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37:1  By the angels ranged in order for Songs of Praise
37:2  And by those who repel demons
37:3  And by those who recite the Koran for warning
37:4  Truly your God is but one
37:5  Lord of the Heavens and of the Earth, and of all that is between them, and Lord of the East
37:6  We have adorned the lower heaven with the adornment of the stars
37:7  They serve also as a guard against every rebellious Satan
37:8  That they overhear not what passeth in the assembly on high, for they are darted at from every side
37:9  Driven off and consigned to a lasting torment
37:10  While, if one steal a word by stealth, a glistening flame pursueth him
37:11  Ask the Meccans then, Are they, or the angels whom we have made, the stronger creation? Aye, of coarse clay have we created them
37:12  But while thou marvellest they mock
37:13  When they are warned, no warning do they take
37:14  And when they see a sign, they fall to mocking
37:15  And say, "This is no other than clear sorcery
37:16  What! when dead, and turned to dust and bones, shall we indeed be raised
37:17  Our sires also of olden times?"
37:18  Say, Yes; and ye shall be covered with disgrace
37:19  For, one blast only, and lo! they shall gaze around them
37:20  And shall say, "Oh! woe to us! this is the day of reckoning
37:21  This is the day of decision which ye gainsaid as an untruth."
37:22  Gather together those who have acted unjustly, and their consorts, and the gods whom they adore
37:23  Beside God; and guide them to the road for Hell
37:24  Set them forth: they shall be questioned
37:25  "How now, that ye help not one another?"
37:26  But on this day they shall submit themselves to God
37:27  And shall address one another with mutual reproaches
37:28  They shall say, "In sooth, ye came to us in well-omened sort:"
37:29  But they will answer, "Nay, it was ye who would not believe
37:30  and we had no power whatever over you. Nay, ye were people given to transgress
37:31  Just, therefore, is the doom which our Lord hath passed upon us. We shall surely taste it
37:32  We made you err, for we had erred ourselves."
37:33  Partners therefore shall they be in punishment on that day
37:34  Truly, thus will we deal with the wicked
37:35  Because when it was said to them, There is no God but God, they swelled with pride
37:36  And said, "Shall we then abandon our gods for a crazed poet?"
37:37  Nay, he cometh with truth and confirmeth the Sent Ones of old
37:38  Ye shall surely taste the painful punishment
37:39  And ye shall not be rewarded but as ye have wrought
37:40  Save the sincere servants of God
37:41  A stated banquet shall they hav
37:42  Of fruits; and honoured shall they b
37:43  In the gardens of delight
37:44  Upon couches face to face
37:45  A cup shall be borne round among them from a fountain
37:46  Limpid, delicious to those who drink
37:47  It shall not oppress the sense, nor shall they therewith be drunken
37:48  And with them are the large-eyed ones with modest refraining glances
37:49  fair like the sheltered egg
37:50  And they shall address one another with mutual questions
37:51  Saith one of them, "I truly had a bosom friend
37:52  Who said, 'Art thou of those who credit it
37:53  What! when we shall have died, and become dust and bones, shall we indeed be judged?"
37:54  He shall say to those around him, "Will ye look?"
37:55  And he shall look and see him in the midst of Hell
37:56  And he shall say to him, "By God, thou hadst almost caused me to perish
37:57  And, but for the favour of my Lord, I had surely been of those who have been brought with thee into torment."
37:58  "But do we not die," say the blessed
37:59  "Any other than our first death? and have we escaped the torment?"
37:60  This truly is the great felicity
37:61  For the like of this should the travailers travail
37:62  Is this the better repast or the tree Ez-zakkoum
37:63  Verily, we have made it for a subject of discord to the wicked
37:64  It is a tree which cometh up from the bottom of hell
37:65  Its fruits is as it were the heads of Satans
37:66  And, lo! the damned shall surely eat of it and fill their bellies with it
37:67  Then shall they have, thereon, a mixture of boiling water
37:68  Then shall they return to hell
37:69  They found their fathers erring
37:70  And they hastened on in their footsteps
37:71  Also before them the greater number of the ancients had erred
37:72  Though we had sent warners among them
37:73  But see what was the end of these warned ones
37:74  Except of God's true servants
37:75  Noah called on us of old, and right prompt were we to hear him
37:76  And we saved him and his family out of the great distress
37:77  And we made his offspring the survivors
37:78  And we left for him with posterity
37:79  "Peace be on Noah throughout the worlds!"
37:80  Thus do we reward the well-doers
37:81  For he was one of our believing servants;
37:82  And the rest we drowned
37:83  And truly, of his faith was Abraham
37:84  When he brought to his Lord a perfect heart
37:85  When he said to his father and to his people, "What is this ye worship
37:86  Prefer ye with falsehood gods to God
37:87  And what deem ye of the Lord of the worlds?"
