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36:1  Ya seen
36:2  By the wisdom filled Qur´an
36:3  Indeed, you are one of the messengers
36:4  Upon the straight path
36:5  This (Qur´an) is the revelation from the Mightiest, the most Merciful
36:6  So that you may warn the people whose fore-fathers were not warned. Hence they live in ignorance
36:7  Against most of them, the sentence is surely justified. They do not believe
36:8  Verily, We have placed shackles around their necks that come clear up to their chins; so their heads stick out
36:9  And We have placed a barrier in front of them, and a barrier behind them. We have also covered them over. So they see nothing
36:10  It makes no difference to them! Warn them or not, they shall not believe
36:11  In fact, you can only warn the one who listens to the advice and fears Rehman without having seen Him. To such a person, give the glad tidings of forgiveness and a generous reward
36:12  Of course, it is We Who grants life back to the dead. We are recording all the deeds they send ahead, as well as all the traces they leave behind! We have preserved an account of all things in a clear and well-protected register
36:13  Cite the example of the town, its people and the messengers who came there
36:14  We sent two messengers towards them. They denied both of them! Then, We reinforced them with a third and they said, "We have been appointed messengers towards you."
36:15  They replied, "You are merely humans like us. Rehman has sent down nothing! You are just making it up!"
36:16  They said, "Our Lord knows! We really are messengers towards you!"
36:17  "Our responsibility is nothing more than to convey the message in clear explicit terms!"
36:18  They said, "We have really been jinxed by your presence. If you do not desist, we will surely stone you to death! You will receive a grievous torture from us!"
36:19  The messengers responded, "Is it because you are being fore-warned? You are your own jinx. In fact, you are a nation guilty of excess!"
36:20  A man came running from the outskirts of the town and said, "Oh my people! Follow the messengers."
36:21  "Follow them! They are not asking anything in return. And they are well-guided!"
36:22  "Why not? Why should I not worship the One Who caused me to be? And towards Whom you all must return?"
36:23  "Shall I accept other gods besides Him? Should Rehman decide to harm me, these (false gods) could not rescue me, nor could they intervene to help a bit!"
36:24  "Clearly, I would then be tremendously at a disadvantage!"
36:25  "I have come to believe in your Lord! So listen!"
36:26  (After they stoned him to death), he was told to enter paradise! The man said, "Alas! If only my people knew!"
36:27  "My lord forgave me and included me among the honorable! And in return for what?"
36:28  Thereafter, We did not send an army from heavens upon his people; We did not have to!
36:29  There was just a single bang, and they all were left lifeless! (As if extinguished)
36:30  What a pity! These human kinds! Their only response to the messengers _ whenever they came to them _ was to mock and make fun of them
36:31  Do they not observe? Many a town have We demolished prior to them. Verily, none of their dwellers ever return
36:32  Surely! All of them together would be presented before Us (for judgment)
36:33  And the proof for them (of the lie-to-come) is the dead land __ barren and desolate. We cause it to spring back to life! And We bring forth the grain out of it, which they eat
36:34  We dotted the land with orchards of grapes and dates, and We caused springs to gush out of the earth
36:35  That they may eat its produce! It was not they who made it all happen! So, should they not be grateful
36:36  Exalted is He Who created all things in pairs! Things that grow in fields. Things within their own selves. Even things they have no knowledge of
36:37  Another proof is the night! When We strip the day off it, they are left in the dark
36:38  The sun proceeds towards its marked destination. This is the destiny appointed by the Mightiest and the most Knowledgeable
36:39  And the moon! We destined it to return in stages until it comes back like the dried out branch of the date tree
36:40  It is not ordained for the sun to overtake the moon, nor for the night to outpace the day. Each, (the sun and the moon), is afloat in its respective orbit
36:41  Another proof for them! We surely boarded their descendants on a laden ark
36:42  And We created other similar vessels for them to sail upon
36:43  If We wish We could drown them, and no one would hear their whimper of protest! Nor would they be rescued
36:44  Except (their respite is) by Our grace, and only as merriment for a brief while
36:45  (They ignore) when they are told to beware of what lies before them and what lies ahead of them, so that they may receive mercy
36:46  They merely turn away and ignore each and every proof of their Lord that ever reaches them
36:47  When asked to spend that which Allah has granted them, those who disbelieve say to those who believe, "Shall we feed those whom Allah could have fed, had He wished? You are clearly in the wrong!"
