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56:1  When the inevitable event befalls,
56:2  no disbelief will there be about its befalling,
56:3  bringing low, raising high.
56:4  When the earth is shaken violently,
56:5  and mountains are crushed and crumbled
56:6  and become scattered dust,
56:7  and you become three classes:
56:8  the fellows of the rightness; what of the fellows of the rightness!
56:9  And the fellows of the ill-omened; what of the fellows of the ill-omened!
56:10  And the pioneers, the pioneers:
56:11  those are the ones brought near (to God)
56:12  in the Gardens of Bliss—
56:13  a throng from the ancients
56:14  and a small band from the latecomers,
56:15  on luxurious couches,
56:16  leaning on them, facing one another.
56:17  Serving them will be immortal youths
56:18  with glasses, and pitchers, and a cup from a flowing spring,
56:19  causing them neither headache nor intoxication,
56:20  and fruit of their choice,
56:21  and meat of any bird they may desire.
56:22  And (in it are) spouses with lovely wide eyes,
56:23  like well-preserved pearls,
56:24  as a repayment on account of what they used to do.
56:25  Therein they will hear no idle talk and no recrimination
56:26  except for the saying: “Peace, peace.”
56:27  And the fellows of the right—what of the fellows of the right?
56:28  Amid thornless lote-trees
56:29  and clustered banana-trees
56:30  and extended shade
56:31  and outpouring water
56:32  and abundant fruit,
56:33  neither withheld nor forbidden.
56:34  And high-class spouses;
56:35  We have created them perfectly
56:36  and made them virgins,
56:37  tender, of matching age,
56:38  for the fellows of the right—
56:39  a throng from the ancients
56:40  and a throng from the latecomers.
56:41  And the fellows of the left—what of the fellows of the left?
56:42  Amid searing wind and scalding water
56:43  and a shadow of thick smoke,
56:44  neither cool nor refreshing.
56:45  They had lived before that indulging in affluence,
56:46  and they used to insist on great violation,
56:47  and they used to say, “Can it be that when we have died and become dust and bones—can it be that we will really be resurrected?
56:48  And our ancient forefathers, too?”
56:49  Saysg, “Indeed, the ancients and the latecomers
56:50  will be gathered for the appointment of a well-known day!
56:51  Then indeed all of you, O misguided disbelievers,
56:52  will certainly be eating from the trees of Zaqqum
56:53  and filling your bellies with it
56:54  and will be drinking on top of it scalding water,
56:55  thus drinking as a thirst-mad camel drinks."
56:56  That is their hospitality on the Day of Recompense.
56:57  We have created youpl; if only you would believe!
56:58  Have youpl seen what you ejaculate?
56:59  Is it youpl who create it or are We the Creators?
56:60  We have decreed death among youpl, and We will not be outstripped
56:61  in replacing you with your likes and transforming you into what you do not know.
56:62  And youpl have certainly known the first formation; if only you would remind yourselves!
56:63  Have youpl seen what you cultivate?
56:64  Is it you who plant it or are We the Planters?
56:65  If We will, We can turn it into rubble, then youpl will lament,
56:66  “Indeed, we are in debt;
56:67  rather, we are dispossessed!”
56:68  Have youpl seen the water you drink?
56:69  Is it you who sent it down from the rainclouds or are We the Senders?
56:70  If We will, We can make it salty. Will youpl not be thankful?
56:71  Have you seen the fire you kindle?
56:72  Is it you who produced the tree for it, or are We the Producers?
56:73  We have made it a reminding and a comfort for the travelers.
56:74  So highly exalt the Name of yoursg Lord, the Great.
56:75  I swear by the locations of the stars—
56:76  and it is certainly a great oath if only youpl were to know.
56:77  It is indeed a Noble Recital
56:78  in a well-protected Scripture.
56:79  None touches it except the cleansed,
56:80  a bestowal from on high by the Lord of all realms.
56:81  Is it this discourse that youpl take so lightly?
56:82  And you render due thanks for being provided with it by disbelieving in it?
56:83  So when it has reached the throat,
56:84  and you are at that moment looking on,
56:85  and We are nearer to him than you are, but you do not see—
56:86  why, if you are not to be held to account,
56:87  do you not bring it back if you are truthful?
56:88  Yet, if he is one of those brought near (to God),
56:89  then serenity and fragrant plants and a Garden of Bliss.
56:90  And if he is one of the fellows of the right,
56:91  then, “Peace for yousg,” from the fellows of the right.
56:92  But if he is one of the misguided disbelievers,
56:93  then the welcome will be scalding water
56:94  and roasting in purgatory.
56:95  Indeed, this is surely the truth of certitude.
56:96  So highly exalt the Name of yoursg Lord, the Great.