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26:1  T.S.M
26:2  These are the signs of the perspicuous book
26:3  Peradventure thou afflictest thy self unto death, lest the Meccans become not true believers
26:4  If We pleased, We could send down unto them a convincing sign from heaven, unto which their necks would humbly submit
26:5  But where cometh unto them no admonition from the Merciful, being newly revealed as occasions require, but they turn aside from the same
26:6  and they have charged it with falsehood: But a message shall come unto them, which they shall not laugh to scorn
26:7  Do they not behold the earth, how many vegetables We cause to spring up therein, of every noble species
26:8  Verily herein is a sign: But the greater part of them do not believe
26:9  Verily thy Lord is the mighty, the merciful God
26:10  Remember when thy Lord called Moses, saying, go to the unjust people
26:11  the people of Pharaoh; will they not dread Me
26:12  Moses answered, O Lord, verily I fear lest they accuse me of falsehood
26:13  and lest my breast become straitened, and my tongue be not ready in speaking: Send therefore unto Aaron, to be my assistant
26:14  Also they have a crime to object against me; and I fear they will put me to death
26:15  God said, they shall by no means put thee to death: Wherefore go ye with our signs; for We will be with you, and will hear what passes between you and them
26:16  Go ye therefore unto Pharaoh, and say, verily we are the apostle of the Lord of all creatures
26:17  Send away with us the children of Israel
26:18  And when they had delivered their message, Pharaoh answered, have we not brought thee up among us, when a child; and hast thou not dwelt among us for several years of thy life
26:19  Yet hast thou done thy deed which thou hast done: And thou art an ungrateful person
26:20  Moses replied, I did it indeed, and I was one of those who erred
26:21  wherefore I fled from you, because I feared you: But my Lord hath bestowed on me wisdom, and hath appointed me one of his apostles
26:22  And this is the favour which thou hast bestowed on me, that thou hast enslaved the children of Israel
26:23  Pharaoh said, and who is the Lord of all creatures
26:24  Moses answered, the Lord of heaven and earth, and of whatever is between them: If ye are men of sagacity
26:25  Pharaoh said unto those who were about him, do ye not hear
26:26  Moses said, your Lord, and the Lord of your forefathers
26:27  Pharaoh said unto those who were present, your apostle, who is sent unto you, is certainly distracted
26:28  Moses said, the Lord of the east, and of the west, and of whatever is between them; if ye are men of understanding
26:29  Pharaoh said unto him, verily if thou take any god besides me, I will make thee one of those who are imprisoned
26:30  Moses answered, what, although I come unto you with a convincing miracle
26:31  Pharaoh replied, produce it therefore, if thou speakest truth
26:32  And he cast down his rod, and behold, it became a visible serpent
26:33  And he drew forth his hand out of his bosom; and behold, it appeared, white unto the spectators
26:34  Pharahoh said unto the princes who were about him, verily this man is a skilful magician
26:35  He seeketh to dispossess you of your land by his sorcery; what therefore do ye direct
26:36  They answered, delay him, and his brother by good words for a time; and send through the cities men to assembl
26:37  and bring unto thee every skilful magician
26:38  So the magicians were assembled at an appointed time, on a solemn day
26:39  And it was said unto the people, are ye assembled together
26:40  Perhaps we may follow the magicians, if they do get the victory
26:41  And when the magicians were come, they said unto Pharaoh, shall we certainly receive a reward, if we do get the victory
26:42  He answered, yea; and ye shall surely be of those who approach my person
26:43  Moses said unto them, cast down what ye are about to cast down
26:44  Wherefore they cast down their ropes and their rods, and said, by the might of Pharaoh, verily we shall be the conquerors
26:45  And Moses cast down his rod, and behold, it swallowed up that which they had caused falsely to appear changed into serpents
26:46  Whereupon the magicians prostrated themselves, worshipping
26:47  and said, we believe in the Lord of all creatures
26:48  the Lord of Moses and of Aaron
26:49  Pharaoh said unto them, have ye believed on him, before I have given you permission? Verily he is your chief, who hath taught you magic: But hereafter ye shall surely know my power. I will cut off your hands and your feet, on the opposite sides, and I will crucify you all
26:50  They answered, it will be no harm unto us; for we shall return unto our Lord
26:51  We hope that our Lord will forgive us our sins, since we are the first who have believed
26:52  And we spake by revelation unto Moses, saying, march forth with my servants by night; for ye will be pursued
26:53  And Pharaoh sent officers through the cities to assemble forces, saying
26:54  verily these are a small company
26:55  and they are enraged against us
26:56  But we are a multitude well provided
26:57  So we caused them to quit their gardens, and fountains
26:58  and treasures, and fair dwellings
26:59  Thus did We do; and We made the children of Israel to inherit the same
26:60  And they pursued them at sun-rise
26:61  And when the two armies were come in sight of each other, the companions of Moses said, we shall surely be overtaken
26:62  Moses answered, by no means: For my Lord is with me, Who will surely direct me
26:63  And We commanded Moses by revelation, saying, smite the sea with thy rod. And when he had smitten it, it became divided into twelve parts, between which were as many paths, and every part was like a vast mountain
