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Ta Ha (Ta Ha)
as rendered by N J Dawood 2014
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N J Dawood (2014) rendition of Surah Ta Ha(Ta Ha)
20:1 Tā‘ hā‘.
20:2 It was not to distress you that We revealed the Koran to you,
20:3 but to admonish the God-fearing.
20:4 It is a revelation from Him who has created the earth and the lofty heavens,
20:5 the Merciful who sits enthroned on high.
20:6 His is what the heavens and the earth contain, and all that lies between them and underneath the soil.
20:7 You have no need to speak aloud; for He has knowledge of all that is secret, and all that is hidden.
20:8 He is God. There is no god but Him. His are the most gracious names.
20:9 Have you heard the story of Moses?
20:10 When he saw a fire, he said to his people: ‘Stay here, for I can see a fire. Perchance I can bring you from it a lighted torch, or find a guide hard by the fire.‘
20:11 When he came near, a voice called out to him: ‘Moses,
20:12 I am your Lord. Take off your sandals, for you are now in the sacred valley of Ţuwā.
20:13 And I have chosen you: so listen to what shall be revealed.
20:14 I am God. There is no god but Me. Worship Me, and recite your prayers in My remembrance.
20:15 The Hour is sure to come. But I choose to keep it hidden, so that every soul shall be rewarded according to its labours.
20:16 Let not those who disbelieve in it and yield to their desires turn your thoughts from it, lest you perish.
20:17 What is it you are carrying in your right hand, Moses?‘
20:18 He said: ‘It is my staff; upon it I lean and with it I beat down the leaves for my flock. And I have other uses for it besides.‘
20:19 He said: ‘Moses, cast it down.‘
20:20 Moses threw it down, and thereupon it turned into a slithering serpent.
20:21 Take it up and have no fear,‘ He said. ‘We will change it back to its former state.
20:22 And now put your hand under your armpit. It shall come out white, although unharmed: another sign.
20:23 We shall show you the most wondrous of all Our signs.
20:24 Go to Pharaoh; he has transgressed all bounds.‘
20:25 Lord,‘ said he, ‘put courage into my heart,
20:26 and make my task easy.
20:27 Free my tongue from its impediment,
20:28 that men may understand my speech.
20:29 Appoint for me a helper from among my kin,
20:30 Aaron my brother.
20:31 Grant me strength through him
20:32 and let him share my task,
20:33 so that we may give glory to You always
20:34 and remember You always.
20:35 You are surely watching over us.‘
20:36 He said: ‘Your request is granted, Moses.
20:37 We had already shown you bounty when
20:38 We revealed Our will to your mother, saying:
20:39 "Put your child in the ark and let him be carried away by the river. The river will cast him on to the bank, and he shall be taken up by an enemy of Mine and his." I lavished My love on you, so that you might be reared under My eye.
20:40 Your sister went to them and said: "Shall I direct you to one who will nurse him?" ‘Thus did We restore you to your mother, so that her mind might be set at ease and that she might not grieve. ‘And when you slew a man We delivered you from distress and then proved you by other trials. ‘You stayed for years among the people of Midian, and you then came here, Moses, as was ordained.
20:41 I have chosen you for Myself.
20:42 Go, you and your brother, with My signs, and do not cease to remember Me.
20:43 Go both of you to Pharaoh, for he has transgressed all bounds.
20:44 Speak to him with gentle words; he may yet take thought and fear Us.‘
20:45 ‘Lord,‘ they said, ‘we dread his malevolence and tyranny.‘
20:46 He said: ‘Have no fear. I shall be with you. I hear all and see all.
20:47 Go to him and say: "We are the emissaries of your Lord. Let the Israelites depart with us, and oppress them no more. We have come to you with a revelation from your Lord: peace shall be his that follows the right guidance.
20:48 It is revealed to us that the scourge will fall on those who deny His signs and turn away from them."‘
20:49 He said: ‘And who is your Lord, Moses?‘
20:50 Our Lord,‘ he said, ‘is He that gave all creatures their distinctive form and then rightly guided them.‘
20:51 How was it, then, with the early generations?‘ he said.
20:52 He said: ‘My Lord alone has knowledge of that, recorded in a Book. My Lord does not err, neither does He forget.
20:53 It is He who has made the earth your cradle and traced on it paths for you to walk on. It is He who sends down water from the sky with which We bring forth every kind of plant, saying:
20:54 Eat and graze your cattle. Surely in this there are signs for rational beings.
20:55 From the earth We have created you, and to the earth We will restore you; and from it We will bring you back to life.
20:56 We showed him all Our signs, but he denied them and paid no heed.
