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56:1  When the Event befalls
56:2  none shall deny its befalling
56:3  abasing, exalting
56:4  When the earth is shaken violently
56:5  and the mountains are pulverized to powder
56:6  such that they become scattered dust
56:7  and you shall be of three kinds
56:8  the companions of the right; what of the companions of the right
56:9  And the companions of the left; what of the companions of the left
56:10  And the foremost shall be the foremost
56:11  They are the ones brought nigh
56:12  in Gardens of bliss
56:13  many from those of old
56:14  and few from those of later times
56:15  upon embroidered couches
56:16  reclining upon them, facing one another
56:17  Immortal youths wait upon the
56:18  with goblets, ewers, and a cup from a flowing spring
56:19  wherefrom they suffer neither headache nor stupefaction
56:20  with fruits as they choose
56:21  and the meat of birds as they desire
56:22  and [there shall be] wide-eyed maidens
56:23  the likeness of concealed pearls
56:24  as a recompense for that which they used to do
56:25  They hear no idle talk therein, nor incitement to sin
56:26  save that “Peace! Peace!” is uttered
56:27  And the companions of the right; what of the companions of the right
56:28  Among thornless lote trees
56:29  clustered plantains
56:30  and extended shade
56:31  gushing water
56:32  and abundant fruit
56:33  neither out of reach, nor forbidden
56:34  and [upon] raised beds
56:35  Truly We brought them into being as a [new] creation
56:36  then made for them virgins
56:37  amorous peers
56:38  for the companions of the right
56:39  many from those of old
56:40  and many from those of later times
56:41  And the companions of the left; what of the companions of the left
56:42  Amidst scorching wind and boiling liquid
56:43  and the shadow of black smoke
56:44  neither cool nor refreshing
56:45  Truly before that they lived in luxury
56:46  would persist in great sin
56:47  and would say, “What! When we are dead and have become dust and bones, are we to be resurrected
56:48  What! And our fathers of old?
56:49  Say, “Truly those of old and those of later time
56:50  are gathered for the tryst of a day appointed.
56:51  Then indeed you—O you straying deniers
56:52  shall eat from a tree of Zaqqum
56:53  and fill your bellies therewith
56:54  Then you shall drink from boiling liquid
56:55  drinking as do parched camels
56:56  This shall be their welcome on the Day of Judgment
56:57  We created you. Would that you affirm it
56:58  Have you considered that which you emit
56:59  Is it you who created it or are We the creators
56:60  We have decreed death among you, and none outstrips U
56:61  in replacing [you with] your likenesses and bringing you into being again in what you know not
56:62  You have indeed known the first genesis. Why, then, do you not reflect
56:63  Have you considered what you reap
56:64  Is it you who sow it or are We the sowers
56:65  Had We willed, We would have turned it to chaff, such that you would remain bitterly jesting
56:66  [saying] “Truly we have suffered loss
56:67  Nay! We are deprived.
56:68  Have you considered the water that you drink
56:69  Is it you who sent it down from the clouds, or is it We Who send down
56:70  If We had willed, We would have made it bitter; will you not, then, give thanks
56:71  Have you considered the fire that you kindle
56:72  Is it you who brought into being the tree thereof, or is it We Who bring into being
56:73  We made it a reminder and an enjoyment for the desert dwellers
56:74  So glorify the Name of thy Lord, the Magnificent
56:75  I swear by the places where the stars descend
56:76  And truly it is a magnificent oath, if you but knew
56:77  Truly it is a Noble Qura
56:78  in a Book concealed
56:79  None touch it, save those made pure
56:80  a revelation from the Lord of the worlds
56:81  Do you then scorn this discourse
56:82  and make the denial thereof your provision
56:83  Why, then, when it reaches the throat
56:84  while you are looking o
56:85  —and We are nearer to him than you, though you see not
56:86  why, then, if you are unconstrained
56:87  do you not return it, if you are truthful
56:88  So if one be among those brought nigh
56:89  then comfort, bounty, and a Garden of bliss
56:90  And if one be among the companions of the right
56:91  then peace unto thee from the companions of the right
56:92  But if one be among the deniers who are astray
56:93  then a welcome of boiling liquid
56:94  and burning in Hellfire
56:95  Verily, this is the truth of certainty
56:96  so glorify the Name of thy Lord, the Magnificent