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(Word by Word)

Maryam (Mary)
as rendered by LiteralWord by Word
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(Word by Word) rendition of Surah Mary(Maryam)
19:1 Kaaf Ha Ya Ain Sad.
19:2 (A) mention (of the) Mercy (of) your Lord (to) His servant Zakariya
19:3 When he called (to) his Lord a call - secret.
19:4 He said, "My Lord! Indeed, [I] (have) weakened my bones, and flared (my) head (with) white, and not I have been in (my) supplication (to) You my Lord unblessed.
19:5 And indeed, I [I] fear the successors after me, and is my wife barren. So give [to] me from Yourself an heir
19:6 Who will inherit me and inherit from (the) family (of) Yaqub. And make him my Lord, pleasing."
19:7 "O Zakariya! Indeed, We [We] give you glad tidings of a boy his name (will be) Yahya, not We (have) assigned [for] it before (this) name."
19:8 He said, "My Lord! How can I have a boy, while is my wife barren, and indeed, I have reached of the old age extreme?"
19:9 He said, "Thus, said your Lord, 'It (is) easy for Me and certainly I (have) created you before, while not you were anything.'"
19:10 He said, "My Lord! Make for me a sign." He said, "Your sign (is) that not you will speak (to) the people, (for) three nights sound."
19:11 Then he came out to his people from the prayer chamber, and he signaled to them to glorify (Allah) (in) the morning and (in) the evening.
19:12 "O Yahya! Hold the Scripture with strength." And We gave him [the] wisdom (when he was) a child
19:13 And affection from Us and purity and he was consciously reverent
19:14 And dutiful to his parents, and not he was a tyrant disobedient.
19:15 And peace be upon him (the) day he was born and (the) day he dies and (the) day he will be raised alive.
19:16 And mention in the Book Maryam, when she withdrew from her family (to) a place eastern.
19:17 Then she took from them a screen. Then We sent to her Our Spirit then he assumed for her the li (of) a man well-proportioned.
19:18 She said, "Indeed, I [I] seek refuge with the Most Gracious from you if you are consciously reverent."
19:19 He said, "Only I am a Messenger (from) your Lord, that I (may) bestow on you a son pure."
19:20 She said, "How can be for me a son, when not has touched me a man, and not I am unchaste?"
19:21 He said, "Thus; said your Lord, 'It (is) for Me easy, and so that We will make him a sign for the mankind and a Mercy from Us. And (it) is a matter decreed.'"
19:22 So she conceived and she withdrew with him (to) a place remote.
19:23 Then drove her the pains of childbirth to (the) trunk (of) the date-palm. She said, "O! I wish I (had) died before this and I was (in) oblivion, forgotten."
19:24 So cried to her from beneath her, "That (do) not grieve verily, (has) placed your Lord beneath you, a stream.
19:25 And shake towards you (the) trunk (of) the date-palm, it will drop upon you fresh dates ripe.
19:26 So eat and drink and cool (your) eyes. And if you see from human being anyone then say, "Indeed, I [I] have vowed to the Most Gracious a fast, so not I will speak today (to any) human being."
19:27 Then she came with him (to) her people, carrying him. They said, "O Maryam! Certainly, you (have) brought an amazing thing.
19:28 O sister (of) Harun! Not was your father an evil man, and not was your mother unchaste."
19:29 Then she pointed to him. They said, "How (can) we speak (to one) who is in the cradle, a child?"
19:30 He said, "Indeed, I am a slave (of) Allah. He gave me the Scripture and made me a Prophet.
19:31 And He (has) made me blessed wherever I am and has enjoined (on) me [of] the prayer and zakah, as long as I am alive
19:32 And dutiful to my mother, and not He (has) made me insolent, unblessed.
19:33 And peace (be) on me (the) day I was born and (the) day I will die and (the) Day I will be raised alive."
19:34 That (was) Isa, (the) son (of) Maryam, a statement (of) truth that which about it they dispute.
19:35 Not (it) is for Allah that He should take any son. Glory be to Him! When He decrees a matter, then only He says to it, "Be" and it is.
19:36 "And indeed, Allah (is) my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. This (is) a path straight."
19:37 But differed the sects from among them, so woe to those who disbelieve from (the) witnessing (of) a Day great.
19:38 How they will hear! and how (hey will) see! (the) Day they will come to Us, but the wrongdoers today (are) in error clear.
19:39 And warn them (of the) Day (of) the Regret, when has been decided the matter. And they (are) in heedlessness, and they (do) not believe.
19:40 Indeed, We [We] [We] will inherit the earth and whoever (is) on it, and to Us they will be returned.
19:41 And mention in the Book Ibrahim. Indeed, he was a man of truth, a Prophet.
19:42 When he said to his father, "O my father! Why (do) you worship that which not hears and not sees and not benefits [to] you (in) anything?
19:43 O my father! Indeed, [I] verily (has) come to me of the knowledge what not came to you, so follow I will guide you (to) the path even.
19:44 O my father! (Do) not worship the Shaitaan. Indeed, the Shaitaan is to the Most Gracious disobedient.
19:45 O my father! Indeed, I [I] fear that will touch you a punishment from the Most Gracious, so you would be to the Shaitaan a friend."
19:46 He said, "Do you hate (from) my gods, O Ibrahim? Surely, if not you desist surely, I will stone you, so leave me (for) a prolonged time."
19:47 He said, "Peace (be) on you. I will ask forgiveness for you (from) my Lord. Indeed, He is to me Ever Gracious.
