains (of paradise) will be passed around among them.
37:46 White (wine)! A delicious and delectable drink!
37:47 It will neither inebriate; nor cause a hangover.
37:48 (They will be) accompanied by chaste and demure females, with eyes only for their mates!
37:49 So dainty and delicate; like a thin film lining the eggshell!
37:50 (Surrounded by such luxuries) they will face each other and converse.
37:51 One of them would say to others, "I had a friend."
37:52 "He used to say (to me): are you also one of those who believe?"
37:53 "That we would be asked to face the reckoning even after we turn into dust and bones?"
37:54 He would be asked, "Would you look at him now?"
37:55 He would look and spot his ex-friend in the thick of the blazing fire.
37:56 He would call out (to his ex friend in the hellfire), "I swear by Allah, you had all but ruined me."
37:57 "Had it not been for my Lord´s blessings, I would be there (burning in the hellfire) with you, right now!"
37:58 (Happily, he would muse), "Are we never going to die now?"
37:59 "Was our death in our previous life final? Are we never going to be punished?"
37:60 That, indeed, is a tremendous triumph!
37:61 Those desirous (of success) should strive for just such an outcome.
37:62 Isn´t a gracious feast (in paradise) better than the tree of ´zaqum´?
37:63 We have deemed that tree to be a test for the evildoers.
37:64 That tree springs forth from the very bottom of hell!
37:65 Its buds (and crop) resemble the heads of Shaitans.
37:66 The evil doers will have (nothing but) that to eat. They will stuff their stomachs with it.
37:67 They will get (only) boiling water (to gulp down the ´zaqum´).
37:68 After (such a meal) they will come right back to the blazing fire of hell.
37:69 (Their crime): they found their parents astray,
37:70 Yet (without thinking) they rushed along in their (parents´) footsteps.
37:71 (Even though they knew that) the earlier people (blundered and) had gone astray.
37:72 We certainly raised messengers among them to warn them.
37:73 So look at how those people forewarned met their end. The fate that they fared?
37:74 But the sincere and the obedient servants of Allah (will be safe)!
37:75 Earlier, Nooh called Us and We responded. We are simply the Best of those who respond.
37:76 We rescued him and his household from an awful torture.
37:77 We arranged it so that only his progeny survived (the flood).
37:78 And among the generations to follow, We let his name be honored and revered.
37:79 Peace (and honor) is for ´Nooh´ in the entire universe!
37:80 This is really how We reward the righteous ones!
37:81 Indeed, he was one of Our (obedient and) believing servants!
37:82 We drowned the others _ all the rest of them.
37:83 Among those who followed him and his ways, was Ibraheem.
37:84 He brought back to his Lord an untainted (and unblemished) heart, free from evil.
37:85 He said to his father and his people, "What do you worship? (These idols)?"
37:86 "Do you prefer lies? Do you seek false gods instead of Allah?"
37:87 "Is this your notion of the Lord of the universe?"
37:88 Then he (rolled his eyes and) cast a sweeping glance at the stars,
37:89 And said, "I really feel sick."
37:90 So they turned their backs and left him alone.
37:91 Stealthily, he approached their gods and said, "Why do you not eat (the offerings)?"
37:92 "What is wrong? You don´t even talk?"
37:93 And then he attacked them, striking sharp blows with his right hand.
37:94 The worshippers came rushing towards him.
37:95 He asked, "You worship these idols? You have carved them yourself (they are your handiwork)!"
37:96 "While you _ as also your handiwork _ are the creation of Allah!"
37:97 They said, "Let us build a (furnace shaped) pyre for him, and let us toss him into the blazing fire (burning inside)."
37:98 Skillfully, they devised a plan against him, but We made their plans go awry and We humiliated them. We brought them down.
37:99 (After his rescue) he said, "I am going towards my Lord! He will guide me."
37:100 "My Lord, grant me a righteous (son)."
37:101 So We gave him the glad tidings of a gentle lad!
37:102 When that boy was old enough to share his father´s interests, Ibraheem said, "Oh my son, in my dream I saw myself slaughtering you (by His command)! So now, tell me what you think?" The son said, "Oh my father, do carry out your command. You will find me _ if Allah so wills _ patient and steadfast."
37:103 When both agreed to submit (their wills to Allah), the father flung his son down on his face.
37:104 That is when We called out, "Oh Ibraheem!"
37:105 "You have made this dream come true! We reward the righteous ones in this manner."
37:106 "In fact, this was meant to be a clear (and specific) trial for you."
37:107 "Therefore, We offered in exchange (for his son) the great sacrifice (the rite of sacrifice on the day after Hajj)."
37:108 And among the generations to follow We let his name be honored and revered.
37:109 Peace is upon Ibraheem!
37:110 This is how We reward the righteous ones!
