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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Sher Ali
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Sher Ali rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the Inevitable event comes to pass -
56:2 There is no denying its coming to pass -
56:3 Some it will bring low, others it will exalt.
56:4 When the earth will be shaken with a terrible shaking;
56:5 And mountains will be scattered - a complete scattering.
56:6 They shall all become like dust particles scattered about.
56:7 And you shall be divided into three groups:
56:8 Those on the right hand - how lucky are those on the right hand !
56:9 And those on the left hand - how unlucky are those on the left hand !
56:10 And the foremost; they are truly the foremost;
56:11 They will be those near to God;
56:12 And will be in the Gardens of Bliss -
56:13 A large party from among the first believers,
56:14 And a few from among the later ones,
56:15 Seated on couches inwrought with gold and jewels,
56:16 Reclining thereon, facing each other.
56:17 There will wait on them youths who will not age,
56:18 Carrying goblets and ewers and cups filled out of a flowing spring -
56:19 No headache will they get therefrom, nor will they be intoxicated -
56:20 And carrying such fruits as they choose,
56:21 And flesh of birds as they may desire.
56:22 And there will be fair maidens with wide, lovely eyes,
56:23 Like pearls well-preserved,
56:24 As a reward for what they did.
56:25 They will not hear therein any vain or sinful talk,
56:26 Except only the word of salutation - `Peace, peace.'
56:27 Those on the right hand - how lucky are those on the right hand ! -
56:28 They will be amidst thornless lote-trees,
56:29 And clustered bananas,
56:30 And extended shade,
56:31 And flowing water,
56:32 And abundant fruit,
56:33 Neither failing, nor forbidden.
56:34 And they will have noble spouses.
56:35 Verily, WE have created them a good creation,
56:36 And made them virgins,
56:37 Loving, of equal age;
56:38 For those on the right hand.
56:39 A large party from among the first believers.
56:40 And a large party from among the later ones.
56:41 And those on the left hand - how unlucky are those on the left hand ! -
56:42 They will be in the midst of scorching winds and scalding water,
56:43 And under the shadow of pitch-black smoke;
56:44 Neither cool nor wholesome.
56:45 Before this they lived in a life of ease and plenty,
56:46 And persisted in extreme sinfulness.
56:47 And they were wont to say, `What ! when we are dead and have become dust and bones, shall we, indeed, be raised again,
56:48 `And our fathers of yore too?'
56:49 Say, `Yes, the earlier ones and the later ones.
56:50 `Will all be gathered together unto the fixed time of an appointed day.
56:51 `Then, O ye that have gone astray and have rejected the truth,
56:52 `You will, surely, eat of the tree of Zaqqhm,
56:53 And will fill your bellies therewith,
56:54 `And will drink boiling water, on top of that,
56:55 `Drinking as the insatiable thirsty camels drink.'
56:56 This will be their entertainment on the Day of Judgment.
56:57 WE have created you. Why, then do you not accept the truth?
56:58 What think ye of the sperm-drop that you emit?
56:59 Is it you who have created it, or are WE the Creator?
56:60 WE have ordained death for all of you; and WE cannot be hindered,
56:61 From bringing in your place others like you, and from developing you into a form which you know not.
56:62 And you have, certainly, known the first creation. Why, then, do you not reflect?
56:63 Do you see what you sow?
56:64 Is it you who cause it to grow, or are WE the grower?
56:65 If WE so pleased, WE could reduce it all to withered stubble, then you would keep lamenting:
56:66 `We are laden with debt !
56:67 `Nay, we are totally deprived of everything.'
56:68 Have you considered the water which you drink?
56:69 Do you send it down from the clouds, or are WE the Sender?
56:70 If WE so pleased, WE could make it bitter. Why, then, do you not give thanks?
56:71 Have you considered the fire which you kindle?
56:72 Is it you who produce the tree for it, or are WE the Producer?
56:73 WE have made it a reminder and benefit for the wayfarers.
56:74 So glorify the name of thy Lord, the Great.
56:75 Nay, I cite as proof the shooting of the stars -
56:76 And, indeed, that is a grand testimony, if you only knew -
56:77 This is, indeed, a noble Qur'an,
56:78 In a well-preserved Book.
56:79 Which none shall touch except those who are purified.
56:80 It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.
56:81 Is it this divine discourse that you would reject,
56:82 And do you make the denial thereof your means of livelihood?
56:83 Why, then, when the soul of the dying man reaches the throat,
56:84 And you are at that moment looking on -
56:85 And WE are nearer to him than you, but you see not -
56:86 Why, then, if you are not to be called to account,
56:87 You cannot bring it back if you are truthful?
56:88 Now if he be of those who are near to God,
56:89 Then for him is comfort and fragrance of happiness and Garden of bliss;
56:90 And if he be of those of the right hand,
56:91 Then, `Peace be ever on thee, O thou, of those of the right hand !'
56:92 But if he be of those who reject the truth and are in error,
56:93 Then for him will be an entertainment of boiling water,
56:94 And burning in Hell.
56:95 Verily, this is the certain truth.
56:96 So glorify the name of thy Lord, the Incomparably Great.


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