20:57 He said: ‘Have you come to drive us from our land with your sorcery, Moses?
20:58 We will surely confront you with sorcery as powerful as yours. Appoint a day when both of us can meet, a tryst which neither we nor you shall fail to keep, and a place at an equal distance from us both.‘
20:59 He said: ‘Meet me on the day of the Feast, and let all the people come together before noon.‘
20:60 Pharaoh withdrew; he gathered his sorcerers and then returned.
20:61 Woe betide you!‘ said Moses to them. ‘Invent no falsehoods against God, or He will obliterate you with a scourge. Those that invent falsehood have ever failed.‘
20:62 They conferred among themselves, whispering to one another.
20:63 They said: ‘These two are sorcerers who intend to drive you from your land by their sorcery and do away with your best traditions.
20:64 Muster all your forces and array them in their ranks; those who win today will surely triumph.‘
20:65 They said: ‘Moses, either you throw down, or we shall be the first to throw?‘
20:66 Throw you down,‘ he said. And lo! by their sorcery their ropes and staffs appeared to Moses‘ eyes as though they were running.
20:67 Moses was much alarmed.
20:68 We said: ‘Have no fear; you shall surely win.
20:69 Throw that which is in your right hand. It will swallow up their devices, for their devices are but the deceitful show of a sorcerer. And the sorcerer shall never prosper, wherever he has come from.‘
20:70 The sorcerers prostrated themselves, they said: ‘We now believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses.‘
20:71 ‘Do you dare believe in Him before I give leave?‘ said Pharaoh. ‘This man must be your master, who taught you witchcraft. I will cut off your hands and feet on alternate sides and crucify you on the trunks of palm-trees. You shall learn whose punishment is more terrible, and more lasting.‘
20:72 They said: ‘We cannot have greater faith in you than in the miracles which we have witnessed and in Him who has created us. Therefore do your worst; you can punish us only in this present life.
20:73 We have put our faith in our Lord so that He may forgive us our sins and the sorcery you have imposed upon us. Better is God‘s recompense, and more lasting.
20:74 He that comes before his Lord laden with sin shall be consigned to Hell, wherein he shall neither die nor live.
20:75 But they that come before Him with true faith, having done good works, shall be exalted to the highest ranks:
20:76 in the Gardens of Eden, watered by running brooks, wherein shall they abide forever. Such shall be the recompense of those that keep themselves pure.‘
20:77 And We revealed Our will to Moses: ‘Set forth with My servants in the night and strike for them a dry path across the sea. Have no fear of being overtaken, nor let anything dismay you.
20:78 Pharaoh pursued them with his warriors, but the waters of the sea overwhelmed them.
20:79 For Pharaoh misled his people: he did not guide them.
20:80 Children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemies and made a covenant with you on the right flank of the Mount. We sent down for you manna and quails.
20:81 Eat of the wholesome things with which We have provided you and do not transgress, lest you should provoke My ire.
20:82 He that provokes My ire shall assuredly be lost; and I will surely forgive him that repents and believes in Me, does good deed, and follows the right path.
20:83 But, Moses, why have you come with such haste from your people?‘
20:84 He said: ‘There they are, close behind me. I hastened to You, Lord, so that I might earn Your pleasure.‘
20:85 He said: ‘We proved your people in your absence, but the Sāmirī¹ has led them astray.‘
20:86 Moses went back to his people, angry and sorrowful. ‘My people,‘ he said, ‘did your Lord not make you a gracious promise? Did my absence seem too long to you, or was it to incur your Lord‘s anger that you failed me?‘
20:87 They replied: ‘We did not fail you of our own free will. We were made to carry the people‘s trinkets and cast them into the fire. The Sāmirī threw likewise,
20:88 and forged for them a calf, an image with a hollow sound. "This," they said, "is your god and the god of Moses whom he has forgotten."‘
20:89 Did they not see that it returned to them no answer, and that it could neither harm nor help them?
20:90 Aaron had said to them: ‘My people, this is but a test for you. Your Lord is the Merciful. Follow me and do as I bid you.‘
20:91 But they had replied: ‘We will not cease to worship it until Moses returns.‘
20:92 He said to Aaron: ‘Why did you not seek me out when you saw them go astray?
