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6:1  Guide us to the straight path,
6:2  Indeed those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you warn them or not, they will not believe.
6:3  He is the One Who shapes you in the wombs as He wants. There is no god except Him, The powerful and the wise.
6:4  Test the orphans until they reach the (maturity for) marriage, then if you notice maturity in them, give their properties back to them, and do not consume it excessively and in a hurry because they are growing up. Anyone who is rich then he should forgive (his wages), and anyone who is poor then he should reasonably consume (from it). And when you return their properties to them, take witness upon them, while God is enough for reckoning.
6:5  You who believe, when you intend to perform mandatory prayer, wash you faces and your hands to the elbows and wipe your head and (wipe/wash) your feet to the ankles, and if you had orgasm then clean yourself, and if you were sick or on a journey, or one of you came from toilet (bowel movement), or you had (sexual) contact with a woman and could not find water then perform dry ablution using clean soil (or stone) rubbing your faces and hands with it. God does not want to make it difficult for you, but He wants to make you clean and to finish His favor upon you, so you may be thankful.
6:6  Did they not see how many generations before them We destroyed which We had made them powerful on the earth such that We did not make you that powerful? And We sent plenty of rain on them from the sky and We made rivers flow underneath them, then We destroyed them for their sins and We created another generation after them.
6:7  We shall question those whom (messengers) were sent to them, and We shall question the messengers.
6:8  They argue with you about the truth after it was made clear, as if they are driven to death while they are watching.
6:9  And if any of the idolaters asks you for protection, then protect him so that he hears God's word, then escort him to his safe place. That is because they are a group who do not know.
6:10  Indeed in the alternation (and the difference) between night and day and what God created in the skies and the earth there are signs for people who are cautious (of God).
6:11  There is no creature on the earth except its food (and provision) is God’s responsibility, and He knows its place of stay and its depository (where it is buried), all is in a clear book.
6:12  and that is how your Lord chooses you and teaches you the interpretation of events (and dreams) and completes His favor upon you and Jacob’s family as He previously completed it on your fathers, Abraham and Isaac. Indeed your Lord is knowledgeable and wise.”
6:13  They ask you to rush with the bad before the good while similar examples (of punishment) have passed before them. And your Lord certainly has forgiveness for people about their wrongdoing, and indeed your Lord is severe in punishment.
6:14  And (remember) when Moses said to his people: “Remember God’s favors upon you when He saved you from Pharaoh’s people who subjected you to the harsh punishment while killing your sons and letting your women live. There was a great trial in that from your Lord.”
6:15  And they said: “You, the one that the reminder (Quran) is sent to him, you are certainly mad,
6:16  And there is beauty (and joy) for you in them when you return them (from pasture) and when you drive them out (to pasture).
6:17  Then We give you back the turnaround over them, and We help you with wealth and children, and We make you numerous persons.
6:18  And you may kill yourself from grief over their actions if they do not believe in this saying.
6:19  to inherit from me and inherit from Jacob’s family. And my Lord, make him pleasing.”
6:20  Everything in the skies and on the earth and whatever between them and whatever under the ground belongs to Him.
6:21  We destroyed any town before them that did not believe, so will they believe?
6:22  That is because God is the truth, and He gives life to the dead, and He is capable of everything.
6:23  except with their spouses or what they own, then indeed they are blameless,
6:24  And those who accuse their spouses, and there is not any witnesses for them except themselves, then their individual testimony (is acceptable) if they testify four times (swearing) by God that he is certainly of the truthful ones.
6:25  Say: “The One Who knows the secret of the skies and the earth sent it down. Indeed He is forgiving and merciful.”
6:26  They have denied, so the news of what they used to ridicule is going to come to them.
6:27  And you certainly receive the Quran from (the One Who is) wise and knowledgeable.
6:28  and to establish them (and give them power) in the land and to show Pharaoh and Haman and their troops what they used to fear.
6:29  And anyone who tries (in God's way), indeed tries for himself. Indeed God does not need any of the beings.
6:30  (This is) God’s promise, and God does not break His promise, but most people do not know.
6:31  And some people trade the amusing (and baseless) saying in order to misguide (people) from God's way without knowledge, and they take it as a joke. They will have a humiliating punishment.
6:32  This is the knower of the unseen and the visible, the powerful, the merciful.
6:33  The prophet is more entitled to the believers than themselves, and his wives are (like) their mothers. And in God’s book, blood relatives (and close relatives) are more entitled to (inherit from) each other than the believers and the migrants unless you (want to) do some good to your friends. This is written in the book.
6:34  And those who were given knowledge see that what is revealed to you from your Lord is the truth and it guides to the path of the powerful, the praiseworthy.
6:35  Indeed Satan is your enemy, so take him as an enemy. He only invites his party so that they become among inhabitants of the burning fire.
6:36  so that you warn a people whose fathers were not warned, therefore they are negligent.
6:37  Indeed We beautified the sky of the world with beauty of the stars
6:38  And the leaders of them went off (saying:) “Go on and persevere about your gods, indeed this is certainly something wanted (and expected from you).
6:39  He created you from a single being, then He made its spouse from it, and He sent down eight pairs of (various) livestock for you. He creates you in your mothers' wombs, creation after creation, in three (layers of) darkness. That is God, your Lord, the rule belongs to Him, there is no God except Him. So how are you turned away?
6:40  And that is how your Lord's word was justified against those who disbelieved, that they are inhabitants of the fire.
