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17:1  Glorified is the one who journeyed His servant by night, from the Sacred Mosque to the Farthest Mosque, which We have blessed around it, to show him from Our verses that He is Al-Sameeau (The Hearing), Al-Basser (The Seer).
17:2  And We gave Moses the Book and set it as guidance for Israel's children: Do not take without Me a trustee.
17:3  An offspring among whoever We carried with Noah. Surely, He was a thankful slave.
17:4  And We decreed to Israel's children in the Book: You will spoil in earth twice, and you will be high grand haughtiness.
17:5  So, if the first promise of them has come, We missioned against you slaves of Ours, possessor of severe military might, so they probed through the homes. And it was a done promise.
17:6  Then We returned for you the repetition against them, and supplied you with money and sons, and set up you more advanced fighters (And more toots).
17:7  If you excelled, you excel for yourselves; and if you did bad, so it is against it. So, if the last promise comes, they will sadden your faces, and will enter the Masjid as they entered it the first time, and they will be smashed, what they get high over it a destroying’ smash.
17:8  Perhaps your Lord may mercified you. And if you return, We will return. And We set up Gohanam (Hell) for the infidels as a prison-bed.
17:9  Surely this Quran guides for which is most established; and it preaches (Good tidings) the believers who are working the righteous deeds, that for them a grand wage.
17:10  And surely those who do not believe in the Hereafter, We have prepared for them a painful torment.
17:11  And the human is calling with the evil as his calling with the goodness. And the human was ever hasty.
17:12  And We set up the night and the day, two verses. So, We erased the night verse, and set up the day verse visible, to seek a bounty from your Lord, and know the lunar years’ numbers, and the calculation. And everything We detailed it, in detailing.
17:13  And every human We have obliged him, his bird omen in his neck. And on The Resurrection Day, We exit out for him a Book which he will find it was propagated.
17:14  “Read your Book; Sufficient is yourself against you on this Day as a reckoner.”
17:15  Whoever is guided, so he is guided for himself. And whoever strayed, so he strayed against it. And no bearer of a burden will bear a burden of another, and We were not torturing until We will mission a messenger.
17:16  And if We want to destroy a village, We command its luxuriant ones, so they are debauching in it, so the saying upon it was truthed, So We devastated it the most, devastation.
17:17  And how many among the generations have We destroyed, after Noah? And sufficient is your Lord by his slaves’ misdeeds as Expert, Seer.
17:18  Whoever wants the urgent (Life), We hasten for him within it whatever We will, for whomever We want. Then We set up Gohanam for him (Hell), he will be flamed by it, dishonored, defeated.
17:19  And whoever wanted the Hereafter, and strived to it, its striving, while he is a believer; so, those whose striving were thanked.
17:20  Both, these and these, We extend from your Lord’s grant. And your Lord’s grant was not restricted.
17:21  Observe how We have favored some of them over some others; and the Hereafter is greater in degrees, and grander in preferment.
17:22  Do not set up with Allah another god, so you sit dishonored and discouraged.
17:23  And Your Lord has decreed that you are not worshiping except Him, and with the parents do benefaction. If one of them or both of them reach old age with you, do not say for them "Uff,", nor rebuke them, and say for them a noble saying.
17:24  And lower for them the lowness’ wing, from the mercy, and say, “My Lord, mercified them, as they raised me when I was small.”
17:25  Your Lord is more knower, with what is in your souls. If you are righteous, so surely, He is ever for the often returning [to Him], Forgiving.
17:26  And give the possessors of consanguinity his rights, and the needy persons, and the wayfarer, and do not squander, a squandering.
17:27  Surely the squanderers were the devils’ brethren, and the devil was for his Lord, an infidel.
17:28  But if you turn away from them, seeking mercy from your Lord which you expect for, so say for them an easy saying.
17:29  And do not set up your hand chained to your neck, nor extend it all the extension, so you sit blamed, regretful.
17:30  Surely Your Lord extends the livelihood for whomever He wills and quantifies it. Surely, He is ever with His slaves an Expert, Seer.
17:31  And do not kill your progeny for the awe of destitution. We provide livelihood for them, and you. Surely their killing was a grand mistake.
17:32  And do not approach adultery. Surely it was obscenity, and a bad pathway.
17:33  And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except with the right. And whoever is being killed in oppression, so We set up for his guardian a Sultan. So, he should not be extravagant in killing. Surely, he is victorious.
17:34  And do not approach the orphan’s money, except with which is the best, until he has reached his strength. And by the covenant, fulfill surely the covenant would be questioned about.
17:35  And fulfill the volume measure when you measure, and weigh with the straight balance scales. That is goodness and an excellent endeavor.
17:36  And do not pursue what you have no knowledge with. Surely the hearing, and the sight, and the heart, all of those will be questioned about.
17:37  And do not walk on the earth hilariously. You are neither piercing the earth, nor you reach the mountains in height.
