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20:1  ^[ H[.
20:2  We caused not the Quran to descend to thee that thee be in despair,
20:3  but as an admonition to him who dreads
20:4  a sending down successively from Him Who created the earth and the lofty heavens.
20:5  The Merciful turned His attention to the Throne.
20:6  To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth and whatever is between them and whatever is beneath the soil.
20:7  And if thou art to publish a saying, yet, truly, He knows the secret and what is more secret.
20:8  God, there is no god but He. To Him belongs the Fairer Names.
20:9  Has the conversation of Moses approached thee?
20:10  When he saw a fire, he said to his people: Abide! Truly, I observed a fire so that perhaps I will bring you some firebrand from it or I find guidance at the fire.
20:11  When he approached it, it was proclaimed: O Moses!
20:12  Truly, I—I am thy Lord! So take off thy shoes; truly, thou art one who is in the sanctified valley of Tuwa.
20:13  And I chose thee so listen to what is revealed:
20:14  Truly, I—I am God. There is no god but Me. So worship Me and perform the formal prayer of My Remembrance.
20:15  Truly, the Hour is that which arrives. I am about to conceal it so that every soul is given recompense for what it endeavors.
20:16  So let none bar thee from it—whoever believes not in it and followed his own desires—so that thee not survive.
20:17  And what is that in thy right hand O Moses?
20:18  Moses said: This is my staff. I lean on it, and beat down leaves from a tree with it for my herd of sheep and for me in it are other uses.
20:19  He said: Cast it, O Moses!
20:20  So he cast it. That is when it was a viper sliding.
20:21  He said: Take it and fear not. We will cause it to return to its first state.
20:22  And clasp thy hand to thy armpit. It will go forth shimmering white without any evil as another sign
20:23  that We cause thee to see of Our greater signs.
20:24  Go thou to Pharaoh! Truly, he was defiant.
20:25  Moses said: My Lord!
20:26  Expand my breast for me and make Thou my affair easy for me
20:27  and untie the knot from my tongue
20:28  so they understand my saying
20:29  and assign to me a minister from my people—
20:30  —Aaron, my brother.
20:31  Strengthen my vigor with him
20:32  and ascribe him as a partner in my affair
20:33  that we glorify Thee much
20:34  and we remember Thee frequently.
20:35  Truly, Thou, Thou alone hadst been seeing of us.
20:36  He said: Surely, thou wert given thy petition, O Moses!
20:37  Certainly, We showed grace on thee another time
20:38  when We revealed to thy mother what is revealed:
20:39  Cast him adrift in the ark. Then, cast it adrift into the water of the sea. Then, the water of the sea will cast him up on the bank and he will be taken by an enemy of Mine and an enemy of his. And I cast on thee fondness from Me that thou be trained under My Eye.
20:40  Mention when thy sister walks saying: Shall I point you to one who will take control of him? So We returned thee to thy mother that her eyes settle down and she not feel remorse. And thou hast killed a soul, but We delivered thee from lament and We tried thee with an ordeal. Then, thou hadst lingered in expectation years among the people of Midian. Again, thou hadst drawn near according to a measure, O Moses!
20:41  And I chose thee for service for Myself.
20:42  Go thou and thy brother with My signs and you both not be inattentive in My Remembrance.
20:43  So go both of you to Pharaoh. Truly, he had become defiant.
20:44  And both say to him a saying gently, so that perhaps he will recollect or dread.
20:45  They both said: Our Lord! Truly, we fear that he should exceed against us or that he be defiant.
20:46  He said: Fear not. Truly, I am with both of you. I hear and I see.
20:47  So approach you both to him and say: Truly, we are Messengers of thy Lord. So send the Children of Israel with us and punish them not. Surely, we drew near thee with a sign from thy Lord. And peace be to him who followed the guidance.
20:48  Surely, it was revealed to us that the punishment is on him who denied and turned away.
20:49  He said: Then, who is the Lord of you two, O Moses?
20:50  He said: Our Lord is He Who gave everything its creation; again, He guided it.
20:51  Pharaoh said: Then, what of the first generations?
20:52  Moses said: The knowledge of them is with my Lord in a Book. My Lord neither goes astray nor forgets.
20:53  He it is Who assigned for you the earth as a cradle and threaded ways for you in it and caused water to descend from heaven. And We brought out from it diverse pairs of plants:
20:54  Eat and give attention to your flocks. Truly, in this are signs for the people imbued with sense.
20:55  We created you from it and into it We will cause you to return and from it We will bring you out another time.
20:56  And, certainly, We caused Pharaoh to see Our signs—all of them—but he denied and refused.
20:57  He said: Hast thou drawn near us to drive us out of our region with thy sorcery, O Moses?
20:58  Then, truly, we will bring for thee sorcery like it. So make something that is promised between us and thee—neither we nor thou will break it—at a mutually agreeable place.
