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19:1  Kaf-Ha-Ya-Ain-Sad.
19:2  (This is) a mention of the Mercy of your Lord to His servant Zachariah,
19:3  when he called out his Lord in secret,
19:4  he said: "O my Lord! Indeed I have grown weak bones, head of mine has turned grey, and I have never been unblessed in my invocation to You, O my Lord!
19:5  Surely! I fear my relatives after me and my wife is barren. So give me an heir from You,
19:6  who shall inherit me and inherit from the family of Jacob. O my Lord, make him a desirable (person to You)!”
19:7  (Allah said): “O Zachariah! Surely, We give you the glad tidings of a son, his name shall be John. We have not given that name to anyone before.”
19:8  He asked: “My Lord! How shall I have a son when my wife is barren and I have reached the extreme old age?”
19:9  (Allah) said: “So (it will be). Your Lord says: ‘It is easy for Me. Certainly I have created you before when you were not anything!’”
19:10  (Zachariah) said: “My Lord! Appoint for me a sign.” He (Allah) said: “Your sign is that you shall not speak to people for 3 nights together though you have no bodily defect.”
19:11  So he came out to his people from the praying place, then he told them by signs to glorify (Allah) in the morning and in the afternoon.
19:12  (It was said to his son): “O John! Hold the Scripture with strength.” And We gave him wisdom while he was a child,
19:13  compassion (sympathetic to people) from Us, (made him) pure from sins, and he was righteous,
19:14  and dutiful to his parents, and he was neither arrogant nor disobedient
19:15  Peace be on him the day he was born, the day he dies, and the day he will be raised up to life (again)!
19:16  And mention in the book (the Qur’an, O Muhammad, the story of) Mary, when she withdrew in seclusion from her family to a place facing east.
19:17  Then she placed a screen (to separate herself) from them. We sent to her Our angel Gabriel and he appeared before her as a human in all respects.
19:18  She said: “Surely! I seek refuge with the Gracious (Allah) from you, if you fear (Allah).”
19:19  (The angel) said: “I am only a Messenger from your Lord (to inform) you the gift of a righteous son.”
19:20  She said: “How can I have a son when no man has touched me, nor am I unchaste?”
19:21  He (the angel) said: “So (it will be), your Lord says: ‘That is easy for Me. And We will appoint him (son) as a sign to mankind and a Mercy from Us and it is a matter (already) decreed (by Allah).’”
19:22  So she conceived him and she withdrew with him to a far place (Bethlehem about 4-6 miles from Jerusalem).
19:23  The labor pains drove her to the trunk of a date-palm. She cried (in her anguish): “Would that I had died before this, and I had been forgotten out of sight!”
19:24  So he (Gabriel) called to her from below her, saying: “Don’t grieve! Indeed your Lord has provided a water stream under you
19:25  Shake the trunk of date-palm towards you; it will let fall fresh ripe-dates upon you.
19:26  So eat, drink, and cool your eyes. If you see anyone from human being, say: ‘I have vowed a fast to the Gracious (Allah), so I shall not speak today to any human being.”’
19:27  Carrying the baby, she brought him to her people. They said: “O Mary! Indeed you have brought a mighty thing (hard to believe)!
19:28  O sister of Aaron (a woman from the family)! Your father was not a man of evil nor was your mother an unchaste woman.”
19:29  Then she pointed to him (baby). They said: “How can we talk to one who is a child in the cradle?”
19:30  He (Jesus as the baby) said: “Surely! I am a servant of Allah. He has given me the Scripture and made me a prophet.
19:31  And He has made me blessed wherever I may be and has enjoined on me (to establish) the prayer, give obligatory charity as long as I am live
19:32  be dutiful to my mother, and made me not arrogant, unblessed.
19:33  Peace be upon me the day I was born, and the day I shall die, and the day I shall be raised alive!”
19:34  Such (was) Jesus, son of Mary. It is a statement of truth about which they dispute in it.
19:35  It is not for Allah that He should beget any son. Glorified is He when He decrees an affair, He only says to it: “Be!” and it becomes.
19:36  (Jesus said): “Surely Allah is my Lord and your Lord. So worship Him. This is the Right Way.
19:37  Then the sects differed (Christians about Jesus) among themselves. So woe to those who disbelieve from meeting of a great Day (of judgment).
19:38  How clearly will they hear and see the Day when they will appear before Us! But today the wrongdoers (who don’t hear and see) are in plain error.
19:39  Warn them (O Muhammad) of the Day of grief when the case will be decided, while (today) they are unaware, and don’t believe.
19:40  Surely! We will inherit the earth (after destruction) and whatever is on it. And to Us they shall be returned.
19:41  And mention in the book (the Qur’an) about Abraham. Surely! He was a truthful prophet.
19:42  When he said to his father: “O my father! Why do you worship that which can neither hear, nor see, and cannot avail you anything?
19:43  O my father! Surely! The knowledge has come to me that which did not come to you. So follow me. I will guide you to the Right Way.
19:44  O my father! You don’t worship Satan. Surely! Satan has been a rebel against the Gracious (Allah).
19:45  O my father! Surely! I fear lest a punishment from the Gracious (Allah) should touch you so that you become a companion of Satan.”
19:46  He (father) said: “Do you reject my deity, O Abraham? If you don’t stop this, I will indeed stone you ( to death). So get away from me safely.”
19:47  (Abraham) said: “Peace be on you! I will ask forgiveness of my Lord for you. Surely! He is to me, ever Gracious.
