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6:1  Allah is praised, who created the heavens and the earth and made darkness and light, then those who reject (the truth) turn away.
6:2  He is who created you from clay then set a term, which is a fixed term with Him, then you express doubt.
6:3  And He is Allah in the heavens and on earth; He knows your secrets and your pronouncements and He knows what you achieve.
6:4  And whenever one of the signs of their Lord comes to them, they tend to turn away from it.
6:5  And they previously denied the truth when it came to them, and soon information of what they made fun of will reach them.
6:6  Do they not consider how many generations We have destroyed before them whom We had established on earth more than We established you, and We sent abundant rain from the sky for them and made rivers flow between them, then We destroyed them for their sins and brought about after them another generation.
6:7  And had We sent down to you a book on paper so they could touch it with their hands, those who reject (the truth) amongst them would have said: this is only plain magic.
6:8  And they said: why was not an angel sent down to him? And had We sent an angel, the matter would have been decided against them and they would not be given time.
6:9  And had We made him an angel, we would have made him into a man and would made them wear what they wear.
6:10  And messengers before you were made fun of, and those who laughed at them were overcome by what they made fun of.
6:11  Say: travel on the earth, then see what the outcome was like for the deniers.
6:12  Say: To whom belongs what is in the heavens and on earth? Say: To Allah. He has prescribed for Himself mercy. He will gather you on the day of resurrection without doubt - those who have lost themselves do not believe.
6:13  And to Him belongs what exists in the night and in the day and He listens and knows.
6:14  Say: Should I take other than Allah as protecting friend, the Originator of the heavens and the earth, and He feeds and is not in need of feeding. Say: I have been commanded to be the first to submit and not to be amongst the idolaters.
6:15  Say: I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, the punishment of a tremendous day.
6:16  Whoever is let off on this day, He has been merciful to him, and that is the clear success.
6:17  And if Allah afflicts you with harm, there is nobody to take it away but Him, and if He afflicts you with good, then He is able to do anything.
6:18  And He has power over His servants and He is wise and informed.
6:19  Say: What is greatest in evidence? Say: Allah is a witness between me and you, and this Qur´an has been revealed to me to warn you and whom it reaches. Are you going to witness that there are other gods alongside Allah? Say: I will not witness (this). Say: He is a single god and I am innocent of what you associate (with Him).
6:20  Those whom We gave the book know it like they know their own children - those who have lost themselves do not believe.
6:21  And who is more sinful than he who invents a lie against Allah or denies His signs: the wrongdoers will not succeed.
6:22  And on the day We gather them altogether, then say to the idolaters: Where are the associates whom you claimed?
6:23  Then they will try to say: By Allah our Lord, we were not idolaters.
6:24  See how they lie against themselves, and what they used to invent deserted them.
6:25  And amongst them is he who listens to you, and We have placed a cover over their hearts, so they do not understand it, and a weight upon their ears, and if they see every sign, they will not believe it until when they come to you arguing, the rejecters say these are only stories of old.
6:26  And they boycott him and keep away from him, and they only destroy themselves without realising it.
6:27  And if you could see when they are placed in the fire and they say: If only we could return without denying the signs of our Lord and could be of the believers.
6:28  But what they concealed previously will become apparent to them, and if they were to return, they would go back to what they were prohibited from and they are certainly liars.
6:29  And they say, there is only this worldly life of ours and we will not be resurrected.
6:30  And if you could see when they are placed before their Lord, He will say: is this not true? They will say: Sure, by our Lord. So taste the punishment because you used to reject (the truth).
6:31  Those are already lost who deny the meeting with Allah until when the hour comes upon them suddenly, they say: how unfortunate where we have ended up, and they carry their burden on their backs. Bad is what they carry.
6:32  And the life of this world is only play and pastime, and the abode of the hereafter is better for those who beware (of Allah) - don´t you think?
6:33  We know that what they say saddens you, yet they do not deny you, but the wrongdoers dispute the signs of Allah.
6:34  Messengers before you were already denied, and they endured denial and harm until Our help reached them, and the words of Allah will not be changed, and information of the messengers has already reached you.
