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Dr. Kamal Omar

as-Saffat (Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers(as-Saffat)
37:1 Act as a witness those personalities who set themselves in rows — establishing the rows (in Salat) ,
37:2 then the personalities who transmit the strict warning — transmitting strict warnings (in Takbeer) ,
37:3 then the personalities who recite (the Text of Al-Kitab) Zikran (as a Message) ,
37:4 (declaring categorically that) verily, your Ilah is indeed One —
37:5 Nourisher-Sustainer to the heavens and the earth, and whatever is between those two; and the Nourisher-Sustainer to all the easts (every point of the sun’s risings) .
37:6 Verily We, We have adorned the near heaven with the beauty of the planets ,
37:7 and (other items) as a guard against all the rebellious Satans .
37:8 They are unable to hear to the higher elite and they are pelted from every side —
37:9 being repulsed and outcast, and for them is a constant and perpetual punishment ;
37:10 except one who snatched away something snatched stealthily — then a flaming fire of piercing brightness pursued and chased him .
37:11 So ask them: “Are they more strong as a creation, or (others) whom We created (as jinns etc.)? " Verily, We created them (i.e., the humans) of sticky clay .
37:12 Nay, you wondered (at Al-Kitab) while they mock (at it) .
37:13 And when they are reminded they do not remind (neither themselves, nor others) .
37:14 And when they saw Aayatan (‘A Verse’ in Al-Kitab), they mock (at the Message) ,
37:15 and said: “It is not but evident magic .
37:16 Whether, when we are dead, and have become dust and bones, shall we then verily be indeed those who have been raised into a new life?
37:17 And whether our initial forefathers (also)?”
37:18 Say: “Yes (of course)! And you are those who are humiliated ."
37:19 So certainly what (is a fact is that) this (Day of Resurrection) is a single blasting (wild) sound. And behold, they are staring!
37:20 And they said: “Oh, woe to us! This is the Day of Accountability.”
37:21 This is the Day of Judgement which you used to deny.
37:22 (The advice will proceed to the angels thus): "Assemble those who did wrong and their accomplices and what they used to worship ,
37:23 besides Allah, and lead them on to the way of the Flaming Fire ;
37:24 but keep them detained, surely they are those who have been questioned (and have yet not given any explanation for their evil deeds and fake beliefs).”
37:25 (O opponents of Al-Kitab)! What (is the matter) with you? You do not provide help to one another.
37:26 Nay, they, this Day are submitters .
37:27 And some of them came closer to some others — they question one another .
37:28 They said: “Certainly (it was) you, you used to come to us from the right side.”
37:29 They (i.e., the others) said: “Nay, you (yourselves) were not Believers .
37:30 And there was not in us, regarding you, any authority. Nay! You (yourselves) were a nation of disobedient arrogants .
37:31 So the Statement (about punishment) coming from our Nourisher-Sustainer has proved true against us. Verily, we indeed are those who shall taste it very soon .
37:32 So we led you astray, since indeed we ourselves used to be astray.”
37:33 So, surely they, this Day, will be co-partners in the torment .
37:34 Surely We, in such a manner, We deal with Al-Mujrimun .
37:35 Truly they, when it was said to them: “La ilaha-ill-Allah [(there is) no god except Allah]”, they used to show stubborn arrogance .
37:36 And they say: “Whether surely we become those who indeed will abandon our aaliha (gods) for the sake of a fanatic poet?”
37:37 Nay! (One who propagates Al-Kitab) has come alongwith Al-Haqq (‘The Truth’), and he has confirmed (and verified) the Messengers .
37:38 Verily, you (arrogant disbelievers) are about to become those who taste the painful torment .
37:39 And you will not be rewarded except what you used to do —
37:40 save the Ibad of Allah who have been purified and sanctified (from every polytheism and disbelief) .
