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19:1  Kaf Ha Ya A’in Sad
19:2  (This is) a statement of Mercy from your Lord to His servant Zakariyya (Zachariah)
19:3  When he cried to his Lord in secret
19:4  (And he) prayed: "My Lord! Indeed my bones are weak, and the hair of my head shine with gray: But never am I not blessed (by You), O my Lord, in my prayer to You
19:5  "And surely, I am afraid (what) my family (and friends) will do after me: But my wife is barren. So give me an heir as if from Yourself—
19:6  "(Someone) who will inherit (and stand) for me, and stand for the children of Yaqoub (Jacob); And, my Lord! Make him one with whom You are well pleased!"
19:7  (Zakariyya's prayers were answered, and Allah said): "O Zakariyya (Zachariah)! Verily, We (Allah) give you the good news of a son: Whose name shall be Yahya (John): On no one by that name have We given (so much) honor before."
19:8  He (Zakariyya) said: "O my Lord! How shall I have a son, when my wife is barren and I have become quite weak from old age?"
19:9  He (Allah's angel who brought the message) said: "(It will still be) so: Your Lord says, 'That is easy for Me: Certainly, I did really create you before when you were nothing!' "
19:10  (Zakariyya) said: "O my Lord! Give me a Sign." The answer was, "Your Sign shall be that you shall not speak to mankind for three nights, even though you are not dumb."
19:11  Then he [Zakariyya (Zachariah)] came out from his chamber to his people: He told them by Signs to recite Allah's praises in the morning and in the afternoon
19:12  (To his son came Allah's command), "O Yahya (John)! Hold on to the Book with strength": And even as (he was) a youth, We gave him Wisdom
19:13  And pity (for all creatures) as from Us, and purity: He was truly pious
19:14  And kind to his parents, and he was not overbearing nor rebellious
19:15  And Peace on him, the day he was born, the day he dies, and the day he will be raised (again) to life
19:16  In the Book (Quran), tell (the story of) Maryam (Mary), when she went away from her family (for Prayer) to a place in the East (her chamber)
19:17  She placed a screen (to hide herself) from them; Then We sent to her Our angel, and he appeared before her in the form of a man of respect in every way
19:18  She said: "Verily, I ask for shelter from you with (Allah) Most Gracious (Ar-Rahman): (Do not come near me) if you guard (yourself) against evil."
19:19  He said: "I am a messenger from your Lord, (only to announce to) you, the gift of a righteous son
19:20  She said: "How shall I have a son, when no man has touched me, and I am not immodest (or indecent)?"
19:21  He said: "(It will still be) so: Your Lord says: 'That is easy for Me: And (We wish) to appoint him as a Sign to men and a Mercy from Us': It is a matter (already) ordered."
19:22  So she started to carry him (baby Jesus in her womb), and she went (to rest) with him to a far place
19:23  And the pains of childbirth took her to the trunk of a palm-tree: She cried (in her pain): "Oh! If I had died before this! If I was a thing forgotten and not (even) seen!"
19:24  Then (a voice) cried to her from under (the tree): "Do not feel sad! Because your Lord has made (for you) a stream underneath you
19:25  "And shake towards yourself the trunk of the palm-tree: It will drop fresh ripe dates (fruits) upon you
19:26  "So eat and drink and cool (wet your) eye. And if you see any man, say, 'I have promised solemnly to (Allah) the Most Gracious (Ar-Rahman), and this day, I will not enter into talk with any human being.' "
19:27  At the end she brought the (baby) to her people, carrying him (baby Jesus in her arms). They said: "O Maryam (Mary)! Truly an amazing thing have you brought
19:28  "O sister of Haroon (Aaron)! Your father was not an evil (adulterous) man, and your mother was not an immoral woman!"
19:29  Then, she pointed to the baby (Jesus). They said: "How can we talk to one who is (only) a child in the cradle?"
19:30  He [the baby Isa (Jesus)] said: "Indeed I am a servant of Allah: He has given me the Scripture (Gospel) and made me a prophet
19:31  "And He (Allah) has made me blessed where ever I be, and has commanded for me prayer and charity as long as I live
19:32  "[He (Allah)] has made me kind to my mother, and not arrogant or miserable
19:33  "And Peace is on me the day I was born, the day I die, and the day I will be raised (again) to life!"
