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37:1  By those who rank themselves in ranks,
37:2  then those who restrain, restraining
37:3  then those who read a reminder:
37:4  Your God is certainly One,
37:5  Fosterer of the skies and the earth and that which is between them both, Fosterer of the rising places and times of the sun .
37:6  We have certainly adorned the sky of the world with an adornment, the planets
37:7  and (provided) protection from every rebellious devil,
37:8  they cannot listen to the high assembly and they are struck from every side,
37:9  being driven away, and for them there is an everlasting punishment,
37:10  except him who snatches a snatching, then a piercing flame* follows him. * Meteorite which sometimes make a hole in the earth.
37:11  So ask them whether their creation is difficult or (of those others) whom We created, We certainly created them from sticking clay.
37:12  No, you wonder while they mock.
37:13  And when they are reminded they do not mind.
37:14  And when they see a sign they seek to mock.
37:15  And they say, “This is nothing but clear magic.
37:16  What! when we die and become (part of the) soil and bones, will we (then) be raised,
37:17  and our forefathers (too)?”
37:18  Say, “Yes and you will be humbled.”
37:19  So it will only be a single loud scolding to drive them out, when they will see
37:20  and say, “ Sorrowful is our state, this is the day of judgment.”
37:21  (It will be said,) “ This is the day of separation which used to denied by you.”
37:22  Gather those who were unjust and their mates (too), and that which they used to serve (worship)
37:23  besides Allah, then lead them to the path of hell.
37:24  And stop them for they will be questioned,
37:25  “What is the matter with you that you do not help each other?”
37:26  No, they will seek submission on that day,
37:27  and some of them will turn to others questioning each other,
37:28  saying, “You certainly used to come to us from the right (with full force to mislead us).”
37:29  (Others will) say, “No, you (only) did not believe,
37:30  and we had no authority on you, no, you were (yourselves)a rebellious people,
37:31  so the word of our Fosterer has proved true on us, we will certainly taste (the punishment),
37:32  we led you astray because we were ourselves astray.”
37:33  So on that day they will be sharers in the punishment.
37:34  Thus do We deal with the criminals.
37:35  When it was said to them, “There is no god except Allah,” they certainly used to consider themselves great (to accept this).
37:36  And they say, “Shall we give up our gods for the sake of a poet under the influence of the jinn?”
37:37  No, he has come with the truth and confirms the messengers (who had come before him).
37:38  You will certainly taste the painful punishment
37:39  and you will not be rewarded except for that which you used to do,
37:40  except the servants, exclusively of Allah.
37:41  For them there will be a known provision,
37:42  fruits, and they will be honoured
37:43  in gardens of bliss,
37:44  on couches facing each other.
37:45  A cup from a spring (of a drink) will be made to go round among them,
37:46  white, delicious for the drinkers.
37:47  There will be no unconsciousness due to it nor will they be intoxicated by it.
37:48  And with them will be (females) who restrain their gaze, having beautiful eyes
37:49  as if they were protected eggs.
37:50  Then some of them will turn to others questioning,
37:51  a speaker among them will say, “I had a comrade of mine
37:52  who used to say: Are you of those who confirm,
37:53  that when we die and become(part of the) soil and bones, we will indeed be brought for judgment?”
37:54  (Someone will) say, “Would you peep (to see him)?”
37:55  So he will peep, then see him in the midst of hell.
37:56  He will say , “By Allah, you had almost destroyed me,
37:57  and had the favor of my Fosterer not been there, I (too) would have been (with you) among those presented (for punishment).”
37:58  (The inhabitants of the garden will say), “Then is it that we will not die,
37:59  except our first death, and we will not be among those who are punished?
37:60  This certainly is a great achievement.”
37:61  So let those who (wish to) work, work for (something) like this.
37:62  Is this a better entertainment or the tree of Zaqqum?
37:63  We have made it an affliction for those who are unjust.
37:64  It is a tree that comes out from the bottom of the hell.
37:65  Its produce resembles in likeness, the heads of devils.
37:66  So they will eat from it then fill their stomachs with it,
37:67  then they will have a drink of boiling water over that.
37:68  Then their return will be to hell.
37:69  They certainly found their fathers astray,
37:70  so they follow their footsteps, being in haste.
37:71  And the majority of the ancients before them, indeed went astray,
37:72  and We had indeed sent warners among them,
37:73  so see how the end of those warned was (brought about),
37:74  except the servants, exclusively of Allah.
37:75  And Nuh prayed to Us, and We are Excellent Responders,
37:76  so We saved him and his followers from the great distress,
37:77  and We caused his descendants to be of those who survived,
37:78  and We left on him (the responsibility of conveying Our message) among others.
37:79  Peace on Nuh in the worlds.
37:80  Thus do We reward the doers of good.
37:81  He was certainly among Our believing servants.
37:82  Then We drowned the others.
37:83  And Ibrahim was certainly of his sect,
37:84  when he came to his Fosterer with a defect less heart.
37:85  When he said to his father and his people, “What do you worship?
37:86  Do you intend to worship false gods besides Allah?
37:87  So what is your guess about the Fosterer of the worlds?”
37:88  Then he looked (with a searching) look at the stars (probably because his people worshipped the stars too and)
37:89  then he said, “I am certainly sick.”
37:90  So his people turned their backs upon him and went away.
37:91  Then he turned towards their (false) gods and said, “Why do you not eat?
37:92  What is (wrong) with you that you do not speak?”