17:38  All of that was a bad deed with your Lord, hatred.
17:39  That is from what your Lord has revealed to you, among the wisdom. And do not set up with Allah another god, so you will be thrown in Gohanam (Hell), blamed, vanquished.
17:40  Has your Lord selected you by the sons, and He took from the angels females? You surely say a massive saying.
17:41  And We already diversified in this Quran, to let them remember, but it does not increase them except a revulsion.
17:42  Say, “If there were with Him other gods, as they say, then they would strive to the Throne’s possessor, a pathway.”
17:43  Glorified is Him, and Exalted above what they are saying, a grand highness.
17:44  For Him the seven skies glorify, and the earth, and whoever is in them. And none among a thing except it glorifies with His praises, but you are not understanding their glorification. Surely, He is ever A Clement, Forgiver.
17:45  And if you read the Quran, We set up between you and those who are not believing with the Hereafter an invisible veil.
17:46  And We set up upon their cores, shields lest they understand it, and in their ears a load. And when you mention your Lord alone in the Quran, they turn their backs in a revulsion.
17:47  We are more knower, with what they are listening with, when they are listening to you, and when they are secreting consultation, when the oppressors are saying, “You are not following except a man bewitched.”
17:48  Look how they cited for you the examples. So, they strayed, so they could not find a pathway.
17:49  And they say, “Are we, when becoming bones and remnants, we will be raised as a new creation?”
17:50  Say, “Be stones or iron.
17:51  Or a creation from what is bigging in your chests.” So, they will be saying, “Who will return us?” Say, “The One who originated you the first time.” So, they will be nodding their heads toward you, and be saying, “When is it?” Say, “Perhaps that will be soon.”
17:52  On a Day when He is calling you, so you respond with His praise, and you assume that you tarried except a little.
17:53  And say for My slaves to say which is the best. Surely Satan obsesses between them. Surely Satan is for humans an obvious enemy.
17:54  Your Lord is a knower with you. If He wills, He mercifies you; and if He wills, He tortures you. And We did not send you upon them as a trustee.
17:55  And Your Lord is a knower with whoever is in the skies and the earth. And We have preferred some of the prophets over some others; and to David We gave the Psalms (Zabora).
17:56  Say, “Call those who you are claiming without Him. So, they are not owning to uncovering the harm from you, nor diverting it.”
17:57  Those who are called, they are seeking to their Lord the means of approach, which of them be nearer, and expecting for His mercy, and fearing of His torment. Surely your Lord’s torment is being cautioned.
17:58  And none among a village except We are destroying it before The Resurrection Day or torturing it with a severe torment. That was written in lines in the Book.
17:59  And nothing prevented us from sending by the verses except that the formers falsified them. And We gave Thamud the She-camel, visibly, so they oppressed it. And We do not send the verses except for Intimidation.
17:60  And when We said to you, surely your Lord encompasses the people. And We did not set up the vision which We showed you, except as an infatuation for the people, and the cursed tree in the Quran. And We intimidate them, so it does not increase them except a grand tyranny.
17:61  And when We said for the angels, “Prostrate for Adam,” so they are prostrating, except Iblis. He said, “Shall I prostrate for whom You created from clay?"
17:62  He said, “I will see you this, the one whom you have honored over me? If you postpone me till The Resurrection Day, I will be cunning his offspring, except a few.”
17:63  He said, “Go! So, whoever among them follows you, so surely Gohanam (Hell) is your penalty, an ample penalty.”
17:64  “And spur whomever among them you can with your voice, and fetch against them with your horses and your walking men, and share them, within the money and the progeny, and promise them.” And Satan does not promise them except a vanity.
17:65  “Surely My slaves, you have not over them a Sultan.” And is sufficient with your Lord as trustee.
17:66  Your Lord is the one who propels for you the arks in the sea, to seek among His bounty. Surely, He is ever with you, a Merciful.
17:67  And if the harm touched you in the sea, strayed whoever you are calling except Him. So, when He saved you to the land, you turned away. And the human was being infidel (unthankful).
17:68  So have you secured that He would collapse down a side of the land with you, or send upon you a stone storm, then you will not find for you a trustee?
17:69  Or have you secured that He returns you into it another time, so He sends upon you a hurricane of the wind, so He drowns you with what you disbelieved? Then you will not find for you against us with it, a follower.
17:70  And We already honored Adam's children, and carried them in the land and the sea, and had livelihood them from the good things, and preferred them over much among what We have created, a preference.
17:71  On a Day when We call each people, with their leader (Imam). So, whoever is given his book with his right hand. So, those are reading their book, and not being oppressed [even] as much as a thread [inside the date seed].
17:72  And whoever is blind in this, so he is in the Hereafter a blind, and more astray pathway.
17:73  And surely, they almost infatuate you about which We have revealed to you, to slander upon us, other than it. And then they would have taken you as an intimate friend.