19:34  Isa (Jesus), the son of Maryam (Mary) was like this: (It is) a statement of truth, about which they dispute (without any use)
19:35  It is not suited for (Almighty) Allah that He should father a son. Glory to Him (Allah)! When He determines anything, He only says to it, "Be", and it is
19:36  [Isa, (Jesus) said:] "And surely Allah is my Lord and your Lord: Him (Alone,) you therefore worship (and serve): This is the Straight Path."
19:37  Then, the groups differed among themselves: so (this is a) warning to the disbelievers because of the Judgment on a great Day
19:38  How plainly will they see and hear, the Day that they will appear before Us! But today, the unjust are clearly in error
19:39  But warn them of the Day of regrets and sorrow, when the matter will be determined: For they are negligent and they do not believe
19:40  Verily, It is We Who will take back the earth, and all living things upon it: And they will all be returned to Us
19:41  And in the Book (Quran); Tell (the story of) Ibrahim (Abraham), he was a man of truth (and) a prophet
19:42  When he said to his father: "O my father! Why worship (something) that does not hear and does not see, and (something that) can be of no profit to you
19:43  "O my father! Verily, knowledge has come to me which has not come to you: So follow me: I will guide you to a Path that is Even (and Straight)
19:44  "O my father! Do not serve Satan: Surely, Satan is a rebel against (Allah,) the Most Gracious (Ar-Rahman)
19:45  "O my father! Surely, I fear that a penalty fall on you from (Allah) Most Gracious (Rahman), so that you will become a friend of Satan."
19:46  (The father) replied: "Do you hate my gods, O Ibrahim (Abraham)? If you do not stop, I will really stone you: Now get away from me for a good long time!"
19:47  Ibrahim (Abraham) said: "Peace be on you: I will pray to my Lord for your forgiveness: Verily, He is affectionate towards me
19:48  "And I will go away from (all of) you and from those whom you call upon besides Allah: And I will call on my Lord: Perhaps, by my prayer to my Lord, I shall be not condemned."
19:49  When he had gone away from them and from those whom they worshipped besides Allah, We bestowed on him Ishaq (Isaac) and Yaqoub (Jacob), and each one of them We made a prophet
19:50  And We blessed them from Our Mercy, and We granted them high honor on the tongue (of truth with praise)
19:51  And in the Book (Quran), tell (the story of) Musa (Moses), verily, he was specially chosen, and he was a messenger, a prophet
19:52  And We called him from the right side of Mount (Sinai) and made him come near to Us, for sacred (and holy conversation)
19:53  And from Our Mercy, We gave him his brother Haroon (Aaron), (also) a prophet
19:54  And in the Book (Quran), tell (the story of) Ismail (Ishmael), verily he was true to his promise, and he was a messenger, a prophet
19:55  And he used to bring together his people with prayer and charity, and he was welcome in the Sight of his Lord
19:56  And in the Book (Quran), tell (the story of) Idris, verily, he was a man of truth, (sincerity and) a prophet
19:57  And We raised him to a high position
19:58  Those were some of the prophets on whom Allah blessed His Grace— From the followers of Adam and from those whom We took (in the Ark) with Nuh (Noah), and from the followers of Ibrahim (Abraham) and Israel (Yaqoub or Jacob)— From those whom We guided and chose. When the Signs of (Allah) Most Gracious (Rahman) were told to them, they would fall down face down in prostration (love and worship) and in tears
19:59  But after them there came descendents who missed prayers and went after (their) desires soon, then, will they come to (their) destruction—
19:60  Except those who repent and believe, and work righteousness: For these will enter the Garden and will not be wronged in the least—
19:61  Gardens of Eternity, those that (Allah) Most Gracious (Rahman) has promised to His servants in the Unseen: Verily, His promise must (always) come true
19:62  They will not hear within it any useless talk, except only words of Peace: And in there they will have their sustenance, morning and afternoon
19:63  Like this is the Garden that We give as an inheritance to those of Our servants who keep away from evil
19:64  (The angels say:) "We do not come down except by command of your Lord: To Him belongs what is before us and what is behind us, and what is between: And your Lord is never forgetful—
19:65  "Lord of the heavens and the earth, and (Lord) of all that is between them: So worship Him, and be regular and patient in His worship: Do you know of anyone who is similar to Him— (Worthy of the same Name as He)
19:66  And man says: "What! When I am dead, then shall I be raised up alive?"