26:64  And We drew thither the others
26:65  and We delivered Moses and all those who were with him
26:66  Then We drowned the others
26:67  Verily herein was a sign; but the greater part of them did not believe
26:68  Verily thy Lord is the mighty, and the merciful
26:69  And rehearse unto them the story of Abraham
26:70  When he said unto his father, and his people, what do ye worship
26:71  They answered, we worship idols; and we constantly serve them all the day long
26:72  Abraham said, do they hear you, when ye invoke them
26:73  Or do they either profit you, or hurt you
26:74  They answered, but we found our fathers do the same
26:75  He said, what think ye? The gods which ye worship
26:76  and your forefathers worshipped
26:77  are my enemy: Except only the Lord of all creatures
26:78  who hath created me, and directeth me
26:79  and who giveth me to eat, and to drink
26:80  and when I am sick, healeth me
26:81  and Who will cause me to die, and will afterwards restore me to life
26:82  and Who, I hope, will forgive my sins on the day of judgment
26:83  O Lord, grant me wisdom; and join me with the righteous
26:84  And grant that I may be spoken of with honour among the latest posterity
26:85  and make me an heir of the garden of delight
26:86  And forgive my father, for that he hath been one of those who go astray
26:87  And cover me not with shame on the day of resurrection
26:88  on the day in which neither riches nor children shall avail
26:89  unless unto him who shall come unto God with a sincere heart
26:90  When paradise shall be brought near to the view of the pious
26:91  and hell shall appear plainly to those who shall have erred
26:92  and it shall be said unto them, where are your deities which ye serve
26:93  besides God? Will they deliver you from punishment, or will they deliver themselves
26:94  And they shall be cast into the same, both they, and those who have been seduced to their worship
26:95  and all the host of Eblis
26:96  The seduced shall dispute therein with their false gods, saying
26:97  by God, we were in a manifest error
26:98  when we equalled you with the Lord of all creatures
26:99  And none seduced us but the wicked
26:100  We have now no intercessors
26:101  nor any friend who careth for us
26:102  If we were allowed to return once more into the world, we would certainly become true believers
26:103  Verily herein was a sign: But the greater part of them believed not
26:104  Thy Lord is the mighty, the merciful
26:105  The people of Noah accused God's messengers of imposture
26:106  When their brother Noah said unto them, will ye not fear God
26:107  Verily I am a faithful messenger unto you
26:108  wherefore fear God, and obey me
26:109  I ask no reward of you for my preaching unto you; I expect my reward from no other than the Lord of all creatures
26:110  Wherefore fear God, and obey me
26:111  They answered, shall we believe on thee, when only the most abject persons have followed thee
26:112  Noah said, I have no knowledge of that which they did
26:113  it appertaineth unto my Lord alone to bring them to account, if ye understand
26:114  wherefore I will not drive away the believers
26:115  I am no more than a public preacher
26:116  They replied, assuredly, unless thou desist, O Noah, thou shalt be stoned
26:117  He said, O Lord, verily my people take me for a liar
26:118  Wherefore judge publicly between me and them; and deliver me and the true believers who are with me
26:119  Wherefore We delivered him, and those who were with him, in the ark filled with men and animals
26:120  and afterwards We drowned the rest
26:121  Verily herein was a sign: But the greater part of them believed not
26:122  Thy Lord is the mighty, the merciful
26:123  The tribe of Ad charged God's messengers with falsehood
26:124  When their brother Hud said unto them, will ye not fear God
26:125  Verily I am a faithful messenger unto you
26:126  wherefore fear God, and obey me
26:127  I demand not of you any reward for my preaching unto you: I expect my reward from no other than the Lord of all creatures
26:128  Do ye build a land-mark on every high place, to divert yourselves
26:129  And do ye erect maginificent works, hoping that ye may continue in their possession for ever
26:130  And when ye exercise your power, do ye exercise it with cruelty and rigour
26:131  Fear God, by leaving these things; and obey Me
26:132  And fear Him who hath bestowed on you that which ye know
26:133  He hath bestowed on you cattle, and children
26:134  and gardens, and springs of water
26:135  Verily I fear for you the punishment of a grievous day
26:136  They answered, it is equal unto us whether thou admonish us, or dost not admonish us
26:137  This which thou preachest is only a device of the ancients
26:138  neither shall we be punished for what we have done
26:139  And they accused him of imposture: Wherefore We destroyed them. Verily herein was a sign: But the greater part of them believed not
26:140  Thy Lord is the mighty, the merciful
26:141  The tribe of Thamud also charged the messengers of God with falsehood
26:142  When their brother Saleh said unto them, will ye not fear God
26:143  Verily I am a faithful messenger unto you
26:144  Wherefore fear God, and obey me
26:145  I demand no reward of you for my preaching unto you; I expect my reward from no other than the Lord of all creatures
26:146  Shall ye be left for ever secure in the possession of the things which are here
26:147  among gardens, and fountains
26:148  and corn, and palm-trees, whose branches sheathe their flowers
26:149  And will ye continue to cut habitations for your selves out of the mountains, behaving with insolence
26:150  Fear God, and obey me
