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6:1  All praise belongs to God Who created the skies and the earth and made the darkness and the light, yet those who disbelieve set up equals to their Lord.
6:2  He is the One Who created you from clay, then He set a time, a finite period that is with Him, yet you still doubt.
6:3  He is God in the skies and on the earth, He knows your secret and what you make public and He knows what you do.
6:4  No sign of their Lord's signs came to them, unless they turned away from it.
6:5  They denied the truth when it came to them, so the news of what they were ridiculing will come to them.
6:6  Did they not see how many generations before them We destroyed which We had made them powerful on the earth such that We did not make you that powerful? And We sent plenty of rain on them from the sky and We made rivers flow underneath them, then We destroyed them for their sins, and We created another generation after them.
6:7  And if We had sent down a book to you on paper so that they had touched it with their hands, then those who disbelieve would have certainly said: “This is only an obvious magic.”
6:8  And they say: “Why has not an angel been sent down to him?” And if We had sent down an angel, the matter would have been over and they would have not been given any delays.
6:9  If We had made him (the messenger) an angel, We would have certainly made him as a man, and We would have confused for them what is already confusing.
6:10  And certainly, messengers before you were ridiculed, then what they were ridiculing surrounded those of them who ridiculed.
6:11  Say: “Travel throughout the earth and see what the end of the deniers was.”
6:12  Say: “To whom belongs whatever is in the skies and on the earth?” Say: “To God.” He has prescribed mercy for Himself. He shall gather you on the Resurrection Day, that there is no doubt about it. Those who lost themselves do not believe.
6:13  And whatever inhabits the night and the day belongs to Him, and He hears all and knows all.
6:14  Say: “Should I take a protector other than God, creator of the skies and the earth, He feeds and He is not fed?” Say: “Indeed I am ordered to be the first of (or the best of) the ones who submitted and not to be of the idolaters.”
6:15  Say: “Indeed I am afraid of the punishment of a great day if I disobey my Lord.”
6:16  Whomever (punishment) is kept away from him on that day, indeed He has had mercy on him, and that is the clear victory.
6:17  And if God touches you with a harm, then no one can eliminate it except Him, and if He touches you with good (no one can hold it back), He is capable of everything.
6:18  He is the dominant one over His servants, and He is wise and well aware.
6:19  Say: “What thing is the greatest in testimony?” Say: “God, (He is) a witness between me and you, and this Quran was revealed to me so that with it I warn you and anyone it reaches. Do you testify that there are other gods with God?” Say: “I do not testify (to that).” Say: “Only He is the One god, and I am free of what you associate (with Him).”
6:20  Those whom We gave them the book know him (Muhammad) as they know their children. Those who have lost themselves, they would not believe.
6:21  And who is more wrong than someone who makes up a lie (and attributes it) to God or denies His signs. Indeed, the wrongdoers do not succeed.
6:22  On the day when We gather them all together, then We tell those who associated (partners with Us): “Where are your partners, those you used to claim?”
6:23  Then their only temptation is to say: “By God our Lord, we were not idolators.”
6:24  See how they lied to themselves, and what they used to fabricate has abandoned them.
6:25  And some of them (pretend to) listen to you, but We placed a cover on their hearts so they do not understand it and made their ears hard of hearing, and if they see every sign they do not believe in it, so much so that when they come to you and they argue with you. Those who disbelieve say: “This (Quran) is nothing but stories of the earlier ones.”
6:26  And they prohibit (others) from it and they keep away from it, and they only destroy themselves and they do not realize it.
6:27  And if you (could) see when they are made to stop by the fire, and they say: “We wish we would be sent back and we would not deny our Lord's signs and we would become of the believers.”
6:28  No, but what they used to hide in the past has become apparent to them. And if they are sent back, they would go back to what they were forbidden from it, and indeed they are liars.
6:29  And they said: “There is nothing but our worldly life and we will not be raised up.”
6:30  And if you see when they are made to stop before their Lord, He will say: “Is not this the truth?” They say: “Yes, by our Lord.” He says: “So taste the punishment because of what you used to disbelieve.”
6:31  Those who deny the meeting of God have lost. When the Hour suddenly comes to them, and they say: “Our regret about what we neglected it” and they carry their burdens on their backs. Surely, what they carry is bad.
6:32  This world’s life is only a play and an amusement, and certainly the home of the Hereafter is better for those who are cautious (of God). Do you not understand?
6:33  We know that what they say certainly makes you sad and indeed they do not deny you, but the wrongdoers reject God’s signs.