37:88  So gazing he gazed towards the stars
37:89  And said, "In sooth I am ill
37:90  And they turned their back on him and departed
37:91  He went aside to their gods and said, "Do ye not eat
37:92  What aileth you that ye do not speak?"
37:93  He broke out upon them, with the right hand striking
37:94  When his tribesmen came back to him with hasty step
37:95  He said, "Worship ye what ye carve
37:96  When God hath created you, and that ye make?"
37:97  They said, "Build up a pyre for him and cast him into the glowing flame."
37:98  Fain would they plot against him, but we brought them low
37:99  And he said, "Verily, I repair to my Lord who will guide me
37:100  O Lord give me a son, of the righteous."
37:101  We announced to him a youth of meekness
37:102  And when he became a full-grown youth, His father said to him, "My son, I have seen in a dream that I should sacrifice thee; therefore, consider what thou seest right." He said, "My father, do what thou art bidden; of the patient, if God please, shalt thou find me."
37:103  And when they had surrendered them to the will of God, he laid him down upon his forehead
37:104  We cried unto him, "O Abraham
37:105  Now hast thou satisfied the vision." See how we recompense the righteous
37:106  This was indeed a decisive test
37:107  And we ransomed his son with a costly victim
37:108  And we left this for him among posterity
37:110  Thus do we reward the well-doers
37:111  For he was of our believing servants
37:112  And we announced Isaac to him - a righteous Prophet
37:113  And on him and on Isaac we bestowed our blessing. And among their offspring were well-doers, and others, to their own hurt undoubted sinners
37:114  And of old, to Moses and to Aaron shewed we favours
37:115  And both of them, and their people, we rescued from the great distress
37:116  And we succoured them, and they became the conquerors
37:117  And we gave them (Moses and Aaron) each the lucid book
37:118  And we guided them each into the right way
37:119  And we left this for each among posterity
37:121  Thus do we reward the well-doers
37:122  For they were two of our believing servants
37:123  And Elias truly was of our Sent Ones
37:124  When he said to his people, "Fear ye not God
37:125  Invoke ye Baal and forsake ye the most skilful Creator
37:126  God is your Lord, and the Lord of your sires of old?"
37:127  But they treated him as a liar, and shall therefore be consigned to punishment
37:128  Except God's faithful servants
37:129  And we left this for him among posterity
37:131  Thus do we reward the well-doers
37:132  For he was one of our believing servants
37:133  And Lot truly was of our Sent Ones
37:134  When we rescued him and all his family
37:135  Save an aged woman among those who tarried
37:136  Afterward we destroyed the others
37:137  And ye indeed pass by their ruined dwellings at mor
37:138  And night: will ye not then reflect
37:139  Jonas, too, was one of the Apostles
37:140  When he fled unto the laden ship
37:141  And lots were cast, and he was doomed
37:142  And the fish swallowed him, for he was blameworthy
37:143  But had he not been of those who praise Us
37:144  In its belly had he surely remained, till the day of resurrection
37:145  And we cast him on the bare shore - and he was sick;
37:146  And we caused a gourd-plant to grow up over him
37:147  And we sent him to a hundred thousand persons, or even more
37:148  And because they believed, we continued their enjoyments for a season
37:149  Inquire then of the Meccans whether thy Lord hath daughters, and they, sons
37:150  Have we created the angels females? and did they witness it
37:151  Is it not a falsehood of their own devising, when they say
37:152  "God hath begotten"? They are indeed liars
37:153  Would he have preferred daughters to sons
37:154  What reason have ye for thus judging
37:155  Will ye not then receive this warning
37:156  Have ye a clear proof for them
37:157  Produce your Book if ye speak truth
37:158  And they make him to be of kin with the Djinn: but the Djinn have long known that these idolaters shall be brought up before God
37:159  Far be the glory of God from what they impute to him
37:160  "His faithful servants do not thus
37:161  Moreover, ye and what ye worshi
37:162  Shall not stir up any against God
37:163  Save him who shall burn in Hell
37:164  And verily each one of us hath his appointed place
37:165  And we range ourselves in order
37:166  And we celebrate His praises."
37:167  And if those infidels say
37:168  "Had we a revelation transmitted to us from those of old
37:169  We had surely been God's faithful servants."
37:170  Yet they believe not the Koran. But they shall know its truth at last
37:171  Our word came of old to our servants the apostles
37:172  That they should surely be the succoured
37:173  And that our armies should procure the victory for them
37:174  Turn aside therefore from them for a time
37:175  And behold them, for they too shall in the end behold their doom
37:176  Would they then hasten our vengeance
37:177  But when it shall come down into their courts, an evil morning shall it be to those who have had their warning
37:178  Turn aside from them therefore for a time
37:179  And behold; for they too shall in the end behold their doom
37:180  Far be the glory of thy Lord, the Lord of all greatness, from what they impute to him
37:181  And peace be on his Apostles
37:182  And praise be to God the Lord of the worlds