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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Muhammad Asad
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Muhammad Asad rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 WHEN THAT which must come to pass [at last] comes to pass,
56:2 there will be nought that could give the lie to its having come to pass,
56:3 abasing [some], exalting [others]!
56:4 When the earth is shaken with a shaking [severe],
56:5 and the mountains are shattered into [countless] shards,
56:6 so that they become as scattered dust –
56:7 [on that Day,] then, shall you be [divided into] three kinds.
56:8 Thus, there shall be such as will have attained to what is right: oh, how [happy] will be they who have attained to what is right!
56:9 And there shall be such as will have lost themselves in evil: oh, how [unhappy] will be they who have lost themselves in evil!
56:10 But the foremost shall be [they who in life were] the foremost [in faith and good works]:
56:11 they who were [always] drawn close unto God!
56:12 In gardens of bliss [will they dwell] -
56:13 a good many of those of olden times,
56:14 but [only] a few of later times.
56:15 [They will be seated] on gold-encrusted thrones of happiness,
56:16 reclining upon them, facing one another [in love].
56:17 Immortal youths will wait upon them
56:18 with goblets, and ewers, and cups filled with water from unsullied springs
56:19 by which their minds will not be clouded and which will not make them drunk;
56:20 and with fruit of any kind that they may choose,
56:21 and with the flesh of any fowl that they may desire.
56:22 And [with them will be their] companions pure, most beautiful of eye,
56:23 like unto pearls [still] hidden in their shells.
56:24 [And this will be] a reward for what they did [in life].
56:25 No empty talk will they hear there, nor any call to sin,
56:26 but only the tiding of inner soundness and peace.
56:27 NOW AS FOR those who have attained to righteousness - what of those who have attained to righteousness?
56:28 [They, too, will find themselves] amidst fruit- laden lote-trees,
56:29 and acacias flower-clad,
56:30 and shade extended,
56:31 and waters gushing,
56:32 and fruit abounding,
56:33 never-failing and never out of reach.
56:34 And [with them will be their] spouses, raised high:
56:35 for, behold, We shall have brought them into being in a life renewed,
56:36 having resurrected them as virgins,
56:37 full of love, well-matched
56:38 with those who have attained to righteousness:
56:39 a good many of olden times,
56:40 and a good many of later times.
56:41 BUT AS FOR those who have persevered in evil - what of those who have persevered in evil?
56:42 [They will find themselves] in the midst of scorching winds, and burning despair,
56:43 and the shadows of black smoke -
56:44 [shadows] neither cooling nor soothing.
56:45 For, behold, in times gone by they were wont to abandon themselves wholly to the pursuit of pleasures,
56:46 and would persist in heinous sinning,
56:47 and would say, “What! After we have died and become mere dust and bones, shall we, forsooth, be raised from the dead? -
56:48 and perhaps, too, our forebears of old?”
56:49 Say: “Verily, those of olden times and those of later times
56:50 will indeed be gathered together at an appointed time on a Day known [only to God]:
56:51 and then, verily, O you who have gone astray and called the truth a lie,
56:52 you will indeed have to taste of the tree of deadly fruit,
56:53 and will have to fill your bellies therewith,
56:54 and will thereupon have to drink [many a draught] of burning despair -
56:55 drink it as the most insatiably thirsty camels drink!”
56:56 Such will be their welcome on Judgment Day!
56:57 WE who have created you, [O men:] why, then, do you not accept the truth?
56:58 Have you ever considered that [seed] which you emit?
56:59 Is it you who create it - or are We the source of its creation?
56:60 We have [indeed] decreed that death shall be [ever-present] among you: but there is nothing to prevent Us
56:61 from changing the nature of your existence and bringing you into being [anew] in a manner [as yet] unknown to you.
56:62 And [since] you are indeed aware of the [miracle of your] coming into being in the first instance - why, then, do you not bethink yourselves [of Us]?
56:63 Have you ever considered the seed which you cast upon the soil?
56:64 Is it you who cause it to grow - or are We the cause of its growth?
56:65 [For,] were it Our will, We could indeed turn it into chaff, and you would be left to wonder [and to lament],
56:66 “Verily, we are ruined!
56:67 Nay, but we have been deprived [of our livelihood]!”
56:68 Have you ever considered the water which you drink?
56:69 Is it you who cause it to come down from the clouds - or are We the cause of its coming down?
56:70 [It comes down sweet - but] were it Our will, We could make it burningly salty and bitter: why, then, do you not give thanks [unto Us]?
56:71 Have you ever considered the fire which you kindle?
56:72 Is it you who have brought into being the tree that serves as its fuel - or are We the cause of its coming into being?
56:73 It is We who have made it a means to remind [you of Us], and a comfort for all who are lost and hungry in the wilderness [of their lives].
56:74 Extol, then, the limitless glory of thy Sustainer’s mighty name!
56:75 NAY, I call to witness the coming-down in parts [of this Qur’an]
56:76 and, behold, this is indeed a most solemn affirmation, if you but knew it!
56:77 Behold, it is a truly noble discourse,
56:78 [conveyed unto man] in a well-guarded divine writ
56:79 which none but the pure [of heart] can touch:
56:80 a revelation from the Sustainer of all the worlds!
56:81 Would you, now, look down with disdain on a tiding like this,
56:82 and make it your daily bread [as it were] to call the truth a lie?
56:83 Why, then, when [the last breath] comes up to the throat [of a dying man],
56:84 the while you are [helplessly] looking on -
56:85 and while We are closer to him than you, although you see [Us] not -:
56:86 why, then, if [you think that] you are not truly dependent [on Us],
56:87 can you not cause that [ebbing life] to return - if what you claim is true?
56:88 [ALL OF YOU are destined to die.] Now if one happens to be of those who are drawn close unto God,
56:89 happiness [awaits him in the life to come], and inner fulfillment, and a garden of bliss.
56:90 And if one happens to be of those who have attained to righteousness,
56:91 [he, too, will be welcomed into paradise with the words,] “Peace be unto thee [that art] of those who have attained to righteousness!”
56:92 But if one happens to be of those who are wont to call the truth a lie, and [thus] go astray,
56:93 a welcome of burning despair [awaits him in the life to come,]
56:94 and the heat of a blazing fire!
56:95 Verily, this is indeed the truth of truths!
56:96 Extol, then, the limitless glory of thy Sustainer’s mighty name!


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