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38:1  Suad! (Allah swears) by the Qur´an, which is full of (divine) advice
38:2  In fact, the unbelievers are steeped in arrogance and aversion
38:3  Many generations have We destroyed prior to them. (In the end) they all cried out and pleaded (to be saved); but then it is too late to escape
38:4  They consider it odd that a warner has come to them from amongst themselves. The unbelievers said, "This is a magician, a liar!"
38:5  "Has he replaced all our gods with just One God? That is really astounding!"
38:6  Their chiefs go about saying, "Go home and hold on to your gods staunchly. This thing is (purposely) designed (against you)."
38:7  "We have never heard any such thing in other nations, lately. This is nothing but a made up story."
38:8  "Why was the (divine) advice revealed to him (and not us)? Among us, (why was he chosen)?" No! Rather, it is My advice that they doubt (and challenge). In fact, they have not tasted My punishment yet
38:9  Do they have _ to own (and to distribute) _ the treasures of the mercy of your Powerful Lord, the Generous Grantor of gifts
38:10  Or do they own the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and everything in between? So, let them ascend up (to the heaven) by their means. (Alternate meaning: So, let them rise to the top of this world)
38:11  They are just one small group out of many (that were bigger and much stronger). They are (destined) to be routed right here (on their home turf)
38:12  Prior to them, many (groups) rejected the messengers, like the nation of Nooh, the ´Aads´ and the pharaoh _ the one so firmly fortified
38:13  (And like) the Samood, the nation of Loot, and the people of ´Aikah´. (Now), they were (much stronger) groups
38:14  Every single one of them rejected the messenger, and so justly deserved My punishment
38:15  Now, what these people here (have been warned about and) are waiting for is nothing but a single mighty blast. There won´t be (the need for) a second blast
38:16  They say, "Our Lord, rush our share (of the punishment) to us right now, before the day of reckoning."
38:17  Bear everything they say patiently (oh prophet), and remember Our servant Da´ood, the one with strength. He constantly turned to Allah (for guidance)
38:18  We tamed the mountains for him. Every nightfall and morning, they sang along the praises (of Allah) with him
38:19  Birds used to gather around. They all turned to Him (and chanted His praises)
38:20  We strengthened his domain and granted him wisdom, and (eloquent) persuasive speech
38:21  Has the tale of the two litigants reached you? They scaled the wall (of the palace to gain entry) into the royal chambers
38:22  Da´ood was scared when they entered his room. They said, "Do not be afraid. The two of us have a dispute. One of us has unjustly harmed the other. So, settle our dispute fairly. Do not stray from the just course. Guide us to the right path."
38:23  One of them said, "This, here, is my brother. He had ninety-nine lambs, while I had only one lamb. Yet he said to me, ´Hand over your lamb to me.´ He persuaded (and prevailed over) me with his (eloquent) speech."
38:24  (Da´ood) said, "He certainly wronged you by asking for your lamb to join his herd (of ninety-nine lambs). Indeed, most friends and family members often treat each other unjustly, except those who believe and perform righteous deeds. Such ones (however) are few." And then Da´ood realized, that We had put him through a test (by this incident). So, he sought forgiveness of his Lord. He fell down prostrate and turned to Him in repentance
38:25  So We forgave him. Indeed, he has a high status with Us _ an excellent place to return
38:26  (We said), "Oh Da´ood, We have certainly appointed you Our deputy in the land. Therefore, settle the disputes between people with justice. Do not be swayed by your whims and wishes. Else, you will stray from the path of Allah. Indeed, there is a severe punishment for those who stray from the path of Allah _ because they forget the day of reckoning
38:27  We did not create this _ the heaven, the earth and everything in between _ without a purpose. (In fact) those who do not believe, think otherwise. Misery is for the unbelievers. They will be in fire (forever)
38:28  Should We make those who believe and perform good deeds share the same fate as those who spread corruption in this world? Should We treat the righteous ones and the wicked ones alike
38:29  (Oh prophet)! We have revealed to you a book full of blessings, so that people may ponder over its verses, and so that those with sense and insight may heed its advice
38:30  To Da´ood We gave (a son), Sulaiman. What a wonderful (person and a) servant (of Allah)! Indeed, he (frequently) turned (to Allah) in repentance
38:31  One day in the late afternoon, swift-footed highbred horses were presented to him
38:32  He said, "I relished (and indulged in) these good things (of this world), and failed to remember my Lord. (He missed the evening prayer). When the horses (ran and) vanished from sight behind the screen (of dust they kicked off), he ordered
38:33  "Bring them back to me!" He began to slash their legs and napes (with his sword)
38:34  We certainly put Sulaiman through a test. We raised (his heir) to the throne to be just a figure _ just a body (inept and incompetent). Then He repented and turned back (from his desire to bequeath the throne to one of his own descendants)
38:35  He said, "My Lord, grant me forgiveness! Grant me an empire, the like of which no one shall ever have after me. Certainly, You are the (real) Grantor!"
