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ash-Shu`ara` (The Poets)
as rendered by [The Monotheist Group] (2013 Edition)
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[The Monotheist Group] (2013 Edition) rendition of Surah The Poets(ash-Shu`ara`)
26:1 T'SM.
26:2 These are the signs of the Book of clarity.
26:3 Perhaps you grieve yourself that they do not become believers.
26:4 IfWe wish, We could send down for them from the heavens a sign, to which they would bend their necks in humility.
26:5 And not a reminder comes to them from the Almighty, except that they turn away from it.
26:6 They have denied, thus the news will come to them of what they used to mock.
26:7 Did they not look to the earth, how many plants have We raised in it, from each a good pair.
26:8 Inthat is a sign, but most of them are not believers.
26:9 And your Lord is the Noble, the Merciful.
26:10 Andwhen your Lord called to Moses: "Go to the people who are wicked."
26:11 "The people of Pharaoh. Will they not be righteous?"
26:12 He said: "My Lord, I fear that they would deny me."
26:13 "And my chest would become tight, and my tongue would not be able to express; so send for Aaron."
26:14 "And they have charges of a crime against me, so I fear they will kill me."
26:15 He said: "Indeed not! Go both of you with Our signs. I am with you listening."
26:16 "So both of you go to Pharaoh and say: 'We are messengers of the Lord of the worlds'
26:17 'Sosend with us the Children of Israel'"
26:18 He said: "Did we not raise you among us as a new born, and you stayed with us for many of your years?"
26:19 "And you did that deed you did, and you are of the rejecters."
26:20 He said: "I did it, and I was of those misguided."
26:21 "SoI ran away from you all, for I feared you. So my Lord granted me judgment, and made me of the messengers."
26:22 "And is it a favor that you taunt me with, so you could continue to enslave the Children of Israel?"
26:23 Pharaoh said: "And what is the Lord of the worlds?"
26:24 He said: "The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, if you are aware."
26:25 He said to those around him: "Do you hear that?"
26:26 He said: "Your Lord and the Lord of your fathers of old!"
26:27 He said: "This messenger of yours who has been sent to you is crazy!"
26:28 He said: "The Lord of the east and the west, and what is between them, if you comprehend."
26:29 He said: "If you take a god other than me, then I will put you among the prisoners."
26:30 He said: "What if I brought you proof?"
26:31 He said: "Then bring it forth if you are of the truthful ones."
26:32 So he cast his staff, then it manifested into a serpent.
26:33 Andhe drew out his hand, then it became white to the onlookers.
26:34 He said to the commanders around him: "This is a knowledgeable magician!"
26:35 "Hewants to bring you out of your land with his magic. So what will you decide?"
26:36 They said: "Delay him and his brother, and send gatherers to the cities."
26:37 "They will come to you with every knowledgeable magician."
26:38 So the magicians were gathered to an appointed day.
26:39 Andit was said to the people: "Will you also gather?"
26:40 "Perhaps we can follow the magicians if they are the winners."
26:41 So when the magicians came, they said to Pharaoh: "We should be rewarded if we are the winners."
26:42 He said: "Yes, and you shall also be near to me."
26:43 Moses said to them: "Cast down what it is you will cast."
26:44 So they cast down their ropes and staffs and they said: "By the might of Pharaoh, we will be the winners."
26:45 So Moses cast down his staff, then it was eating-up all that they showed!
26:46 So the magicians went down prostrating.
26:47 They said: "We believe in the Lord of the worlds!"
26:48 "The Lord of Moses and Aaron."
26:49 He said: "Have you believed unto him before I permitted you? He is surely your great one who has taught you magic. So you shall come to know, I will cut off your hands and feet from alternate sides, and I will crucify you all."
26:50 They said: "There is no worry, for we are all returning to our Lord."
26:51 "Wehope that our Lord will forgive us our wrongdoings, as we are the first to believe."
26:52 AndWe inspired Moses: "Take away My servants, for you will be followed."
26:53 So Pharaoh sent gatherers to the cities.
26:54 "These are but a small band."
26:55 "And they have done what has enraged us."
26:56 "And we are all gathered and forewarned."
26:57 So,We evicted them out of gardens and springs.
26:58 Andtreasures and an honorable station.
26:59 As such, We gave it to the Children of Israel.
26:60 So they were pursued at sunrise.
26:61 Butwhen the two groups saw each other, the companions of Moses said: "We are caught!"
26:62 He said: "No, my Lord is with me and He will guide me."
26:63 So We inspired to Moses: "Strike the sea with your staff." So it split into two, each side like a great mountain.
26:64 AndWe then brought them to the other side.
26:65 AndWe saved Moses and all those with him.
