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37:1  [I swear by the angels] that line up in [waiting for Allah (Gad)’s orders],
37:2  [and the one that] rebuke [devils for listening to the supreme council of angels] heavily
37:3  and [the ones that] reciting Allah’ )(God)’s words [to his messengers],
37:4  your god is One [Allah (God) Alone],
37:5  Lord of Heaven and Earth and whatever lies between them, plus Lord of all sunrises [and sunsets]!
37:6  We have beautified the worldly sky with the splendor of stars
37:7  plus a safeguard against every stubborn devil
37:8  so they may not listen to the supreme council and are hurled forth on every side.
37:9  Driven away, they will have lingering torment
37:10  except for someone who tries to eavesdrop so that a blazing meteor follows him.
37:11  Ask their opinion whether they or someone We created have been created stronger. We created them from sticky clay.
37:12  Rather you have been surprised as they sneered;
37:13  yet whenever they are reminded, they do not recall anything.
37:14  Whenever they see some sign, they make fun of it
37:15  and say: "This is just sheer magic!
37:16  When we have died and become dust and bones, will we be raised up again?
37:17  Along with our earliest forefathers.
37:18  SAY: "Yes, and you yourselves abashed."
37:19  There will only be a single rebuke and then, they shall see!
37:20  They will say: 'How awful it is for us; this is the Day for Repayment!
37:21  This is the day for sorting things out which you have been denying."
37:22  Summon the ones who have done wrong plus their spouses, and anything they have been worshipping
37:23  instead of Allah (God); lead them along the road towards Hades.
37:24  Stop them! They must be questioned:
37:25  "What's wrong with you that you do not support each other?"
37:26  Rather today they are surrendering.
37:27  Some of them will step forth to question one another.
37:28  They will say: "You used to come at us from the right."
37:29  They will say: "Rather, you were not believers!
37:30  We have no authority over you. Instead you have been such transgressing folk.
37:31  Our Lord's sentence has been confirmed against us; we are indeed tasting it!
37:32  We lured you on, we were seducers."
37:33  They will become partners in torment on that day.
37:34  Thus We deal with criminals!
37:35  They have acted so proudly whenever: "There is no deity except Allah (God) [Alone]" was said to them,
37:36  and they were saying: 'Should we abandon our gods for a crazy poet?"
37:37  Rather he has brought the Truth (the Quran) and vouches for the emissaries.
37:38  Yet you will taste painful torment
37:39  and only be rewarded for what you have been doing,
37:40  except for Allah (God)'s sincere servants.
37:41  Those will have an acknowledged provision
37:42  of fruit, and will be honored
37:43  in gardens of Bliss
37:44  facing one another on couches.
37:45  A cup will he passed around for them from a clear spring
37:46  [which will be] white, delicious for anyone who drinks from it!
37:47  There will be no hangover from it nor will they feel exhausted by it.
37:48  With them will be bashful women whose eyes still sparkle
37:49  as if they were hidden [like hatching] eggs.
37:50  Some of them will step forward to question one another.
37:51  Someone among them will speak up and say: "Once there was a soulmate of mine
37:52  who used to say: 'Have you become convinced [of resurrection]?
37:53  When we have, died and become dust and bones, will we he called to account?"
37:54  He will say: "Will you (all) just take a look?"
37:55  "So he did look down and saw he was [standing] in the midst of Hades!
37:56  He said: "By Allah (God), you have almost ruined me!
37:57  If it were not for my Lord's favor, I'd have been made to appear.
37:58  [talking to his blissed companions] Aren’t we mortal
37:59  except for our first death? Will we not be punished?
37:60  This is the splendid Achievement!'"
37:61  For such as this let workers toil.
37:62  Is that a better welcome or is the Infernal Tree?
37:63  We have placed it as a trial for wrongdoers.
37:64  It is a tree that rises from the depths of Hades.
37:65  Its cluster [of fruit] looks like devils' heads;
37:66  they will eat some of it and fill their stomachs with it.
37:67  Then on top of it, they will have a concoction made from boiling water [to drink].
37:68  Then their return must be to Hades.
37:69  They discovered their forefathers had been misled
37:70  and yet they went scurrying along in their footsteps.
37:71  Most primitive men went astray before them,
37:72  even though We had sent warners out among them;
37:73  yet see what the outcome was for those who were warned
37:74  except for Allah (God)'s sincere servants.
37:75  Noah called out to Us, and how favored are those [like him] who respond!
37:76  We saved him and his family from serious grief,
37:77  and set his offspring up as survivors.
37:78  We left [mention] of him among later men:
37:79  "Peace be upon Noah throughout the Universe!"
37:80  Thus We reward those who act kindly:
37:81  he was one of Our believing servants.
37:82  Then We let the rest drown.
37:83  To his sect belonged Abraham
37:84  when he came to his Lord with a sound heart
37:85  as he said to his father and his people: "What are you worshipping?
37:86  Is it some sham; do you want (other) gods instead of Allah (God) [Himself].
37:87  What is your opinion concerning the Lord of the Universe?"
37:88  So he took a glance at the stars
37:89  and said: "I feel heartsick!"