19:67  But does not man remember that We created him even while he was nothing
19:68  So, by your Lord, without doubt, We shall bring them together, and (also) the Evil ones (Satans with them), then shall We bring them forward on their knees around Hell
19:69  Then indeed, We shall pull out from every sect all those who were worst in strongest rebellion against (Allah) the Most Gracious (Ar-Rahman)
19:70  Then certainly, We know well those who are most worthy of being burned in there
19:71  And (there is) not one of you who will not go over it (Fire): That is a Decree with your Lord, which must be completed
19:72  Then We shall save those who kept away from evil, and We shall leave the wrongdoers in there, (pulled down) on their knees
19:73  And when Our Clear Signs are read to them, the disbelievers say to those who believe, "Which of the two sides is better in position? Which makes the better show in public?"
19:74  And how many (countless) generations have We destroyed before them, (those) who were even better in wealth and (looked) brighter to the eye
19:75  Say: "If any men go towards wrong, (Allah) Most Gracious (Ar-Rahman) extends (the rope) to them, until, when they see the warning of Allah (being completed)— either as punishment or as (the coming of) the (final) Hour— At the end, they will see who is worse in position, and (who is) weaker in forces
19:76  "And Allah advances in guidance those who search for Guidance: And the things that last, good deeds, are best in sight of your Lord (Rab), as rewards, and best for (their) final returns."
19:77  Have you then seen the (sort of) man who rejects Our Signs, yet says: "I will truly be given wealth and children (if I was to be alive again)"
19:78  Has he gone into the Unseen (Ghaib), or has he taken a promise from (Allah) Most Gracious (Ar-Rahman)
19:79  Nay! We shall record what he says, and We shall keep adding to his punishment
19:80  And to Us shall return all that he talks about, and he shall come lonesome and alone, before Us
19:81  And they have taken (for worship) gods other than Allah, that they may give them power and glory
19:82  Instead, they (their false gods) shall reject their worship, and become enemies against them
19:83  Do you not see that We have set the Evil ones (Satans) against the disbelievers, to make them (insane) with evil (and anger)
19:84  So do not make haste against them, for We only count out for them a (few) number (of days)
19:85  The Day We shall bring the righteous to (Allah) Most Gracious (Rahman), like a group brought before a king for honors
19:86  And We shall drive the criminals (and sinners) to Hell, like thirsty cattle driven down to water—
19:87  None shall have the power to plead (for them), except such a one, who has had permission from (Allah) the Most Gracious (Ar-Rahman)
19:88  And they say: "(Allah,) The Most Gracious (Ar-Rahman) has fathered a son!"
19:89  Indeed you (sinners) have brought forward a most horrible thing (and a lie)
19:90  As if the skies are ready to burst (open), the earth to split apart, and the mountains to fall down in total ruin
19:91  That they assign (or give) a son for (Allah), the Most Gracious (Ar-Rahman)
19:92  For it is not befitting for the Majesty of (Allah) the Most Gracious that He should father a son
19:93  (There is) not (even) one being in the heavens and the earth that will not come to (Allah), the Most Gracious as (His) servant
19:94  Verily, He (Allah) takes an account of them (all), and has numbered them (all) exactly
19:95  And everyone of them will come individually to Him on the Day of Judgment
19:96  On those who believe and do works of Righteousness, (Allah), the Most Gracious (Ar-Rahman) will bless (His) Love upon them
19:97  So, We (Allah) have made (the Quran) easy in your own tongue, only that with it, you (O Prophet,) may give the good news to the righteous, and warnings to people used to challenge
19:98  And how many generations before them have We destroyed? Can you (now) find a single one of them, or (even) hear a whisper of them