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19:1  Kaf, Ha, Ya, ´Ayn, Sad.
19:2  A mention of the mercy of your Lord upon His servant Zakariya (Zacharias).
19:3  When he secretly called out to his Lord.
19:4  Saying: my Lord, my strength is leaving me and my head has turned grey and I have never been disappointed when calling to You.
19:5  And I fear about my succession, and my wife is barren, so grant me from Yourself a successor.
19:6  To inherit from me and the family of Ya´qub (Jacob) and, oh Lord, make him pleasing (to You).
19:7  Oh Zakariya (Zacharias), We are giving you good news of a boy whose name is Yahya (John), We have not issued this name to anyone before.
19:8  He said: oh my Lord, how can I have a boy when my wife is barren and I have reached the end of my life.
19:9  He said: this is what your Lord states: it is easy for Me, I previously created you out of nothing.
19:10  He said: my Lord, assign me a sign. He said: your sign is that you shall not talk to people for three nights consecutively.
19:11  So he went out to his people from the prayer niche and gestured to them to glorify (Allah) in the mornings and evenings.
19:12  Oh Yahya (John), adopt the book with strength, and We gave him sound judgement as a young boy.
19:13  And (he was given) compassion and purity from Us, and he was aware (of Allah).
19:14  And devoted to his parents, and he was not oppressive or rebellious.
19:15  And peace is with him on the day he was born and the day he dies and the day he is brought to life again.
19:16  And mention in the book Maryam (Mary) when she retreated from her family to a place facing East.
19:17  Then she separated herself from them and We sent to her Our spirit and he appeared to her like a real man.
19:18  She said: I seek refuge in the Merciful from you if you beware (of Allah).
19:19  He said: I am a messenger of your Lord to grant you a pure boy.
19:20  She said: How can I have a boy when no man has touched me and I have not been immoral.
19:21  He said: this is what your Lord states: it is easy for Me, and in order for Us to make you a sign for people and a mercy from Us, and it was a decided matter.
19:22  So she carried him and retreated with him to a far off place.
19:23  Then going into labour drove her to a palm trunk. She said: woe to me, if only I died before this and would be completely forgotten.
19:24  Then he called her from beneath her: do not worry, your Lord has placed a stream beneath you.
19:25  And shake the palm tree towards you, ripe fresh dates will fall on you.
19:26  So eat and drink and rest your eyes, and if you see any person, say: I promised a fast to the Merciful and will therefore not speak to anyone today.
19:27  So she brought him to her people. They said: oh Maryam (Mary), you have brought something unacceptable.
19:28  Oh sister of Harun (Aaron), your father was not a bad man and your mother was not immoral.
19:29  Then she pointed to him. They said: how can we talk to someone who is a child in a cradle?
19:30  He said: I am the servant of Allah, He gave me the book and made me a prophet.
19:31  And He made me a blessing wherever I am and He instructed me with prayer and Zakat as long as I live.
19:32  And to be devoted to my mother and He did not make me oppressive or rebellious.
19:33  And peace is with me on the day I was born and the day I die and the day I am brought to life again.
19:34  That is ´Isa (Jesus), the son of Maryam (Mary), the statement of truth in which they have doubt.
19:35  It is not befitting for Allah to adopt a son. Glorified is He. When He decides a matter, then He says to it: Be, then it is.
19:36  And Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so serve Him. This is a straight path.
19:37  Then the allies differed amongst themselves, so woe to those who reject (the truth) from the assembly on a tremendous day.
19:38  Hear and see them on the day they come to Us, but the wrongdoers are in clear error today.
19:39  And warn them of the day of loss when the matter is decided, whilst they are careless and do not believe.
19:40  We will indeed inherit the earth and whoever is on it and they will return to Us.
19:41  And mention in the book Ibrahim (Abraham), he was a truthful prophet.
19:42  When he said to his father: oh my father, why do you serve that which does not hear nor see nor benefit you in any way?
19:43  Oh my father, I have received knowledge you did not receive, so follow me, I will guide you to a level path.
19:44  Oh my father, do not serve the devil, for the devil was disobedient to the Merciful.
19:45  Oh my father, I fear that a punishment from the Merciful will afflict you and you will be a friend to the devil.
19:46  He said: do you dislike my gods, oh Ibrahim (Abraham)? If you do not stop, I will curse you and you better get out of my way.
19:47  He said: peace be with you, I will ask my Lord for forgiveness for you, for He is always kind to me.