19:48  And I shall turn away from you and what you invoke besides Allah. And I shall call on my Lord; and may be I shall not be unblessed (in my invocation) in calling my Lord.”
19:49  So when he had turned away from them and what they worshipped besides Allah, Allah granted him Isaac and Jacob, and Allah made each one of them a prophet.
19:50  And We gave them Our Mercy and We granted them honor on the tongues (being mentioned) of truth.
19:51  And mention in the book (this Qur’an) about Moses. Surely! He was chosen and he was a Messenger and a prophet.
19:52  And We called him from the right side of the Mount (Tur), and made him draw near for whispering (for a talk).
19:53  We bestowed on him out of Our Mercy his brother Aaron, also a prophet.
19:54  And mention in the book (the Qur’an) about Ishmael. Surely! He was true in promise, and he was a Messenger, and a prophet.
19:55  And he used to command his family to establish prayer, give obligatory charity, and his Lord was pleased (with him).
19:56  And mention in the book (the Qur’an) about Enoch. Surely! He was a truthful prophet.
19:57  And We raised him to a high place.
19:58  These are they on whom Allah bestowed (Grace) from among the prophets, of the offspring of Adam, of those whom We carried (in ship) with Noah, of the offspring of Abraham and Israel, and from among those whom We guided and chose. When the Verses of the Gracious (Allah) were recited to them, they fell down to prostrate and weep.
19:59  But the generations who succeeded them gave up the prayer and followed their lusts. So they will soon meet transgression.
19:60  Except those who repent, believe, and do righteous deeds. Such will enter the Paradise and they will not be wronged in anything.
19:61  (They will enter) gardens of Eden which the Gracious (Allah) has promised to His servants in the unseen. Surely! His Promise shall be fulfilled.
19:62  They shall not hear in it (Paradise) vain talk, but salutation (peace). They will have their sustenance in it, morning and afternoon.
19:63  Such is the Paradise which We shall give as an inheritance to those of Our servants who lead a pious life.
19:64  (The angel Gabriel said): “We (angels) don’t descend except by the command of your Lord (O Muhammad). To Him belongs what is before us and what is behind us, and what is between them. Your Lord is never forgetful
19:65  (Allah is the) Lord of the heavens and the earth, and what is between them, so worship Him, and be patient in His worship. Do you know of anyone similar to Him?”
19:66  And the person (disbeliever) says: “When I am dead, shall I then be raised up alive?”
19:67  Don’t people remember that Allah created them before out of nothing?
19:68  By your Lord, surely We shall gather them together and the devils, then We shall bring them round hell on knees
19:69  then indeed We shall drag out from every sect all those who were worst in rebellion against the Gracious (Allah).
19:70  Then, surely We know best those who deserve to be burnt in it.
19:71  There is not one of you, who will not pass over it (hell); this is a Decree with your Lord,
19:72  then We shall save those who feared (Allah) and were dutiful to Him. And We shall leave the wrongdoers in it (hell) kneeling.
19:73  And when Our clear Verses are recited to them, the disbelievers say to those who believe: “Which of the 2 groups (believers and disbelievers) have best position and better place?”
19:74  And how many from a generation have We destroyed before them, who were better in goods and outward appearance?
19:75  Say (O Muhammad): “Whoever is in the error, the Gracious (Allah) provides an extension (of opportunity) to him, until they see about which they were warned; either it is the punishment or the Hour (of Doom), they will know who is in worst position, and who is weaker in forces
19:76  And Allah increases in guidance for those who seek guidance. The everlasting righteous deeds are better with your Lord for reward and better for resort.”
19:77  Have you seen the one who disbelieved in Our Verses and yet says: “Indeed I will be given wealth and children?”
19:78  Has he known the unseen or has he taken a Covenant from the Gracious (Allah)?
19:79  Nay! We shall record what he says, and We will increase the punishment for him.
19:80  And We will inherit from him (at death) all that he talks and he shall come to Us alone.
19:81  And they have taken (for worship) deities besides Allah so that they might give honor (source of strength) for them.
19:82  Nay, but they (false deities) will deny their worship of them, and will turn against them (on the Day of Judgment).
19:83  Don’t you see that We have sent the devils to the disbelievers to push them to do evil?
19:84  So don’t make haste against them; We only count out to them a (limited) number.
19:85  The Day We shall gather the pious persons to the Gracious (Allah) like a delegation,
19:86  and We shall drive the sinners to hell in a thirsty state.
19:87  They shall not own (power of) intercession except those who have taken a covenant (permission) from the Gracious (Allah).
19:88  And they say: “The Gracious (Allah) has begotten a son,”
19:89  indeed you have brought forth a terrible thing,
19:90  whereby the heavens are almost torn, the earth is split asunder, and the mountains fall in ruins -
19:91  that they ascribe a son to the Gracious (Allah),
19:92  but it is not suitable for the Gracious (Allah) that He should beget a son.
19:93  There is none in the heavens and the earth but comes to the Gracious (Allah) in full submission.
19:94  Surely, He knows each of them, and has counted them a full counting (of all the creatures of Allah),
19:95  and every one of them will come to Him alone on the Day of Resurrection.
19:96  Surely, those who believe and do righteous deeds, the Gracious (Allah) will bestow love for them.
19:97  So We have only made this (the Qur’an) easy on your tongue (O Muhammad) so that you may give glad tidings to the pious with it and warn with it the most quarrelsome people.
19:98  And how many generations before them We have destroyed? Can you (O Muhammad) find anyone from them or hear even a whisper of them?