6:35  And if their opposition weighs heavy on you, then if you can, find a passage into the earth or a stairway into the sky to bring them a sign, and if Allah willed, He would have united them on the guidance, so be not of the ignorant.
6:36  Only those who listen respond, and the dead, Allah will resurrect them, then they return to Him.
6:37  And they say, why is not a sign from his Lord sent down to him? Say: Allah is able to send a sign, but most of them don´t know.
6:38  And there is not a creature on earth nor a bird flying on its wings except that they are communities just like you. We have not left anything out in the book. Then they are gathered to their Lord.
6:39  And those who deny Our signs are deaf and blind in darkness. Whom Allah wills, He lets go astray, and whom He pleases He leads on to a straight path.
6:40  Say: Have you considered if the punishment of Allah reaches you or the Hour comes upon you, do you call on other than Allah if you are truthful?
6:41  But you call on Him, then He removes what you called for if He wills, and you forget what you associated (with Him).
6:42  And We sent (messengers) to communities before you, then took them with adversity and hardship so that they would humble themselves.
6:43  So why do they not humble themselves when Our adversity reaches them, but their hearts hardened and the devil made appealing to them what they did.
6:44  And when they forgot what they were reminded with, We opened for them the doors of everything until when they rejoiced in what they had been given, We took them suddenly and then they were left with nothing.
6:45  Then the wrongdoing people were uprooted, and Allah is praised, the Lord of all worlds.
6:46  Say: Have you considered if Allah took away your hearing and your sight and sealed your hearts, what god other than Allah would give them to you? See how We spell out the signs and then they turn away.
6:47  Say: Have you considered if Allah´s punishment reached you suddenly or expectedly, would any but the wrongdoing people be destroyed?
6:48  And We only send the messengers to bring good tidings and warnings, so whoever believes and does good, they shall not fear nor worry.
6:49  And those who deny Our signs, the punishment will afflict them on account of their excesses.
6:50  Say: I am not telling you that I have the treasures of Allah, nor that I know the unseen, nor am I telling you that I am an angel, I only follow what has been revealed to me. Say: Are the blind and the seeing alike? Don´t you reflect?
6:51  And warn with it those who fear that they will be gathered to their Lord, they have no protecting friend nor advocate besides Him, so that they will beware.
6:52  And do not dismiss those who call their Lord in the mornings and evenings seeking His presence. Their reckoning is not your concern and your reckoning is not their concern, so if you were to dismiss them you would be of the wrongdoers.
6:53  And this is how We test some of them by others so that they say: Are these the ones Allah has bestowed His favours on from amongst us. Does not Allah know best who is grateful?
6:54  And when those who believe in Our signs come to you, say: peace be with you, your Lord has prescribed mercy for Himself so that if any of you does evil ignorantly, then repents afterwards and does good, He is forgiving, merciful.
6:55  And like this We explain the signs and in order for you to clearly see the path of the offenders.
6:56  Say: I have been forbidden to serve those you call besides Allah. Say: I do not follow your desires, otherwise I would have gone astray and would not be guided.
6:57  Say: I follow a clear sign from my Lord and you deny it. I do not have that which you want expedited. The judgement is with Allah alone, He tells the truth and He provides the best explanation.
6:58  Say: If I had that which you want expedited, the matter would have been decided between me and you, and Allah knows the wrongdoers best.
6:59  With Him are the keys of the unseen which nobody but Him knows, and He knows what is on land and on sea, and no leaf falls except with His knowledge, and there is no seed in the darkness of the earth nor anything wet or dry except that it is in a clear book.
6:60  And He is who takes you away at night and knows what you do during the day, then He brings you back to complete a fixed term, then your return is to Him, then He makes clear to you what you used to do.
6:61  And He has power over His servants and sends a guardian over you until when death comes to any of you, Our messengers take him away, and they do not miss.
6:62  Then they are returned to Allah their true master, His is the judgement and He is the fastest in taking account.
6:63  Say: Who rescues you from the darkness of the land and sea when you call Him in hardship and fear that if You rescue us from this we will be of the grateful?
6:64  Say: Allah rescues you from it and from every distress, then you associate (others with Him).
