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21:1  It has drawn near for the people their reckoning, while they are in an inattentiveness averting.
21:2  It did not come to them from their Lord among updating reminders except they are listening to it while they are playing.
21:3  Their cores were amused, and they secreted the private conversation, those who oppressed, “Is this except a humankind like you? So, will you come to the magic, and you are seeing?”
21:4  He said, “My Lord knows the saying in the sky and the earth; and He is Al-Sameiu (The Hearer), Al-Aalim (The Knowledgeable).”
21:5  Nay, but they said, “A jumble of dreams,” nay, but “He slandered it,” nay, but “He is a poet,” “So, let him bring us by a verse, as the former were sent by it.”
21:6  None from a village had believed before them, which We had destroyed. So, will they believe?
21:7  And We did not send before you except men, We revealed to them. So, ask the reminder’s people, if you do not know.
21:8  And We did not set them up as a lifeless body, not eat the food, and they were not immortal.
21:9  Then, We truthed them with the promise, so We saved them and whomever We willed, and We destroyed the extravagant persons.
21:10  We have already sent down to you a Book, in it your reminder. So, will you not be reasoning?
21:11  And how many from an oppressive village have We shattered, and instituted thereafter another kinfolk?
21:12  So, when they sensed Our adversity, behold they ran away from it.
21:13  Do not run away, and return toward what you luxuries within it, and your residentials, perhaps you may be questioned.
21:14  They said, “Woe to us; surely we were oppressors.”
21:15  So, this is still their calling, until We set them up as inactive
21:16  silent harvest.
21:17  And We did not create the sky and the earth and what is between them as playing.
21:18  If We wanted amusement, We would have taken it from Our presence, if We were doing.
21:19  Nay, but We fling by the right against the invalid, so strikes its brain then it will vanish. And woe for you, from what you are describing.
21:20  And for Him whoever is in the skies and the earth. And whoever is at Him is not arrogant about worshiping Him, nor they are wearying.
21:21  They are glorifying in the night and the day, not slacking.
21:22  Or have they taken Gods from the earth; they are propagating (Raising the dead)?
21:23  If there were in them Gods except Allah, they would be spoiled. So, glorified is Allah, The Throne’s Lord, about what they are describing.
21:24  He is not questioned about what He does, while they are being questioned.
21:25  Or have they taken, without Him, Gods? Say, “Bring your evidence. This is a reminder of whoever is with me, and a reminder of whoever before me.” Nay, but most of them do not know the right, so they are averters.
21:26  And We never sent a messenger before you except We revealed to him that: “There is no God except Me, so worship Me.”
21:27  And they said, “Al-Rahman (The Most Gracious) has taken a son.” Glorified is Him. Nay, but they are honored slaves.
21:28  They never precede Him with the saying, and they are by His command working.
21:29  He knows what is between their hands, and what is behind them; and they are not interceding except for whom He satisfied; and they are from His awe, apprehensive.
21:30  And whoever among them says, “I am a God without Him,” So that We penalize him Gohanam (Hell). Thus, We penalize the oppressors.
21:31  Have those who disbelieved not seen that the skies and the earth were a darn (one mass), so We rupture them? And We make from the water every living thing. So, will they not be believing?
21:32  And We set up in the earth stabilizers (Mountains), lest it shakes with them, and We set up therein broad pathways, perhaps they may be guiding.
21:33  And We set up the sky as a preserved ceiling, while they are about Our verses averting.
21:34  And He is the one who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon; each in an orbit are swimming.
21:35  And We did not set up immortality for a humankind before you. So, if you die, are they the immortals?
21:36  Every soul will taste death. And We are trying you with evil and goodness as an infatuation. And to us you are returning.
21:37  And if those who disbelieved saw you, they would not take you, except as a ridicule: “Is this the one who mentions your Gods?” And they are with the mention of Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful), infidels.
21:38  The human was created from haste. I will show you My verses, so do not be hastening Me.
21:39  If those who disbelieved knew, when they did not stop the fire about their faces, nor about their backs nor will they get victory.
21:40  Nay, but it comes unexpectedly to them, so it stuns them. So, they cannot repel it, nor shall they be respite.
21:41  And already it was ridiculed with messengers before you, so it banded with those who mocked them, what they were ridiculing with.
21:42  Say, “Who guards you from Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful) by night and day?” Nay, but they are about their Lord’s reminder averting.
21:43  Or for them Gods who prevent them without Us? They cannot victory themselves, nor are they accompanying Us.
21:44  Nay, but We gave enjoyment to these and their parents until the age longed with them. Have they not seen that We come to the earth, decreasing it from its extremities? So, are they the overcomers?
21:45  Say, “I only warn you with the revelation.” And the deaf do not hear the call when they are being warned.
21:46  And if a whiff among your Lord’s torment touched them, they would say, “Woe to us, we were oppressors.”
21:47  And We place the equity weight scales for the Resurrection Day, so that no soul is oppressed by a thing. And even if it is the mustard-seed’s weight, We will bring it up. And sufficient are We as Reckoner.
21:48  And We already gave Moses and Aaron the Criterion, and illumination, and a reminder for the pious.
21:49  Those who are awe of their Lord with the unseen, and they are apprehensive from the Hour.
21:50  And this is a blessed reminder We sent it down. So, are you denying it?
21:51  And We already gave Abraham his righteous guidance before, and We were knowing by him.
21:52  When he said to his father and his kinfolk, “What are these, the statues which you are for them, devoting?”
21:53  They said, “We found our parents' worshipers for them.”
21:54  He said, “You and your parents are already in obvious astray.”
21:55  They said, “Are you coming to us with the right, or you are among the players?”
21:56  He said, “Nay, but your Lord is the skies Lord and the earth, the One who originated them, and I am upon that among the witnesses.