6:34  Messengers before you were certainly denied, but they persevered about what they were denied, and they were harassed until We gave them Our help. And no one can change God’s words. And certainly, the news of the messengers has come to you.
6:35  And if their shunning is difficult for you, then make a tunnel in the earth or a ladder to the sky if you can, so that you bring them a miracle. If God wanted, He would have brought them all together to the guidance, so do not be of the ignorant ones.
6:36  Only those who listen will respond (and accept your invitation). And the dead, God raises them up then they are returned to Him.
6:37  And they said: “Why a miracle of his Lord was not sent down to him?” Say: “Indeed God is able to send down a miracle” but most of them do not know.
6:38  There is no creature on the earth or no bird flying with its two wings unless they are communities like you. We did not leave anything out of the book (Quran). And they will be gathered to their Lord.
6:39  And those who deny Our signs are deaf and dumb in the darkness. God misguides anyone He wants, and He places anyone He wants on a straight path (according to His law).
6:40  Say: “What do you think if God’s punishment comes to you or the Hour comes to you, would you call upon other than God if you are truthful?”
6:41  No, but you call on Him alone, then if He wants He eliminates what you called Him on, and you will forget what you associate (with Him).
6:42  And We have certainly sent (messengers) to communities before you, then We punished them with suffering and hardship so they may be humble.
6:43  So why did they not humble when Our suffering came to them? Instead, their hearts became hardened and Satan beautified for them what they were doing.
6:44  So, when they forgot what they were reminded of, We opened the doors of everything for them until they were happy about what We gave them, until We suddenly took them and then they lost hope.
6:45  So, the root of the people who did wrong was cut off, and all praise belongs to God, the Lord of humankind.
6:46  Say: “What do you think if God takes your hearing and your sight and seals your hearts, which god other than God brings it back to you?” See how We explain the signs and they still turn away.
6:47  Say: “What do you think if God’s punishment comes to you suddenly or openly, will anyone be destroyed except the wrongdoing people?”
6:48  We do not send the messengers except as givers of good news and warners, so anyone who believes and straightens out should have no fear and no sadness.
6:49  And those who deny Our signs, the punishment will touch them because they used to disobey.
6:50  Say: “I do not tell you that God’s treasures are with me, and I do not know the unseen, and I do not tell you that I am an angel, I only follow what is revealed to me.” Say: “Are blinds and those who see equal? Do you not think?”
6:51  And with it (Quran) warn those who fear that they will be gathered to their Lord, they will have no protector or mediator other than Him, so that they may be cautious (of God).
6:52  And do not drive away those who call on their Lord in the morning and in the evening wanting His pleasure (and His attention). Their account is not on you at all, and your account is not on them at all, so if you drive them away then you are of the wrongdoers.
6:53  And like that, We have tested some of them by the others, so that they say: “Are these the ones whom God favored upon them among us?” Does not God know the thankful ones better?
6:54  And when those who believe in Our signs come to you, say: “Peace (and well-being) upon you. Your Lord has prescribed mercy for Himself, that any one of you who does something bad out of ignorance then he repents afterward and straightens out, He is indeed forgiving and merciful.”
6:55  And that is how We explain the signs, in order to expose the way of guilty ones.
6:56  Say: “I am forbidden to serve those you call on other than God.” Say: “I do not follow your desires, (for if I did) I have lost (the right path) and will not be of the guided ones.”
6:57  Say: “I am on a clear evidence from my Lord while you deny that, what you want to rush is not with me (in my power), the decision (and making rule) only belongs to God, He tells the truth, and He is the best of deciders/judges.”
6:58  Say: “If what you want to rush it was with me then the matter would have been settled between me and you, and God best knows the wrongdoers.”
6:59  And keys of the unseen are with Him, and no one knows it except Him, and He knows what is in the land and in the sea and no leaf falls unless He knows about it, and there is no seed in darkness of the earth, and nothing wet and nothing dry unless it is in a clear book.
6:60  He is the One Who takes you back (your consciousness/soul) at night (during sleep) and knows what you did during the day, then He raises you in it (daytime) so that a limited time is finished, then your return is to Him, then He informs you of what you were doing.
6:61  He is the dominant one over His servants, and He sends observers over you until death comes to any one of you and Our messengers (angels) take him back, and they do not fall short.
6:62  Then they are returned to God, their true protector/master. Be aware that the command (and the rule) belongs to Him, and He is the fastest of all reckoners.
