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20:1  Ta Ha.
20:2  We did not send the Majestic Quran to distress you;
20:3  but a reminder to anyone who fears Allah,
20:4  a revelation from the one who created the Earth and the soaring skies.
20:5  The Most Kind established on the throne as befits Him.
20:6  The owner of what lies in the Heavens, the Earth and between them, and all that’s buried deep in the soil.
20:7  Whether you speak aloud or quietly; He knows all the secrets and all that is hidden.
20:8  Allah – there is no god but He. His names are the most beautiful
20:9  Have you heard the story of Musa?
20:10  When he saw the fire he said to his wife, “Stay here, I’ve noticed a fire; perhaps I can bring a live coal for you or find a guide nearby.
20:11  When he came near the bush a voice called: “Musa,
20:12  I am your Lord; take off your sandals you’re in the Sacred Valley of Tuwa.
20:13  I’ve chosen you, so listen to the Revelation.
20:14  I am Allah. There is no god but Me, so worship Me. Perform the prayer to remember Me.
20:15  The Hour shall come, but I will keep it secret, to ensure paying everyone for what they did.
20:16  So don’t let the disbelievers who follow their whims stop you from it, otherwise you will be ruined too.
20:17  Allah asked, “What’s in your right-hand Musa?”
20:18  He replied, “This is my walking stick; I lean on it sometimes, I gather leaves for my sheep, and I use it for other things.”
20:19  Allah said, “Throw it down, Musa!”
20:20  So he threw it down, and it turned into a snake scurrying about.
20:21  Allah ordered: “Pick it up and don’t be afraid; We will return it to its original state.
20:22  Now put your hand under your armpit; it will come out white and unharmed – here is another sign,
20:23  to show you some of Our great signs.
20:24  Go to Pharaoh, he’s overstepped the limits.
20:25  He prayed: “My Lord, expand my chest,
20:26  make my work easy,
20:27  and untie my tongue
20:28  so people may understand my speech,
20:29  and from my family give me a helper,
20:30  my brother Harun,
20:31  to strengthen my back
20:32  and to help me in my task,
20:33  so that we may always glorify
20:34  and remember you.
20:35  Surely you are Ever-Watching.”
20:36  Allah answered, “I grant you what you asked for, Musa.
20:37  We have already done you a favour in the past
20:38  Remember, We inspired your mother to
20:39  place you in a basket and let it float in the river. We told her: ‘The river will take him to the bank from where Mine and your enemy will pick him up.’ I wrapped you up in my Divine Love so you may grow up under My watchful eye.
20:40  Remember, your sister came and told them: ‘Shall I tell you who can look after him?’ So We returned you to your mother, so that she may be happy and not worry. Later in your youth you killed someone, and We saved you again from trouble and tested you in various ways; you lived among the People of Madyan for some time, then you came here, Musa, as decreed.
20:41  I have chosen you for Myself
20:42  Go with your brother and take My miracles; don’t lapse in My remembrance.
20:43  Go to Pharaoh both of you, he has overstepped the limits,
20:44  speak gently with him, so he might pay attention or fear Allah.”
20:45  They said, “Our Lord, we dread he will torture us and transgress bounds.”
20:46  Allah replied, “Don’t worry, I am with you, listening to and observing everything.
20:47  Now go to him and say: ‘We are messengers of your Lord, so send the Israelites with us and do not oppress them; we have come to you with miracles from your Lord. Peace on the one who follows the guidance.
20:48  It has been revealed to us that the punishment will come on those who reject and turn away.’
20:49  Pharaoh said, “Who is your Lord, Musa?”
20:50  He answered, “Our Lord is the One Who gave everything that exists, a body and guidance.”
20:51  He asked, “What about the previous generation?”
20:52  Musa said, “My Lord has full knowledge of them, and their works are properly recorded. My Lord never makes a mistake nor forgets.”
20:53  It is He who made the Earth a cradle and made for you means and ways of livelihood, and sent down from the sky the rain, so He produces with it various pairs of plants,
20:54  which you eat and graze your cattle on; such are Our signs for the understanding.
20:55  From the Earth We created you; We shall return you there and finally We shall bring you back to life once more.
20:56  We showed him all Our signs, but he denied and refused
20:57  He said, “Have you come to drive us out of our country with your magic, Musa?