21:57  And “By Allah, I will machinate your idols after you have turned away in a back retreat.”
21:58  So he set them, broken parts, except a grand for them, perhaps they may be returning to it.
21:59  They said, “Who did this with our Gods? He is surely among the oppressors.”
21:60  They said, “We heard a guy mentioning them. He is called Abraham.”
21:61  They said, “Bring him before the people’s eyes, perhaps they may be witnessing.”
21:62  They said, “Did you do this with our Gods, O Abraham?”
21:63  He said, “Nay, but the grand of them, this did it. So, ask them if they were speaking.”
21:64  So, they returned to themselves, so they said, “Surely you yourselves are the oppressors.”
21:65  Then they bowed on their heads: “You already knew that they were not speaking.”
21:66  He said, “So, are you worshiping, without Allah, what is neither benefiting you a thing, nor harming you?
21:67  Uff for you and for what you are worshiping without Allah. So, will you not be reasoning?”
21:68  They said, “Burn him and victory your Gods, if you are doing.”
21:69  We said, “O fire, be cool and peaceful upon Abraham.”
21:70  And they wanted a plan with him, so We set them up as the losers.
21:71  And We saved him, and Lot, to the earth which We blessed within it for the worlds.
21:72  And We endowed for him Isaac and Jacob as a supererogatory; and both We set up them as righteous.
21:73  And We set up them as leaders (Imams), guiding with our command; and We revealed to them doing the goodness, and establishing the prayers, and giving the Zakat. And they were to Us worshipers.
21:74  And Lot We gave him judgment and knowledge, and We saved him from the village which was working the malignancy. Surely, they were bad kinfolk, debauchees.
21:75  And We entered him in our mercy; Surely, he was among the righteous.
21:76  And Noah, when he called before. So, We responded to him, so We saved him and his family from the greatest anguish.
21:77  And We victoried him from the kinfolk who falsified Our verses. Surely, they were bad kinfolk, so We drowned them altogether.
21:78  And David and Solomon, when they judged in the tilth, as the kinfolk’s sheep pastured therein by night; and We were to their judgment, witnessing.
21:79  So, We intellectualized it, to Solomon and both We gave judgment and knowledge. And We subserviated with David the mountains to glorify, and the birds and We were doer.
21:80  And We taught him the coats’ making for you, to fortify you from your war's strength. So, will you be thankers.?
21:81  And for Solomon the wind storming, running with his command towards the land which We have blessed within it. And We are, with everything, knowledgeable.
21:82  And from the devil's who dives for him, and works a work other than that, a work. And We were for them, a keeper.
21:83  And Job (Ayup), when he called out to his Lord: “That the harm has touched me, and you are The Most Merciful of the merciful ones.”
21:84  So We responded to him, so We uncovered what was with him of harm, and We gave him his family, and their alike with them as a mercy from us, and a reminder for the worshipers.
21:85  And Ishmael, Enoch (Edrees), and Ezekiel (Dhul-Kifl); all were from the patient ones.
21:86  And We entered them into our mercy. Surely, they were among the righteous.
21:87  And Jonah, when he went out in fury, so he thinks that We will not destiny upon him. So, he called out in the darkness, “Surely there is no God except You! Glorified are You! Surely I was among the oppressors!”
21:88  So We responded to him, and We saved him from the sorrow. And thus, We saved the believers.
21:89  And Zechariah, when he called out to his Lord, “My Lord, do not leave me singular, and you are the Best of inheritors.”
21:90  So We responded to him and endowed him, John. And We repaired his wife for him. Surely, they were hastening in goodness, and they were calling Us willingly and terrifyingly, and they were in awe of Us.
21:91  And she, the one who fortified her genitalia. So, We blew within her, among our spirit, and set up her and her son a verse for the worlds.
21:92  Surely is this your community, a one community, and I am your Lord, so worship Me.
21:93  And they cut their matter between them. All are returning to Us.
21:94  So, whoever works among the righteous deeds, and he is a believer, so there is no denying of his striving. And We are writing it down for him.
21:95  And it is forbidden upon a village, We had destroyed it, that they shall not be returning.
21:96  Until, if Gog and Magog are opened, and they are from every hump swarming down.
21:97  And the right promise has neared. So, those who disbelieved, their eyes are staring: “Woe to us. We were already inattentive from this. Nay, but we were oppressors.”
21:98  You and what you are worshiping without Allah are Gohanam Stones. You are for it, will be incoming.
21:99  If these were Gods, they would not be incoming to it. And all are therein immortals.
21:100  For them therein, exhalation. And they are therein not being heard.
21:101  Surely those who proceeded for them the excellency from Us, those are deportees about it.
21:102  They will not hear its hissing, and they are within what their souls are desiring, immortals.
21:103  The Grandest Dismay will not grieve them, and the angels welcome them: “This is your Day which you were promising.”
21:104  On a Day when We fold the sky, like the record is folding the books. Just as We start first creation, We will repeat it, a promise upon us. Surely, We are doing.
21:105  And We already have written in the Psalms (Al-Zabor), from after the Reminder, that my righteous slaves will inherit the earth.
21:106  Surely, in this a notification for kinfolk who worship.
21:107  And We did not send you except as mercy for the worlds.
21:108  Say, “It is only revealed to me that your God is One God. So, will you be submitting (Muslims)?”
21:109  So, if they turned away, say, “I have warned you in equality. And I do not cognize whether it is near or far, what you have been promised.”
21:110  Surely, He knows the loudness among the saying, and He knows what you are muting.
21:111  “And I do not cognize, perhaps it is an infatuation for you, and an enjoyment for a while.”
21:112  Say, “My Lord, judge with the right.” And “Our Lord is Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful), Al-Mustaan (The Helper) against what you are describing.”