6:63  Say: “Who saves you from darkness of the land and the sea when you call on him humbly and secretly, (saying) if you save us from this, we will be of the thankful?”
6:64  Say: “God saves you from it and from every distress, yet you associate (partners with Him)!”
6:65  Say: “He is able to send punishment on you from above you or from under your feet or to divide you into sects and make you taste each other's violence.” See how We explain the signs (and verses) so they may understand.
6:66  And your people denied it (Quran) while it is the truth, say: “I am not your advocate.”
6:67  For every news (like resurrection) there is a settlement (time), and you will know (when it happens).
6:68  And when you see those who engage in useless/false discussion about Our signs (and verses), stay away from them until they enter into a conversation other than that. And if Satan makes you forget, then do not sit with the wrongdoing people after remembering.
6:69  And nothing of their account is on those who are cautious (of God), but that is a reminder so they may be cautious (of God).
6:70  And leave those who took their way of life (religion) as a play and an amusement, and this world's life has deceived them. And remind with it (Quran) that a person is subject to punishment (and is disgraced) by what it does, and it has no protector and no mediator other than God, and if he offers all the compensations as indemnity, it would not be taken from it. They are those who will be subject to punishment (and are disgraced) for what they did. They will have a drink of boiling water and a painful punishment because of what they used to disbelieve.
6:71  Say: “Should we call on other than God, something that does not benefit us and does not harm us, and to be turned back on our heels (to disbelief) after God guided us? Like someone whom the devils infatuate and leave him baffled on the earth, while he has companions who invite him to the guidance (saying:) “Come to us.”” Say: “God’s guidance is the (only true) guidance, and we are ordered to submit to the Lord of humankind,
6:72  and to perform mandatory prayer and to be cautious of Him, and He is the One you will be gathered to Him.”
6:73  And He is the One Who created the skies and the earth in truth, and on the day when He says: “Be” and it will be. His word is the truth. And on the day when the horn is blown, the rule belongs to Him. (God is) knower of the unseen and the visible, and He is the wise and the well-informed.
6:74  And (remember) when Abraham said to his father Azar: “Do you take idols as gods? I see you and your people are in an obvious error.”
6:75  And that is how We showed Abraham kingdom of the skies and the earth, so that he will be one of those who are certain.
6:76  When the (darkness of) night covered him, he saw a star and he said: “This is my Lord.” But when it disappeared, he said: “I do not like things that disappear.”
6:77  And when he saw the moon rising, he said: “This is my Lord.” But when it disappeared, he said: “If my Lord does not guide me, I will be of the misguided people.”
6:78  And when he saw the sun rising, he said: “This is my Lord, this is greater.” But when it disappeared, he said: “My people, I am free of what you associate (with Him),
6:79  I have faithfully turned myself (and my attention) to the One Who created the skies and the earth, and I am not of the idolaters.”
6:80  And his people argued with him. He said: “Do you argue with me about God, while He has guided me? I am not afraid of what you associate with Him, unless my Lord wants anything (to harm me), my Lord’s knowledge includes everything, will you not take notice?
6:81  And why should I fear what you associate (with God), while you do not fear associating (partners) with God when He did not send down any reason for it to you. So, which of the two groups has more right to safety (and peace), if you know?”
6:82  Those who believe and do not mix up their belief with wrongdoing, they are those who have safety (and peace), and they are guided.
6:83  And that is Our reason that We gave Abraham against his people. We raise ranks of anyone We want. Your Lord is indeed wise and knowledgeable.
6:84  And We gave him Isaac and Jacob, We guided them all, while previously We guided Noah, and among his descendants, David and Solomon and Job and Joseph and Moses and Aaron. And that is how We reward the good doers.
6:85  And Zachariah and Yahya (John the Baptist) and Jesus and Elias (Elijah) were all among the righteous.
6:86  And Ishmael and Al-Yasa'a (Elisha) and Jonah and Lot, and We preferred all of them over all other people.
6:87  And from their fathers and their descendants and their brothers, We chose some of them and guided them to a straight path.
6:88  That is God’s guidance, with it He guides any one of His servants He wants, and if they had associated partners (with Him) whatever they were doing would have certainly become useless for them.
6:89  They are those whom We gave them the book and the authority and the prophethood. But if these disbelieve in it, then We entrust it to a people who will not be disbelievers in it.
6:90  These are those whom God guided, so follow their guidance. Say: “I do not ask any wages for it, this (Quran) is only a reminder for humankind.”
