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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Mustafa Khattab 2018
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The Clear Quran, Dr. Mustafa Khattab rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the Inevitable Event takes place,
56:2 then no one can deny it has come.
56:3 It will debase ˹some˺ and elevate ˹others˺.
56:4 When the earth will be violently shaken,
56:5 and the mountains will be crushed to pieces,
56:6 becoming scattered ˹particles of˺ dust,
56:7 you will ˹all˺ be ˹divided into˺ three groups:
56:8 the people of the right, how ˹blessed˺ will they be;
56:9 the people of the left, how ˹miserable˺ will they be;
56:10 and the foremost ˹in faith˺ will be the foremost ˹in Paradise˺.
56:11 They are the ones nearest ˹to Allah˺,
56:12 in the Gardens of Bliss.
56:13 ˹They will be˺ a multitude from earlier generations
56:14 and a few from later generations.
56:15 ˹All will be˺ on jewelled thrones,
56:16 reclining face to face.
56:17 They will be waited on by eternal youths
56:18 with cups, pitchers, and a drink ˹of pure wine˺ from a flowing stream,
56:19 that will cause them neither headache nor intoxication.
56:20 ˹They will also be served˺ any fruit they choose
56:21 and meat from any bird they desire.
56:22 And ˹they will have˺ maidens with gorgeous eyes,
56:23 like pristine pearls,
56:24 ˹all˺ as a reward for what they used to do.
56:25 There they will never hear any idle or sinful talk—
56:26 only good and virtuous speech.
56:27 And the people of the right—how ˹blessed˺ will they be!
56:28 ˹They will be˺ amid thornless lote trees,
56:29 clusters of bananas,
56:30 extended shade,
56:31 flowing water,
56:32 abundant fruit—
56:33 never out of season nor forbidden—
56:34 and elevated furnishings.
56:35 Indeed, We will have perfectly created their mates,
56:36 making them virgins,
56:37 loving and of equal age,
56:38 for the people of the right,
56:39 ˹who will be˺ a multitude from earlier generations
56:40 and a multitude from later generations.
56:41 And the people of the left—how ˹miserable˺ will they be!
56:42 ˹They will be˺ in scorching heat and boiling water,
56:43 in the shade of black smoke,
56:44 neither cool nor refreshing.
56:45 Indeed, before this ˹torment˺ they were spoiled by luxury,
56:46 and persisted in the worst of sin.
56:47 They used to ask ˹mockingly˺, “When we are dead and reduced to dust and bones, will we really be resurrected?
56:48 And our forefathers as well?”
56:49 Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “Most certainly, earlier and later generations
56:50 will surely be gathered ˹together˺ for the appointed Day.
56:51 Then you, O misguided deniers,
56:52 will certainly eat from ˹the fruit of˺ the trees of Zaqqûm,
56:53 filling up ˹your˺ bellies with it.
56:54 Then on top of that you will drink boiling water—
56:55 and you will drink ˹it˺ like thirsty camels do.”
56:56 This will be their accommodation on the Day of Judgment.
56:57 It is We Who created you. Will you not then believe ˹in resurrection˺?
56:58 Have you considered what you ejaculate?
56:59 Is it you who create ˹a child out of˺ it, or is it We Who do so?
56:60 We have ordained death for ˹all of˺ you, and We cannot be prevented
56:61 from transforming and recreating you in forms unknown to you.
56:62 You already know how you were first created. Will you not then be mindful?
56:63 Have you considered what you sow?
56:64 Is it you who cause it to grow, or is it We Who do so?
56:65 If We willed, We could simply reduce this ˹harvest˺ to chaff, leaving you to lament,
56:66 “We have truly suffered a ˹great˺ loss.
56:67 In fact, we have been deprived ˹of our livelihood˺.”
56:68 Have you considered the water you drink?
56:69 Is it you who bring it down from the clouds, or is it We Who do so?
56:70 If We willed, We could make it salty. Will you not then give thanks?
56:71 Have you considered the fire you kindle?
56:72 Is it you who produce its trees, or is it We Who do so?
56:73 We have made it ˹as˺ a reminder ˹of the Hellfire˺ and a provision for the travellers.
56:74 So glorify the Name of your Lord, the Greatest.
56:75 So I do swear by the positions of the stars—
56:76 and this, if only you knew, is indeed a great oath—
56:77 that this is truly a noble Quran,
56:78 in a well-preserved Record,
56:79 touched by none except the purified ˹angels˺.
56:80 ˹It is˺ a revelation from the Lord of all worlds.
56:81 How can you then take this message lightly,
56:82 and repay ˹Allah for˺ your provisions with denial?
56:83 Why then ˹are you helpless˺ when the soul ˹of a dying person˺ reaches ˹their˺ throat,
56:84 while you are looking on?
56:85 And We are nearer to such a person than you, but you cannot see.
56:86 Now, if you are not subject to Our Will ˹as you claim˺,
56:87 bring that soul back, if what you say is true.
56:88 So, if the deceased is one of those brought near ˹to Us˺,
56:89 then ˹such a person will have˺ serenity, fragrance, and a Garden of Bliss.
56:90 And if the deceased is one of the people of the right,
56:91 then ˹they will be told,˺ “Greetings to you from the people of the right.”
56:92 But if such person is one of the misguided deniers,
56:93 then their accommodation will be boiling water ˹to drink˺
56:94 and burning in Hellfire.
56:95 Indeed, this is the absolute truth.
56:96 So glorify the Name of your Lord, the Greatest.


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