20:58  We will bring magic to match it, so let us set a time for a contest at an agreed place; neither of us shall break the promise.”
20:59  Musa said, “Meet me on the day of the festival when people gather at mid-morning.”
20:60  Pharaoh withdrew and formalised his plans, and came back.
20:61  Musa said to him, “Woe to you, do not make up lies about Allah, in case He destroys you with punishment; the one who makes up lies will lose.”
20:62  So they secretly discussed their plans among themselves.
20:63  They said, “These two magicians want to drive you out of your country with their magic, and put an end to your cherished lifestyle.”
20:64  Therefore, put together your plans and then come organised in rows. Whoever triumphs today will succeed
20:65  The magicians said, “Musa, either you throw or we’ll throw first.”
20:66  Musa replied, “You throw first!” So by their magic, their ropes and sticks appeared to him to be moving around.
20:67  Musa was alarmed.
20:68  We told him, “Don’t worry, you will have the upper hand.
20:69  Throw down what is in your right hand, it will swallow up what they have made. They performed magicians’ tricks, and the magicians are never successful in what they do.”
20:70  So the magicians fell in prostration saying, “We believe in the Lord of Harun and Musa.
20:71  The Pharaoh said, “You have believed him before I gave you permission, so he must be your mentor who taught you magic. I’ll cut off your hands and your feet from the opposite sides, and hang you on the trunks of palm trees, so you will know whose punishment is more severe and everlasting.”
20:72  They replied, “We will never prefer you, we saw the clear proofs of the One who created us, so decide what you will, and the most you can do is end our worldly life.
20:73  We have believed in Our Lord, may He forgive us our mistakes and the magic that you have forced us to practice. Allah is the Best and the Everlasting.”
20:74  Whoever comes to His Lord sinning, for him is Hell where he will neither die nor live.
20:75  On the other hand, whoever comes to Him believing and doing righteous deeds, they shall have a lofty place.
20:76  They will live in Gardens of Eternity, with streams flowing beneath them. Such is the reward of those who purify themselves
20:77  We revealed to Musa: “Take our servants by night and make a dry way for them across the sea, and don’t fear being caught, nor be worried.”
20:78  The Pharaoh and his army followed them, and they were besieged and covered up by the sea.
20:79  The Pharaoh misled his people, and he didn’t guide them.
20:80  Israelites! We saved you from your enemy and We made a contract with you on the right-hand side of the mountain, and We sent down to you Manna and quails.
20:81  Eat from the wholesome food We gave you, but don’t overstep the limits. Otherwise, I shall be angry with you, and anyone who suffers my anger, falls.
20:82  However, I am Forgiving for anyone who repents, believes, does righteous deeds and remains on the straight path
20:83  “Musa, why have you come hastily ahead of your followers?”
20:84  He said, “They are coming behind me, I rushed to please you My Lord.”
20:85  Allah said, “After you left, We tested your people, when Samiri misled them.”
20:86  Musa quickly returned to his people; angry and saddened. He said, “My people, didn’t your Lord make a contract with you? Or have you forgotten it? Or you wanted to invite your Lord’s anger on yourself by breaking the contract with me?”
20:87  They said, “We didn’t deliberately break the promise; we were carrying too much weight from people’s jewellery, so we threw it in the fire and the Samiri threw likewise.”
20:88  Samiri shaped for them a statue of a calf that made a mooing sound, so they said, “This is god and the god of Musa, but he deceived them.”
20:89  Why didn’t they realise the calf couldn’t answer them, and neither harm nor benefit them?
20:90  Harun had already told them: “My people, you have been tested with this; your Lord is Kind, so follow me and obey my orders.
20:91  They replied, “We’ll carry on worshipping it until Musa comes back.
20:92  Musa said, “Harun, when you saw them being misled what stopped you
20:93  from leaving them and following me? Why did you disobey my orders?”
20:94  Harun replied, “My mother’s son, don’t grab my beard or my hair, I was afraid you would say: ‘You divided the Israelites and you didn’t wait for my decision.’”
20:95  Musa said, “Samiri, why did you do this?”
20:96  He said, “I saw what they didn’t see, I picked up a handful of dust from the trail of the Messenger and threw it at the statue of the calf; unfortunately that’s what seemed pleasing to me.”