37:41 Those people: for them is a well-known provision ,
37:42 fruits, and they will be honoured people ,
37:43 in the Gardens of delight ,
37:44 facing one another on raised couches ,
37:45 round them will pass [boys in perpetual (freshness)] with a cup of a flowing (liquid) ,
37:46 of white colour, a delight to those who drink (it) ,
37:47 no bad-effect therein, nor they will suffer intoxication therefrom .
37:48 And near them will be those who restrain their glance, (possessing) beautiful wide eyes (with a raven-black cornea on snow-white sclera) —
37:49 as if they are eggs well guarded (in a nest) .
37:50 Then some of those (dwellers in Paradise) moved forward towards some (others). They question mutually .
37:51 One speaker from amongst them said: “Verily I, there was a companion to me (while I stayed in the world) ;
37:52 he would (frequently) say (to me): 'are you surely, indeed of those who confirm and verify?
37:53 Whether when we have faced death and we have become dust and bones, would surely we will indeed be those who have been fully recompensed (of their deeds)?'”
37:54 (The other one) said: “Would you like to be those who would peep and see?”
37:55 So he peeped and saw; so he saw him in the midst of the Fire .
37:56 He said: “Allah is Witness, if you could, you would have surely ruined me .
37:57 And if (there was) not the Grace of my Nourisher-Sustainer, I would certainly have been among those who have been brought forth (to the midst of Fire) .
37:58 Are we then not to be those who must die ,
37:59 except our first death, and we are not those who have been put to punishment?
37:60 Truly, this indeed— that is the supreme achievement ."
37:61 For this kind (of good deeds) let the performers (of actions and deeds) perform .
37:62 Is this better as a welcome or the tree of Zaqqum?
37:63 Truly, We have made that (tree) a trial for the criminals .
37:64 Verily, it is a tree that springs out in the bottom of the Hell-Fire .
37:65 The shoot of its fruit-stalk — as if it is — heads of the devils .
37:66 Truly, they (the criminals) surely, are about to eat thereof, then they are about to fill up the bellies therewith .
37:67 Then surely, for them in addition to that, is indeed a drink of an item on a boiling-temperature .
37:68 Thereafter, surely their returning-place is indeed towards the blazing Fire .
37:69 Verily, they found their fathers on the wrong path .
37:70 So they are made to run in their footsteps.
37:71 And surely, indeed most of the earlier people before them went astray .
37:72 And surely, indeed We sent amongst them warners .
37:73 Then ponder what was the final end of those who were warned —
37:74 save Ibad of Allah who were cleansed and sanctified .
37:75 And surely, indeed Nuh invoked Us, so surely (We are) the Best — those who answer (the request) .
37:76 And We rescued him and his followers from the great distress .
37:77 And We made his progeny: they (very ones, as) the survivors .
37:78 And We left, regarding him in the later generations —
37:79 Salamun [peace (and blessings be)] upon Nuh’ throughout the worlds .
37:80 Certainly We, like this, We reward the Muhsinun (who perform righteous deeds in perfection) .
37:81 Verily, he was out of Our Believing Ibad .
37:82 Afterwards We drowned the other ones .
37:83 And verily, from amongst his group (is) surely Ibrahim .
37:84 When he approached his Nourisher-Sustainer with a submitting heart .
37:85 When he counselled his father and his nation: “What is that which you worship?
37:86 Is (that) falsehood — aaliha (gods or deities) (which) you seek besides Allah?
37:87 So, what is your thought and concept regarding the Nourisher-Sustainer to the worlds?”
37:88 Then he cast a glance at the stars ,
37:89 then he said: “Verily, I feel sick.
37:90 So they turned away from him, showing their backs. [Please see Verse 21/57 to understand the plan and challenge which Ibrahim had in his mind] .
37:91 Then (Ibrahim) turned to their aaliha and said: “Will you not eat (of these offerings available for you)?
37:92 What (is the matter) with you: you do not speak?”
37:93 Then he turned upon them, strihead of state (them) with (his) right (hand) .