6:91  They did not value God His true worth, when they said: “God has not sent down anything to any human being.” Say: “Who sent down the book that Moses brought, a light and guidance for the people? You put it on papers, disclosing some of it and hiding most of it, while you were taught what you and your fathers did not know.” Say: “God (sent it down).” Then leave them playing around entering into their (false and useless) conversation.
6:92  And this book (Quran), which We sent it down is blessed, confirming what was before it so that you warn (people of) the mother town (Mecca) and around it. And those who believe in the Hereafter believe in it, and they guard their mandatory prayer.
6:93  And who is more wrong than someone who makes up a lie (and attributes it) to God, or says: “It was revealed to me,” while nothing was revealed to him, and anyone who says: “I am going to reveal like what God has sent down.”? And if you see when the wrongdoers are in the agonies of death and the angels open their hands (saying:) “Eject your souls, today you are punished a humiliating punishment for what you were unjustifiably saying against God and for being arrogant about His signs (and not believing in them).”
6:94  And (on the Resurrection Day God will tell them): “You have certainly come to Us individually as We created you the first time, and you have left behind your backs whatever (worldly possessions) We gave you, and We do not see your mediators with you, those you claimed were partners (of God) in your (affairs). Indeed, you are cut off and what you were claiming abandoned you.”
6:95  Indeed, God is the splitter of the seed and the (fruit) pit, He brings out the living from the dead and brings out the dead from the living. That is your God, so how do you deviate?
6:96  Splitter of the morning, He made the night for rest and the sun and the moon for calculation (as in a calendar). That is the ordinance of the powerful and the knowledgeable.
6:97  And He is the One Who made the stars for you to guide you with them in darkness of the land and the sea. We have certainly explained the signs in detail for people who know.
6:98  And He is the One Who created you from a single being, and (there is) a place to stay and a depository (for you). We have certainly explained the signs in detail for people who understand.
6:99  And He is the One Who sends down rain from the sky, then We bring out (and grow) all kinds of plants with it, then We bring out the green (sprouts) from it, bringing out grain overlapping (each other), and from the date palm and from its pollen, clusters of dates hanging low and near, and gardens of grapes and the olives and the pomegranates, alike and unlike. Look at its fruit when it bears fruit, and it ripens. Indeed, there are signs in that for people who believe.
6:100  They made partners of the Jinn (Genie) for God, while He created them, and they falsely attributed sons and daughters to Him without any knowledge. He is flawless and above what they describe.
6:101  Originator of the skies and the earth, how can He have a child while He had no spouse? And He created everything, and He knows everything.
6:102  That is God, your Lord. There is no God except Him, creator of everything, so serve Him. He is the advocate of everything.
6:103  Insights (and intellects) do not comprehend Him, while He comprehends the insights (and intellects), and He is nice and well-informed.
6:104  Enlightenment has come to you from your Lord, so anyone who is enlightened, it is for himself, and whoever is blind, it is against him. And I am not your guardian.
6:105  That is how We explain the signs (and verses), and let them say you studied, while We make it clear for people who know.
6:106  Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord. There is no god except Him, and stay away from the idolaters.
6:107  If God wanted, they would not have set up associates (as His partners), and We did not make you their guardian and you are not their advocate.
6:108  Do not insult those who call on others (or those whom they call) besides God, because they will insult God out of enmity and without knowledge. That is how We beautified for every community their actions. Then their return is to their Lord, and He informs them of what they were doing.
6:109  They solemnly swear by God that if a miracle comes to them, they shall believe in it. Say: “The miracles are only with God,” and what makes you realize that even if it comes, they will not believe.
6:110  And We turn their hearts and their eyes (away from the truth), just as they did not believe in it the first time, and We leave them wandering in their rebellion.
6:111  Had We sent down the angels to them, and the dead spoke to them, and gathered everything in front of them, they would not have believed unless God wanted, but most of them are ignorant.
6:112  And like that We appointed for every prophet, humans and Jinn devils, as enemy inspiring one another by fancy words as deception. And if your Lord wanted, they would not have done it, so leave them and what they fabricate,
6:113  so that the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter lean toward it and in order to be pleased with it (those fancy words), and so they commit what they commit.
6:114  Should I look for a judge other than God while He is the One Who sent down the book to you, explained in detail? And those whom We gave them the book know that it is truly sent down by your Lord, so do not be of the doubters.
6:115  And the word of your Lord completed in truth and justice. No one can change His words. And He hears all and knows all.