20:93 Why did you disobey my bidding?‘
20:94 ‘Son of my mother,‘ he replied, ‘let go, I pray you, of my beard and my head. I was afraid that you might say: "You have sown discord among the Israelites and did not wait for my orders."‘
20:95 Sāmirī,‘ he said, ‘what had come over you?‘
20:96 He replied: ‘I saw what they did not see. I took a handful of dust from the trail of the Messenger and flung it away: thus did my soul prompt me.‘
20:97 Go!‘ he said. ‘An outcast shall you be in this life, nor shall you escape your appointed doom. Behold this idol which you have served with such devotion: we will burn it to cinders and scatter its ashes far and wide over the sea.
20:98 Your Lord is God, other than whom there is no god. His knowledge encompasses all things.
20:99 Thus do We recount to you the history of events gone by. An Admonition of Our own have We given you:
20:100 those that reject it shall bear a heavy burden on the Day of Resurrection.
20:101 Forever shall they bear it: an evil burden on the Day of Resurrection.
20:102 On the day when the Trumpet shall be blown; on that day We shall herd all the sinners together. Their eyes blue with terror,
20:103 they shall murmur among themselves: ‘You lingered on the earth but ten days.‘
20:104 We know full well what they will say. The most upright among them will say: ‘You lingered but one day.‘
20:105 And they ask you about the mountains. Say: ‘My Lord will crush them to fine dust
20:106 and reduce them to a desolate waste,
20:107 with no hollows nor jutting mounds to be seen.‘
20:108 On that day men will follow their truthful summoner, their voices hushed before the Lord of Mercy; and you shall hear only the sound of marching feet.
20:109 On that day no intercession will avail except from him that has received the sanction of the Merciful and whose word was pleasing to Him.
20:110 He knows what is before them and behind them, but of Him they have no knowledge.
20:111 They will hang their heads with awe before the Living One, the Ever-existent. Those who are burdened with sin shall come to grief:
20:112 but those who have believed and done good works shall fear no tyranny or injustice.
20:113 And thus have We sent it down: a Koran in the Arabic tongue, and proclaimed in it warnings and threats, that they may fear God and be admonished.
20:114 So, exalted be God, the True King! Do not be quick to recite the Koran before its revelation is completed, but rather say: ‘Lord, increase my knowledge.‘
20:115 We had made a covenant with Adam, but he forgot, and We found him lacking in steadfastness.
20:116 And when We said to the angels: ‘Prostrate yourselves before Adam,‘ they all prostrated themselves except Satan, who refused.
20:117 Adam,‘ We said, ‘Satan is an enemy to you and to your wife. Let him not turn you both out of Paradise and plunge you into affliction.
20:118 Here you shall not hunger or be naked;
20:119 you shall not thirst, or feel the scorching heat.‘
20:120 But Satan whispered to him, saying: ‘Adam, shall I show you the Tree of Immortality and an imperishable kingdom?‘
20:121 They both ate from it, so that they saw their shameful parts and began to cover themselves with the leaves of the Garden. Thus did Adam disobey his Lord and stray from the right path.
20:122 Then his Lord chose him; He relented towards him and rightly guided him.
20:123 Get you down hence, both, all together‘ He said, ‘and may you be enemies to each other. When My guidance is revealed to you, he that follows it shall neither err nor grieve;
20:124 but he that forsakes My remembrance shall live in woe and come before Us blind on the Day of Resurrection.
20:125 Lord, he will say, "why have You brought me blind before You when I had once been clear-sighted?"‘
20:126 He will say: ‘Just as Our revelations were declared to you and you forgot them, so on this day shall you be yourself forgotten.‘
20:127 Thus shall We reward the transgressor who denies his Lord‘s revelations. But the scourge of the life to come is more terrible and more lasting.
20:128 Do they not comprehend how many generations We have destroyed before them? They walk amidst the very ruins wherein once they dwelt. Surely in this there are signs for those endowed with good sense.
20:129 But for a Word from your Lord, long since decreed, their destruction in this life would have been certain.
20:130 Therefore bear with what they say. Give glory to your Lord before sunrise and before sunset. Praise Him night and day, so that you may find comfort.
20:131 Do not regard with envy what We have given some among them to enjoy ― the flower of the present life ― for with this We seek only to try them. Better is your Lord‘s provision, and more lasting.
20:132 Enjoin prayer on your people and be diligent in its observance. We demand of you no provision: We shall Ourself provide for you. Blessed shall be the end of the devout.
20:133 And they say: ‘Why does he not bring us a sign from his Lord?‘ Have they not been given sufficient proof in previous scriptures?
20:134 Had We destroyed them with a scourge before his¹ coming they would have said: ‘Lord, if only You had sent us an apostle! We would have followed Your revelations before we were humbled and disgraced.‘
20:135 Say: ‘All are waiting: so wait if you will. You shall learn who have followed the even path and who have been rightly guided.‘


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