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19:1  Kaf. Ha. Ya. ‘Ayn. Saad.
19:2  Remember the mercy of your Lord to His servant Zechariah.
19:3  He cried to his Lord a secret petition.
19:4  He said, “My Lord, frail indeed are my bones, and the hair of my head shines white. Nevertheless, I am never unblessed, my Lord, in my prayer to You.
19:5  “Indeed, I am concerned about my successors following me, and my wife is barren. However, grant me an heir as from You.
19:6  “[Make him] to represent me and represent the family of Jacob. Make him, my Lord, pleasing.”
19:7  “O Zechariah, indeed, We give you good news of a son. His name shall be John; on no other by that name have We already granted distinction.”
19:8  He said, “My Lord, how shall I have a son when my wife is barren, and I have grown quite feeble in my old age?”
19:9  (The angel of God) said, “Albeit. Your Lord says, ‘That is as easy for me as when I created you when you had been nothing.’”
19:10  (Zechariah) said, “My Lord, give me a sign.” He said, “Your sign will be that you cannot speak to anyone for three straight nights.”
19:11  (Zachariah) appeared to his people from his prayer chamber, and he told them by signs to glorify Allah in the morning and in the evening.
19:12  [After John’s birth:] “O John, secure the Book with valor.” We gave him wisdom even as a youth.
19:13  [We gave him] compassion as from Us, and purity. He was devout.
19:14  He was kind to his parents, and he was never arrogant or rebellious.
19:15  Peace on him the day he was born, the day that he died, and the day that he will be resurrected to life.
19:16  Recall in the Book [of Qur’an] [the story of] Mary when she withdrew from her family to a place of the East.
19:17  She screened herself from them [for the purpose of prayer and meditation]. We sent Our Spirit to her, and he appeared before her as a man in all respects.
19:18  She said, “Indeed I seek protection with the Most Gracious from you, if you fear Allah.”
19:19  He said, “I am simply a messenger from your Lord, announcing to you the gift of a holy son.”
19:20  She asked, “How shall I have a son when no man has touched me. I am not unchaste!”
19:21  He said, “Albeit. Your Lord says, ‘That is easy for Me, and to appoint him as a sign for all people and a mercy from Us is a matter decreed!’”
19:22  (Mary) conceived him, and she isolated herself with him to a remote place.
19:23  The discomfort of bearing a child drove her to the trunk of a palm tree. She cried, “O, I would rather have died and been forgotten and out of sight!”
19:24  Then [a voice] came to (Mary) from beneath her, “Do not grieve. Truly, your Lord has opened a spring beneath you.
19:25  “Also, shake toward you the trunk of the palm tree, and fresh, ripe dates will fall for you.
19:26  “Eat and drink and freshen your eyes. If you see anyone, say, ‘I have vowed a fast to the Most Gracious that I will not converse with any person this day.’”
19:27  Finally (Mary) returned to her people [in Jerusalem], carrying the infant. They said, “O Mary, truly you have brought an astonishing thing!
19:28  “O sister of Aaron [in the family of priests], your father was not an evil man, and your mother was not unchaste!”
19:29  She pointed to (the baby) [as if to say, “Ask him”]. They said, “How can we talk with an infant from the cradle?”
19:30  (The baby Jesus) said, “I am indeed a servant of Allah. He has given me Scriptures and made me a prophet.
19:31  “He has made me blessed wherever I am and has instilled in me prayer and charity as long as I live.
19:32  “He has made me kind to my mother and not arrogant or rebellious.
19:33  “Peace was upon me the day I was born, and will be upon me the day that I die and the day I shall be resurrected.”
19:34  That [story of] Jesus, son of Mary, is a statement of truth about which they dispute.
19:35  It is not befitting of Allah that He would beget a son. Glory to Him! When He decrees a matter, He only says to it, “Be!” and it is.
19:36  Truly, Allah is my Lord and your Lord; therefore, serve Him; this is the Straight Way.
19:37  The sects differ among themselves. Woe to the unbelievers because of the judgment of a dreadful day!
19:38  How clearly they will see and hear on the day they will appear before Us! Today the sinners are in obvious guilt.
19:39  Warn them of the day of distress when the matter will be determined. They are negligent, and they do not believe.
19:40  Truly, We will inherit the earth and all beings upon it. To Us they will all return.
19:41  Mention Abraham in the Book. He was a man of truth –a prophet.
19:42  He said to his father, “O my father, why do you worship that which cannot hear or see and which cannot profit you anything?
19:43  “O my father, knowledge has come to me that has not come to you. Follow me; I will guide you to a way that is even and straight.
19:44  “O my father, do not serve Satan for Satan is a rebel against the Most Gracious.
19:45  O my father, I fear that a penalty may afflict you from the Most Gracious because you have befriended Satan.”
19:46  (The father) replied, “Do you hate my gods, O Abraham? If you don’t stop, I will indeed stone you. Now get away from me for a long time.”
19:47  Abraham said, “Peace to you. I will pray to my Lord for your forgiveness, for He is to me Most Gracious.
