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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim

al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by [Al-Muntakhab]
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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the horrendous Eventful Event comes to pass.
56:2 It shall come into everyone's head and no expedient whatever will avert it nor can it be denied.
56:3 It shall abase those whose mode of action incurred the destiny they brought upon themselves of coming down very low, and it shall raise and exalt in dignity those whose breasts had been filled with the profound reverence dutiful to Allah.
56:4 The earth shakes violently with earthquakes, volcanoes and convulsions.
56:5 And the mountains shiver into atoms.
56:6 And become so comminuted as to be raised in a cloud by the wind and scattered like ashes.
56:7 There and then, you people shall fall into one of three orders, each occupying the position accorded with his merit.
56:8 A position on the right side which of right belongs to those who had dearly earned the position on the right; their works agreed with the Divine standard of actions and conduct and their hearts had been impressed with the image of piety. These, has Allah destined to win their way to paradise,
56:9 A position on the left side which of right belongs to those who had eagerly earned their position on the left. Among them are those who denied Allah and the hypocrites who assumed a false appearance of virtue and goodness with dissimulation of real character and inclinations and also those who counselled deaf to Allah's ordinances. These had Allah destined to hell where they make abode.
56:10 And above all, a position, that is foremost, which of right belongs to those who were gifted with the Divine prerogative of prophethood and apostleship and also to those who before all others had surrendered to Allah's authority and preceded all others in applying their hearts to wisdom and piety with breasts filled with reverential awe and Allah's purpose was the heart of their purpose.
56:11 These are the nearest to Allah's special blessedness and they stand really high in His favour.
56:12 They shall be welcomed by Him into gardens of surpassing beauty in the beatitude of heaven, the haven of all bliss.
56:13 These favorites include a greater number of those who preceded.
56:14 and a lesser number of those who succeeded.
56:15 They will be seated on thrones studded with gold and adorned with pearls.
56:16 They recline thereon facing each other.
56:17 They will be served by handsome attendants whose figures, in conjunction with stateliness, and their beauty in conjunction with dignity are eternal;
56:18 Attendants who go round carrying large mouthed deep vessels and goblets to serve a drink issuing from a jet streaming from the springs of heaven.
56:19 A drink which gives a rapturous feeling of bliss and beatitude and causes no headache nor does it intoxicate the brain.
56:20 And they will be served with the fruits of their choice.
56:21 And with the flesh of the fowls which they desire.
56:22 They will be accompanied by beauties whose eyes radiate splendour that no one could have conceived.
56:23 Beauties representing as like precious pearles gracefully adorned as with blazonry affording keen pleasure to the sense of sight, and charming the intellectual and moral faculties.
56:24 This is the reward for their meritorious actions and for their works which reflected wisdom and piety.
56:25 No matter of little value or insignificance will they hear therein, nor will they hear ill tongues or what is morally evil.
56:26 But only " Peace, peace be upon you " a greeting addressed by the angels who express good will.
56:27 And those, who have dearly earned the position on the right, whose works and the Divine standard together accorded,
56:28 Shall inherit eternal life in an environment affording pleasure: landscape portraying thorn- free trees of exquisite beauty inspiring dreamy and luxurious ease.
56:29 Trees bearing most variegated flowers and trees bearing delicious fruits inducing them to taste the pleasures of eternal life.
56:30 Trees casting a delightful shadow spreading out and extending in all directions inspiring delight in the sweet aires of heaven and the symphonies of colour.
56:31 A picturesque view of fountain-heads from which water streams gracefully, reflecting the glory of heaven's realm.
56:32 Fruits, plentiful and delicious.
56:33 Never will it be scarce nor will it be forbidden,
56:34 Furnishings like thrones apt to the furniture of pious personage and raised aloft to exalt them in dignity,
56:35 And companions whom We created anew.
56:36 We made them virgins, a symbol of purity, and maidens in a state of inviolate chastity,
56:37 Distinguished for piety and for a pleasing voice concerted in harmonious music as sweet as the strings of nature's symphony.
56:38 We have prepared them for those disposed on the right,
56:39 Who include a great number of those who preceded.
56:40 And also a great number of those who succeeded.
56:41 As for those who had deservedly earned the disposition on the left, who challenged Allah and His Messenger, and deviated from the path of righteousness;
56:42 They shall be exposed to a very strong and lasting hot blast and their thirst will make the boiling water inviting, but never will it quench their thirst.
