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23:1  The believers are the only successful ones in this world
23:2  The believers are those who worship God with awe and respect
23:3  The believers are those who avoid worthless talk
23:4  The believers are those who devote a prescribed part of their income to charity
23:5  The believers are those who do not engage in immoral sexual activities
23:6  The believers are those who have sex only with their own wives based upon divine laws
23:7  Indeed those who do not observe divine laws governing sexual behaviors are the sinners
23:8  The believers are trust worthy and deliver their promises
23:9  The believers do not miss any of their prescribed daily prayers
23:10  The believers are the inheritors
23:11  They will inherit the paradise and will live in its best place forever
23:12  I created [the first] man from some kind of mud (hydrocarbon/ organic compound.
23:13  Subsequently, I reproduced him by placing the fertilized egg in a safe place (mother’s womb.
23:14  From the fertilized egg, I created the embryo; from the embryo I led him into a little lump; then I created his bones; then I covered the bones with flesh; and then, I introduced him to the world in his final stage of evolution. Congratulations to the Lord, the Best of creators
23:15  Eventually you will die
23:16  Then, beyond any shadow of the doubt, you will be resurrected on the Day of Resurrection
23:17  Above you, I have created seven paths (universes within universes separated by seven layers) and I am never unaware of a single creature therein
23:18  I send down water from the sky in exact measure. Then I let it stay on earth (in Aquifer.) Be careful (and do not provoke My anger) as I am capable of letting it escape (and then, even with an advanced technology you will become miserable.
23:19  With this water, I create for you gardens of date palms, grapes, full of fruits so that you enjoy eating them
23:20  I have also created a tree, native to Mount Sinai, which you may extract oil from its fruit, or eat it as some like to do
23:21  Think about livestock and see if they can provide you an example (of how gracious your Lord is.) I let you drink their milk, take advantage of lots of benefits that they provide for you, and eat them
23:22  I also let you use some of them as a mean of transportation, the same way that I let you use your ships for moving from one place to another on earth
23:23  I sent Noah to his people. He said to them: “My people, worship God. You do not have any other lord beside Him; why do you not respect Him then?”
23:24  The leaders of the disbelievers said: “This guy is a human being like yourselves. His only intention is to become your ruler. Had God willed, He would have sent the angels down. We have never heard none senses like this from our forefathers.”
23:25  “He may have gone crazy; just leave him alone.”
23:26  Noah then prayed: “Lord, grant me victory over these denying people.”
23:27  I replied: “Start making a ship under My supervision. Then, when the springs starts to gush the water, I will command you to take on board a pair of each animal as well as your folks (except those who are already condemned.) Do not ask me to change My mind about the wrongdoers as they must be drowned
23:28  Once you embark on the watercraft (a simple boat as explained in 54:say: “Thank you God for saving us from the unjust people.”
23:29  Then pray: “My Lord, bless the land that you have decided to disembark me. You are the best in bringing to the most hospitable land to disembark in.”
23:30  This (drowning of the wicked people) should serve you as an example. I always put people to the test (and Noah’s people are not the last ones as claimed in the existing Bible. See Genesis 9:11.
23:31  Later, I raised to power a generation of their descendents (The people of Ad: Al Aaraf, 69.
23:32  I appointed someone of their own people as My Messenger to them saying: “You do not have any other Lord but God; therefore, obey Him. Are you not afraid of Him (doing what you are doing?)”
23:33  A disbeliever leader of them who had rejected the Hereafter (in spite of having received a good portion in this world) said: “This guy is a human being like yourselves. He eats the same thing that you eat and drinks the same thing that you drink!”
23:34  “If you obey a human being like yourselves, you will be nothing but a bunch of the losers.”
23:35  “Does he really mean that after dying and turning into dust and bones, you will come back intact?”
23:36  “Come on, come on, what kind of nonsense is this?”
23:37  “You only live once and then die. You will not be resurrected.”
23:38  “He has simply fabricated these lies, pretending they are God’s words. We will not believe in these none senses.”
23:39  Their Prophet said: “Help me as they have treated me like an imposter.”
23:40  I said: “Soon they will be sorry.”
23:41  They deserved the punishment that struck them. I turned them into ruins. The unjust people disappeared
23:42  Then I raised to power another nation
23:43  No nation can advance its pre-determined fate, nor delay it
23:44  I sent My Messengers one after another. Any time that a Messenger conveyed his Message, people denied them. Therefore, I destroyed them one after another. I let their life stories to serve as a reminder for the next generations. The Hell with the people who chose the disbelief
23:45  Eventually, I sent Moses and his brother Aaron with undeniable miracles and delegated authority
23:46  They went to Pharaoh and his administrators but the latter showed arrogant. As a matter of fact, they were repressive people
23:47  They said: “Do you want us to believe in two human beings, like us, whose people are already our slaves?”
23:48  They rejected those two Prophets; consequently, they deserved their destruction
23:49  I gave Moses the Scripture so that his people get guidance
23:50  I made son of Mary and his mother a sign of Mine, and I gave them both a lovely place (having meadows and springs) on a high ground to rest and have peace
23:51  I told to each Prophet: “Enjoy eating the pure provision of yours and do good deeds and know that I am aware of all that you are doing.”
23:52  You all belong to the same congregation and I am your Lord. Respect Me the Most
23:53  What a shame that people have divided themselves into different nations each happy with what they have (proud of their “cultural roots!”
23:54  Let them enjoy it for a while
23:55  Do they think that being showered with wealth and children is a sign…
23:56  that they will also be showered with goodies in the Hereafter? Not at all; they do not get it
23:57  Those who are at awe with their Lord
23:58  those who believe in the Revelations of their Lord
23:59  those who worship none but their Lord
23:60  those who devote a part of their God given income to charity and they are looking forward to return to their Lord
23:61  these [are the ones who will be showered with their Lord’s blessings in the Hereafter as they are the ones] who are looking forward to participate in good deeds and compete with each other in righteousness
23:62  Rest assured that I am not obliging nobody to do what he cannot bear. I have a precise (with no video trick) record of everything (that you have done.) No body (in the Lord’s court) will be subject to the least injustice
23:63  Given the fact that they care less about this (Revelation of God), they are engaged in the kind of activities that do not conform to this (Revelation of God.) What they do are evil
23:64  When their wealthy ones are subjected to My punishment, they start to beg from the bottom of their heart
23:65  “Do not beg as I will not help you today.”
23:66  My Revelations were recited to you; yet you turned your back and went on
23:67  You showed arrogance and ridiculed the Messenger of Mine in your private parties
23:68  Do the disbelievers ever consider My Revelations worthy of thinking about? Do they reject it simply because their forefathers had not heard it
23:69  Do they deny My Messenger because they do not know him
23:70  Do they reject it because some say: “Mohammad is possessed ?” My Messenger has brought them the truth. The fact of the matter is, most of them hate the truth
23:71  If what they consider the truth had prevailed, chaos would have spread in the heavens and the earth and whatever lives therein My Commandments are revealed for their own good, yet they disregard it
23:72  Is it because you are asking a consulting fee from them? Definitely not for the simple reason that what God gives you is much better than what they would have afforded to pay to you. God is the Best Provider
23:73  In fact, you are inviting them to the straight path (and it is sad that they cannot see it that way.
23:74  Those who do not believe in the Hereafter are in a path which gets far and far away from the right path
23:75  If I shower them with My Mercy and relieve their problem, (instead of being thankful) they become more rebellious
23:76  Even now that they have a miserable life (which can be translated in our today’s rampant divorces, increasing homosexuality, being infected with AIDS and other “Social Disease”, mean job environment, etc.), they do not return to their Lord and implore for help and forgiveness
23:77  But when I sentence them to a sever punishment, they will implore in desperation
23:78  What a shame that you rarely appreciate the One Who has given you the ability to hear, to see, and to think
23:79  He is the One Who has established you on earth and before Him you will be summoned (for questioning.
23:80  He is the One Who gives life, makes you die, and alternates the night and day (by turning the earth around its axle.) Why do you not get it
23:81  Their response (to the Lord’s invitation) is the same as their forefathers’ saying
23:82  “How is it possible to be resurrected after dying and turning into dust and bones? …
23:83  No way. We have heard these things being told to our forefathers in ancient mythologies”
23:84  Ask them: “Do you know to whom belongs the earth and all its living species?”
23:85  They will respond: “To God.” Say: “Why do you doubt Him then?”
23:86  Ask them: “Who is the Creator of the seven universes and the Lord of the Great dominion?”
23:87  They will say: “God.” Say: “Why then you do not fear Him
23:88  Say: “Who is in charge of the entire realm of creation? Who is the One Who Protects while none can be protected from Him?”
23:89  They will reply: “God.” Say: “Who has hypnotized you then (that you disregard His Commandments?)”
23:90  I have offered you the truth and you reject it
23:91  God has begotten no son. There has never been any other lord beside Him. Otherwise, every creator would have separated his dominion and engaged in completion (as is the case with the Greek mythology.) God is much higher than what they portray Him to be
23:92  He has absolute knowledge about what you see and what you do not see
23:93  Pray: “Lord, if the punishment that you have promised has to happen any moment, …
23:94  please do not include me among those who are consider as unjust by You.”
23:95  Your Lord is indeed capable of showing you the promised punishment
23:96  Never mind their evil and counter it with goodness. I know exactly what they are saying about you
23:97  And pray: “Lord, I beg for your protection against the Satan’s whispers
23:98  A better prayers will be: “Lord, may you not let Satan to approach me.”
23:99  When death comes to one of the disbelievers, he begs: “Lord, please send me back so that I do righteous deeds this time.” …
23:100  What a big lie (they will go back to their old tricks, if they are returned.) A barrier will separate them from the world till the Day of Resurrection
23:101  When the horn is blown, all relationships will be forgotten and they will care the least about each other
23:102  Those who have more good deeds than bad deeds are the successful one
23:103  Those who have more bad deeds than good deeds are the ones who have wronged their souls as they will be confined to the Hell forever
23:104  The Fire will burn their faces so badly that their jaws will be exposed
23:105  “Were not My Revelations recited to you? Were you not denying them?”
23:106  They will reply: “Lord, our wicked desires overwhelmed us. We were indeed in darkness.”
23:107  “Lord, please take us out of here. If we repeat our mistakes, then we accept that we are the most unjust (and deserve this punishment.)”
23:108  The Lord will say: “Stay there in misery and do not speak to Me.”
23:109  “Remember those servants of Mine who used to pray: “Lord, we have chosen the belief; forgive us and have mercy on us. Of all those who have a tender heart, you are the Most Merciful One.”
23:110  “You devoted so much time to make fun of them that you did not have any time to Worship Me. You were simply a bunch of jokers.”
23:111  “Today, I have rewarded them for their patience, and made them successful.”
23:112  The Lord will ask then: “How many years did you live on earth?”
23:113  They will reply: “It seems like a day or even half a day. Please ask those who take care of accounting!”
23:114  The Lord will say: “So, you realize that it was only a short stay (and was not worth it to exchange it for the eternity.)”
23:115  “Did you really believe that I have created you in vain (with no mission to accomplish) and that you will not be brought back to Me (to present your accomplishments)?”
23:116  The Most High is God, the King, the Whole Reality. There is no other god beside Him: The Lord of the Glorious Throne
23:117  Whoever worship any other “Unproven to exist god” beside God, has to answer to God. The disbelievers are surely the losers
23:118  Pray: “Lord, forgive and have mercy! Of all the merciful ones, You are the Most Merciful.”