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37:1  By those (Angels) who stand in ranks,
37:2  Then by those (Angels) who drive (the clouds) robustly,
37:3  Then by those (Angels) who recite the Verses (of the Qur’ān),
37:4  Your Lord is One and Absolutely Unique.
37:5  The Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them. And the Lord of the Eastern regions.
37:6  Surely We have embellished the lower heaven with planets,
37:7  Protecting it from every rebellious devil,
37:8  They cannot listen to the exalted assembly for they are pelted from every side,
37:9  Driven away, and theirs is an everlasting torment.
37:10  But whoever manages to stealthily snatch a word (from the heavens) is pursued by a piercing flame.
37:11  Then ask them: "Are they stronger as creation, or those (others) whom We have created?”. Surely We created them of a high viscosity clay.
37:12  Nay! You are amazed (by their persistent and purposeful denial of Resurrection), while they poke fun (at you).
37:13  And when they are admonished, they pay no heed.
37:14  And when they see a Sign, they make it an object of ridicule,
37:15  Saying: “This is nothing but an apparent sorcery (& devilry).
37:16  What! When we are dead and reduced to dust and bones, will we truly be resurrected?
37:17  What, even our forefathers in former times?”
37:18  Say (to them): “Yea, and you will be completely demeaned.”
37:19  So it will be but one Cry, then behold, they are contemplating.
37:20  They will say: "Woe betide us! This is the Day of Judgment."
37:21  (They will be told): “This is the Decisive Day which you were inclined to deny ”.
37:22  Assemble all those who voluntarily and consciously abandoned the Full Knowledge of the Truth in favour of their own whims along with their peers and what they were inclined to worship,
37:23  Besides Allâh, then lead them to the way to Gehenna.
37:24  Stop them! Indeed, they are to be questioned.
37:25  What is wrong with you? Why do you not help each other?
37:26  In fact, on that day, they will be totally submissive (and helpless).
37:27  They will approach one another, casting blame,
37:28  Saying: "It was you who used to come to us from the right hand”.
37:29  They shall reply: “Nay, but you had no tendency to live by Faith.
37:30  And we had no authority over you. But you yourselves were rebellious people.
37:31  So the Word of our Lord has been justified against us. Well! We are about to taste (the chastisement).
37:32  Apparently, we have seduced you away (from Faith) only because we are seducers”.
37:33  So, that day they will all take part in the torment.
37:34  Verily, this is how We deal with the Ungodly Sinners.
37:35  In fact, when it was said to them: "There is no other god beside Allâh”, they acted imperiously,
37:36  And said: "Are we going to forsake our gods for the sake of a demented poet"
37:37  Nay! He has come with the Truth and has authenticated (the divine Message of) the Messengers (who were sent before him).
37:38  Well! You are surely going to taste the painful torment.
37:39  You will be chastised only for what you were inclined to do.
37:40  But the faithful servants of Allâh (will be saved).
37:41  For them there is a known provision:
37:42  (Different types of) fruits. And they will be highly honored:
37:43  In the Gardens of bliss:
37:44  On thrones, facing each other.
37:45  Glass of sparkling wine will be circulated around them,
37:46  Pure brilliant white, very palatable for those who like to drink.
37:47  It has no bad effect on them, neither will it make them drunk.
37:48  With them will be voluptuous maidens
37:49  As if they were hidden eggs (of the ostrich, sheltered by their feathers from dust).
37:50  They will approach one another, questioning one another.
37:51  A speaker of them will say: "Indeed, I had a companion (in the worldly life),
37:52  Who used to say: "Are you of those who believe (in the Resurrection)?
37:53  When we are dead and reduced to dust and bones, shall we really be called to account (for everything we do)?
37:54  He will say: "Will you have a look?"
37:55  So he looked down and saw him in the depth of Gehenna.
37:56  He will say: "By Allâh! You had almost led me into perdition.
37:57  And had it not been for the benevolence of my Lord, I would definitely have been among those who brought up".
