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19:1  Kaaf. Ha. Ya. 'Ain. Sad.
19:2  Mercy of your Lord remembering His slave Zachariah.
19:3  When he called His Lord with a calling which was hidden.
19:4  He said, “O My Lord, my bone has become feeble and my head is all ablaze with grey but never was I unfortunate in calling you O my Lord.
19:5  And I indeed am concerned about my kinsfolk after me and my wife indeed is barren, therefore gift me from your presence a successor
19:6  who will inherit me [in knowledge and prophethood] and inherit from the family of Jacob and make him O My Lord one that You are well pleased with.
19:7  O Zachariah! We give you glad tidings of a boy his name is Yahaya. Never did We appoint any namesake for him before”
19:8  He said, “O My Lord! How can I have a son when my wife has indeed been barren and I have indeed reached a decrepit old age?”
19:9  He said, “Even so as Your Lord said that is easy for me. I indeed created you before when you were nothing.”
19:10  He said, “O My Lord appoint for me a sign.” He said, “Your sign will be that you will not speak with men for three complete nights.”
19:11  So he came out to his people from the sanctuary and signified to them that glorify [your Lord] in the morning and in the evening.
19:12  “O Yahaya! Hold the book with all your strength and We had given him the wisdom while still a child.
19:13  And [was granted] tenderness from Our presence and purity and he was reverent to Allah.
19:14  And kind to his parents and never was he overbearing, disobedient.
19:15  And peace be upon him the day he was born and the day he dies and the day he will be raised alive.
19:16  And mention in the book Mary when she withdrew herself from her family to a place in the east.
19:17  So she secluded herself from them and then We sent Our spirit to her and he presented himself to her in the form of a complete human.
19:18  She said, “I truly seek refuge in The All-merciful from you even though you be Allah revering.”
19:19  He said, “I am but a messenger of Your Lord [He sent me] so that I may give to you a son most pure.”
19:20  She said, “How can I have a son when no human has ever touched me and I have never been unchaste.”
19:21  He said, “Even so has Your Lord said that is easy for Me and that We may appoint him as a sign for the humankind and a mercy from Us. This was a matter already decreed.”
19:22  Thereupon she conceived him and then she withdrew herself with him to an exalted place.
19:23  Then the throes of childbirth brought her to the trunk of the date tree. She said, “Woe me! Would that I had died before this and I were a thing completely forgotten.”
19:24  Thereupon he [the angel] called her from beneath her that, “Grieve not for indeed Your Lord has caused a rivulet to run beneath you.
19:25  And shake the trunk of the date tree towards you and it will drop for you fresh ripe dates.
19:26  So eat and drink and let your eye be pleased. If you ever see anyone of the humans then say, “I have vowed to fast for The All-merciful and I shall never speak today to any human being.”
19:27  Then she brought him to her people carrying him. They said, “O Mary! You have indeed done something very daring.
19:28  O sister of Aaron! Your father was not an evil man nor was your mother an unchaste woman.”
19:29  Thereupon she pointed to him. They said, “How can we speak to one who is as yet a baby in the cradle?”
19:30  He said, “I am a slave of Allah and He has given me the book and He has made me a prophet”
19:31  ”and He has made me blessed wheresoever I may be and He has admonished me to prayer and to self-purification as long as I am alive”
19:32  ”and He has made me kind to my mother and has not made me overbearing, miserable”
19:33  ”and [the greeting of] the peace was on me the day I was born and the day that I die and the day that I will be raised a living.”
19:34  That was Jesus son of Mary the word of the truth about which they continue to be in confusion.
19:35  It is not befitting for Allah to take a son for Himself. Glory be to Him. Whenever He decrees an affair, He but says to it, “Be” and it is.
19:36  And truly [Jesus says] “Allah is My Lord and Your Lord therefore worship Him. This is the most upright way”.
19:37  But the sects disagreed among themselves and woe unto those who disbelieve from the encountering of an awful day.
19:38  How well they hear and how well they see on the day they will come to Us but the wrongdoers today [in this worldly life] are in manifest error [for they cannot hear nor see].
19:39  And warn them of the day of remorsefulness when the matter will be decreed while they are [now] in forgetfulness and nor do they believe.
19:40  Truly it is Us who will inherit the earth and all who are on it and to Us they will be returned.
19:41  And mention in the book Abraham. He indeed was a sincere believer, a prophet.
19:42  When he said to his father, “O my father, why do you worship that which hears not and sees not nor can it avail you in aught?
19:43  O my father, something from the knowledge has indeed come to me that has not come to you therefore follow me and I will guide you to a way which is midmost.
19:44  O my father, do not serve Satan. Truly Satan was rebellious against Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful].
19:45  O my father! I fear that a punishment from Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] touches you and then you become an ally for Satan.”
19:46  He said, “Do you dislike my gods, O Abraham! If you do not desist I will most certainly stone you to death so leave me for a long while.”
19:47  He said, “Peace be on you. I shall ask My Lord forgiveness for you for He has always been welcoming to me”
19:48  ”and I will part from you and from all that you invoke besides Allah and I will invoke My Lord perhaps I shall not be unfortunate in calling on My Lord.”