6:116  And if you obey most of those on earth, they misguide you from God's way. They follow nothing but speculation, and they only guess.
6:117  Your Lord knows best who is lost from His way, and He knows best who the guided ones are.
6:118  So, eat from what God’s name has been mentioned on it, if you believe in His signs.
6:119  What is it with you that you do not eat from what God’s name has been mentioned on it, when He has explained to you in detail what is forbidden to you, except when you are forced to (eat) it? And indeed many misguide others with their desires without any knowledge. Indeed, your Lord knows best those who exceed the limits.
6:120  And stay away from obvious and hidden sins. Those who commit sin are going to be punished for what they were committing.
6:121  And do not eat from what God’s name has not been mentioned on it, indeed it is disobedience. And the devils certainly inspire their friends to argue with you, and if you obey them, you are certainly idolaters.
6:122  Or is someone who was dead and We made him alive and put a light for him to walk among the people with it, like someone who is in darkness and cannot come out of it? That is how what they are doing is beautified for the disbelievers.
6:123  And that is how We have placed in every town its greatest criminals to plot in it. And they do not plot except against themselves, and they do not realize it.
6:124  And when a sign comes to them, they say: “We will never believe until we are given same as what was given to God's messengers.” God knows best where to place His message. Those who are guilty are going to suffer lowliness before God and a severe punishment for what they were plotting.
6:125  Whomever God wants to guide him, He opens his chest to submission, and whomever He wants to misguide him, He makes his chest tightly closed as if he climbs up to the sky. This is how God puts filth on those who do not believe.
6:126  This is your Lord's straight path. We have explained the signs (and verses) in detail for people who take notice.
6:127  They will have the home of peace with their Lord, and He is their protector because of what they were doing.
6:128  And on the day when He gathers them all (saying:) “You clan of Jinn, you have seduced many human beings.” And their friends among the human beings say: “Our Lord, some of us profited from others, and we reached our appointed time that You appointed for us.” He says: “The fire will be your accommodation, remaining in there forever unless God wants (to save you). Your Lord is indeed wise and knowledgeable.”
6:129  And that is how We make some of the wrongdoers support the others for what they were doing.
6:130  You clan of Jinn and humans, didn't messengers from among you come to you telling you My signs, and warning you about the meeting of this day of yours? They say: “We testify against ourselves.” And this world's life deceived them, and they will testify against themselves that they were disbelievers.
6:131  That is because your Lord is not destroyer of the towns wrongfully (or for their wrongdoing) while their inhabitants are unaware.
6:132  And for everyone there will be ranks according to what they did, and your Lord is not unaware of what they do.
6:133  And your Lord is rich (without need) and full of mercy. If He wants, He destroys you and replaces you with what He wants, just as He produced you from other people’s descendants.
6:134  Indeed, what you are promised shall come, and you cannot escape it.
6:135  Say: “My people, do what you are capable of, and I do (what I can), and you will know who has the final home (in paradise). Indeed, the wrongdoers will not succeed.”
6:136  And they put aside a share for God from the crops and the livestock that He created, and they said by their claim that this is for God, and this is for our partners (of God). Then what was for their partners (of God) did not reach God, but what was for God reached their partners. What they judge is bad.
6:137  And that is how their partners (of God) made the killing of their children attractive for many of the idolaters, to ruin them and to confuse them about their way of life (religion). And if God wanted, they would not have done it. So, leave them and what they fabricate.
6:138  They said by their claim that these livestock and crops are forbidden, and no one should eat them except anyone we want, and livestock that (riding on) their backs were forbidden, and livestock that they do not mention God's name over them, fabricating (lies) against Him. He is going to punish them for what they were fabricating.
6:139  And they said: “What is in the wombs of these livestock is exclusively for our men and is forbidden to our women, but if it is dead (at birth) then they are partners in it.” He is going to punish them for their description. Indeed, He is wise and knowledgeable.
6:140  Those who foolishly killed their children without any knowledge, and forbade what God provided them fabricating (lies) against God, they have lost. They have erred and they were not guided.
6:141  And He is the One Who created gardens trellised and non-trellised, and date palms and crops with different tastes (and fruits), and the olives and the pomegranates, like and unlike. Eat from its fruit when it bears fruit, and give its dues on the day of harvest, and do not be excessive, for indeed God does not like the excessive ones.
6:142  And among the livestock are for transporting and some for covering. Eat from what God provided you and do not follow Satan's footsteps, indeed he is an obvious enemy for you.