19:48  “I will ignore you and those whom you invoke besides Allah. I will call on my Lord. Perhaps, by my prayer to my Lord, I will not be unblessed.”
19:49  When he turned away from them and from those whom they worshiped besides Allah, We bestowed on him Isaac and Jacob. Each one of them We made a prophet.
19:50  We bestowed Our mercy on them. We granted them lofty honor on the tongue of truth.
19:51  Mention Moses in the Book. He was truly chosen. He was a messenger, a prophet.
19:52  We called him from the right side of the mountain. We brought him near for talking.
19:53  From Our mercy, We gave him his brother Aaron, a prophet.
19:54  Mention Ishmael in the Book. He was certainly true to what he promised. He was a messenger, a prophet.
19:55  He encouraged his people in prayer and charity. He was acceptable in the sight of his Lord.
19:56  Mention Enoch in the Book. He certainly was a man of truth, a prophet.
19:57  We raised him to a higher plane.
19:58  They were among the prophets on whom Allah bestowed his grace. [They were] from the posterity of Adam and of those We preserved with Noah. [They were] of the posterity of Abraham and Israel. We guided and chose all those. Whenever the signs of the Most Gracious were recited to them, they would fall prostrating and weeping.
19:59  After them, however, there followed a posterity who missed prayers and followed lustful desires. Soon, then, they will face destruction.
19:60  The exceptions are those who repent and believe, and perform deeds of righteousness. They will enter Paradise, and they will not be slighted in the least.
19:61  There are gardens of Eden that the Most Gracious has promised to His servants, in the unseen. Truly, His promise will come to pass.
19:62  There they will not hear any vain talk; only “Peace!” They will have in it their morning and evening sustenance.
19:63  Such is Paradise which We give as an inheritance to those of Our servants who are righteous.
19:64  [The angels say:] “We do not descend except by the command of your Lord. To Him belong what is before us and what is behind us and what is between. Your Lord never forgets.
19:65  [He is] Lord of the skies and Earth and all that is among them. Worship Him and be consistent in His worship. Do you know of anyone comparable to Him?”
19:66  People say [with doubt], “After I am dead, I will be raised back to life?”
19:67  Does humanity not recall that We created him/her before, when he/she was nothing?
19:68  As Allah is your Lord, We shall assemble them together, along with the demons, and then We will bring them to their knees, all around Hell.
19:69  We will then most certainly pull from each sect all those who were the worst in rebellion against the Most Gracious.
19:70  Certainly, We know best who are the most worthy to be set ablaze therein.
19:71  There is not a single (unrepentant sinner) who will not advance to it. This is the Lord’s inevitable decree.
19:72  We will deliver those who feared, and We will leave the sinners therein, on bent knees.
19:73  When Our clear signs are recited to them, the unbelievers say to the believers, “Which of the two sides has the better position and the more prestigious gathering?”
19:74  How many generations before them have We destroyed? They were even better in supplies and appearance.
19:75  Say, “As for whoever lives in sin, may the Most Gracious extend his/her life until the promise is seen either in punishment or in the hour [of judgment]. They will finally realize who has the worst plight and the weakest following.
19:76  “Allah advances in guidance those who seek guidance. Everlasting, righteous acts are best in the sight of your Lord, in respect to rewards and eventual returns.”
19:77  Have you seen the person who rejects Our signs, and yet says, “I will certainly be given wealth and children?”
19:78  Has he/she gazed into the unseen, or has he/she made a contract with the Most Gracious?
19:79  Nonsense! We will record what he/she says, and We will multiply his/her punishment.
19:80  We will inherit all that of which he/she boasts. He/she will appear all alone before Us.
19:81  They have accepted gods, other than Allah, that (the gods) may honor them.
19:82  Instead, (the false gods) will reject their worship and become enemies against them.
19:83  Do you not see that We have sent devils against the unbelievers to provoke them to anger?
19:84  Do not make haste against them. We only count out to them a number [of days].
19:85  One day We will gather the righteous to the Most Gracious, as an entourage.
19:86  We shall drive the sinners to Hell, thirsty.
19:87  No one will have the power of intercession except someone who has received permission from the Most Gracious.
19:88  They say, “The Most Gracious has begotten a son.”
19:89  This is indeed a monstrous thing to say.
19:90  The skies are ready to burst, the earth to split asunder, and the mountains to crash in utter ruin…
19:91  …from their invoking a son for the Most Gracious!
19:92  It is not consonant with the majesty of the Most Gracious that He should beget a son.
19:93  No one of Heaven or Earth escapes coming to the Most Gracious as a servant.
19:94  Truly, He does take account of all and has numbered them completely.
19:95  Every one of them will come to Him individually on the Day of Judgment.
19:96  Truly, on those who believe and perform deeds of righteousness, the Most Gracious will bestow affection.
19:97  We have made (the Word) accessible in your own language, so that with it you may give good news to the righteous and warning to people of conflict.
19:98  How many generations have We destroyed before them? Can you find a single one of them or hear a whisper from them?