19:49  So when he parted from them and from all that they worshipped besides Allah, We granted unto him Isaac and Jacob and each of them We made a prophet.
19:50  And We granted unto them something from Our mercy and We appointed for them a sincere exalted tongue.
19:51  And mention in the book Moses. He indeed was a chosen one and he was a messenger and a prophet.
19:52  And We called on him from right side of [the mountain of] Toor and We drew him near for a secret communion.
19:53  And out of Our mercy We granted him his brother Aaron as a prophet.
19:54  And mention in the book Ishmael. He indeed was sincere in his promise and he was a messenger and a prophet.
19:55  And he used to command his family to the prayer and to the self-purification and he was one well pleased with in the eyes of His Lord.
19:56  And mention in the book Idris. He indeed was a sincere believer and a prophet.
19:57  And We raised him to an exalted station.
19:58  Those are the ones Allah bestowed His blessing on them from among the prophets from the descendants of Adam and from those We carried [in the ark] with Noah and from the descents of Abraham and of Israel and from those We guided and We chose. Whenever the signs of Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] are related unto them they fall prostrate and weeping.
19:59  So after them came the evil successors who neglected the prayer and they pursued their vain desires. They in turn will meet the pit of Ghayyi.
19:60  Except one who repents and believes and act righteous deeds. Truly they will enter the garden and they will not be cheated a thing.
19:61  The gardens of everlasting felicity which Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] has promised to His servants from the unseen. So truly His promise is going to be fulfilled.
19:62  They will hear no foul talk therein except the word of peace and their provision is given to them therein morning and evening.
19:63  That is the garden which We give as inheritance to one who guards his own soul from among Our slaves.
19:64  And we do not descend except by the command of Your Lord and for Him is all that is in front of us and all that is behind us and all that is between those two and Your Lord is never susceptible to forgetting.
19:65  Lord of the heavens and of the earth and what is between the two therefore worship Him and be patient in worshipping Him. Do you know of any namesake for Him?
19:66  And the human being says, “When I am dead, will I in time be brought back alive?”
19:67  But does not the human being remember that We created him before when he was nothing.
19:68  So by Your Lord, We shall most certainly gather them and the devils and then We will most certainly bring them kneeling around the hellfire.
19:69  Then We will most certainly pull out from every sect those ones who were the most obstinate in [their] transgression against Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful].
19:70  Then certainly We know best those who are most deserving to be burnt therein.
19:71  And there is not one among you but that he must come upon it. That was a decree most binding on Your Lord.
19:72  Then We will save all those who guarded their own souls against wrong doings and We will leave the wrongdoers therein kneeling.
19:73  And whenever Our signs are related unto them clearly, those who disbelieve will say to those who believe, “Which of the two parties is better in station and more excellent in entourage?”
19:74  And how many a generation before them have We destroyed who were better furnished and better looking.
19:75  Say, “Whoever continues to be in the misguidance, Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] will relent towards him with utmost relenting” until when they see that which they were promised either the punishment or the hour. They will then know who is worse in station and weaker in soldiery.”
19:76  And Allah will increase those who have attained to guidance in guidance. And the good deeds that remain are better in the sight of Your Lord as a reward and better as a place of return.
19:77  Have you ever seen the one who disbelieved in Our signs and said, “Most certainly I will be given wealth and children.”
19:78  Has he espied the unseen or has he taken a covenant with Ar-Rahman (The All-merciful)?
19:79  Nay! We shall record all that he says and We shall lengthen for him the punishment a complete lengthening.
19:80  And We will make him inherit all that he says and he will come to Us all alone.
19:81  They have taken deities besides Allah so that they may be a might for them.
19:82  Nay! They shall deny their worship for them and they will turn against them.
19:83  Have you not seen that We have let loose the devils against the disbelievers and spur them continuously.
19:84  So do not be in haste over them. We have only counted for them a little number [of days].
19:85  The day We shall gather those who guard themselves unto Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] as honored guests.
19:86  And we shall drive the evildoers unto hell weary and worn out.
19:87  They will have no power of intercession except one who has secured unto himself a solemn covenant with Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful]
19:88  And they say, “Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] has taken unto Himself a son”
19:89  You have indeed come along with a matter most objectionable.
19:90  The heavens well-nigh rend into pieces because of it and the earth parts [into two] and the mountains come down crashing
19:91  that they claim a son for Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful].
19:92  And it is not befitting for Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] to take unto Himself a son.
19:93  There is no one among all those in the heavens and in the earth but must come to Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] as a slave.
19:94  He has indeed encompassed them and has numbered them exactly.
19:95  And each one of them is going to come to Him on the day of resurrection all alone.
19:96  Indeed those who believed and did righteous deeds, Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] will make an affection for them.
19:97  We have made it [ the Quran] easy through your tongue [O Muhammad] only so that you may bring glad tidings by it to those who revere Allah and only so that you may warn by it a people who are waywardly contentious.
19:98  And how many a generation before them have We destroyed! Do you perceive anyone from among them or do you hear any whisper from them?