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20:1  Ta, Ha.
20:2  We did not send down upon you the Quran to be unhappy.
20:3  Except as a reminder for whoever is awed.
20:4  download revelation from who created the earth and the high skies.
20:5  Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful); on the Throne He settled.
20:6  For Him whatever is in the skies and the earth, and whatever is between them, and whatever is beneath the soil.
20:7  And if you are loudening with the saying, so surely, He knows the secret, and what is more hidden.
20:8  Allah, no God except Him, for Him are the excellency names.
20:9  And has Moses's narration come to you?
20:10  When he saw a fire, he said for his family, “Bide here; I have familiarized a fire; Perhaps I may bring to you from it with a burning torch or find guidance on the fire.”
20:11  So, when he came to it, he was called out, “O Moses.
20:12  Surely, I am your Lord. So, take off your shoes. You are in the sacred valley (Tuwa).
20:13  And I have chosen you, so listen to what, be, revealed.
20:14  Surely, I am Allah. There is no God except me. So, worship me, and establish the prayer for my reminder.
20:15  Surely, the Hour is coming, I almost hidden it, to recompense each soul with what it strives for.
20:16  So, do not let those who are not believing in it and following his desire, hinder you about it, so you will be deteriorated.
20:17  And what is that in your right-hand, O Moses?”
20:18  He said, “It is my staff. I lean on it, and herd my sheep with it (drop down leaves from trees), and I have other purposes in it.”
20:19  He said, “Throw it, O Moses.”
20:20  So, he threw it, so it is a serpent, striving.
20:21  He said, “Take it, and do not fear. We will return it, its first state.
20:22  And adduce your hand to your wing (upper side muscles); it will exit out white, without a bad as another verse.
20:23  To let you see from our verses the grandest.
20:24  Go to Pharaoh; He has tyrannized.”
20:25  He said, “My Lord, enraptured for me my chest.
20:26  And ease my matter for me.
20:27  And solve a knot from my tongue.
20:28  That they understand, my saying.
20:29  And set up a minister for me, from my family.
20:30  Aaron, my brother.
20:31  To strengthen my support, by him.
20:32  And I share him with me in my matters.
20:33  In order to glorify you a lot.
20:34  And remember you a lot.
20:35  Surely, You are ever A Seer with us.”
20:36  He said, “You already are given your request, O Moses.
20:37  And We had already conferred favors upon you another time.
20:38  When We reveal to your mother what is revealed.
20:39  That you, fling him into the coffin; then you, fling him into the Yam (deep water). So, the Yam will throw him at the shore, to take him, an enemy for Me and an enemy for him. And I threw upon you a love from Me, and let you be made before my eyes.
20:40  When your sister walks, So, she says, ‘shall I usher you upon whom sponsors him?' So, We returned you back to your mother, in order to cool her eyes, and not grieve. And you killed a soul so We saved you from the sorrow; and We infatuated you many infatuations. So, you tarried lunar years in Midian’s inhabitants. Then you came, on a destiny, O Moses.
20:41  And I made you for Myself.
20:42  Go, you and your brother, with my verses, and be not slacken in My remembrance.
20:43  Go to Pharaoh. He has tyrannized.
20:44  So, say for him a soft saying. Perhaps he remembers, or awes.”
20:45  They said, “Our Lord, we fear that he hastens to transgress against us, or that he tyrannizes.”
20:46  He said, “Do not fear, surely, I am with you, I hear, and I see.
20:47  So, come to him and say, `We are your Lord’s messengers; so, send with us Israel's children, and do not torment them. We already come to you with a verse from your Lord, and the peace upon whom followed the guidance.
20:48  Surely, already were revealed to us that the torment falls upon him who lied and turned away.'“
20:49  He said, “So, who is your Lord, O Moses.”
20:50  He said, “Our Lord is the one who gave everything its creation, then guided.”
20:51  He said, “So, what is the condition of the first generations?”
20:52  He said, “Its knowledge is with my Lord, in a Book. My Lord never astray, nor forget.”
20:53  The One who set up the earth a bedding for you; and inserted for you within it pathways; and sent down water from the sky, So, We brought out by it, pairs from diverse plants.
20:54  Eat and pasture your livestock. Surely in that is verses for those possessors of the brains.
20:55  From it We created you, and into it We will return you, and from it We will exit you out once again.
20:56  And We already showed him all Our verses, so he falsified and refused.
20:57  He said, “Did you come to us to exit us out of our land with your magic, O Moses?
20:58  So, We will bring to you a magic like it; so set up an appointment between us and you, which we will not miss, neither us, nor you, a suitable place.”
