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19:1  Kaf- Ha-Ya-'Ain-Sad
19:2  Mention of the mercy of thy Lord to His bondman Zakariyya
19:3  Recall what time he cried unto his Lord with a cry secret
19:4  He said: O my Lord! verily the bones of me have waxen feeble, and the head is glistening with hoariness, and have not yet been in my prayer to thee, my Lord, unblest
19:5  And verily I fear my kindred after me, and my wife hath been barren; so bestow on me from before Thee an heir
19:6  Inheriting me and inheriting the Children of Ya'qub; and make him, my Lord, acceptable
19:7  O Zakariyya! verily We give thee the glad tidings of a boy: his name shall be Yahya; We have not afore-time made his namesake
19:8  He said: O my Lord! in what wise shall there be for me a boy, whereas my wife hath been barren, and surely have reached an age of extreme degree
19:9  Allah said: even so! Thy Lord saith: it is unto Me easy, whereas surely I created thee afore when thou wast not aught
19:10  He said: my Lord appoint for me a sign. Allah said: thy sign is that thou shalt not speak unto mankind for three nights, while sound
19:11  Then he came forth to his people from the sanctuary, and he beckoned unto them. hallow your Lord morning and evening
19:12  O Yahya! se hold fast the book. And We vouchsafed unto him wisdom, while yet a child
19:13  And tenderness from Our presence and purity, and he was God-fearing
19:14  And duteous unto his parents, and Was not high-handed rebel
19:15  And Peace be unto him the day he was born and the day he dieth and the day he will be raised up alive
19:16  And mention thou in the Book Maryam, what time the retired from her people to a place eastward
19:17  Then she took beside them a curtain; then We sent unto her Our Spirit, and he took unto her the form of a human being sound
19:18  She said: verily seek refuge with the Compassionate from thee if thou art God-fearing
19:19  He said: I am but a meenger from thy Lord that I may bestow on thee a boy pure
19:20  She said: in what wise shall there be a boy unto me, whereas not a human being hath touched me, nor have I been a harlot
19:21  He said: even so! Thy Lord saith: it is With Me easy, and it is in order that We may make him a sign unto mankind and a mercy from Us, and it is an affair decreed
19:22  hen she conceived him, and she retired with him to a place far-off
19:23  Then the birth-pangs drave her to the trunk of a palm- tree; she said: would that had died afore this and become forgotten, lost in oblivion
19:24  Then one cried unto her from underneath her, that grieve not, thy Lord hath placed underneath thou a rivulet
19:25  And shake toward thee the trunk of the palm-tree it shall drop on thee dates fresh and ripe
19:26  So eat and drink thou, and cool thine eyes; and if thou beholdest the human beings anyone, say: verily I have vowed to the Compassionate a fast, so I shall not speak today to any human being
19:27  Then she brought him to her nation carrying him. They said: Maryam! assuredly thou hast brought a thing unheard Of
19:28  O sister of Harun: thy father was not a man of evil, nor was thy mother a harlot
19:29  Then she Pointed to him. They said: how shall we speak to one who is in the cradle, a child
19:30  He Said: verily I am a bondman of Allah; He hath vouchsafed me the Book and made me a prophet
19:31  And He hath made me blest wheresoever I may be, and enjoined on me the prayer and the poor-rate as long as I am alive
19:32  And dutecus Unto my mother, and hath not made me high- handed, unblest
19:33  And peace be on me the day was born and the day die and the day I shall be raised up alive
19:34  Such is 'lsa, son of Maryam: this Is the word of truth wherein they are doubting
19:35  Allah is not one to take to Himself a son. Hallowed be He! whensoever He decreeth an affair he only Saith to it: be, and it becometh
19:36  And verily Allah is my Lord and your Lord; so worship Him; this is a way straight
19:37  Then the sects have differed among themselves; so woe to those who disbelieve in the witness of a Day Mighty
19:38  How wondrous in their hearing and their sight will they be the Day they come unto Us! But to-day the wrong doers are in error manifest
19:39  And warn thou them of thy Day of Sighing when the affair shall have been decreed while yet they are in negligence and are not believing
19:40  Verily We! We shall inherit the earth and whatsoever is thereon: and Unto Us they shall be returned
19:41  And mention thou in the Book Ibrahim; verily he was a man of truth, a prophet
19:42  Recall what time he said unto his father: , O my father! wherefore worshippest thou that which heareth not and seeth not, nor availeth thee at all
19:43  O My father! verily there hath come to me of the knowledge which hath not come unto thee; so follow me, and I shall guide thee to a path even
19:44  O My father! worship not the satan; hath been Unto the Compassionate a rebel
19:45  O My father! verily I fear that there may touch thee a torment from the Compassionate so that thou become to the Satan a companin
19:46  He said: art thou averse to my gods, O Ibrahim? If thou desistest not, surely I shall stone thee; and depart from me for ever so long
19:47  Ibrahim said: peace be on thee! anon shall ask forgiveness of my Lord for thee; verily He is unto me ever so soicitous
19:48  And I renounce you and that unto which ye call beside Allah; and I shall call unto my Lord; belike in calling unto my Lord I shall not be unblest
19:49  Then when he had renounced them and that which they worshipped beside Allah, We best owed on him Ishaq and Yaqub and each one We made a prophet
19:50  And We bestowed on them of Our mercy, and We made for them a renown lofty
19:51  And mention thou in the Book Musa: verily he was single- hearted, and was an apostle, prophet
19:52  And We cried unto him from the right side of the mount, and We drew him nigh for whispering
19:53  And We bestowed on him, out of Our mercy, his brother Harun, a prophet
19:54  And mention thou in the Book lsma'i; verily he was true in promise, and was apostle, prophet
19:55  And he was wont to command his household to the Prayer and the poor-rate, and he was with his Lord an approved one. *Chapter:1
19:56  And mention thou in the book ldris, verily he was a man of truth, a prophet. *Chapter:1
19:57  And We exalted him to a position lofty. *Chapter:1
19:58  These are they whom Allah hath favoured, from among the prophets, of the progeny of Adam and of them whom We bare with Nuh, and of the progeny of Ibrahim and Isra'il, and of those whom We have guided and chosen; whenever the revelations of the Compassionate were rehearsed unto them, they fell down prostrating themselves and weeping. *Chapter:1
19:59  Then there succeeded to them a posterity who neglected the prayers and followed lusts; so presently they shall meet with perdition. *Chapter:1
19:60  Excepting those who may repent and believe and work righteously; these shall enter the Garden and shall not be wronged at all *Chapter:1
19:61  Gardens Everlasting, which the Compassionate hath promised unto his bondmen, unseen; verily His premise is ever to be fulfilled. *Chapter:1
19:62  They shall not hear therein any vain word, but they shall hear only peace; and therein they shall have their provision morning and evening. *Chapter:1
19:63  Such is the Garden which We shall cause those of Our bondmen to inherit who have been God-fearing. *Chapter:1
19:64  And we descend not except by the command of thy Lord: his is whatsoever is before us and whatsoever is behind us and whatsoever is in-between; and thy Lord is not a forgetter *Chapter:1
19:65  Lord of the heavens and the earth and that which is betwixt the twain; so Him worship thou, and endure patiently in His worship; knowest thou any as his compeer? *Chapter:1
19:66  And man saith: when I am daed, Shall I be presently brought forth alive. *Chapter:1
19:67  Remembereth not man that We created him afore when he was not aught? *Chapter:1
19:68  By thy Lord, then, We shall surely gather them and the satans; thereafter We shall surely bring them round Hell, kneeling. *Chapter:1
19:69  Thereafter, We shall surely draw aside, from each sect, whichever of them against the Compassionate were most in excess. *Chapter:1
19:70  Then surely it is We who are the Best Knower of these worthiest of being therein roasted. *Chapter:1
19:71  And not one of you but shall pass over it: it is for thy Lord an ordinance decreed. *Chapter:1
19:72  Then We shall deliver those who have feared, and shall have the wrong-doers therein kneeling. *Chapter:1
19:73  And when Our manifest revelations are rehearsed unto them, those who disbelieve say unto those who believe: which of the two portions is better in station and goodlier in company? *Chapter:1
19:74  And how many a generation have We destroyed before these, who were goodlier in goods and outward appearance? *Chapter:1
19:75  Say thou: whosoever is in error--surely unto him the Compassionate lengtheneth a length, until When they behold that wherewith they were threatened, either the torment or the Hour, then they shall come to know whosoever is worse in position and weaker as an army. *Chapter:1
19:76  And Allah increaseth in guidance those who let themselves be guided, and the righteous works that last are excellent with thy Lord in respect of reward and excellent in respect of return. *Chapter:1
19:77  Hast thou observed him who disbelieveth in Our signs and saith: surely I shall be vouchsafed riches and children. *Chapter:1
19:78  Hath he looked unto the Unseen, or hath he taken of the Compassionate a covenant? *Chapter:1
19:79  By no means! We shall write down that which he saith; and We shall lengthen for him of the torment a length. *Chapter:1
19:80  And We shall inherit from him that whereof he spake, and he shall come to us alone. *Chapter:1
19:81  And they have taken gods beside Allah that they might be unto them a glory. *Chapter:1
19:82  By no means! anon they shall deny their worship, and become unto them an adversary. *Chapter:1
19:83  Beholdest thou not that We have sent the satans upon the infidels inciting them by an incitement? *Chapter:1
19:84  So hasten thou not against them; We are only counting against them a counting. *Chapter:1
19:85  On the Day whereon We shall gather the God-feaing unto the Com- passionate as an embassy. *Chapter:1
19:86  And shall drive the culprits to Hell as a herd. *Chapter:1
19:87  They shall not own intercession, excepting those who have taken of the Compassionate a covenant. *Chapter:1
19:88  And they say: the Compassionate hath taken a son. *Chapter:1
19:89  Assuredly ye have brought a thing monstrous. *Chapter:1
19:90  Well-nigh the heavens are rent thereat and the earth cleft in sunder and the mountains fall down in pieces. *Chapter:1
19:91  That they should ascribe unto the Compassionate a son. *Chapter:1
19:92  And it behoveth not the Compassionate that he should take a son. *Chapter:1
19:93  None there is in the heavens and the earth but must come unto the Compassionate as a bondman. *Chapter:1
19:94  Assuredly He hath comprehanded them and counted them a full Counting. *Chapter:1
19:95  And each of them is to come to Him on the Day of Judgment alone. *Chapter:1
19:96  Verily those who believe and do righteOUs works--anon the Compassionate shall appoint for them affection. *Chapter:1
19:97  So We have made it easy in thine tongue in order that thou mayest thereby give glad tidings unto the Godfearing and warn thereby a people contentious. *Chapter:1
19:98  And how many a generation have We destroyed before them! Perceivest thou of them anyone or hear of them a whisper? *Chapter:2