20:59  Moses said: That promised will be for the Day of Adornment and let humanity be assembled in the forenoon.
20:60  So Pharaoh turned away. Then, he gathered his cunning. After that he approached.
20:61  Moses said to them: Woe to you! Devise you not a lie against God so that He put an end to you with a punishment. And, surely, he who devised will be frustrated.
20:62  So they contended between each other about their affair and they kept secret, conspiring secretly.
20:63  They said: Truly, these two are the ones who are sorcerers who want to drive you out from your region with their sorcery and take away your most ideal behavior.
20:64  So summon up your cunning. Again, approach ranged in rows. And, truly, he who prospered this day is whoever gained the upper hand.
20:65  They said: O Moses! Either thou wilt cast or let us be the first to cast.
20:66  He said: Nay! You cast. That is when their ropes and their staffs seem to him to be, by their sorcery, as though they are sliding.
20:67  So Moses sensed awe in himself.
20:68  We said: Fear not! Truly, thou, thou art lofty!
20:69  And cast what is in thy right hand. It will swallow what they crafted. What they crafted is not but the cunning of one who is a sorcerer. And the one who is a sorcerer will not prosper in whatever he approached.
20:70  Then, the ones who are sorcerers were cast down, ones who prostrate themselves. They said: We believed in the Lord of Aaron and Moses.
20:71  Pharaoh said: Believed you in Him before I give you permission? Truly, he is your teacher who taught you the sorcery. So, certainly, I will cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides and, certainly, I will cause you to be crucified on the trunks of date palm trees, and, certainly, you will know which of us is more severe in punishment and one who endures.
20:72  They said: We will never hold thee in greater favor over the clear portents that drew near us nor over Who originated us. So decide whatever thou wilt as one who decides. Thou wilt decide not but about this present life.
20:73  For us, truly, we believed in our Lord that He forgive us our transgressions and what thou hadst compelled us to do because of the sorcery. And God is Best of one who endures.
20:74  Truly, whoever approaches his Lord as one who sins, then, truly, for him is hell. Neither will he die in it nor will he live.
20:75  And whoever approaches Him as one who believes, who, surely, did as the one in accord with morality, then, for those, they are of lofty degrees,
20:76  Gardens of Eden, beneath which rivers run, ones who will dwell in them forever. And that is the recompense of whoever purified himself.
20:77  And, certainly, We revealed to Moses that set thou forth with My servants. Then, strike for them a dry road in the sea, neither fearing to be overtaken, nor dreading that.
20:78  Then, Pharaoh and his army pursued them. Then, overcame them the water of the sea by what overcame.
20:79  And Pharaoh caused his folk to go astray and he guided them not.
20:80  O Children of Israel! Surely, We rescued you from your enemy and We appointed someone with you on the right edge of the mount and We sent down to you the manna and the quails.
20:81  Eat from what is good that We provided you, and be not defiant in it so that My anger not alight on you. And he on whom My anger alights surely, will be hurled to ruin.
20:82  And, truly, I am a Forgiver of whoever repented and believed and did as one in accord with morality. Again, he was truly guided.
20:83  And what caused thee to hasten from thy folk, O Moses?
20:84  Moses said: They are those who are close on my footsteps and I hastened to Thee, my Lord that I please thee.
20:85  He said: Then, truly, We tried thy folk after thee and the Samaritan caused them to go astray.
20:86  Then, Moses returned to his folk enraged, grieved. He said: O my folk! Promise you not with your Lord a fairer promise? Was the compact too long for you to wait? Or wanted you that the anger of your Lord alight on you, so you broke what you were to have promised me?
20:87  They said: We broke not what was promised to thee from what is within our power, but we were charged with a heavy load of the adornments of the folk. Surely, we hurled them because the Samaritan cast.
20:88  Then, he brought out for them a calf, a lifeless body that had the lowing sound of flocks. Then, they said: This is your god and the God of Moses whom he forgot.
20:89  Then, see they not that it returns not to them a saying and it possesses for them neither hurt nor profit?
20:90  And, certainly, Aaron said to them before: O my folk! You were only tempted by it. And, truly, your Lord is The Merciful. So follow me and obey my command.
20:91  They said: We will never quit it as ones who give ourselves up until Moses returns to us.
20:92  He said: O Aaron! What prevented thee when thou hadst seen them going astray
20:93  that thou hast followed me not? Hast thou, then, rebelled against my command?
20:94  Aaron said: O son of my mother! Take me not by my beard nor by my head. Truly, I dreaded that thou hast said: Thou hadst separated and divided between the Children of Israel and thou hast not regarded my saying.
20:95  Moses said: Then, what is thy business O Samaritan?
20:96  He said: I kept watch over what they keep not watch, so I seized a handful of dust from the foot prints of the Messenger and cast it forth. And thus my soul enticed me.