20:97  Musa told him, “Go away; your life will be such that you will cry: ‘Don’t touch me’. There is also a promise of punishment for you that will not be broken. Look at your god that you worshipped. We’ll burn it! Then scatter it in the sea.
20:98  Indeed your Lord is Allah; there is no god but He; His knowledge embraces all things.
20:99  In this way We tell you stories of what happened in the past. We gave you a reminder, the Quran.
20:100  Whoever turns away from it will be carrying a heavy burden on Judgement Day.
20:101  They will remain in that state forever, a dreadful burden to be carrying on that Day
20:102  The Day the Trumpet is blown, We shall gather the sinners, blind.
20:103  They will be whispering among themselves: “You stayed no more than ten days in the world
20:104  We know best what they are saying when their most intelligent one will say, “You were there for no longer than a day.”
20:105  They ask you about the mountains. Tell them: “My Lord will grind them into dust,
20:106  creating a vast area of flatland
20:107  where you won’t see a valley or hill
20:108  That Day they will follow a caller, who no one will ignore. Their voices will be hushed for the Kind Lord; you will not hear but a whisper.
20:109  On the Day intercession will not benefit anyone except by the permission of the Kind Lord and whoever He approves.
20:110  He knows what they achieved and what they failed to achieve, but they don’t know that.
20:111  With long, sad faces they will stand before the Ever-Living, the Everlasting Lord. Whoever carries an evil burden will be feeling hopeless.
20:112  In contrast, whoever did righteous deeds and was a believer will have nothing to fear of being wronged or unjustly treated.
20:113  This is how We revealed an Arabic Quran, and in it We explained warnings so people might fear and pay attention.
20:114  Allah is the Highest, the Absolute Controller and the Truth. Do not be hasty with the Majestic Quran before it is completely revealed to you, Prophet, and pray: “My Lord, increase my knowledge.
20:115  Previously We taught Adam, but he forgot; We didn’t find him determined to sin.
20:116  When We told the Angels, “Prostrate before Adam,” they prostrated, except Satan who refused.
20:117  So We said, “Adam, this is your and your wife’s enemy, so don’t let him drive you out of Paradise – in that case you will be in trouble.
20:118  There is enough provision in Paradise, so you won’t be hungry or unclothed;
20:119  here you won’t suffer pangs of thirst or the scorching heat of the sun.”
20:120  Satan whispered to him and said, “Adam, shall I show you the tree of eternity and power that will never diminish?”
20:121  So both ate from it, and instantly became aware of their nakedness, so they began covering themselves with the leaves of Paradise. Adam forgot his Lord’s command and failed.
20:122  Then your Lord forgave him, chose him and guided him.
20:123  Allah said, “Get down from here, all of you as enemies of one another. If guidance comes to you from Me, whoever follows My guidance will not be misguided nor be miserable.
20:124  Anyone who turns away from My remembrance will live a difficult life and We shall raise him up blind on Judgement Day.
20:125  He will say, “My Lord, why did you raise me up blind, I was sighted in the world?
20:126  He will say, “That’s because Our signs came to you and you forgot them; likewise, you are forgotten today.”
20:127  This is how We deal with those who wasted the opportunity, and didn’t believe in their Lord’s signs. The punishment of the Hereafter is more severe and everlasting.
20:128  The fact that We destroyed many generations before them, whose houses they used to walk around, should be a source of guidance for them; in this are signs for the understanding.
20:129  If it wasn’t for the previous verdict from your Lord, the inevitable would have happened. But there is a fixed time for it
20:130  So be patient with what they say, and glorify your Lord with praise before sunrise and sunset, and during the night, and at the ends of the day, so you may be happy.
20:131  Don’t look with envy at what We gave them to enjoy from life’s worldly luxuries; it’s Our way of testing them, and your Lord’s sustenance is better and everlasting.
20:132  Teach your family to pray and perform it yourself as well. We don’t ask you for provision, actually, We provide for you, and a good outcome is a result of righteousness
20:133  They said, “Why didn’t he bring a book from His Lord? Hasn’t a clear sign already come to them in former books of revelation?”
20:134  Had We destroyed them with a punishment before this they would say, “Our Lord, why did you not send a messenger to us? We would have followed your revelation, so we wouldn’t be disgraced and put to shame.”
20:135  Say: “Each one of us is waiting, so you wait as well; soon you will know those who were on the straight path and rightly guided.”In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring