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19:1  Kaaf, Ya, Ain, Saad
19:2  This is the account of the blessings of your Lord upon Zakaria, His servant
19:3  When once he addressed his Lord in a soft voice
19:4  Said, "Lord! My bones have weakened and my head has lit up with the gray hair (of old age). I haven´t so far been denied anything I ever prayed to You for."
19:5  "I am concerned for my followers after my death. My wife is barren. But, please Lord! Grant me by Your grace a successor (son)."
19:6  "One who may inherit from me and from the family of Yaqub, and Lord, please let him be amongst those with whom You are well-pleased."
19:7  "Oh Zakaria, We give you the good news of a son. His name shall be Yahya! Never before have We created anyone with his kind of qualities!"
19:8  Said, "Lord! How could I have a son now? My wife is barren and I have attained a ripe old age."
19:9  Said, "That shall be!" Your Lord said, "This is really easy for Me! I also gave you existence earlier when you were nothing!"
19:10  Said, "Lord! Assign a sign for me." Said, "Despite being healthy, you shall be unable to speak for three days. That shall be your sign!"
19:11  He emerged from the chamber, and gestured to his followers asking them to sing the praises (of Allah), morning and evening
19:12  "Oh Yahya! Hold on to the book with all your might!" We gave him the wisdom even as a lad
19:13  And by Our grace, We granted him compassion and purity; he was pious
19:14  He was devoted and kind to his parents; not defiant or arrogant
19:15  Peace be upon him, the day he was born! The day he died! And the day he shall be brought back to life
19:16  And mention Mary in your narration. Once she excused herself from her family and retired to the eastern wing of the house
19:17  She drew the curtain behind her and there, We sent Our spirit (angel) to her! It appeared before her in the figure of a full grown man
19:18  She cried out, "I seek the protection of Rehman (the Merciful) from you, if you are a God-fearing person!"
19:19  He said, "What I am, is a messenger of your Lord to bestow upon you a pious son."
19:20  Said, "How might I have a son? No man has ever touched me, nor am I a woman of loose morals."
19:21  Said "It shall be! Your Lord says ´It is really too easy for Me´! It is preordained and shall come to pass, so as to make him a sign for the humankind and a blessing from Us´."
19:22  She conceived and moved to a place far away
19:23  The distress of labor brought her under a date-palm tree. She said to herself, "I wish I was dead, long gone and forgotten before this ever happened."
19:24  He (the angel) called her from close by, "Do not feel sorry for yourself. Your Lord has issued forth a spring right close to where you are!"
19:25  "Shake the trunk of the date tree. Moist ripe dates will break loose and fall down."
19:26  "Eat, drink and stay calm. Should any one happen to pass by, tell him you are observing a fast for the sake of Rehman, (the Merciful), and hence shall not talk to anyone."
19:27  She returned to her folks carrying him (the baby). They said, "Oh Mary! What an unprecedented act have you committed!"
19:28  "Oh sister of Haroon! Your father was not wicked! Nor was your mother a loose woman!"
19:29  She pointed towards the infant. They said, "How can we converse with an infant lying in a crib?"
19:30  The infant said, "I am the servant of Allah! He appointed me His messenger, and granted me the gospel."
19:31  "He blessed me wherever I might happen to be, and has ordered me to enjoin the ´salat´ and the ´zakat´ as long as I am alive!"
19:32  "(I am) devoted to my mother, not hapless and arrogant."
19:33  "Peace upon me the day I was born. The day I shall die. And the day I shall be brought back to life!"
19:34  Such was Jesus, the son of Mary! This is the real truth about him, which they dispute
19:35  It is not befitting of Allah to have a son. Exalted is He! Having decided the matter, He merely tells it, "Be!" Hence it becomes
19:36  "Indeed, Allah is my Lord as well as your Lord! So worship Him. That is the straight path!"
19:37  Groups have disputed amongst themselves regarding the day (of judgment). Witnessing that great day shall be disastrous for those who deny its coming
19:38  On the day they shall come to Us, their vision and hearing shall be sharper! Today the evil-doers are clearly lost in their misguidance
19:39  Warn them of the regretful embarrassment of the day when the matter shall be decided and put to rest! Today they are in heedless and neglectful denial, and they do not believe
19:40  We shall inherit the earth, including all that is upon it. Towards Us they all shall return
19:41  And mention Ibraheem in the book; he was a truthful person and a prophet
19:42  He said to his father, "Oh Father! Why do you worship that which neither sees, nor hears, nor can protect you from anything."
19:43  "Oh Father, true knowledge did not come to you, but has come to me. So follow me, I shall lead you along the balanced path!"
19:44  "Oh Father, do not obey Shaitan. Indeed, Shaitan is disobedient to Rehman."
19:45  "I am worried, Oh Father, that a great torment might fall upon you from Rehman, and that you might end up as a comrade of Shaitan."
19:46  He said, "Have you turned away from your gods, oh Ibraheem? Desist, for if you do not, I shall stone you to death. Out of my sight, now!"
19:47  Said, "Peace be upon you. I shall ask my Lord to forgive you. He is really very kind to me!"
19:48  "I hereby wash my hands of you, and those you call gods besides Allah. I will worship my Lord! I am confident, If I pray to Him, I shall not be deprived."
