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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Syed Vickar Ahamed
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Syed Vickar Ahamed rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the Event that must occur will become a reality,
56:2 Then no (soul) will have denial regarding its happening.
56:3 It will bring down (many) it will raise (many others);
56:4 When the earth shall be shaken to its depths.
56:5 And the mountains shall be crushed to atoms,
56:6 So that they will become dust scattered around,
56:7 And you shall be sorted out into three classes.
56:8 Then (there will be) the companions of the right hand— What will be the companions of the right hand?
56:9 And (there will be) the companions of the left hand— What will be the companions of the left hand?
56:10 And those foremost (in Faith) will be foremost (in the Hereafter).
56:11 These will be those nearest to Allah:
56:12 In Garden of (true) joy:
56:13 A number of people from those of the old,
56:14 And a few ones from those of later times.
56:15 (They will be) on thrones inlaid (with gold and precious stones),
56:16 Reclining on them, face to face,
56:17 Around them will (serve) youths of ever lasting (freshness),
56:18 With little glasses, (shining) tumblers, and cups (filled) from clear-flowing fountains:
56:19 No ill effects will they suffer from them, and they will not be dazed;
56:20 And with fruits, any that they may select;
56:21 And the flesh of fowls, any that they desire.
56:22 And (there will be) companions (Hu'rs) with beautiful, big and lustrous eyes—
56:23 Like (they are) pearls, well-guarded.
56:24 A reward for the deeds of their past (life).
56:25 No pettiness will they hear in there, and not even a little of sinful speech (or idle talk)—
56:26 But only the saying; "Peace! Peace!"
56:27 And those on the right (hand)— What will be the companions of the right hand?
56:28 (They will be joyful) among the (heavenly) lote-tree without thorns,
56:29 Among Talh (beautifully flowering) trees with flowers (or fruits) piled one above another—
56:30 In (the) long-extended shade;
56:31 By water flowing constantly;
56:32 And fruit in abundance.
56:33 Whose season is not limited, and (whose supply is not) stopped,
56:34 And on thrones (of dignity) raised high.
56:35 Verily, We have created (their companions) of special creation.
56:36 And made them virgin, pure (and untouched)—
56:37 Loving (by nature), equal in age—
56:38 For the companions of the right hand.
56:39 A (good) number from the first generation (in Islam),
56:40 And a (good) number from those of later generations.
56:41 The companions of the left hand— What will be the companions of the left hand?
56:42 (They will be) in the middle of a brutal blast of Fire and in boiling water,
56:43 And in the shades of black smoke:
56:44 (There will be) nothing to refresh, nothing to please:
56:45 Verily, they used to indulge, before that, in wealth (and luxury).
56:46 And willfully continued in the worst wickedness!
56:47 And they used to say, "When we die and become dust and bones, shall we then indeed be Resurrected again?
56:48 "We and our fathers of old?"
56:49 Say: "Yes, verily, those of old and those of later times,
56:50 "All will certainly be gathered together for the meeting appointed for a well-known Day
56:51 "Then surely, will you truly— O you who go wrong, and treat (Truth) as falsehood!
56:52 "You will surely taste of the (Evil) tree of Zaqqum.
56:53 "Then will you fill your insides with it,
56:54 "And drink boiling water on top of it:
56:55 "Indeed you shall drink like diseased camels raging with thirst!"
56:56 This will be their entertainment on the Day of Judgment!
56:57 It is We Who have created you: Why will you not see (and accept) the Truth?
56:58 Do you see it? The (human) seed, (the chromosomes in the sperm and ovum) that you throw out—
56:59 Is it you who created it? — Or are We, the Creator?
56:60 We have ordered death to be your common ending, and We are not to be frustrated—
56:61 In changing your shapes and recreating you (again) in (shapes) that you have not known.
56:62 And indeed, you certainly know already the first form of creation: Why then do you not celebrate His praises?
56:63 Do you see the seed that you sow in the ground?
56:64 Is it you that cause it to grow, or are We the cause?
56:65 If it was Our Will, We could crumble it to dry powder, and you would be left in wondering,
56:66 (Saying), "We are indeed left in debts (for no reason):
56:67 "Nay! Certainly we are denied (of the fruits of our labor)."
56:68 Do you not see the water that you drink?
56:69 Do you bring it down (as rain) from the cloud or do We send it?
56:70 If it was Our Will We verily, could make it salt (and bitter) then why do you not give thanks (to Allah)?
56:71 Do you not see the Fire that you kindle?
56:72 Is it you who grow the tree which feeds the fire, or do We grow it?
56:73 We have made it (the fire) a monument and an article of comfort and convenience for those who live in the desert (this world).
56:74 Then celebrate with Praises the Name of your Lord (Rab), the Greatest (Al-Azeem)!
56:75 Next, I swear by the setting of the Stars—
56:76 And surely, that is indeed a mighty and holy oath if you only knew—
56:77 That, this is indeed a Quran most honorable,
56:78 In a Book well-guarded (with Allah),
56:79 Which none shall touch except those who are clean:
56:80 A Revelation from the Lord of the Worlds (Rab-Al-'Ala'meen).
56:81 Is it that such a Message that you would hold in light regard?
56:82 And have you made it your livelihood that you should renounce it?
56:83 Then why do you not (intervene) when (the soul of the dying man) reaches the throat
56:84 And you (sit) looking on—
56:85 But We are nearer to him than you, and you see not—
56:86 Then why do you not— If you are excused from (future) account.—
56:87 Return the soul, if you are truthful, (in your claim of independence)?
56:88 Therefore, if he be among those nearest to Allah,
56:89 (For him there is) rest and satisfaction, and a Garden of (heavenly) delights.
56:90 And if he be of the companions of the right hand,
56:91 (For him is the salutation); "Peace be upon you," for the companions of the right hand.
56:92 And if he be of those who treat (truth) as falsehood, who go wrong,
56:93 Then for him, the entertainment is with boiling water,
56:94 And burning in Hell-Fire.
56:95 Surely this! This is the very Truth (Haqq) and Certainty.
56:96 So, celebrate with Praises the Name of your Lord (Rab), the Greatest (Al-Azeem).


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