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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Ali Ãœnal
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Ali Ünal rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the Event to happen happens,
56:2 There is no denying its happening –
56:3 Abasing some and exalting others;
56:4 When the earth is shaken with a violent shock;
56:5 And the mountains are shattered and crumble
56:6 So they become dust scattered;
56:7 You (all conscious, responsible beings) will be sorted out into three groups
56:8 Thus: the people of the Right (the people of happiness and prosperity, who receive their Records in their right hands): how happy and prosperous are the people of the Right!
56:9 And the people of the Left (the people of wretchedness, who will receive their Records in their left hands): how wretched are the people of the Left!
56:10 And the foremost (in faith and good deeds, and serving God’s cause) will be the foremost (in receiving and enjoying God’s mercy).
56:11 Those are the ones near-stationed to God,
56:12 In Gardens abounding in bounty and blessings.
56:13 A good many of them are from among the first (to have embraced God’s Religion);
56:14 And a few from the later (generations).
56:15 (They will be seated) on lined thrones (encrusted with gold and precious stones),
56:16 Reclining upon them, facing one another.
56:17 There will go round them immortal youths,
56:18 With goblets, and ewers, and a cup from a clear-flowing spring,
56:19 From which no aching of the head ensues, nor intoxication of the mind;
56:20 And with fruits such as they choose,
56:21 And with the flesh of fowls such as they desire;
56:22 And (there will be) pure maidens, most beautiful of eye,
56:23 Like pearls kept hidden (in their shells).
56:24 A reward for all (the good) that they used to do.
56:25 They will hear there neither vain talk nor accusing speech;
56:26 (They will hear) only speech (wishing) peace and security after peace and security.
56:27 And the people of the Right (the people of happiness and prosperity who will receive their Records in their right hands): how happy and prosperous are the people of the Right!
56:28 Amidst cherry trees laden with fruit,
56:29 And banana trees with fruit piled high,
56:30 And shade long-extended,
56:31 And water gushing (and flowing constantly),
56:32 And fruits (of every other kind) abounding,
56:33 Never cut off, nor forbidden;
56:34 And (with them will be their) spouses ennobled with beauty and spiritual perfection:
56:35 We have brought them into being in a new creation;
56:36 And We have made them virgins,
56:37 Full of love for their husbands, and equal in age,
56:38 For the people of the Right (the people of happiness and prosperity):
56:39 A good many of them are from among the first (to have embraced God’s Religion);
56:40 And a good many are from the later (generations).
56:41 And the people of the Left (who will be given their Records in their left hands): how wretched are the people of the Left!
56:42 In the midst of scorching wind and hot, boiling water,
56:43 And the shadow of black smoke,
56:44 (A shadow) neither cooling nor refreshing.
56:45 Indeed, before that, they were lost in excess of pleasures (without moral scruples);
56:46 And would persist in committing the greatest sin (of unbelief or associating partners with God and denying the afterlife).
56:47 And would say: "What? After we have died and become dust and bones, will we indeed be raised from the dead?
56:48 "And also our forefathers of old?"
56:49 Say: "Those of old and those of later times
56:50 "Will all be brought together at an appointed time on a Day well-known."
56:51 Then: O you who have strayed (from the Straight Path), who deny (the afterlife),
56:52 You will surely eat of the tree of Zaqqum;
56:53 And you fill up your bellies with it.
56:54 Thereafter you will drink of hot, boiling water;
56:55 You will drink as the camel raging with thirst drinks.
56:56 This will be their welcome on the Day of Judgment.
56:57 It is We Who have created you. So will you not confirm as truth (what We convey to you as truth)?
56:58 Have you considered the semen that you emit?
56:59 Is it you who create it, or are We the Creator?
56:60 It is also We Who decree death among you – and We cannot be overcome,
56:61 So that We may replace you (with new generations like you), and bring you about in a new mode and form of existence you do not know.
56:62 For certain you know the first creation (how you are brought into the world), then should you not reflect on (and anticipate the second creation)?
56:63 Have you ever considered the seed you sow (in the ground)?
56:64 Is it you who cause it to grow, or is it We Who make it grow?
56:65 If We so willed, We would surely make it into chaff, and then you would not cease to exclaim:
56:66 "We are indeed in a great loss (with our money, time, and efforts gone to waste).
56:67 "Rather, we are left utterly deprived (of our livelihood)."
56:68 Have you ever considered the water that you drink?
56:69 Is it you who send it down from the cloud or is it We Who send it down?
56:70 If We so willed, We would make it bitter and salty. Then, should you not give thanks?
56:71 Have you ever considered the fire that you kindle?
56:72 Is it you who bring into being the tree for it, or is it We bring it into being?
56:73 We have made it something for reflection (on Our handiwork and Our grace in making the creation useful and beautiful), and a comfort (especially) for the dwellers (and wayfarers) in the desert.
56:74 Therefore, glorify the Name of your Lord, the Supreme (declaring His being absolutely above having any defects and partners).
56:75 I swear by the locations of the stars (and their falling),
56:76 – It is indeed a very great oath, if you but knew. –
56:77 Most certainly it is a Qur’an (recited) most honorable,
56:78 In a Book well-guarded.
56:79 None except the purified ones can reach it (to obtain the knowledge it contains. And none except those cleansed of material and spiritual impurities should touch it).
56:80 It is a Book being sent down in parts from the Lord of the worlds.
56:81 Is it this Discourse that you hold in low esteem?
56:82 And do you make your share of it denying it?
56:83 Then, how is it you do not – when the soul comes up to the throat (of a dying human),
56:84 While you are looking on –
56:85 And while We are nearer to him (the dying human) than you are, but you do not see (that) –
56:86 Then, how is it you do not – if you are not bound to Us in dependence (subject to Our will) –
56:87 (How is it that) you do not restore the soul (of that dying human), if you are truthful (in your claim)?
56:88 Now, if he (that dying human) is of those near-stationed to God,
56:89 Then (there is for him) comfort in eternal relief (from all kinds of hardships and pains), and abundance, and a Garden of bounty and blessing.
56:90 If he is of the people of the Right (the people of happiness and prosperity who will receive their Records in their right hands),
56:91 Then "Peace be upon you" (will be what you will always hear) from the people of the Right.
56:92 But if he is one of those who denied (Our Message and Our Messengers), who strayed (from the Straight Path),
56:93 Then his entertainment is boiling water
56:94 And roasting in a Blazing Flame.
56:95 Surely this (Qur’an) is certain truth.
56:96 So glorify the Name of your Lord, the Supreme (affirming that He is exalted above any falsehood).


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