6:65  Say: He is able to send upon you a punishment from above or from below you or turn you into factions and make some of you taste the harm of others. See how We spell out the signs so that they understand.
6:66  And your people denied it whilst it is the truth. Say: I am have not been put in charge of you.
6:67  For every information there is an outcome and you will soon know.
6:68  And when you see those who converse disputing Our signs, then turn away from them until they engage in a different conversation, and if the devil makes you forget, then do not sit with the wrongdoing people after having remembered.
6:69  And those who beware (of Allah) are in no way responsible for their reckoning but for reminding them so that they beware.
6:70  And leave those who take their religion as play and pastime whilst the life of this world has deluded them, and remind (them) of the fact that a soul will be destroyed by what it has earned, it will not have any protecting friend or advocate besides Allah, and if it offered any kind of compensation it would not be accepted from it; those are the ones who are destroyed by what they earned, they will have a drink of boiling water and a painful punishment on account of having rejected (the truth).
6:71  Say: Should we call besides Allah that which does not benefit us nor harm us and should we reverse our course after Allah has guided us, like the one whom the devils have tempted into confusion? He has companions calling him to the guidance: come with us! Say: The guidance of Allah, that is the guidance, and we were commanded to submit to the Lord of all worlds.
6:72  And (saying): keep up prayer and beware, and He is the One to whom you will be gathered.
6:73  And He is the One who created the heavens and the earth in truth, and on the day He says "Be", it is. His word is the truth and His is the kingdom on the day the horn is blown, He knows the unseen and the apparent and He is wise and informed.
6:74  And when Ibrahim (Abraham) said to his father Azar: Do you take idols as gods, I sure see you and your people in clear error.
6:75  And thus We showed Ibrahim (Abraham) the kingdoms of the heavens and the earth so that he would have certainty.
6:76  And when the night fell upon him he saw a star. He said: This is my Lord. And when it set, he said: I do not love those who set.
6:77  And when he saw the moon rising, he said: This is my Lord. And when it set, he said: if my Lord does not guide me, I will be from the people who lose their way.
6:78  And when he saw the sun rising, he said: This is my Lord, this is the greatest. And when it set, he said: Oh people, I am free of what you associate (with Allah).
6:79  For I have turned my face to the originator of the heavens and the earth, sincerely devoted, and I am not of the idolaters.
6:80  And his people disputed with him. He said: do you dispute with me about Allah when He has already guided me? And I do not at all fear what you associate with Him unless my Lord wills, my Lord´s knowledge extends to everything, do you not then reflect?
6:81  And how should I fear what you associate when you don´t fear that you associate with Allah what He has not sent to you any authority for? Which of the two factions then has more right to safety if you knew?
6:82  Those who believe and do not cover their belief with wrongdoing, for those is safety and they are guided.
6:83  And this is the argument we gave to Ibrahim (Abraham) against his people. We raise whom We will in stages, for your Lord is wise and knows.
6:84  And We gave him Ishaq (Isaac) and Ya´qub (Jacob), each We guided, and We had guided Nuh (Noah) before, and from amongst his descendants are Dawud (David), Sulayman (Solomon), Ayyub (Job), Yusuf (Joseph), Musa (Moses) and Harun (Aaron), and this is how We reward those who do good.
6:85  And Zakariya (Zacharia), ´Isa (Jesus) and Ilyas (Elias), each were from the righteous.
6:86  And Isma´il (Ishmael), and Al-Yasa´ (Elisha), Yunus (Jonas) and Lut (Lot), each We favoured over everybody else.
6:87  And from their fathers, descendants and brothers, we selected them and guided them on to a straight path.
6:88  This is the guidance of Allah by which He guides whom He pleases from amongst His servants. And if they had been idolaters, all they did would have been lost to them.
6:89  Those are the ones whom We gave the book and sound judgement and prophethood, and if these reject it, then We have entrusted a people with it who will not reject it.
6:90  Those are the ones whom Allah guided, so follow their guidance. Say: I do not ask you for a reward for it, it is only a reminder for all the worlds.