6:143  Eight in pairs (four pairs), two of the sheep and two of the goats. Say: “Has He forbidden the two males or the two females, or what is in the wombs of the two females? Tell me with knowledge if you are truthful.”
6:144  And two of the camels and two of the cows. Say: “Has He forbidden the two males or the two females, or what is in the wombs of the two females? Or were you present when God instructed you to this?” Who is more wrong than someone who makes up a lie (and attributes it) to God to misguide people without any knowledge? Indeed, God does not guide the wrongdoing people.
6:145  Say: “I do not find, in what was revealed to me, anything forbidden to an eater who eats, except if it is dead or spilled blood or pig’s meat (pork) which is filthy, or it is offered up for other than God which is indeed disobedience. And anyone who is forced without being desirous and not exceeding, then your Lord is forgiving and merciful.”
6:146  And to the Jews, We forbade everything that has claws, and of the cow and of the sheep We forbade them their fat except what their backs carried or the intestines or what is mixed with bones. That is how We punished them for their aggression, and We are certainly truthful.
6:147  If they denied you, then say: “Your Lord has plenty of mercy, but His fury is not turned back from the guilty people.”
6:148  Those who have associated (any partner with God) are going to say: “If God wanted, we and our fathers would not have associated (partners with Him), and we would not have forbidden anything.” That is how those before them lied until they tasted Our fury. Say: “Is there any knowledge with you? Bring it out for us, you follow nothing but speculation and you only guess.”
6:149  Say: “The profound reason belongs to God, so if He wanted He would have guided you all.”
6:150  Say: “Get your witnesses together, those who testify that God forbade this.” If they testify, then do not testify with them, and do not follow the desires of those who denied Our signs and those who do not believe in the Hereafter and they set up equals with their Lord.
6:151  Say: “Come, I read you what your Lord declared as inviolable to you, do not associate anything with Him, and be good to your parents, and do not kill your children because of poverty as We provide for you and for them, and do not go near indecencies whether it is apparent or it is secret, and do not kill anyone except justifiably (in due process of law) as God made it (life) sacred. This is what He instructed you to it, so that you may understand.”
6:152  And do not go near the property of orphans except in the best way until he reaches his maturity, and give measure and weight with justice. We do not task anyone beyond its capability. And when you speak, be just, even if it is about your relatives (and close ones). And fulfill your promise to God. This is what He instructed you to it so that you may take notice.
6:153  And this is My straight path, so follow it and do not follow other ways, for they separate you from His way. This is what He instructed you to it so that you may be cautious (of God).
6:154  We gave Moses the book to finish (Our favor) upon the one who did good, and as an explanation for everything and a guide and a mercy so they may believe in meeting their Lord.
6:155  And this book (Quran) which We have sent it down is blessed, so follow it and be cautious (of God) so you may receive mercy,
6:156  and so that you do not say: “The book was only sent down to two groups before us, and we were certainly unaware of their studies.”
6:157  Or you do not say: “If the book was sent down to us, we would have certainly been more guided than them.” A clear evidence and a guide and a mercy has come to you from your Lord. So, who is more wrong than someone who denies God’s signs and turns away from them? We are going to punish those who turn away from Our signs, a bad punishment for what they were turning away from.
6:158  Are they waiting for the angels to come to them or your Lord to come or some of your Lord's signs to come? The day when some of your Lord's signs come, a person will not benefit from its belief if it did not believe from before or if it did not earn any good by its belief. Say: “Wait, indeed we are waiting too.”
6:159  Indeed, those who divided their religion and became sects, you have nothing to do with them. Their affair is only with God, then He informs them of what they were doing.
6:160  Whoever comes with a good deed, he has ten times as much as that, and whoever comes with a bad deed, then he is only punished like that, and they are not wronged.
6:161  Say: “Indeed my Lord guided me to a straight path, a lasting (and right) way of life (religion), the faith of Abraham, a true believer and he was not of the idolaters.”
6:162  Say: “Indeed my mandatory prayer and my ritual and my life and my death are for God alone, the Lord of humankind,
6:163  there is no partner for Him, and I am ordered to that, and I am the first of (or the best of) the submitted.”
6:164  Say: “Shall I look for a Lord other than God, while He is the Lord of everything?” And every person earns only for itself, and no bearer bears the burden of another, so your return is to your Lord and then He informs you about what you used to disagree about.
6:165  He is the One Who made you successors on the earth, and raised some of you above others in ranks, to test you by what He has given you. Indeed, your Lord is quick in punishment, and He is forgiving and merciful.