37:58  Is it then that we won’t die,
37:59  Except for our first death, and that we shall not be chastised?"
37:60  This is definitely the ultimate success and the supreme one.
37:61  For the like of this, then, let the worker strive.
37:62  Is this a better hospitality or the tree of Zaqqum?
37:63  We have made this (tree) a trial for those who voluntarily and consciously abandoned the Full Knowledge of the Truth in favour of their own whims.
37:64  Verily, It is a tree that grows in the core of Gehenna.
37:65  Its emerging fruit are like the head of the of devils.
37:66  The Denizens of Hell will eat thereof and fill their bellies therewith.
37:67  After eating from it, they will be given a mixture made of scalding water.
37:68  Then indeed, their return will be to the Inferno.
37:69  They indeed found their forefathers on the wrong path.
37:70  Yet they rushed to follow their footsteps.
37:71  And certainly most of the ancients were on the wrong path before them,
37:72  And indeed We sent among them Messengers to admonish.
37:73  Then see how (dreadful) was the end of those who were admonished,
37:74  Except for the faithful servants of Allâh.
37:75  Indeed, Noah prayed to Us (for help), and how excellent did we respond to Prayers!
37:76  We saved him and his family from the great distress,
37:77  Made his progeny the survivors,
37:78  And perpetuated his good legacy in later generations.
37:79  Peace be upon Noah among (all men and jinn) in the worlds.
37:80  Indeed, this is how We reward those who pursue righteousness and perfection in Faith.
37:81  Indeed, he was one of Our Pious servants.
37:82  Then We drowned the others.
37:83  Indeed, among those who followed the (upright) Faith of Noah was Abraham.
37:84  He came to his Lord with Pure and Faultless heart.
37:85  He said to his father and his people: “What is that you worship?
37:86  Is it a mendacity - gods beside Allâh- that you desire?
37:87  Then what is your speculation about the Lord of all the beings.
37:88  Then he took a glance at the stars,
37:89  And said: “I am sick (with plague).”
37:90  So they turned away from him, departing (in fear of getting infected).
37:91  Then he turned to their gods and said: “What! Do you not eat?
37:92  What is wrong with you that you don’t speak ?”
37:93  Then he turned furtively to them, smiting them with the right hand.
37:94  Then they came toward him, hastening.
37:95  He said: “Do you worship that which you sculpt
37:96  While Allâh is the One Who has created you, as well as what you make?”
37:97  They said: “Build for him a building (i.e. pyre), then cast him into the Fire.”
37:98  Apparently, they wanted to outwit him, but We brought them low.
37:99  He said: "Indeed, I am going to my Lord. He will surely guide me (into all the truth).
37:100  My Lord, vouchsafe me one of the righteous."
37:101  So We gave him the glad tidings of a forbearing boy.
37:102  But when (his son) became old enough to toil with him, (Abraham) said: "O’ my son, indeed I see in a dream that I must scarify you. What do you think of this?" He said: "O’ my father, do what you are commanded to do. You will find me, if Allâh wills, one of those who cling to patience."
37:103  Then, when they had both surrendered, and he had flung him down upon his forehead,
37:104  We called out to him: “O’ Abraham!
37:105  You have indeed fulfilled the vision of truth.” Most surely We reward those who pursue righteousness and perfection in Faith.
37:106  This was indeed the real ordeal.
37:107  So, We ransomed his son with a great sacrifice.
37:108  And We perpetuated his good legacy in later generations.
37:109  Peace be upon Abraham.
37:110  This is how We reward those who pursue righteousness and perfection in Faith.
37:111  Indeed, he was of Our Pious servants.
37:112  And We gave him the glad tidings of Isaac, one of the righteous Prophets.
37:113  And We blessed him and Isaac. Some of their offspring were righteous and others were obviously unfair to their own selves.
37:114  Verily We conferred a favor on Moses and Aaron.
37:115  And We saved them and their people from the great ordeal,
37:116  And helped them. So they were victorious. .