19:48  I will move away from you and what you serve besides Allah and call on my Lord, hopefully I will not be disappointed when calling to my Lord.
19:49  Then when he moved away from them and what they served besides Allah, We gave him Ishaq (Isaac) and Ya´qub (Jacob) and made each of them a prophet.
19:50  And We granted them of Our mercy and gave them a truthful and elevated reputation.
19:51  And mention in the book Musa (Moses), he was sincere and was a messenger and prophet.
19:52  And We called him from the mountain on the right and brought him near in direct communication.
19:53  And We gave him of Our mercy his brother Harun (Aaron) as a prophet.
19:54  And mention in the book Isma´il (Ishmael), he was the one to fulfil the promise and was a messenger and prophet.
19:55  And he instructed his family to pray and give Zakat and was accepted by His Lord.
19:56  And mention in the book Idris (Enoch), he was a truthful prophet.
19:57  And We raised him to a high status.
19:58  Those are the ones Allah has favoured of the prophets and the descendants of Adam and of those whom We carried with Nuh (Noah) and of the descendants of Ibrahim (Abraham) and Isra´il (Israel) and of those whom We guided and chose; when the signs of the Merciful were recited to them, they fell prostrate in tears.
19:59  And after them came a succession (of people) who neglected prayer and followed desires, and they will soon meet their downfall.
19:60  Except he who repents and believes and does good, for those will enter the garden and will not be wronged at all.
19:61  The gardens of Eden which the Merciful has promised to those who serve Him without seeing Him, for His promise will come to pass.
19:62  They will not hear any idle talk there, only peace, and they will have their provision in the mornings and evenings.
19:63  This is the garden which those of Our servants who bewared will inherit.
19:64  And we (the angels) only descend by the command of your Lord. To Him belongs what lies before us and what lies behind us and what is in between, and your Lord does not forget.
19:65  The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is in between, so serve Him and persist in His service. Do you know anyone else like Him?
19:66  And man says: when I die, am I going to be brought back to life?
19:67  Does man not remember that We created him before when he was nothing?
19:68  So by your Lord, We shall gather them and the devils, then We shall present them kneeling down around hell.
19:69  Then We shall pick out from every faction those who were most obstinate against the Merciful.
19:70  Then We will know best those who are most deserving to burn in it.
19:71  And all of you will approach it, this is a final decision of your Lord.
19:72  Then We rescue those who bewared (of Allah) and abandon the wrongdoers kneeling down in it.
19:73  And when Our clear signs are recited to them, those who reject (the truth) say to those who believe: which of the two groups is more settled and better represented?
19:74  And how many generations have We destroyed before them who were better in luxury and appearance?
19:75  Say: whoever is in error, the Merciful will give him space until when they see what they were promised, either the punishment or the hour, then they will know who is worse off and weaker in support.
19:76  And Allah increases those who are guided in guidance, and the lasting good deeds have a better reward with your Lord and are better in return.
19:77  Have you considered him who rejects Our signs and says: I will be given wealth and children.
19:78  Does he access the unseen or has he entered into an agreement with the Merciful?
19:79  No way, We write down what he says and extend the punishment for him.
19:80  And We inherit what he says was his and he comes to Us alone.
19:81  And they adopt gods besides Allah to be a strength for them.
19:82  No way, they will reject their service and be hostile to them.
19:83  Have you not considered that We sent the devils to those who reject (the truth) to stir them up.
19:84  So be not in a hurry about them, We have a count-down for them.
19:85  On the day We carry those who beware (of Allah) to the Merciful.
19:86  And We herd the sinners towards hell.
19:87  They have no power of intercession except for him who had an agreement with the Merciful.
19:88  And they say: the Merciful has adopted a son.
19:89  You have come up with something awful.
19:90  The heavens almost split from it and the earth shakes and the mountains crumble,
19:91  That they claim for the Merciful a son.
19:92  And it is not befitting for the Merciful to adopt a son.
19:93  For all who are in the heavens and on earth come to the Merciful as servants.
19:94  He has counted them and given them a number.
19:95  And each of them comes on the day of resurrection alone.
19:96  Those who believe and do good work, the Merciful will give them a welcome.
19:97  And We have made it easy on your tongue so that you give good news to those who beware (of Allah) and warn with it an obstinate people.
19:98  And how many generations have We destroyed before them; do you notice any of them or hear the slightest sound from them?