37:93  So he turned against them striking with his right hand.
37:94  Then they came hastening towards him in confrontation.
37:95  He said, “What! do you worship that which you (yourselves) carve,
37:96  while Allah has created you and that which you do?”
37:97  They said, “Build a building (furnace) for him then put him into the fire.”
37:98  So they intended (to lay down) a plot against him but We made them the lower most.
37:99  And he said, “I will certainly go away (from these people) towards my Fosterer, He will guide me.
37:100  My Fosterer! grant me from among the righteous.”
37:101  So We conveyed to him the good news of a gentle son.
37:102  Then when he reached (the age of) striving with him, he said, “O my son! I saw in my sleep (dream) that I am slaying you (as a sacrifice), then see, what do you consider (about it)?” He said. “O My father! do what you have been commanded (to do), if Allah wills, you will find me (to be) of the patient ones.”
37:103  Then, when they both submitted and he (Ibrahim) laid him down on his forehead, (at that moment)
37:104  We called out to him, “O Ibrahim!
37:105  you have proved true the vision (by obeying in reality the order given to you through your dream so you need not sacrifice your son) thus do We reward the doers of good,
37:106  this was nothing but a clear trail.”
37:107  And We ransomed him with a great slaughter (sacrifice of a sheep).
37:108  And We left on him (the responsibility of conveying Our message) among others.
37:109  Peace on Ibrahim.
37:110  Thus do We reward the doers of good.
37:111  He was certainly among Our believing servants.
37:112  And We conveyed to him the good news of Ishaq, a prophet, from among the righteous.
37:113  And We showered Our blessings on him and on Ishaq. And among their descendents are those who do good and (also) those who are clearly unjust to their own souls.
37:114  And We bestowed Our favor on Musa and Harun
37:115  and We saved both of them and their people from the great distress
37:116  and We helped them so they were the victors.
37:117  And We gave them the book that made (things) clear
37:118  and We guided them both to the straight path.
37:119  And We left on them both (the responsibility of conveying Our message) among others.
37:120  Peace on Musa and Harun.
37:121  Thus do We reward the doers of good.
37:122  They both were among Our believing servants.
37:123  And Ilyas was certainly from among the messengers.
37:124  When he said to his people, “Why do you not guard (against evil)?
37:125  Why do you pray to Baal (the false sun god presumed by you) and forsake (Allah) the Best of proportioners?
37:126  Allah is your Fosterer and the Fosterer of your forefathers.”
37:127  But they denied him, so they certainly be presented (for punishment),
37:128  except the servants, exclusively of Allah.
37:129  And We left on him, (the responsibility of conveying Our message) among others.
37:130  Peace on Ilyaasiin.
37:131  Thus do We reward the doers of good.
37:132  He was certainly among Our believing servants.
37:133  And Lut was certainly from among Our messengers,
37:134  when We saved him and his followers all together
37:135  except an old woman (who was) among those who remained behind,
37:136  then We destroyed the others.
37:137  And you certainly pass by their (ruins) during the day
37:138  and during the night. Do you not then understand?
37:139  And Yunus was certainly from among Our messengers
37:140  when he fled to the loaded ship,
37:141  then drew lots but was among those who were slipped off (from the ship),
37:142  then the fish swallowed him and he was blameworthy.
37:143  And had he not been among those who glorify (Allah),
37:144  he would have remained in its stomach till the day they are raised.
37:145  Then We cast him on the naked shore while he was sick,
37:146  and We caused a tree of gourd to grow over him.
37:147  And We sent him to more than a hundred thousand (people),
37:148  so they believed, therefore We made them enjoy till a time.
37:149  Then ask them, “Are there daughters for your Fosterer and for them sons?
37:150  Or did We create the angels females while they were witnesses?”
37:151  Is it not from their own devised falsehood that they say (that)
37:152  Allah has a son? And they are certainly liars.
37:153  Has He chosen daughters (in preference to) sons?
37:154  What is (wrong) with you, how do you judge?
37:155  Will you not then mind?
37:156  Or have you a clear authority?
37:157  Then come with your book if you are truthful.
37:158  And they assign a relationship between Him and the jinn and the jinn know that they will be presented (before Him),
37:159  glorified be Allah (He is far) from that which they describe,
37:160  except the servants, exclusively of Allah.
37:161  So you and that which you serve (worship),
37:162  you cannot mislead (anyone) against Him,
37:163  except him who is to enter hell.
37:164  And there is no one among us, but there is a known place for him,
37:165  and we are certainly those set in ranks
37:166  and we are certainly those who glorify.
37:167  And they used to say,
37:168  “Had we with us, a reminder of the ancients,
37:169  we would have definitely been servants, exclusively of Allah.”
37:170  But (now) they do not believe in this (Quran), so they will know.
37:171  And Our word has already gone forth in respect of Our servants, the messengers,
37:172  that they will certainly be helped.
37:173  And Our forces, they will be victors.
37:174  So turn away from them till a time,
37:175  and keep seeing them, for they (too) will see.
37:176  Do they seek to hasten on Our punishment?
37:177  But when it comes down in their court, then evil will be the morning of those warned.
37:178  And turn away from them till a time,
37:179  and keep seeing, for they (too) will see.
37:180  Glorified be your Fosterer, Lord of Might, (He is far) from that which they describe,
37:181  and peace on the messengers
37:182  and praise is due only for Allah, the Fosterer of the worlds.