20:97  Moses said: Then go off! Truly for thee in this life is that thou mayest say: Untouchable; there is for thee something promised that thou shalt never break; and look on thy god that thou hast stayed with and given thyself up to; certainly we will burn it. After that we will certainly scatter it in the water of the sea in a scattering.
20:98  Your God is only God Whom there is no god but He. He encompassed everything in His knowledge.
20:99  Thus We relate to thee some tiding of what preceded. And surely We gave thee from that which proceeds from Our Presence a Remembrance.
20:100  Whoever turned aside from it, then truly he will carry a heavy load on the Day of Resurrection,
20:101  ones who will dwell in it forever; how evil for them on the Day of Resurrection will be the load
20:102  on the Day the trumpet will be blown. We will assemble the ones who sin, white eyed on that Day.
20:103  They will whisper among themselves: You lingered in expectation but ten days.
20:104  We are greater in knowledge of what they will say when the most ideal of them in tradition says: You lingered in expectation not but a day!
20:105  And they will ask thee about the mountains. Then, say: My Lord will scatter them a scattering.
20:106  Then, He will forsake it as a leveled spacious plain.
20:107  Then, thou wilt see not in it any crookedness nor unevenness.
20:108  On that Day they will follow one who calls. There will be no crookedness in him. And voices will be hushed for The Merciful so thou wilt hear nothing but a murmuring.
20:109  On a Day intercession will not profit anyone but him to whom gave permission The Merciful and with whose saying He was well-pleased.
20:110  He knows what is in advance of them and what is behind them and they will not comprehend Him in knowledge.
20:111  And faces will be humbled before The Living, The Eternal while, surely, will be frustrated whoever was burdened by doing injustice.
20:112  Whoever does as the one in accord with morality and he is one who believes, then, he will neither fear injustice nor unfairness.
20:113  And, thus, We caused it to descend as an Arabic Recitation. And We diversified the threats in it so that perhaps they will be Godfearing or cause the Remembrance to be evoked by them.
20:114  Then, exalted be God, The True King, and hasten not the Recitation before its revelation is decreed to thee. And say: My Lord! Increase me in knowledge!
20:115  And, certainly, We made a compact with Adam before. Then, he forgot and We find no constancy in him.
20:116  And when We said to the angels: Prostrate yourselves to Adam! They prostrated themselves, but Iblis who refused.
20:117  Then, We said: O Adam! Truly, this is an enemy to thee and to thy spouse, so let him not drive you both out from the Garden so that thou wouldst be in despair.
20:118  Truly, it is not for thee that thou hunger in it nor to be naked.
20:119  And, truly, thou wilt not thirst in it nor suffer the heat of the sun.
20:120  Then, Satan whispered evil to him. He said: O Adam! Will I point thee to the Tree of Infinity and a dominion that will not decay?
20:121  Then, they both ate from that so the intimate parts of both showed to both themselves. Both of them took to doing stitching together over both from the leaves of the Garden. And Adam rebelled against his Lord and he erred.
20:122  Again, his Lord elected him. Then, He turned in forgiveness to him and guided him.
20:123  He said: Get you both down from here altogether, some of you an enemy to some others. Then, if guidance approaches you from Me, then, whoever followed My Guidance, neither will he go astray, nor will he be in despair.
20:124  And whoever turned aside from My Remembrance, then, truly, for him is a livelihood of narrowness. And We will assemble him on the Day of Resurrection unseeing.
20:125  He would say: My Lord! Why hadst Thou assembled me with the unseeing when, surely, I had been seeing?
20:126  He would say: It is thus: Our signs approached thee, but thou hadst forgotten them and, thus, this Day thou wilt be forgotten.
20:127  And, thus, We give recompense to him who exceeded all bounds and believes not in signs of his Lord. And, surely, punishment in the world to come is more severe and one that endures.
20:128  Guide He not them? How many generations We caused to perish before them amidst whose dwellings they walk. Truly, in this are signs for the people imbued with sense.
20:129  And if a Word preceded not from thy Lord for a term that was determined, it would be close at hand.
20:130  So have thou patience with what they say and glorify the praises of thy Lord before the coming up of the sun and before sunset and during the nighttime night watch and glorify at the end of the daytime, so that perhaps thou wilt be well-pleased.
20:131  And stretch not out thy eyes for what We gave of enjoyment in this life to spouses among them as the luster of this present life so that We try them by it. And provision of thy Lord is Best and that which endures.
20:132  And command thy people to the formal prayer, and to maintain patience in it. We ask not of thee for any provision. We provide for thee and the Ultimate End will be for the God-conscious.
20:133  And they said: Why brings he not to us a sign from his Lord? Approaches them not clear portents that were in the first scrolls?
20:134  And if We caused them to perish with a punishment before this, certainly, they would have said: Our Lord! Why hadst Thou not sent to us a Messenger so that we follow Thy signs before we are degraded and humiliated!
20:135  Say: Each is one who is waiting so watch. Then, you will know who are the Companions of the Path without fault and who were truly guided.