6:91  And they do not appreciate the true ability of Allah when they say: Allah has not revealed anything to a human being. Say: Who revealed the book which Musa (Moses) brought as light and guidance for mankind, which you put on paper which you disclose whilst hiding much, and you were taught what neither you nor your fathers knew? Say: Allah. Then leave them to play in their bubble.
6:92  And this book We have revealed as a blessing and confirming that which came before it and to warn the leading township and those around it, and those who believe in the hereafter believe in it and keep up their prayers.
6:93  And who is more wrong than he who invents a lie against Allah or who says: I have received revelation when nothing has been revealed to him, and who says: I shall reveal the like of what Allah has revealed, and if you saw the wrongdoers during the hardship of death when the angels stretch out their hands: let go of your souls, today you will be rewarded with a humiliating punishment on account of what you used to say about Allah other than the truth and that you used to be arrogant about His signs.
6:94  And you will have come to Us alone just as We created you the first time and will have left behind what We had enabled you with, and We do not see with you your mediators you claimed were partners with you, you will be cut off from them and will have lost what you claimed (to have).
6:95  Allah splits the seed and the kernel, He brings out the living from the dead and is Who brings out the dead from the living, that is Allah for you, so where to are you diverted?
6:96  He splits the daybreaks and makes the night for rest and the sun and the moon for measure, this is the arrangement of the mighty and knowing.
6:97  And He is who made the stars for you to be guided by them in the darkness of the land and the sea; We have already explained the signs for people who know.
6:98  And He is who brought you into existence from a single soul, then (set) a location and destination; We have already explained the signs to people who understand.
6:99  And He is who sent down from the sky water, then We make all kinds of plants grow with it and make grow with it greenery from which We bring out stacked seeds, and from the pollen of the palm tree low hanging date clusters, and gardens of grapes and olives and pomegranates, similar and dissimilar; look at their fruit when it grows and ripens - in this are indeed signs for people who believe.
6:100  And they assign to Allah associates from the Jinn when He created them, and they falsely attribute to Him sons and daughters without knowledge, glorified and exalted is He above what they make out.
6:101  The originator of the heavens and the earth, how can He have a son and not have a spouse? And He created everything and knows everything.
6:102  This is Allah, your Lord, there is no god but Him, the creator of everything, so serve Him, and He is a protector of everything.
6:103  The eyesight cannot reach Him, but He reaches the eyesight, and He is kind and informed.
6:104  You have already received from your Lord an insight, and he who sees, does so for his own self, and he who is blind, does so against his own self, and I am not a guardian over you.
6:105  This is how We spell out the signs so that they would say: you studied (them), and so that We clarify it to people who know.
6:106  Follow that which has been revealed to you from your Lord, there is no god but Him, and turn away from the idolaters.
6:107  And if Allah willed, they would not have been idolaters, and We did not place you as a guardian over them, and you are no protector over them.
6:108  And do not insult those they call besides Allah, so they (in turn) insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. This is how for every community We make their deeds appeal (to them), then their return is to their Lord, then He will inform them what they used to do.
6:109  And they swear by Allah their utmost oaths that if a sign came to them, they would believe in it. Say: The signs are with Allah, and what do you know that if it came to them, they would not believe.
6:110  And We change their hearts and perception as they did not believe it to start with, and We let them get lost in their rebellion.
6:111  And if We sent down to them the angels and the dead spoke to them and We would gather everything before them, they would not believe unless Allah willed, but most of them are ignorant.
6:112  And like this We made for every prophet enemies from the devils amongst the Jinn and mankind who inspire each other with deceptive idle talk, and if your Lord willed, they would not do it, so leave them and what they invent.
6:113  And so that the hearts of those who do not believe in the hereafter incline to it and are content with it and commit what they were going to commit.
6:114  Do I then seek other than Allah as judge when He is the One who revealed the book to you in detail? And those who received the book know that it was revealed from your Lord in truth, so do not be of the doubters.
6:115  And the word of your Lord has been completed in truth and justice, there is no changing His words, and He listens and knows.
6:116  And if you were to obey most of those on earth they would lead you astray from the way of Allah, for they follow only assumptions and only guess.
6:117  For your Lord knows best who has strayed from His way and He knows best those who are guided.