56:43 They shall be cast into the shade of the densly overwhelming black smoke;
56:44 Which is neither refreshing nor pleasing?
56:45 Lawless and passionate was their desire for lust and luxury.
56:46 How obstinate they were in adhering to their own evil course of denying Allah.
56:47 They always maintained their false dictum that: " How can we be raised after death when we have been reduced to dust and bones? ",
56:48 " And what about our forefathers; are they also included? "
56:49 Say to them O Muhammad " The foremost and the utmost".
56:50 " Shall all be gathered at a certain time on a predestined Day which shall neither be postdated nor anticipated. "?
56:51 " And then you perverts, deniers of all truth ",
56:52 " You shall be fed on the fruit of the evil tree named zaqqum".
56:53 " And you shall eat thereof your full".
56:54 " Then boiling water, over and above".
56:55 " The sensation of thirst shall force you to drink more but like unhealthy camels, you shall be always thirsty".
56:56 And so here, and from now on, they make abode.
56:57 We created you and brought you into being from a state of nothingness and gave you form and shape, and so why will you not believe in Resurrection!
56:58 Do you see the fluid you emit?
56:59 Do you create it with the seeds it contains or are We the Creator?
56:60 We determined death to fall to you as your common lot and We are not incapable of bringing it to effect.
56:61 Nor are We incapable of exchanging your present form and shape into another form and shape unknown to you, on the Day We resurrect you.
56:62 And you have already known the first form of creation, so why will you not ponder!
56:63 Do you see the seeds you deposit in the earth so that they may grow?
56:64 Do you make them grow or is it We Who make them grow!
56:65 Had We willed We could reduce them to crumbs and would leave you wonder.
56:66 But it is We on whom the burden is laid,
56:67 And yet We make no gain or profit.
56:68 Do you see the water you drink!
56:69 Do you bring it down from the clouds floating at various heights in the upper air or do We!
56:70 Had We willed We could render it salty and embitter all the sweets of life so why are you not impelled to the feeling of gratitude!
56:71 Do you see the fire you kindle?
56:72 Was it you who generated its tree or is it We that brought it into existence!
56:73 We made it a reminder for Our Omnipotence here and Hereafter, and a material advantage and a commodity for those who make use among Our creation.
56:74 And so, praise the attributes and advance the glory of the Name of Allah your Creator, Who conducts and advances your growth and inspires you with actuation.
56:75 I swear by the location of the stars; -see introduction -
56:76 And it is an asseveration of immense magnitude if only you knew.
56:77 That: the wording revealed to Our Messenger is but a distinguished Book, worthy of honour and entitled to respect, esteem and reverence.
56:78 A Quran derived from a source- Book- well guarded in the heaven's realm.
56:79 A Quran that is not to be touched or taken in the hands which are not free from dirt or filth or not free from ceremonial or sanitary defilement, nor in the hands of anyone who has had sexual congress until he or she has bathed.
56:80 For it is a Revelation of knowledge to man by his Creator the Divine Creator of the worlds, past, present and those to come.
56:81 Is it not a pity that you people declare such a Revelation to be untrue!
56:82 And you prosper by refusing to acknowledge it and by refusing to admit it as authentic and authoritatively true?
56:83 So, what about the moment of the encounter with death when the soul is on its way out and it makes a rattle in the throat,
56:84 And you are then on the watch for what is expected, but unable to avert the inevitable?
56:85 There and then We are in his or her immediate proximity and far closer to the dying than you can possibly perceive or imagine, but you cannot see.
56:86 And so, if, as is the case, you deny you're Creator and you deny Resurrection and the Day of Reckoning;
56:87 Why then are you unable to restore the soul to the dying if what you claim is true?
56:88 If he or she is one of those nearest to Allah s special blessedness and he or she stands high in His favour,
56:89 Then a great welcome and a rich smell of sweet air, fragrance and the beatitude of heaven;
56:90 And if he or she is among those who had dearly earned the disposition on the right,
56:91 Then a greeting of " Peace be upon you " shall be addressed by the angels who express good will.
56:92 But if he or she be among those who denied the truth and strayed from the path of righteousness,
56:93 Then in the boiling pot shall he or she make abode,
56:94 And he or she shall go down in Hell to the pit.
56:95 This is but the true picture of the destiny awaiting such persons and the truth which admits of no relaxation.
56:96 Therefore, O man, you should praise the diving attributes and advance the glory of the Name of Allah your Creator who conducts and advances your growth and inspires you with actuation.


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