37:111 Indeed, he was one of Our (obedient and) believing servants!
37:112 We gave him the good news of the birth of Ishaq _ a righteous prophet.
37:113 We blessed him and Ishaq. Now, some of their descendants are righteous, while others (disbelieved and so) are unjust to their own selves.
37:114 And We certainly bestowed Our favor upon Musa, and (his brother) Haroon.
37:115 And We rescued them, and their nation, from an awful torture.
37:116 And We came to their aid. So they ended up being the victors.
37:117 And We gave them the divine book (so they may know right from wrong).
37:118 And We guided them to the straight path.
37:119 And among the generations to follow, We let their names be honored and revered.
37:120 Peace is upon Musa and Haroon!
37:121 This is really how We reward the righteous ones!
37:122 Those two were among Our (obedient and) believing servants!
37:123 And Ilyas, too, was one of the messengers.
37:124  He said to his people, "Do you not fear Allah?"
37:125 "Do you pray to (the idol) ´Baal´ (a bull believed to be a god of fertility) while you quit (worshipping) the Best of the creators?"
37:126 "Allah, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers?"
37:127 But they (disbelieved and) called him a liar. Therefore, they will certainly be present there (on the Day of Judgment to face the punishment).
37:128 Except the sincere servants of Allah!
37:129 And among the generations to follow, We let his name be honored and revered.
37:130 Peace be upon Ilyas!
37:131 This is really how We reward the righteous ones!
37:132 Indeed, he was one of Our (obedient and) believing servants!
37:133 ´Loot´ was also one of the messengers.
37:134 We rescued him and all the members of his family.
37:135 Except an old woman destined to stay behind.
37:136 Then We destroyed the others _ all the rest of them.
37:137 In fact, you do pass by their ruins during the day,
37:138 And during the night! Don´t you have any sense?
37:139 And surely, Yunus was also one of the messengers.
37:140 He (abandoned his post and) fled aboard a crowded ship.
37:141 (To save the ship) he agreed to take part in the casting of the lots _ and lost. (Hence, he was thrown overboard).
37:142 A whale swallowed him. He was (at fault and) blame worthy.
37:143 He was one of those who (extol and) glorify Allah routinely.
37:144 Else, he would have stayed in the belly of the fish till the day of resurrection.
37:145 But We tossed him ashore in a barren area without any shade. He was stricken with illness and emaciated.
37:146 We grew a plant _ a creeper _ over and around (to shade and protect) him.
37:147 (Later), We sent him back to the community of a hundred thousand plus.
37:148 They believed, so We had them enjoy life for a while.
37:149 Ask their opinion. (Is it fair that) your Lord should have daughters while they prefer sons for themselves?
37:150 Or did We create the angels as female beings? Were they present there, watching?
37:151 Beware! What they utter is certainly self-conceived, and merely fiction!
37:152 (Do they say) Allah has borne a child? Of course they are lying!
37:153 Does He (really) prefer daughters over sons?
37:154 What is wrong with you? How can you hold such views?
37:155 Won´t you (reflect and) come back to your senses?
37:156 Or do you have a clear authority (to hold such views)?
37:157 So bring your scriptures (and quote your authority) if you are truthful.
37:158 They conjure up kinship between Him and the jinn. But (all) jinn are well aware that the evildoers will have to appear before Him (for reckoning).
37:159 Allah is Exalted _ infinitely more Sublime than what they describe!
37:160 The sincere servants of Allah are excepted _ (they associate no one with Allah).
37:161 "Of course you and those (false gods) you worship,"
37:162 "Can never tempt and entice away,"
37:163 "Anybody except the one who will burn in the fire of hell."
37:164 (The angels say) "Every single one of us has been assigned a place,"
37:165 "(Before Him). We, too stand in rows to pray."
37:166 "We, too, (extol His glory and) chant His praises!"
37:167 They surely used to claim (that),
37:168 "Like the earlier people, if we had received the (divine) advice,"
37:169 "Then of course we would have been the chosen people of Allah!"
37:170 (Divine advice they did receive), but they have rejected it already! So now, they will soon find out!
37:171 We already gave Our word to Our servants _ the messengers.
37:172 That they would certainly be helped!
37:173 Our army would triumph, for sure!
37:174 So leave them alone for a while.
37:175 Just watch them. Soon they will see the torment themselves.
37:176 Are they clamoring for Our torment to be hastened?
37:177 For those forewarned, dreadful would be the dawn when the doom descends on their doorstep!
37:178 So leave them alone for a while!
37:179 Watch them! Soon they will see it.
37:180 Glorified is your Lord, the Majestic Lord of honor and power. (He is Free) from the lies they attribute to Him.
37:181 Peace is upon the messengers!
37:182 And all praise is for Allah, the Lord of the universe!


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