6:118  So eat from that over which the name of Allah has been mentioned if you believe in His signs.
6:119  And what is the matter with you that you do not eat from that over which the name of Allah has been mentioned, when He has already explained to you what He has forbidden to you, except for that what you are compelled to? And many lead astray with their desires without knowledge. Your Lord knows best those who transgress.
6:120  And leave what is apparent and what is hidden of sin, for those who commit sin will be rewarded for what they invented.
6:121  And do not eat from that over which the name of Allah has not been mentioned as it is an abomination, and the devils inspire their allies to argue with you, and if you obey them, then you are idolaters.
6:122  Is he who was dead, then We brought him to life and gave him light to walk with amongst people, like him who is as in darkness from which he cannot emerge? This is how their deeds are made appealing to those who reject (the truth).
6:123  And thus we have placed in every town its greatest sinners to plot in it, and they only plot against themselves but do not realise it.
6:124  And when a sign comes to them, they say: we will not believe until we are given something similar to that which the messengers of Allah were given. Allah knows best where to place His message. Those who sin will be afflicted with humiliation with Allah and a severe punishment on account of what they plotted.
6:125  And whom Allah wills to guide, He expands his chest towards submission (Islam), and whom He wills to let go astray, He tightens his chest severely as if he were rising up into the sky; this is how Allah places disgrace on those who do not believe.
6:126  And this is the straight path of your Lord, We have already explained the signs to people who remember.
6:127  They will have a place of peace with their Lord, and He is their protector on account of what they did.
6:128  And on the day He gathers them altogether (He will say): oh congregation of Jinn, you had lots of dealings with mankind; and their allies amongst mankind will say: our Lord, we assisted each other and reached our appointed time which You defined for us; He will say: the fire is your abode where you will remain except for what Allah wills, for your Lord is wise and knows.
6:129  And in this way We make the wrongdoers turn to each other on account of what they used to commit.
6:130  Oh congregation of Jinn and Mankind, did not messengers from amongst you reach you and tell you about My signs and warn you of the meeting of this day? They will say: We are witnesses against ourselves, and the life of this world deceived them and they became witnesses against themselves that they rejected (the truth).
6:131  This is because your Lord never destroyed a township due to wrongdoing whilst its people were unaware.
6:132  And for everyone are stages on account of what they did, and your Lord is not unaware of what they do.
6:133  And your Lord is self-sufficient and owner of mercy, if He willed He would remove you and replace you afterwards with what He willed just as He brought you into existence from the descendants of other people.
6:134  For what you were promised will come and you will not escape.
6:135  Say: Oh people, do your work as you do, I do my work, then soon will you know who will reach the abode (of the hereafter), for the wrongdoers do not succeed.
6:136  And they assign for Allah a share of the harvest and the cattle He created and say: this is for Allah, in accordance with their claim, and this is for our idols, and that which was for their idols does not reach Allah, and that which was for Allah, it reaches their idols, bad is how they judge.
6:137  And likewise to many of the idolaters the killing of their children for their idols appeals to them, so that it ruins them and entangles them in their religion, and if Allah willed, they would not have done it, so leave them and what they invent.
6:138  And they say: these cattle and harvest are prohibited, nobody but whom we will shall eat from it, in accordance with their claim, and the backs of these cattle are sacred, and there are cattle over whom they do not mention the name of Allah as an invention against Him; He will punish them for what they invented.
6:139  And they say: what is in the wombs of these cattle is reserved for our males and forbidden to our wives, and if it is dead, then they share in it; He will punish them for their innovation, for He is wise and knows.
6:140  Lost are those who kill their children ignorantly without knowledge and prohibit what Allah has provided as an invention against Him, they have gone astray and are not guided.
6:141  And He is the One who brought into existence cultivated and uncultivated gardens and palm trees and plants of various taste and olives and pomegranates, similar and dissimilar; eat from its fruit when it grows and give its due on the day of harvesting, and do not waste, for He does not love those who are wasteful.
6:142  And from the cattle are those for carrying and those for wool and food. Eat from what Allah has provided for you and do not follow the footsteps of the devil, for he is an open enemy to you.