38:36  So We gave him control over the wind. Upon his orders, it gently sped towards the region of his choice
38:37  (And under his control, We placed) the Shaitans _ all the builders and the divers
38:38  And others bound in chains
38:39  (We said) "This is Our gift to you! Without (the fear of) reckoning, you may bestow it _ or hold it back _ upon whomever you wish."
38:40  Indeed, he has a high status with Us, and an excellent place to return
38:41  And remember Our servant Ayub. He called his Lord (saying), "Shaitan really heckles me (with doubts; I am stricken) with hardship and distress."
38:42  (We said), "With your foot, stamp the ground; (under it is a spring), cool water to bathe and drink."
38:43  We gave his family back to him. And as a blessing from Us, We gave him many more (children) _ a reminder for those who reflect
38:44  (We said to Ayub) "Do not break your oath. (Instead) take a bundle of thin grass and with it (lightly) strike (the person you swore to lash; you were sick at that time)." We really found him patient. What a wonderful person! Indeed, he constantly turned to Us in repentance
38:45  And remember Our servant Ibraheem, Ishaq and Yaqub. They all had insight and the strength of character
38:46  We especially chose them because they (always) remembered the house of the hereafter
38:47  According to Our judgment, they were certainly among the best, the excellent
38:48  And remember Ismail, ´Al-yasaa´ and ´Dhul-Kifl´. They are all among the excellent ones
38:49  This (Qur´an) is a reminder! Indeed, for the righteous one there is an excellent place to go to (after death)
38:50  Eternal paradise! With its gates held open for them (allowing them free and unhindered access)
38:51  There, seated comfortably, they would order and receive (exotic and) plentiful fruits and drinks
38:52  With them, would be the chaste females of the same age _ those with eyes only for their mates
38:53  (They would be told) "All this was promised to be yours on the day of reckoning."
38:54  Certainly, such is Our grant to you! It will never run out
38:55  All that (is for the righteous)! But for the transgressors, there is a worst place to return
38:56  Hell, which will roast them! An abominable abode
38:57  (It is appropriate for them)! So let them quench their thirst with boiling water, pus and discharge from wounds
38:58  And other (despicable) torments of that sort
38:59  (As the fresh crop of unbelievers is hurled into hell, those already there will say), "This is the group entering (hell) to stay. No welcome for them! They shall burn in the fire!"
38:60  (The newcomers will respond) "Actually there is no welcome for you either. You led us here into hell, the worst of the places!"
38:61  They will say, "Our Lord, increase the torment by fire twice as much for the one who has brought this (fate) upon us."
38:62  They will say, "What is the matter? We don´t see here (in hell) those men we used to consider wicked (in the previous life)."
38:63  "We had made them the target of ridicule! Why do our eyes fail to spot them (here)?"
38:64  Definitely! That is the truth! Those in hellfire will bicker and wrangle (just like that)
38:65  Say (oh prophet)! "Actually, I am only a warner! There is no god but Allah, the One and Only, the Almighty!"
38:66  "The Sustainer of the heavens and the earth and everything in between, the most Powerful and the most Forgiving!"
38:67  Say, "That is the greatest news!"
38:68  "You are turning away from it!"
38:69  "I had no knowledge of the high chiefs, (the angels), as they discussed among themselves (the creation of Adam)."
38:70  "This was revealed to me (for no other reason) except that I am really _ and clearly _ a warner
38:71  Your Lord said to the angels, "I am really going to create man from clay."
38:72  "You must fall down prostrate before him (in submission), after I have fashioned him and have breathed into him the spirit created by Me."
38:73  Accordingly, the angels _ all of them together _ fell prostrate
38:74  But Iblees (the Shaitan) did not! He displayed arrogance, and was (always) a disbeliever
38:75  (Allah) said, "Oh Iblees, what kept you from falling prostrate before a being I created with My hands? Are you too proud (to bow)? Or are you one of the high and the exalted?"
38:76  (Iblees) said, "I am better than him. You created me from fire, while You created him from clay."
38:77  (Allah) said, "Get out of here! Indeed, you are damned!"
38:78  "You shall carry My curse till the day of resurrection."
38:79  (Iblees) said, "My Lord, give me a chance (to prove my point) till the day they shall be raised (back to life)."
38:80  (Allah) said, "You are (hereby) being granted the respite."
38:81  "Till the day of that appointed time!"
38:82  (Iblees) said, "I swear by Your Might, (oh Lord)! I will definitely tempt and lead all of them astray,"
38:83  "Except those among them that are Your true and sincere servants!"
38:84  (Allah said) "The truth is _ and (nothing but) truth I (always) speak,"
38:85  "That I will most certainly pack the hellfire with you and all those who follow you!"
38:86  Tell them, "I do not ask of you any compensation. I am not an imposter!"
38:87  "It (the Quran) really is a reminder for all the worlds!"
38:88  "After a while, you will certainly come to know about it yourself!"