37:94 Then the people (when they came to know of this incident which took place in their absence), returned back to him; they hasten on (intoxicated in their wild fury) .
37:95 (Ibrahim) said: “Do you worship that which you (yourself) carve,
37:96 while Allah has created you as well as that which you make (as your handiwork)?”
37:97 They said: “Prepare for him a structure, then throw him into the blazing fire.”
37:98 So they intended an evil design against him, but We made them the most humiliated .
37:99 And (after remaining untouched by the fire, Ibrahim) said: “Verily, I am about to go towards my Nourisher-Sustainer; soon He will guide me .
37:100 My Nourisher-Sustainer! Grant me (a son) out of the righteous.”
37:101 So We gave him the glad tidings of a forbearing, submissive male offspring .
37:102 So when he attained (reached the age of), ‘striving and effort along with him’, he (the father) said: “O my little son! I do see during the sleep that I will offer you in sacrifice (to some Cause of Allah), so look what you think.” He said: “O my dear father! Implement what you would be commanded; soon you would find me, in-shaa-Allaho [if Allah (so) willed] out of those who patiently persevere ."
37:103 So when both submitted (themselves), and he (Ibrahim) made him (Ismaiel) ready for Al-Jabeen [the forehead (i.e., , the events which Ismaiel would face as a sacrifice in the Way of Allah)] ,
37:104 instantly, We called out to him (saying) that: " O Ibrahim!
37:105 Indeed, you have fulfilled the vision (dream)!” Verily, thus We do reward the Muhsinun .
37:106 Verily, this (vision): indeed that (is) an obvious test and preparation!
37:107 And We interpreted unto him (the contents of the vision, and physically implemented Our Plan) through a Great Sacrifice .
37:108 And We established for him among the later generations —
37:109 'Salamun [peace (and blessings be)] upon Ibrahim’ .
37:110 Thus do We reward Al-Muhsinun .
37:111 Verily, he was out of Our Believing Ibad .
37:112 And (now, after mahead of state him experience the vision) We gave him (i.e., to Ibrahim) the glad tidings of (the birth of) Ishaque — a Prophet from the righteous .
37:113 And We showered Blessings on him as well as on Ishaque. And out of the progeny of these two (is that who is) Muhsin (who acts right in perfection) as well as (that who is) Zalim (transgressor) to his Nafs (personality) — evidently manifest .
37:114 And surely, indeed We showered Grace on Musa and Harun .
37:115 And We saved those two and the nation of those two from the great distress .
37:116 And helped them, so they became — they (very ones as) the victors .
37:117 And We delivered them Al-Kitab-al-Mustabin (The Book which explains clearly and evidently) .
37:118 And We guided them both to As-Sirat-al- Mustaqim (The Permanent, Eternal Path) .
37:119 And We established for these two among the future generations —
37:120 'Salamun [peace (and blessings be)] upon Musa and Harun' .
37:121 Surely We, thus do We reward Al-Muhsinun .
37:122 Verily, those two (were) out of Our Believing Ibad .
37:123 And verily, Ilyas (was) surely out of the Messengers —
37:124 When he said to his nation: “Will you not pay obedience (to Allah)?
37:125 Will you invoke Ba’l (proper name of a chief idol) and forsake the Better of the creators ,
37:126 Allah, your Nourisher-Sustainer and Nourisher-Sustainer of your initial forefathers?”
37:127 But they denied him, so surely they will certainly be those brought forth (to the punishment) ,
37:128 except Ibad of Allah who were cleansed and sanctified .
37:129 And We established for him among the later generations —
37:130 'Salamun [peace (and blessings be)] upon Ilyasin' .
37:131 Surely We, thus do We reward Al-Muhsinun .
37:132 Verily, he (was) out of Our Believing Ibad .
37:133 And verily, Lout (was) surely of the Messengers —
37:134 when We saved him and his family, all together ,
37:135 except one who had crossed the age of fertility and hope — (we left her) among those who bury themselves in dust and debris .