6:143  Eight in pairs, two of the sheep and two of the goats - say: are both males forbidden, or both females, or that which the wombs of both females contain? Inform me with knowledge, if you are truthful.
6:144  And two of the camels and two of the cows - say: are both males forbidden, or both females, or that which the wombs of both females contain? Or were you witnesses when Allah commanded you this? Then who is more wrong than he who invents a lie against Allah to lead people astray without knowledge, for Allah does not guide wrongdoing people.
6:145  Say: I do not find in what has been revealed to me any food forbidden to eat other than carrion or running blood or pork, for it is unclean, or an abomination consecrated for other than Allah, but if someone is forced without (wilful) transgression or habit, then your Lord is forgiving and merciful.
6:146  And to the Jews We made unlawful everything with uncleft hooves, and from the cows and small cattle we have forbidden to them their fat, except what is carried on their backs or the offal or the bone marrow. This is how We punished them for their transgression, and We are telling the truth.
6:147  Then, if they deny you, say: your Lord is full of extensive mercy, and His adversity cannot be averted from sinful people.
6:148  The idolaters say: had Allah willed, neither we nor our fathers would have been idolaters and we would not have forbidden anything. Likewise those before them denied until they tasted Our adversity. Say: Have you got any knowledge, then produce it for us. You only follow assumptions and only guess.
6:149  Say: to Allah belongs the ultimate argument, and if He willed, He would have guided you all.
6:150  Say: bring forward your witnesses who witness that Allah forbade that. Then, if they witness, do not witness with them, and do not follow the desires of those who deny Our signs and those who do not believe in the hereafter and turn away from their Lord.
6:151  Say: Come, let me tell you what your Lord has forbidden to you, not to associate anything with him, and goodness towards parents, and not to kill your children out of (fear of) poverty - We provide for them and for you -, and not to come near open or hidden indecency, and not to kill any soul which Allah has forbidden except by right, that is what He orders you for you to consider.
6:152  And not to approach the wealth of the orphan, except to improve it, until he reaches full strength, and to observe just measure and weight, no soul shall be burdened beyond its capacity, and if you speak, be just, even if it concerns a relative, and observe the agreement with Allah, that is what He orders you for you to take heed.
6:153  And that this is My straight path, so follow it, and do not follow other paths to divert you from His path, that is what He orders you for you to beware.
6:154  Then We gave Musa (Moses) the book as a complete (guide) for him who does good and explanation of everything and guidance and mercy so that they would believe in meeting their Lord.
6:155  And this book We have revealed as a blessing, so follow it and beware (of Allah) so that you may find mercy.
6:156  In case you might say: the book has been revealed to the two groups before us and we were unaware of their studies.
6:157  Or you might say: if the book had been revealed to us we would have been more guided than them. So a clear sign has come to you from your Lord and a guidance and mercy, so who is more wrong than the one who denies the signs of Allah and turns away from them? We will punish those who turn away from Our signs with the worst punishment due to having turned away.
6:158  Do they expect nothing but that the angels should come to them or your Lord should come or some of the signs of your Lord should come? The day some of the signs of your Lord will come, nobody´s belief will benefit anyone who has not believed before then or earned good within his belief. Say: wait, we are also waiting.
6:159  Those who split their religion into factions, you have nothing to do with them; their affair is with Allah, then He will inform them what they used to do.
6:160  Whoever brings a good deed, for him are ten the like of it, and whoever brings a bad deed, he is not punished except with the like of it, and they will not be wronged.
6:161  Say: my Lord has guided me to a straight path, an upright system, the religion of Ibrahim (Abraham), sincerely devoted, for he was not one of the idolaters.
6:162  Say: my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of all worlds.
6:163  He has no partner, and this is what I have been commanded, and I am the first to submit (as Muslim).
6:164  Say: Should I seek other than Allah as Lord when He is the Lord of everything, and every soul´s earnings are on its own account, and no-one burdened will carry another´s burden, then your return is to your Lord and He will inform you about what you used to differ in.
6:165  And He is the One who made you successors on the earth and raised some of you above others in stages so He would test you in what He gave you, for your Lord is swift in retribution and He is forgiving and merciful.