26:151  and obey not the command of the transgressors
26:152  who act corruptly in the earth, and reform not the same
26:153  They answered, verily thou art distracted
26:154  Thou art no other than a man like unto us: Produce now some sign, if thou speakest truth
26:155  Saleh said, this she-camel shall be a sign unto you: She shall have her portion of water, and ye shall have your portion of water alternately, on a several day appointed for you
26:156  and do her no hurt, lest the punishment of a terrible day be inflicted on you
26:157  But they slew her; and were made to repent of their impiety
26:158  For the punishment which had been threatened overtook them. Verily herein was a sign; but the greater part of them did not believe
26:159  Thy Lord is the mighty, the merciful
26:160  The people of Lot likewise accused God's messengers of imposture
26:161  When their brother Lot said unto them, will ye not fear God
26:162  Verily I am a faithful messenger unto you
26:163  Wherefore fear God, and obey me
26:164  I demand no reward of you for my preaching: I expect my reward from no other than the Lord of all creatures
26:165  Do ye approach unto the males among mankind
26:166  and leave your wives which your Lord hath created for you? Surely ye are people who transgress
26:167  They answered, unless thou desist, O Lot, thou shalt certainly be expelled our city
26:168  He said, verily I am one of those who abhor your doings
26:169  O Lord, deliver me, and my family, from that which they act
26:170  Wherefore We delivered him, and all his family
26:171  except an old woman, his wife, who perished among those who remained behind
26:172  Then We destroyed the rest
26:173  and We rained on them a shower of stones; and terrible was the shower which fell on those who had been warned in vain
26:174  Verily herein was a sign; but the greater part of them did not believe
26:175  Thy Lord is the mighty, the merciful
26:176  The inhabitants of the wood also accused God's messengers of imposture
26:177  When Shoaib said unto them, will ye not fear God
26:178  Verily I am a faithful messenger unto you
26:179  Wherefore fear God, and obey me
26:180  I ask no reward of you for my preaching: I expect my reward from no other than the Lord of all creatures
26:181  Give just measure, and be not defrauders
26:182  and weigh with an equal balance
26:183  and diminish not unto men ought of their matters; neither commit violence in the earth, acting corruptly
26:184  And fear him who hath created you, and also the former generations
26:185  They answered, certainly thou art distracted
26:186  Thou art no more than a man, like unto us; and we do surely esteem thee to be a liar
26:187  Cause now a part of the heaven to fall upon us, if thou speakest truth
26:188  Shoaib said, my Lord best knoweth that which ye do
26:189  And they charged him with falsehood: Wherefore the punishment of the day of the shadowing cloud overtook them; and this was the punishment of a grievous day
26:190  Verily herein was a sign; but the greater part of them did not believe
26:191  Thy Lord is the mighty, the merciful
26:192  This book is certainly a revelation from the Lord of all creatures
26:193  which the faithful spirit hath caused to descen
26:194  upon thy heart, that thou mightest be a preacher to thy prople
26:195  in the perspicuous Arabic tongue
26:196  And it is born witness to in the scriptures of former ages
26:197  Was it not a sign unto them, that the wise men among the children of Israel knew it
26:198  Had We revealed it unto any of the foreigners
26:199  and he had read the same unto them, yet they would not have believed therein
26:200  Thus have We caused obstinate infidelity to enter the hearts of the wicked
26:201  They shall not believe therein, until they see a painful punishment
26:202  It shall come suddenly upon them, and they shall not foresee it
26:203  And they shall say, shall we be respited
26:204  Do they therefore desire our punishment to be hastened
26:205  What thinkest thou? If We suffer them to enjoy the advantage of this life for several years
26:206  and afterwards that with which they are threatened come upon them
26:207  what will that which they have enjoyed profit them
26:208  We have destroyed no city, but preachers were first sent unto it
26:209  to admonish the inhabitants thereof; neither did We treat them unjustly
26:210  The devils did not descend with the Koran, as the infidels give out
26:211  It is not for their purpose, neither are they able to produce such a book
26:212  for they are far removed from hearing the discourse of the angels in heaven
26:213  Invoke no other god with the true God, lest thou become one of those who are doomed to punishment
26:214  And admonish thy more near relations
26:215  And behave thy self with meekness towards the true believers who follow thee
26:216  And if they be disobedient unto thee, say, verily I am clear of that which ye do
26:217  And trust in the most mighty, the merciful God
26:218  who seeth thee when thou risest up
26:219  and thy behaviour among those who worship
26:220  for He both heareth and knoweth
26:221  Shall I declare unto you upon whom the devils descend
26:222  They descend upon every lying and wiched person
26:223  They learn what is heard; but the greater part of them are liars
26:224  And those who err follow the steps of the poets
26:225  Dost thou not see that they rove as bereft of their senses through every valley
26:226  and that they say that which they do not
26:227  Except those who believe, and do good works, and remember God frequently; and who defend themselves, after they have been unjustly treated. And they who act unjustly shall know hereafter, with what treatment they shall be treated