26:66 Then We drowned the others.
26:67 In that is a sign, but most of them are not believers.
26:68 Andyour Lord is the Noble, the Merciful.
26:69 Andrecite to them the news of Abraham.
26:70 When he said to his father and his people: "What do you worship?"
26:71 They said: "We worship statues; thus we stay devoted to them."
26:72 He said: "Do they hear you when you call to them?"
26:73 "Ordo they benefit you or harm you?"
26:74 They said: "No, but we found our fathers doing the same."
26:75 He said: "Do you see that which you have been worshipping."
26:76 "You and your fathers of old."
26:77 "They are enemies to me, except for the Lord of the worlds."
26:78 "The One who has created me, He will guide me."
26:79 "And He is the One who feeds me and gives me to drink."
26:80 "And if I am sick, He is the One who cures me."
26:81 "And the One who will make me die and then bring me to life."
26:82 "And the One whom I hope will forgive my mistakes on the Day of Recompense."
26:83 "MyLord, grant me authority and join me with the good doers."
26:84 "And give me a tongue that is true for those who will follow."
26:85 "And make me of the inheritors of gardens of bliss."
26:86 "And forgive my father, for he was of those misguided."
26:87 "And do not disgrace me on the Day when they are resurrected."
26:88 "The Day when no money or sons can help."
26:89 "Except for he who comes to God with a pure heart."
26:90 Andthe Paradise was made near for the righteous.
26:91 AndHell was displayed for the wrongdoers.
26:92 Andit was said to them: "Where is what you used to worship?"
26:93 "Without God; can they help you or help themselves?"
26:94 So they were thrown in it on their faces, them and the wrongdoers.
26:95 And all the soldiers of Satan.
26:96 They said, while they were disputing therein:
26:97 "ByGod, we were clearly misguided."
26:98 "For we equated you with the Lord of the worlds!"
26:99 "And none misled us except the criminals."
26:100 "So we have none to intercede for us."
26:101 "Nora close friend."
26:102 "If only we could have another chance, we would be among the believers."
26:103 In that is a sign, but most of them are not believers.
26:104 And your Lord is the Noble, the Merciful.
26:105 The people of Noah disbelieved the messengers.
26:106 Whentheir brother Noah said to them: "Will you not be righteous?"
26:107 "I am to you a trustworthy messenger."
26:108 "So be aware of God and obey me."
26:109 "AndI do not ask you for any wage, for my reward is upon the Lord of the worlds."
26:110 "So be aware of God and obey me."
26:111 Theysaid: "Shall we believe to you when the lowest type of people have followed you?"
26:112 He said: "And what knowledge do I have of what they used to do?"
26:113 "Their judgment is on my Lord, if you could know."
26:114 "AndI will not drive away the believers."
26:115 "I am but a clear warner."
26:116 They said: "If you do not cease, O Noah, you will be of those who are stoned."
26:117 He said: "My Lord, my people have denied me!"
26:118 "So open between me and them a rift, and save me and those who are with me of the believers."
26:119 So We saved him and those who were with him in the charged ship.
26:120 Thenafter that We drowned the rest.
26:121 In that is a sign, but most of them are not believers.
26:122 And your Lord is the Noble, the Merciful.
26:123 'Aad denied the messengers.
26:124 For their brother Hud said to them: "Will you not be righteous?"
26:125 "I am to you a clear messenger."
26:126 "So be aware of God and obey me."
26:127 "AndI do not ask you for any wage, for my reward is upon the Lord of the worlds."
26:128 "Do you build on every high place a symbol, for the sake of vanity!"
26:129 "Andyou take for yourselves strongholds, perhaps you will live forever?"
26:130 "Andif you attack, you strike ruthlessly?"
26:131 "So be aware of God and obey me."
26:132 "Andbe aware of the One who provided you with what you know."
26:133 "He provided you with livestock and sons."
26:134 "Andgardens and springs."
26:135 "I fear for you the retribution of a great day"
26:136 Theysaid: "It is the same whether you preach or do not preach."
26:137 "This is nothing except an invention by the people of old."
26:138 "Andwe are not going to be punished."
26:139 So they denied him, and We destroyed them. In that is a sign, but most are not believers.
26:140 And your Lord is the Noble, the Merciful.
26:141 Thamud denied the messengers.
26:142 For their brother Saleh said to them: "Will you not be righteous?"
26:143 "I am to you a clear messenger."
26:144 "So be aware of God and obey me."
26:145 "AndI do not ask you for any wage, for my reward is upon the Lord of the worlds."
26:146 "Will you be left secure in that which you have here?"
26:147 "In gardens and springs."
26:148 "Andgreen crops and palm trees laden with fruit."