37:136 Then We annihilated the rest .
37:137 And verily, you people pass by them as those who see the morning (i.e., during the early morning journey) ,
37:138 and at night . Will you not then use your intellect?
37:139 And verily, Yunus (was) surely of the Messengers —
37:140 when he swiftly moved towards the fully loaded ship ,
37:141 as a result he slipped, so he became of those who have fallen down .
37:142 Then a (big) fish swallowed him while he (is) one who blames (his own, and has no complaint against his Creator) .
37:143 And that (if) he had not been of those who glorify (Allah) much (i.e., those who are always mindful of the ordainments of Allah) ,
37:144 surely he would have tarried in its belly uptil the Day when people would be raised (to a new life of Resurrection) .
37:145 So We brought him on the bare land along the shore while he was exhausted.
37:146 And We caused to grow, for his sake, a plant of the gourd kind .
37:147 And We sent him as Messenger to a (nation of) hundred thousand (people), or, they will breed in number .
37:148 Then, (when preaching was reinforced over them), they Believed, so We gave them provision for the limited period .
37:149 So ask them: “Are (there only) daughters for your Nourisher-Sustainer and sons (exclusively) for them?
37:150 Or did We create the angels as females while they (acted as) witnesses? "
37:151 Be careful! Certainly they, out of their fabrication they will surely say :
37:152 “Allah has begotten (children)”. And certainly they are indeed liars .
37:153 Has He chosen daughters in preference to sons?
37:154 What is the matter with you? How do you judge?
37:155 Will you not then remind (yourselves and remind the others)?
37:156 Or is there for you a ‘Sultanun Mobin’ (‘Evident Authority’. This term is applied as an attribute to Allah’s Book) ?
37:157 (If it is so), then come forward with your Book if you happen to be truthful individuals.
37:158 And (the misguided) people have invented between Him and between jinns a genealogical link, although surely, indeed the jinns knew (that) out of a certainty they will surely be those who have been brought (before Allah for Accountability) .
37:159 Glorified be Allah from what they attribute (unto Him) ,
37:160 except Ibad of Allah who were cleansed and sanctified .
37:161 So verily, you (disbelievers) and what you worship —
37:162 you are not unto him (i.e., unto a cleansed and sanctified Abd of Allah) as Fateneen [those who will put a person in doubt and suspicion (against Al-Kitab)] ,
37:163 except that one who is about to approach Hell-Fire .
37:164 (And the angels say): “There is not one out of us but for him is a known place.
37:165 And verily we, indeed we are those who stand in rows.
37:166 And verily we, indeed we are those who glorify."
37:167 And they (disbelievers in Allah’s Book) used to indeed say:
37:168 “If (it be) that (there is available) unto us Zikr (‘Message’) moving down from the earlier people ,
37:169 we would have indeed been Ibad of Allah who are cleansed and sanctified.”
37:170 But (now when Allah’s Book is again in its Original and under active propagation), they have disbelieved therein; so very soon they will know (the ultimate result).
37:171 And surely, indeed, Our Statement stands issued regarding Our Ibad — the Messengers ,
37:172 verily they, indeed they will be those who have received help.
37:173 And certainly it is Our Regiments (and forces) — indeed they (shall be) victorious .
37:174 So turn away from them for a while ,
37:175 but keep a watch over them; then soon they will (also) see .
37:176 Do they then seek to hasten on Our Torment?
37:177 So when it has already descended into their courtyard, then the morning of those who had been warned (in advance) turned into something evil .
37:178 So turn away from them for a while ,
37:179 but keep a watch; then soon they will (also) see .
37:180 Exalted and Absolved is your Nourisher-Sustainer, the Nourisher-Sustainer in Honour (and Majesty) from what people attribute (as partners unto Him) .
37:181 And 'Salamun [peace (and blessings be)] on the Messengers .'
37:182 And selective Praise suits Allah (Alone), Nourisher-Sustainer to the worlds .


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