20:59  He said, “Your appointment is the adornment day (The festival of spring day), and that the people will be mustering at forenoon.”
20:60  So Pharaoh turned away, so he gathered his plan, then came
20:61  Moses said for them, “Woe to you. Do not slander against Allah lies, so He will exterminate you with torment. And already failed whoever slandered.”
20:62  So, they disputed their matter between themselves, and they secret, the secret consultation.
20:63  They said, “That these two magicians are wanting to exit you out of your land with their magic and go with your exemplary manner.
20:64  So gather your plans and come as one row. And today already gained whoever will be higher.”
20:65  They said, “O Moses, either you throw, or we will be the first who throw.?”
20:66  He said, “Nay, but you throw.” So hence, their ropes and staff seemed to him from their magic that they were striving.
20:67  So Moses felt apprehensive within himself.
20:68  We said, “Do not be afraid, surely you are the uppermost.
20:69  And throw down what is in your right hand, it will engulf what they were making. Surely what they were making was only a magician’s plan. And the magician does not gain, wherever he comes.”
20:70  So, the magicians were thrown down in prostration. They said, “We have believed in Aaron's Lord and Moses.”
20:71  He said, “You believed in him before I gave you permission? Surely, he was yours grand, the one who has taught you the magic. So, I will cut off your hands and your feet from opposite sides, and I will crucify you within the palm-trees’ trunks. And you will know which of us is more severe in torment, and more lasting.”
20:72  They said, “We will not impact you over what has come to us from the proof, and the one who originated us. So, decree whatever you are decreed. Surely you only decree the Dunya (lowly) life-this.
20:73  We have believed in our Lord, He will forgive for us our guilties, and what you have compelled us on it, among the magic. Allah is more goodness, and more lasting?”
20:74  Surely whoever comes to his Lord a criminal, so surely for him is Gohanam (Hell), he neither dies in it nor lives.
20:75  And whoever comes to Him as a believer already has worked the righteous deeds, so for those are the highest degrees.
20:76  Eden Paradises, beneath which the rivers are running, immortals therein. And that is a reward to whoever is refined.
20:77  And We already revealed to Moses: “That you at night walk with My slaves, so strike for them in the sea a dry road, do not fear catch up, nor be awe.”
20:78  So, Pharaoh followed them with his troops, so it over-covered them among the Yam (deep water) what was over-covered.
20:79  And Pharaoh strayed his kinfolk and did not guide.
20:80  O Israel's children! We have already saved you from your enemy and promised you at the right side of Al-Tur (The Mount), and sent down upon you the manna and the quails.
20:81  Eat among the good things which We had livelihood you, but do not tyrannize in it, So My anger will place upon you. And Whoever My anger places upon him, so already he plummeted.
20:82  And I am Forgiver for whoever repented, believed, and worked righteous, then guided.
20:83  “And what hastened you from your kinfolk, O Moses?”
20:84  He said, “They are close upon my track; and I hastened to You, my Lord, to be satisfied.”
20:85  He said, “So We have infatuated your kinfolk after you, and the Samarian strayed them.”
20:86  So Moses returned to his kinfolk, angry, sorry. He said, “O kinfolk, was not your Lord promise you a fine promise? So, was the era of my absence too long upon you? Or did you want anger from your Lord to place upon you, so you broke your promised appointment with me?”
20:87  They said, “We did not break our promise to you on our own but we were carrying burdens from the kinfolk’s ornaments, so we flung them. And thus, the Samarian threw.”
20:88  So he exited out for them a lifeless calf body, for it a lowing sound. So, they said, “This is your God, and Moses’s God, but he has forgotten!”
20:89  Were they not seen that it did not return a saying to them, and did not own a harm for them or a benefit?
20:90  And already Aaron had said to them before, “O kinfolk, you are only being infatuated with this. And that your Lord isAl-Rahman (The Widely merciful), so follow me, and obey my command.”
20:91  They said, “We will never cease being devoted to it, until Moses returns to us.”
20:92  He said, “O Aaron, what prevented you, when you saw them strayed.
20:93  That you have not followed me? So did you disobey my command?”
20:94  He said, “O my mother’s son, do not take me by my beard nor by my head. I awed that you would say, `You separated between Israel's children, and did not wait my say.'“
20:95  He said, “So, what is the condition with you, O Samarian?”
20:96  He said, “I sighted what they did not sight, so I withheld a handful among the Messenger’s traces, and I flung it away. And thus, my soul was facilitated for me.”