37:90  They turned their backs on him:
37:91  so he shifted [his attention] to their (false) gods, and said: "Don’t you eat?
37:92  What is wrong with you that you don’t utter a word?"
37:93  He aimed a blow at them with his right hand.
37:94  They (his people) quickly pounced on him.
37:95  He said: "Do you worship something you have been carving,
37:96  while Allah (God) created you and whatever you make?"
37:97  They said: "Build him a pyre and cast him into Hades!"
37:98  They wanted to plot against him, so We made them come out on the shorter end of things.
37:99  He said; "I am going away to [worship] my Lord; He will guide me!
37:100  My Lord, bestow some honorable men on me!"
37:101  So We gave him news about an even-tempered boy.
37:102  When [the son] reached the stage of working alongside him, he said: "My son, I saw in my sleep that I must sacrifice you. Look for whatever you may see [in it]." He said: "My father, do anything you are ordered to; you will find me to be patient, if Allah (God) so wishes."
37:103  When they both had committed themselves peacefully [to Allah (God)] and he had placed his face down,
37:104  We called out to him: "Abraham,
37:105  you have already confirmed the dream!" Thus We reward those who act kindly.
37:106  This was an obvious test.
37:107  We ransomed him by means of a Splendid victim,
37:108  and left [him to be mentioned] among later men:
37:109  "Peace be upon Abraham!"
37:110  Thus We reward those who act kindly.
37:111  He was one of Our believing servants.
37:112  We announced to him that Isaac would become a prophet who was honorable.
37:113  We blessed both him and Isaac; some of their offspring have acted kindly while others have clearly wronged themselves. (iv)
37:114  We endowed Moses and Aaron
37:115  and saved both them and their people from serious distress.
37:116  We supported them and they became victorious;
37:117  and We gave them both the clarifying Book (the Torah).
37:118  We guided them along the Straight Road
37:119  and left [mention] of them among later men;
37:120  "Peace be upon Moses and Aaron!"
37:121  Thus We reward those who act kindly.
37:122  They were both Our believing servants.
37:123  Elijah was an emissary
37:124  when he told his folk: "Will you not do your duty?
37:125  Do you appeal to [an idol called] Baal and ignore the Best Creator,
37:126  Allah (God) your Lord, and your earliest forefathers' Lord?"
37:127  They rejected him, yet they were made to appear,
37:128  except for Allah (God)'s sincere servants.
37:129  We left [mention] of him among later men:
37:130  "Peace be upon Elijah!"
37:131  Thus We reward those who act kindly;
37:132  he was one of Our believing servants.
37:133  Lot was an emissary
37:134  when We saved him and his entire family
37:135  except for an old woman who lagged behind.
37:136  Then We annihilated the rest;
37:137  You still pass by them in the morning
37:138  and at night. Will you not use your reason? (V)
37:139  Jonah was an emissary
37:140  when he deserted to the laden ship,
37:141  was one of those who lost out in drawn lots.
37:142  The whale swallowed him while he was a blameworthy.
37:143  If he had not been someone who glorified [Allah (God)],
37:144  he would have lingered on in its belly until the day when they will be raised up again.
37:145  We flung him up on the empty shore and he [felt] heartsick.
37:146  We made a gourd tree grow up over him [to eat from it]
37:147  and sent him off to a hundred thousand [people] or even more.
37:148  They believed so We let them enjoy themselves for a while.
37:149  Ask their opinion as to whether your Lord has daughters while they have sons;
37:150  or did We create the angels as females while they were looking on?
37:151  They are saying a [big] lie when they say:
37:152  "Allah (God) has fathered something!" They are such liars!
37:153  Would He select daughters ahead of sons?
37:154  What is wrong with you? How do you make decisions?
37:155  Will you not be reminded?
37:156  Or do you have some clear authority?
37:157  Bring on your scripture if you are so truthful!
37:158  They have even placed a tie of kinship between Him and the sprites. Yet the sprites well know that they too will be made to appear.
37:159  Glory be to Allah (God) over whatever they describe
37:160  except for Allah (God)'s loyal servants!
37:161  You and anything you serve
37:162  cannot incite anyone against Him
37:163  except for someone who will roast in Hades.
37:164  [Gabriel said] There is none of us [angels] but he has an acknowledged status [of workship].
37:165  We are drawn up in ranks.
37:166  We are those who glorify [Allah (God)].
37:167  There were some [people] saying:
37:168  "If we only had a reminder from early men
37:169  we should have become Allah (God)'s loyal servants."
37:170  They have disbelieved in Him so they soon shall know!
37:171  Our word has already gone on ahead to Our servants who were sent forth;
37:172  they will indeed be supported.
37:173  Our believers [who supports us] will be victorious over them!
37:174  Turn aside from them for a while;
37:175  watch them, for they too will be made to watch.
37:176  Do they seek to hasten Our torment?
37:177  Whenever it settles down into their courtyard, how dismal will be the morning for those who have been forewarned!
37:178  Turn aside from them for a while;
37:179  watch, for they too will have to watch.
37:180  Glory be to your Lord, the Lord of Grandeur, beyond what they describe!
37:181  Peace be on the emissaries!
37:182  Praise be to Allah (God), Lord of the Universe!