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56:1  When the Imminent [Hour] befall
56:2  —there is no denying that it will befall—
56:3  [it will be] lowering, exalting
56:4  When the earth is shaken violently
56:5  and the mountains are shattered into bit
56:6  and become scattered dust
56:7  you will be three groups
56:8  The People of the Right Hand —and what are the People of the Right Hand
56:9  And the People of the Left Hand —and what are the People of the Left Hand
56:10  And the Foremost Ones are the foremost ones
56:11  they are the ones brought near [to Allah]
56:12  [who will reside] in the gardens of bliss
56:13  A multitude from the former [generations]
56:14  and a few from the latter ones
56:15  On brocaded couche
56:16  reclining on them, face to face
56:17  They will be waited upon by immortal youths
56:18  with goblets and ewers and a cup of a clear wine
56:19  which neither causes them headache nor stupefaction
56:20  and such fruits as they prefe
56:21  and such flesh of fowls as they desire
56:22  and big-eyed houri
56:23  like guarded pearls
56:24  a reward for what they used to do
56:25  They will not hear therein any vain talk or sinful speech
56:26  but only the watchword, ‘Peace!’ ‘Peace!&rsquo
56:27  And the People of the Right Hand —what are the People of the Right Hand
56:28  Amid thornless lote tree
56:29  and clustered spathe
56:30  and extended shade
56:31  and ever-flowing wate
56:32  and abundant fruits
56:33  neither inaccessible, nor forbidden
56:34  and noble spouses
56:35  We have created them with a special creation
56:36  and made them virgins
56:37  loving, of a like age
56:38  for the People of the Right Hand
56:39  A multitude from the former [generations]
56:40  and a multitude from the latter [ones]
56:41  And the People of the Left Hand —what are the People of the Left Hand
56:42  Amid infernal miasma and boiling wate
56:43  and the shadow of a dense black smoke
56:44  neither cool nor beneficial
56:45  Indeed they had been affluent before this
56:46  and they used to persist in the great sin
56:47  And they used to say, ‘What! When we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we be resurrected
56:48  And our forefathers too?’
56:49  Say, ‘Indeed the former and latter generation
56:50  will all be gathered for the tryst of a known day
56:51  Then indeed, you, astray deniers
56:52  will surely eat from the Zaqqum tre
56:53  and stuff your bellies with it
56:54  and drink boiling water on top of it
56:55  drinking like thirsty camels.’
56:56  Such will be the hospitality they receive on the Day of Retribution
56:57  We created you. Then why do you not acknowledge it
56:58  Have you considered the sperm that you emit
56:59  Is it you who create it, or are We the creator
56:60  We have ordained death among you, and We are not to be outmaneuvere
56:61  from replacing you with your likes and recreating you in [a realm] you do not know
56:62  Certainly you have known the first genesis, then why do you not take admonition
56:63  Have you considered what you sow
56:64  Is it you who make it grow, or are We the grower
56:65  If We wish, We surely turn it into chaff, whereat you are left stunned [saying to yourselves,]
56:66  ‘Indeed we have suffered loss
56:67  Rather we are deprived!’
56:68  Have you considered the water that you drink
56:69  Is it you who bring it down from the rain cloud, or is it We who bring [it] down
56:70  If We wish We can make it bitter. Then why do you not give thanks
56:71  Have you considered the fire that you kindle
56:72  Was it you who caused its tree to grow, or were We the grower
56:73  It was We who made it a reminder and a boon for the desert-dwellers
56:74  So celebrate the Name of your Lord, the All-supreme
56:75  So I swear by the places where the stars set
56:76  And indeed it is a great oath, should you know
56:77  This is indeed a noble Qur’an
56:78  in a guarded Book
56:79  —no one touches it except the pure ones—
56:80  gradually sent down from the Lord of all the worlds
56:81  What! Do you take lightly this discourse
56:82  And make your denial of it your vocation
56:83  So when it reaches the throat [of the dying person]
56:84  and at that moment you are looking o
56:85  —and We are nearer to him than you are, though you do not perceive—
56:86  then why do you not, if you are not subjec
56:87  [to the Divine dispensation], restore it, should you be truthful
56:88  Then, if he be of those brought near
56:89  then ease, abundance, and a garden of bliss
56:90  And if he be of the People of the Right Hand
56:91  then ‘Peace be on you,’ [a greeting] from the People of the Right Hand
56:92  But if he be of the impugners, the astray ones
56:93  then a treat of boiling wate
56:94  and entry into hell
56:95  Indeed this is certain truth
56:96  So celebrate the Name of your Lord, the All-supreme