36:48  And they say, "If you are truthful, tell us! When will that promise _ (the hereafter)_ be fulfilled?"
36:49  What they await is nothing but a single bang! They will still be busy quarreling when it will seize them in its grip
36:50  Then, they will have no chance either to make a will or to return to their families
36:51  Then the trumpet will sound. Instantly, they will leap out of their graves and begin marching towards their Lord
36:52  They shall say, "Oh misery to us! Who has aroused us out of our graves?" ........ "This is that promise! Rehman´s promise! The messengers had been truthful after all!"
36:53  There will just be a single bang, and suddenly, all of them together shall be arraigned before Us
36:54  That day, no being will be wronged a bit! And all of you will be repaid strictly in accordance with what you used to do
36:55  And surely, that day, those in paradise will be busy enjoying the fruits
36:56  They and their spouses will be under the cool dense shades! Seated on couches and reclining on pillows
36:57  Theirs shall be all the fruits! And anything else their hearts desire
36:58  "Peace!" Their Merciful Lord shall greet them
36:59  "And you, Oh criminals, stand aside! Distinct and separate, today!"
36:60  "Oh children of Adam! Did I not have a pact with you, that you will not worship Shaitan? He is your professed enemy!"
36:61  "And that rather, you will worship Me. That is the straight path
36:62  He (Shaitan) has indeed, taken a severe toll, and has led astray a great many of you! So, do you not ever think
36:63  This, here, is the hellfire you had been promised
36:64  Go, roast in it today! Just deserts for your denial
36:65  Today, We have sealed your lips! Your hands will speak to Us, and your feet will bear witness to all you used to do
36:66  Should We so decide, We could wipe the eyes off their faces! Will they, then, not keep groping for their path? And from where might they obtain their sight
36:67  If We want, We could squash them in their very places! Then they could neither proceed nor return
36:68  We do reverse the very nature of those to whom We give a long life! Don´t they ever think
36:69  We did not teach him (Muhammad SAW) poetry. That is beneath him! What it is (the Qur´an), is a reminder and an illuminating open book
36:70  In order that, those who are still alive may be forewarned by it! And the charge against the disbelievers may ring true
36:71  Have they not observed? We created the cattle for them! Our handiwork! Now, they own these cattle
36:72  We have tamed these cattle for them. Some they ride, others they eat
36:73  They drink their milk and derive other benefits from them! Should they not be grateful
36:74  They took gods besides Allah, so that, perhaps they may receive some help
36:75  They (false gods) will not be able to lend any help; for they would themselves be brought out (before Us, to be condemned) as their allies
36:76  Let their remarks not cause you grief. We, surely know every thing they say, that which they utter in secret, as well as that which they declare openly
36:77  Does man not know!? We created him from a speck of fluid! And now, he stands defiantly before Us __argumentative and boisterous
36:78  Hurls insults at Us, and forgets his own origin, and says, "Who will bring these bones back to life when they have withered away!"
36:79  Say! The One Who created them in the first place will bring them back to life. He is Well-versed in all means and manners of creation
36:80  He lets the green trees produce fire for you. So now, with it you kindle the flame
36:81  Could the Creator of the heavens and the earth not be capable of creating the likes of them? Most definitely! He is All-knowing, and the Greatest, most Versatile Creator!
36:82  He has commanded it so; whenever He intends anything to be, He says to it ´Be!´ and it becomes!
36:83  Exalted is He, in Whose hands is the destiny of all things and towards Whom you all must return