19:49  After he abandoned them along with those whom they called gods beside Allah, We gave him Ishaq and Yaqub. We appointed each of them a prophet
19:50  We showered Our blessings upon them and gave them high honor
19:51  And mention Musa in the book. He was really chosen, a prophet and a messenger
19:52  We called him out from the right side of the mountain Toor, and pulled him close, so as to grant him a private audience
19:53  And We gave his brother, Haroon, to him as a prophet, a blessing from Us
19:54  And mention Ismail in the book. Indeed, he was true to his words, a prophet and a messenger
19:55  He obligated ´salat´ and ´zakat´ upon his family. In the eyes of his Lord, he was an adorable person
19:56  And in the book, mention Idrees. Indeed, he was a truthful person and a prophet
19:57  We raised him to an exalted status
19:58  These are the ones Allah showered His blessings upon. These prophets were the descendants of Adam, and the descendants of those We boarded on the boat with Nooh. They were the descendants of Ibraheem and Ismail. Those were the ones We picked for Our guidance! Such were they that when Our verses were recited to them, they fell prostrate on the ground, tears welling up in their eyes
19:59  They were succeeded by ignorant ones, those who squandered their "salat´ and followed their whims and the pleasures of the flesh. Their just deserts shall soon catch up with them
19:60  Except those who repent, believe, and perform good deeds. They will enter paradise. They will not be dealt with unfairly
19:61  Rehman has promised this paradise to His servants for eternity, in exchange for their belief in the unseen. Surely His promise will be fulfilled
19:62  In it, they shall hear nothing vulgar; only peace! There, each day and each night, their due portion (sustenance) shall be delivered to them
19:63  Such is the paradise, which We will allow only Our pious servants to inherit
19:64  (Angels said), "We descend only when ordered by your Lord. To Him belongs all that lies before us, behind us, and in between. Your Lord is not the One to forget."
19:65  He is the sustainer of the heavens and the earth, and all else in between. So worship Him in steadfast obedience. Do you know any other comparable to Him
19:66  (Yet), man says "When I am dead, will I emerge back to life again?"
19:67  Does man not recall? It was We Who created him earlier, when he was nothing
19:68  By your Lord! Very definitely! We shall gather them and the Shaitans together. Then, certainly, We shall collect them all around the hellfire, in a manner that they shall be crawling on their knees
19:69  Thereafter, We shall definitely bring forth from each group of people the one who had been the most ardent and rebellious opponent of Rehman
19:70  Of course, We know very well who amongst them deserves to burn in hell
19:71  There isn´t any of you who can avoid passing by the hellfire. Your Lord has made this incumbent upon Himself
19:72  Then, We will let the transgressors fall tumbling down into it, but We will rescue those who have been heedful and pious
19:73  When Our clear lucid verses are recited, those who disbelieve the verses taunt those who believe by saying, "Which of the two of us has a better abode, and enjoys and mingles with better and more distinguished company?"
19:74  Many groups have We destroyed prior to them. They were better equipped, better furnished and better in appearance
19:75  Say, "Rehman gives leeway to those who indulge in gross negligence until they get to see that which is promised to be their lot, either the punishment (in this world) or the hour (of judgment)! They would soon realise whose status is lower! Whose allies are weaker
19:76  Allah increases in guidance those who are on the straight path, and the results of their good deeds are better with Allah in terms of rewards and consequences
19:77  Did you see the one who has chosen to deny Our signs and yet says, "I shall definitely be granted wealth and children?"
19:78  Has he peeked into the unseen? or has he entered into a contract with Rehman
19:79  Indeed not! Rather, We are recording everything he says. We shall extend his punishment a great deal further
19:80  We shall repossess all that he owns. And We shall bring him out all alone
19:81  They have taken gods other than Allah, so that they may have supporters
19:82  No! Indeed, their false gods will disown their worship, and they will become adversaries
19:83  Do you not notice? We send the Shaitans upon the disbelievers, and they continually incite and instigate them
19:84  Do not be impatient with them. We are counting down their days
19:85  That day, We will gather the pious (God-fearing) as guests of Rehman
19:86  While the sinners will be like thirst-stricken animals, whom We will shove towards the hellfire
19:87  No one has the ability to intervene, except those whom Rehman has promised
19:88  What? Do they say Rehman (God) has a son
19:89  They have surely brought forth a grave thing
19:90  So grave, indeed, that it may cause the earth to explode into pieces! Or the mountains may come tumbling down! Or the heavens might just crack asunder
19:91  They have dared to assign a son for Rehman
19:92  It is not befitting for Rehman to have a son
19:93  Every being in the heavens and on the earth shall come before Rehman as a slave
19:94  He is aware of their exact number, and He has counted them all up
19:95  On the Day of Judgment, each of them shall arrive all alone, and shall be on his own
19:96  And of course, Rehman will instill with love, the hearts of those who believe and do the righteous deeds
19:97  We have made this (Quran) easy for you, in your own language, in order that you may give the glad tidings to the pious and the God-fearing. With it, you may warn those that are belligerent
19:98  Many a people have We destroyed before them. So now, can you sense even a faint sign of their existence, or hear even a wisp of their tale