6:41  Say: “I am only a human being like you, it is revealed to me that your god is the One god, so go straight to Him and ask his forgiveness, and woe to the idolaters,
6:42  And those who take protectors/masters besides Him, God guards over them, and you are not their advocate.
6:43  And how many prophets did We send among the earlier ones?
6:44  A mercy from your Lord. Indeed He hears all, knows all.
6:45  These are God's signs that We read them to you in truth. So in what saying do they believe after God and His signs?
6:46  And when people are gathered (in the Hereafter), they will be their enemies and they will deny their servitude.
6:47  and He admits them into the garden, which He has described it for them.
6:48  And He punishes the hypocrite men and the hypocrite women and the idolater men and the idolater women who think bad thoughts about God. A circle of badness is on them, and God’s anger is upon them, and He has cursed them and has prepared hell for them, and it is a bad destination.
6:49  You who believe, if a disobedient one comes to you with any news, then clarify it so that you do not harm some people ignorantly, and you become sorry about what you did.
6:50  Do they not look at the sky above them, that how We built it and beautified it, and it has no cracks?
6:51  and the judgment is certainly a reality.
6:52  and by the (filled and) blazing sea,
6:53  being strong (and competent), he stood straight,
6:54  So stay away from them, a day (comes when) the caller calls them to a nasty thing.
6:55  Herbs (or stars) and trees humble themselves (before God).
6:56  and become scattered dust.
6:57  He makes the night pass through the day and makes the day pass through the night. And He knows what is inside the chests/minds.
6:58  A day that God raises them all, then He informs them of what they did, as God counted it while they forgot it. And God is witnesses over everything.
6:59  And whatever God gave to His messenger (as spoil) from them, you did not bother (riding) any horse or camel for it, but God makes His messengers dominate over whomever He wants. God is capable of everything.
6:60  Certainly there has been a good example in them for you, for anyone who hopes for God and the Last Day. And anyone who turns away, then (know that) indeed God is the rich (and without needs), the praiseworthy.
6:61  And when Jesus, son of Mary, said: “Children of Israel, indeed I am God's Messenger to you, confirming what is before me in the Torah, and giving good news of a messenger coming after me, whose name (or whose attribute) is Ahmad (or praised one).” Then when he brought them clear evidences, they said: “This is an obvious magic.”
6:62  Say: “Jews, if you claim that you are God's friends (and His chosen ones) and no other people, then wish for death (to go to paradise sooner) if you are truthful.”
6:63  It is the same for them whether you ask forgiveness for them or you do not ask forgiveness for them. God will never forgive them. Indeed God does not guide the disobedient people.
6:64  That is because their messenger brought them clear evidences, then they said: “Does a human being guide us?” So they disbelieved and turned away, while God does not need them, and God is rich (without needs) and praiseworthy.
6:65  Let them live where you live, according to your means, and do not harm them in order to pressure them (to leave). And if they are carrying, then spend on them until they deliver their load (and give birth). And if they nurse (your child) for you, then give them their wages and consult between yourselves nicely, and if you find it difficult then another (woman) may nurse (the child) for him.
6:66  You who believe, protect yourselves and your families from a fire that its fuel is people and rocks, over which are angels harsh and severe who do not disobey God in what He orders them and they do what they are ordered.
6:67  And for those who disbelieve in their Lord is punishment of hell, and it is the bad destination.
6:68  which of you is the crazy one.
6:69  And as for Aad, they were destroyed by a violent ice-cold wind
6:70  Indeed they see it far
6:71  but my invitation only increased (their) running away,
6:72  There were men among humans who were seeking protection from Jinn's men, so they increased them in foolishness (and injustice).
6:73  Indeed rising up at night is more effective and more appropriate for word (of prayer).
6:74  and do not do favor to ask for more
6:75  He asks: “When is the Resurrection Day?”
6:76  A spring that God's servants drink from it, make it flow out abundantly (as they please).
6:77  to excuse or to warn
6:78  Did We not make the earth a resting place,
6:79  on a day that the earthquake shakes (the earth)
6:80  then you pay attention to him
6:81  and when the seas are set on fire
6:82  Human being, what deceived you about your noble Lord?
6:83  A day when people stand before the Lord of humankind.
6:84  Human being, indeed you are a hard worker toward your Lord, working hard, and you will meet Him.
6:85  when they sat around it,
6:86  He is created from an ejected fluid,
6:87  We are going to read (Quran) to you, and you will not forget
6:88  There is no food for them except from a thorny plant,
6:89  Have you not considered what your Lord did with Aad
6:90  He says: “I wasted a lot of wealth.”
6:91  and the earth and what extended it,
6:92  and confirms goodness,
6:93  Did He not find you an orphan and sheltered you
6:94  Indeed with difficulty there is ease.
6:95  except those who believe and do good, then they will have an unending reward.
6:96  No way, the human being shall certainly rebel
6:98  Indeed those who disbelieved among people of the book and the idolaters will be in fire of hell, remaining in there forever. They are worst of the creatures.
6:99  On that day people come out in separate groups to be shown their works.
6:100  indeed the human being is ungrateful to his Lord,
6:101  As for anyone whose balance (of good deeds) is heavy,
6:102  You shall see the hellfire,
6:104  (It is the) blazing fire of God
6:107  those who pretend (and make a show of what they do)
6:109  your way of life (religion) for you and my way of life (religion) for me.”
6:114  (whether) from Jinn or people.”