26:149 "Andyou carve homes out of the mountains with great skill?"
26:150 "So be aware of God and obey me."
26:151 "Anddo not obey the command of the carefree."
26:152 "Theones who corrupt in the land and are not reformers."
26:153 They said: "You are but one of those bewitched!"
26:154 "Youare but a human being like us. So bring a sign if you are of the truthful ones."
26:155 He said: "This is a female camel, for her is a share of water, and for you is a share of water, each on an appointed day."
26:156 "Anddo not afflict her with harm, else the retribution of a great day will seize you."
26:157 But they slaughtered her, and they became regretful.
26:158 So the retribution took them. In that is a sign, but most of them are not believers.
26:159 And your Lord is the Noble, the Merciful.
26:160 The people of Lot denied the messengers.
26:161 For their brother Lot said to them: "Will you not be righteous?"
26:162 "I am to you a trustworthy messenger."
26:163 "So be aware of God and obey me."
26:164 "AndI do not ask you for any wage, for my reward is upon the Lord of the worlds."
26:165 "Do you approach the males of the worlds?"
26:166 "And you leave what your Lord has created for you of mates? You are an intrusive people!"
26:167 Theysaid: "If you do not cease O Lot, you will be among those driven out."
26:168 He said: "I am in severe opposition to your acts!"
26:169 "My Lord, save me and my family from what they do."
26:170 So We saved him and his entire family.
26:171 Except for an old woman who remained.
26:172 ThenWe destroyed the others.
26:173 And We rained upon them a rain. Miserable was the rain to those who had been warned.
26:174 In that is a sign, but most of them are not believers.
26:175 And that your Lord is the Noble, the Merciful.
26:176 The people of the Sycamore disbelieved the messengers.
26:177 For Shu'ayb said to them: "Will you not be righteous?"
26:178 "I am to you a trustworthy messenger."
26:179 "So be aware of God and obey me."
26:180 "AndI do not ask you for any wage, for my reward is upon the Lord of the worlds."
26:181 "Give full measure and do not be of those who cause losses."
26:182 "Andweigh with the balance that is straight."
26:183 "Anddo not defraud the people of their belongings, and do not venture into the land corrupting."
26:184 "Andbe aware of the One who has created you and the generations of old."
26:185 Theysaid: "You are but one of those bewitched."
26:186 "Andyou are nothing but a human being like us, and we think you are one of those who lie."
26:187 "So let pieces from the heaven fall upon us if you are of those who are truthful!"
26:188 He said: "My Lord is most aware of what you do."
26:189 But they denied him, so the retribution of the day of shadow took them. It was the retribution of a terrible day.
26:190 In that is a sign, but most of them are not believers.
26:191 And your Lord is the Noble, the Merciful.
26:192 And this is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.
26:193 It was sent down with the trusted Spirit.
26:194 Uponyour heart, so that you would be of the warners.
26:195 In a clear Arabic tongue.
26:196 And it is in the scriptures of old.
26:197 Was it not a sign for them that the scholars of the Children of Israel knew it?
26:198 And had We sent it down upon some of the foreigners,
26:199 And he read it to them, they would not have believed in it.
26:200 As such, We diverted it from the hearts of the criminals.
26:201 Theydo not believe in it until they see the painful retribution.
26:202 So it will come to them suddenly, while they do not perceive it.
26:203 Thenthey would say: "Can we be given more time?"
26:204 Was it not their wish that Our punishment be hastened?
26:205 Do you see that if We gave them luxury for years.
26:206 Thenwhat they were promised came to them.
26:207 All the luxury they were given will not avail them.
26:208 And We have not destroyed any town except after having warners.
26:209 By way of a reminder, and We were never unjust.
26:210 And it is not the devils who have brought this down.
26:211 Nor would they, nor could they.
26:212 Theyare blocked from overhearing.
26:213 So do not call upon any other god with God, else you will be with those punished.
26:214 And warn your closest kin.
26:215 And lower your wing for any who follow you of the believers.
26:216 But,if they disobey you, say: "I am innocent from what you do."
26:217 And put your trust in the Noble, the Merciful.
26:218 The One who sees you when you stand.
26:219 And your movements among those who prostrate.
26:220 He is the Hearer, the Knowledgeable.
26:221 Shall I inform you on whom the devils come down?
26:222 Theycome down on every sinful liar.
26:223 Theyclaim to listen, but most of them are liars.
26:224 And the poets, are followed by the strayers.
26:225 Do you not see that they traverse in every valley.
26:226 And that what they say, is not what they do!
26:227 Except for those who believe, and do good works, and remember God greatly, and were victorious after they were wronged. As for those who did wrong, they will know which fate they will meet.


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