19:48 And I will leave you and what you invoke besides Allah and I will invoke my Lord. May be that not I will be in invocation (to) my Lord unblessed."
19:49 So when he left them and what they worshipped besides Allah, [and] We bestowed [to] him Ishaq and Yaqub, and each (of them) We made a Prophet.
19:50 And We bestowed to them of Our Mercy, and We made for them a truthful mention, high.
19:51 And mention in the Book, Musa. Indeed, he was chosen and was a Messenger, a Prophet.
19:52 And We called him from (the) side (of) the Mount the right, and brought him near (for) conversation.
19:53 And We bestowed [to] him from Our Mercy his brother Harun, a Prophet.
19:54 And mention in the Book, Ismail. Indeed, he was true (to his) promise and was a Messenger - a Prophet.
19:55 And he used (to) enjoin (on) his people the prayer and zakah and was near his Lord pleasing.
19:56 And mention in the Book, Idris. Indeed, he was truthful, a Prophet.
19:57 And We raised him (to) a position high.
19:58 Those (were) the ones whom Allah bestowed favor upon them from (among) the Prophets, of (the) offspring (of) Adam, and of those We carried with Nuh and of (the) offspring (of) Ibrahim and Israel and of (those) whom We guided and We chose. When were recited to them (the) Verses (of) the Most Gracious, they fell prostrating and weeping.
19:59 Then succeeded after them successors, who neglected the prayer and they followed the lusts so soon, they will meet evil
19:60 Except (one) who repented and believed and did good (deeds). Then those will enter Paradise and not they will be wronged (in) anything.
19:61 Gardens (of) Eden, which promised the Most Gracious (to) His slaves in the unseen. Indeed, [it] is His promise sure to come.
19:62 Not they will hear therein vain talk but peace. And for them (is) their provision therein, morning and evening.
19:63 This (is) Paradise, which We give (as) inheritance [of] (to) Our slaves (the one) who is consciously reverent.
19:64 And not we descend except by (the) Command (of) your Lord. To Him (belongs) what (is) before us and what (is) behind us, and what (is) between that. And not is your Lord forgetful
19:65 Lord (of) the heavens and the earth and whatever (is) between both of them, so worship Him and be constant in His worship. Do you know for Him any similarity?
19:66 And says [the] man, "What! When I am dead, surely will I be brought forth alive?"
19:67 Does not remember [the] man that We, We created him before, while not he was anything?
19:68 So by your Lord, surely, We will gather them and the devils, then surely, We will bring them around Hell bent (on) knees.
19:69 Then surely, We will drag out from every sect, those of them (who were) worst against the Most Gracious (in) rebellion.
19:70 Then surely, We know best [of] those who [they] (are) most worthy therein (of) being burnt.
19:71 And (there is) not (any) of you but (will be) passing over it. (This) is upon your Lord an inevitability decreed.
19:72 Then We will deliver those who consciously revered (Allah), and We will leave the wrongdoers therein bent (on) knees.
19:73 And when are recited to them Our Verses clear, say those who disbelieved to those who believed, "Which (of) the two groups (is) better (in) position. and best (in) assembly?"
19:74 And how many We destroyed before them of a generation - they (were) better (in) possessions and appearance?
19:75 Say, "Whoever is in [the] error, then surely will extend for him the Most Gracious an extension, until when they see what they were promised, either the punishment or the Hour, then they will know who [he] (is) worst (in) position and weaker (in) forces."
19:76 And Allah increases those who accept guidance, (in) guidance. And the everlasting good deeds (are) better near your Lord (for) reward and better (for) return.
19:77 Then, have you seen he who disbelieved in Our Verses, and said, "Surely, I will be given wealth and children?"
19:78 Has he looked (into) the unseen, or has he taken from the Most Gracious a promise?
19:79 Nay, We will record what he says, and We will extend for him from the punishment extensively.
19:80 And We will inherit (from) him what he says, and he will come to Us alone.
19:81 And they have taken besides Allah, gods, that they maybe for them an honor.
19:82 Nay, they will deny their worship (of them) and they will be against them opponents.
19:83 Do not you see, that We [We] have sent the devils upon the disbelievers, inciting them (with) incitement.
19:84 So (do) not make haste against them. Only We count for them a number.
19:85 (The) Day We will gather the righteous to the Most Gracious (as) a delegation
19:86 And We will drive the criminals to Hell thirsty.
19:87 Not they will have the power (of) the intercession except (he) who has taken from the Most Gracious a covenant.
19:88 And they say, "Has taken the Most Gracious a son."
19:89 Verily, you have put forth a thing atrocious.
19:90 Almost the heavens get torn therefrom, and splits asunder the earth and collapse the mountain (in) devastation
19:91 That they invoke to the Most Gracious a son.
19:92 And not is appropriate for the Most Gracious that He should take a son.
19:93 Not all who (are) in the heavens and the earth but (will) come (to) the Most Gracious (as) a slave.
19:94 Verily, He has enumerated them and counted them, a counting.
19:95 And all of them (will) come (to) Him (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection alone.
19:96 Indeed, those who believed and did good deeds, will bestow for them the Most Gracious affection.
19:97 So, only We (have) made it easy in your tongue, that you may give glad tidings with it (to) the righteous and warn with it a people hostile.
19:98 And how many We (have) destroyed before them of a generation? Can you perceive of them any one or hear from them a sound?


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