37:117  And We gave them both the Explicative Scripture,
37:118  Guided them both to the right path,
37:119  And perpetuated their good legacy in later generations.
37:120  Peace be upon Moses and Aaron.
37:121  Verily, this is how We reward those who pursue righteousness and perfection in Faith.
37:122  Indeed, they were both of Our Pious Servants .
37:123  Indeed, Elias was one of the Messengers of Allâh.
37:124  He said to his people: “Will you not act piously?
37:125  What! Do you pray to Baal and abandon the Best Creator,.
37:126  Allâh, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers?"
37:127  They denied him. So they will be brought forth (to the doom)
37:128  Except for the faithful servants of Allâh.
37:129  And We perpetuated his good legacy in the later generations.
37:130  Peace be upon Elias.
37:131  Verily, this is how We reward those who pursue righteousness and perfection in Faith.
37:132  Indeed, he was of Our Pious Servants.
37:133  Surely Lot was of one the Messengers of Allâh.
37:134  And We saved him and all his family,
37:135  Except an old woman (his wife), who was among those who lagged behind:
37:136  Then We utterly destroyed the others.
37:137  Surely you pass by them in the morning
37:138  And at night. Don't you have conscious thoughts at least in this sense?
37:139  And Jonah was surely one of the Messengers (of Allâh).
37:140  He ran away and (embarked) on a ship heavily laden.
37:141  Then he drew lots. And he was among the losers.
37:142  Then a great fish swallowed him as he was culpable.
37:143  And had he not been of those who celebrate the praise (of Allâh) and declare His absolute majesty and glory,
37:144  He would have remained in its belly until the day when they are raised.
37:145  So We cast him into the open shore and he was seriously injured.
37:146  Then We caused a pumpkin tree to grow above him.
37:147  And We sent him to a hundred thousand (people) or even more.
37:148  They all adhered to Absolute Monotheism and so We gave them comfort for a while.
37:149  So do ask them: “Does your Lord have daughters, whereas they have sons?
37:150  Or did We create the Angels females while they were witnesses?”
37:151  Emphatically, it is out of their mendacity that they say:
37:152  “Allâh has begotten.” They are truly lairs.
37:153  Has He abandoned the sons in favour of daughters?
37:154  What is wrong with you? How do you judge (things)?
37:155  Will you not then take heed?
37:156  Or do you have a clear authority?
37:157  So bring your book if you are truthful.
37:158  They even invented consanguinity between Him and the Jinn. In fact, The Jinn know well that they will be brought (before their Lord)-
37:159  All Glory Be To Allâh from whatever they describe!-
37:160  Except for the faithful servants of Allâh.
37:161  Surely you and whatever you worship
37:162  Cannot tempt any one away (from the upright faith)
37:163  Except the ones who are predestined to burn in Hell.
37:164  The Angels said: “There is not one of us but has an appointed place.
37:165  Surely we stand in ranks (for prayer)
37:166  And we indeed hymn His praise.”
37:167  Surely they used to say:
37:168  “If only we had received a Scripture like that of the people of old,
37:169  We would have been the faithful servants of Allâh.”
37:170  But, (when the Qur’ān has come to them), they refuse to give credence to It. They will soon know (the consequences of their refusal).
37:171  Our Word has already foregone for Our servants, the Messengers,
37:172  That they would certainly be helped,
37:173  And that our soldiers would certainly be the victors.
37:174  Now, therefore, turn away from them for a little while.
37:175  And watch (what will befall) them and soon they will see.
37:176  What! Do they seek to hasten Our retribution?
37:177  But when it descends in their courtyard, then evil is the morning of those who are admonished.
37:178  Now, therefore, turn away from them for a little while,
37:179  And watch (what will befall) them and soon they will see.
37:180  All Glory Be To your Lord, the Lord of Honor and Power, above what they describe!
37:181  Peace Be upon the Messengers of Allâh.
37:182  All praise is due to Allâh, Lord of all the worlds.