17:74  And unless that we stabilized you, you have almost cornered, already to them a little thing.
17:75  Then We will let you taste a double of the life, and a double of the death; then you will not find for you against us a victory supporter.
17:76  And surely, they almost provoked you from the earth, to exit you out of it. And hence, they would not be tarried behind you, except a little.
17:77  A route (Sunnah) of whoever We already sent before you from our messengers. And you will not find, for our routes (Sunnah), a diversion.
17:78  Establish the prayers at the sun’s decline, until the night darkness; and the dawn’s Quran. Surely the dawn’s Quran is witnessed.
17:79  And, among the night, so pray (Tahajud) with it, as supererogatory for you. Perhaps your Lord missions you, a praised stature.
17:80  And say, “My Lord, enter me a truth entry, and exit me a truth exit, and set up for me from your presence a victory supporter Sultan.”
17:81  And say, “the right has come, and the invalid has vanished; surely the invalid is ever vanishing.”
17:82  And We send down among the Quran which is a heal and a mercy for the believers, and it does not increase the oppressors except a loss.
17:83  And if We graced upon the human, he turned away and distanced by his side. And if evil has touched him, he is despairing.
17:84  Say, “Each works upon his trend. So, Your Lord is a knower with who has the most guided pathway.”
17:85  And they ask you about the Spirit. Say, “The Spirit is from my Lord’s command; and you were not given from the knowledge except a little.”
17:86  If We willed, We would go away with which We revealed to you. Then you will not find for you with it against Us, a trustee.
17:87  Except a mercy from your Lord. Surely His bounty upon you is ever grand.
17:88  Say, “If the humans and the jinn gathered upon that they bring with the alike of this - the Quran, they would not bring with the alike of it, even if some of them were backing up for some others.”
17:89  And We have already diversified for the people in this - the Quran, from each example, so most of the people refused except an infidelity.
17:90  And they said, “We will not believe for you until you burst for us among the earth, a spring.
17:91  Or being for you a paradise of palms and vines; so, you burst the rivers through it bursting.
17:92  Or you fall the sky as you claim, upon us in fragments, or bring with Allah and the angels opposite us.
17:93  Or be for you a golden adorned house. Or you ascend into the sky. And we will not believe in your ascension, unless you descend down upon us a book, we will read it.” Say, “Glorified is my Lord. Am I (anything other than) humankind messenger?”
17:94  And what prevented the people from believing when the guidance came to them except that they said, "Has Allah missioned a humankind messenger?"
17:95  Say, “If on the earth were angels, walking tranquilly, We would have sent down to them from the sky an angel messenger.”
17:96  Say, “Allah is sufficient as a witness between you and between me. Surely, He is ever with His slaves, Expert, Seer.”
17:97  And whoever Allah guides, he is the guided one. And whomever He strays, so you will not find for them guardians without Him. And We will muster them on The Resurrection Day, upon their faces, blind, dumb, and deaf. Their shelter is Gohanam (Hell); whenever it subsides, We increase them in a blaze fire.
17:98  That is their penalty, because they disbelieved in Our verses and said, “Shall we, when we become bones and remnants, will we be raised up as a new creation?”
17:99  Have they not seen that Allah, the one Who created the skies and the earth, is Able to create the like of them? And He sets up for them a term, no doubt in it. So, the oppressors refuse except for infidelity.
17:100  Say, “If you are owning the treasuries of my Lord’s mercy, then you would withhold in awe of the spending.” And the human is ever Niggardly.
17:101  And We gave Moses nine obvious verses, so ask Israel's children. When he came to them. So, Pharaoh said to him, “I assume that you, Moses, are bewitched.”
17:102  He said, “You already know that none sent these down except the skies Lord and the earth as insights; and I assume that you, Pharaoh, are perishable.”
17:103  So, he wanted to provoke them from the earth, so We drowned him, and those with him, altogether.
17:104  And We said after him for Israel's children, “Reside the earth, so when the Hereafter promise comes, We will bring you all as a mixed crowd.”
17:105  And with the right We sent it down, and with the right it descended. And We did not send you except as a preacher and a warner.
17:106  And a Quran which We separated it, to read it upon the people at intervals. And We downloaded its revelation! a download.
17:107  Say, “Believe by it, or do not believe.” Surely those who were given the knowledge before it, when it is recited upon them, they fall down to their chins, prostrating. .۩
17:108  And they are saying, “Glorified is our Lord. Surely our Lord’s promise was to be done.”
17:109  And they fall down to their chins, weeping, and it increases them humbling.
17:110  Say, “Call Allah, or call Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful). Whichever you call, so for Him are the Excellence Names.” And neither be loud in your prayer, nor faint by it, and seek between that pathway.
17:111  And say, “The Praise for Allah, who did not take a son, and was not for Him a partner in The Sovereignty, and He was not for Him a guardian from the Humiliation, and aggrandize him aggrandization.”