20:97  He said, “So, go! So surely for you in life that to say, ‘No touch.’ And surely you have an appointment, you will not miss it. And look to your God which you stilled on it; we will burn it up, then we will blow it up into the Yam (deep water), blowing up.”
20:98  Surely your God is only Allah, the one who is no God except Him. He encompasses everything in knowledge.
20:99  Thus We story upon you from what already proceeded of news; and We have given you from Our presence a Reminder.
20:100  Whoever turns away about it, so he will carry on the Resurrection Day a burden.
20:101  They are immortals therein. And is wretched for them on the Resurrection Day, as a load.
20:102  On a Day when it is blown in the Trumpet, and We will muster the criminals on that Day, bluish.
20:103  They hum between themselves: “Surely you tarried only ten.”
20:104  We are more knowledgeable by what they say, when the most exemplary manner of them says, “Surely you tarried only a day.”
20:105  And they ask you about the mountains. So, say, “My Lord blows them, blowing up.”
20:106  So He forsakes them a level, smooth, land.
20:107  You do not see within it neither crookedness, nor an elevation.”
20:108  On that Day, they follow the caller, no crookedness for him. And the voices are humbled for Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful), so you do not hear except a mutter.
20:109  On that Day, the intercession does not benefit, except whoever Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful) is permitted for him and satisfied with his saying.
20:110  He knows what is between their hands and what is behind them, and they are not encompassing with it a knowledge.
20:111  And the faces debased before Al-Haeiy (The Living), Al-Qayom (The Establisher). And already failed whoever carried oppression.
20:112  And whoever works among the righteous deeds, while being a believer, so he will neither fear oppression nor derogation.
20:113  And thus We sent down an Arabic Quran, and We have diversified in it from the warnings, perhaps they may be showing piety, or update for them a reminder.
20:114  So, Exalted is Allah, Al-Malik (The King) Al-Haq (The Right). And do not hasten with the Quran before its revelation is decreed to you, and say, “My Lord, increase me in knowledge.”
20:115  And We already covenanted to Adam before, so he forgot, and We did not find in him a determination.
20:116  And when We said for the angels, “Prostrate for Adam.” So, they prostrated, except Iblis; he refused.
20:117  So, We said, “O Adam, surely this is an enemy for you and for your spouse. So do not let him, exit you out from paradise, so you will be unhappy.
20:118  Surely for you in it, not be hungry, nor be naked.
20:119  And you are not thirsty in it, nor sultry.”
20:120  So, Satan whispered to him. He said, “O Adam, shall I usher you upon the Eternity Tree, and a kingdom that never decays?”
20:121  So, they ate from it; so, it appeared to them their sex organs, and they persisted to coat themselves with Paradise's leaves. And Adam disobeyed his Lord, so he was tempted.
20:122  Then his Lord elected him, so He repented upon him, and guided him.
20:123  He said, “Land from it both of you, altogether; some of you are enemies for some others. So, whenever guidance comes to you from Me, So, whoever follows My guidance, so he will not stray, nor be unhappy.
20:124  And whoever turned away about My Reminder, so surely for him is a miserable life. And We will muster him on the Resurrection Day, blind.”
20:125  He said, “My Lord, why did You muster me blind, and already I was seeing?”
20:126  He (Allah) said, “Thus Our verses came to you, so you forgot them, and thus Today you will be forgotten.”
20:127  And thus We penalize whoever is extravagant and does not believe with his Lord’s verses. And the Hereafter torment will be more severe, and more lasting.
20:128  So is it not guided for them, how many generations before them We destroyed, they are walking in their residents? Surely within that is verses for the brain's possessors.
20:129  And if it is not a word that proceeded, from your Lord, it would be an obligation, and a named term.
20:130  So be patient upon what they say and glorify with your Lord’s praises before the sun rises, and before its setting. And from the night parts, so glorify and at the day extremities, perhaps you may be satisfied.
20:131  And do not extend your eyes towards what We have enjoyed with it, pairs of them the Dunya life’s flower (This world) to infatuate them in it. And your Lord’s livelihood is more goodness, and more lasting.
20:132  And command your family with the prayers and be patient upon it. We are not asking you for a livelihood, We provide livelihoods for you. And the consequence is for piety.
20:133  And they said, “If only he would bring us with a verse from his Lord?” Were they not coming to them proof of what was in the first scrolls?
20:134  And if We destroyed them with a torment before him, they would say, “Our Lord, if only You had sent to us a messenger, so we would follow Your verses before that we were humiliated and disgraced.”
20:135  Say, “Each is waiting, so wait. So, you will know who the even path’s companions are, and who was guided.