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18:1  The praise for Allah, the one who sent down the Book upon His slave, and He did not set up for it a crookedness.
18:2  Valuable to warn of severe adversity from His presence; and to preach (Good tidings) the believers who are working the righteous deeds, that for them is a finest wage.
18:3  They are abiding therein forever.
18:4  And to warn those who said, “Allah has taken a son.”
18:5  Not for them by it, of knowledge, nor did their forefathers. Bigged is a word that exits out from their mouths. Surely, they are not saying, except a lie.
18:6  So, perhaps you overpower yourself on their effects, if they do not believe in this- the narration- sorrowfully.
18:7  Surely, We set up what is on the earth an adornment for it, to try them, which of them is the best work.
18:8  And surely, We will set up what is on it, a barren ground.
18:9  Or you assumed that the Cave’s companions and (Al-Raqeem) the Inscription were, from Our verses, a wonder?
18:10  When the guys sheltered toward the cave. So, they said, “Our Lord, give us from Your presence, a mercy, and accommodate for us from our matter a righteous guidance.”
18:11  So, We smote upon their ears in the cave for a number of lunar years.
18:12  Then We raised them up to know which of the two parties better enumerated for what they have tarried a period?
18:13  We storified upon you their information with the right. They were guys who believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance.
18:14  And We fastened upon their cores, when they stood up, so they said, “Our Lord is the skies Lord and the earth; we will not call without Him a god, then we already said then, an atrocious lie.”
18:15  “These, our kinfolk, have taken without Him, Gods. Why do they not bring upon them, by obvious Sultan? So, who was more oppressor than he who slandered lies against Allah?”
18:16  “And when you have been isolated from them, and from what they were worshiping, except Allah, so shelter toward the cave. And your Lord will propagate for you from His mercy and will accommodate for you from your matter a facility.”
18:17  And you see the sun, when it rises, visit their cave sporadically towards the right, and if it sets, lend them to the left, and they are in a cavity among it. That was from Allah’s verses. And whoever Allah guides so he is the guided one; and whoever He strays him, so you will not find for him a conductor guardian.
18:18  And you assume them awake, while they are asleep. And We flip them over to exactly the right, and to exactly the left, and their dog stretched its arms by the threshold. If you look at them, you will turn away from them in flight, and be filled with terror from them.
18:19  And thus, We raised them, to let them ask between themselves. A speaker among them said, “How long did you tarried?” They said, “We have tarried a day, or some of a day.” They said, “Your Lord is a knower with what you have tarried.” “So, mission one of you with your papers (Silver coins), these, to the city, so let him observe which food is refined, so let him bring to you a livelihood from it. And let him be gentle and let no one feel you.”
18:20  “If they are arising upon you, they will be stoning you, or returning you back into their creed; and you will not be gaining then, ever.”
18:21  And thus, We caused them to be discovered, to let them know that Allah’s promise is true, and that the Hour there is no doubt in it. When they were disputing their matter between them, So they said, “Build over them a building.” Their Lord is a knower with them. Those who overcame, upon their matter said, “We will take over them a Masjid.”
18:22  They will say, “Three, and their fourth is their dog.” And they will say, “Five, and their sixth is their dog,” throwing with the unseen. And they will say, “Seven, and their eighth is their dog.” Say, “My Lord is a knower with their number.” None knows them except a few. So do not skepticize in them except an obvious skeptic, and do not seek ruling within them, among anyone.
18:23  And never say for a thing, “I will do that tomorrow.”
18:24  Except that, “Allah wills.” And remember your Lord if you forget, and say, “Perhaps my Lord will guide me nearer from this, a righteous guidance.”
18:25  And they tarried in their cave for three hundred lunar years and increased nine.
18:26  Say, “Allah is knower with what they tarried.” For Him the skies’ unseen and the earth. By Him see and hear. They have not without Him among a guardian, and He does not share in His judgment, a one.
18:27  And recite what was revealed to you from your Lord’s Book. There is no one to alter His words, and you will not find without Him a haven.
18:28  And yourself be patient with those who are calling their Lord in the early morning and the evening, wanting His Face. And do not, put away your eyes about them, wanting the Dunya Life’s adornments. And do not obey who We set his core inattentive about Our reminder and he followed his desire, and his matter was wastage.
18:29  And say, “the right is from your Lord. So, whoever willed, so will believe. And whoever willed, so will disbelieve”. Surely, We have prepared for the oppressors, a Fire, surrounded with them, its marquee. And if they succor, they are succored with water like molten brass, roasting the faces. Wretched is the drink, and badness is accommodation.
18:30  Surely those who believed and worked the righteous deeds, surely, We are not wasting the wages of whoever excelled his work.
18:31  Those for them are Eden Paradises, beneath which the rivers are running. Ornament therein with bracelets from gold and will wear green garments from fine silk and brocade. Reclining therein on adorned couches. Gracious is the reward and finest is accommodation.
18:32  And cite for them an example of two men. We set up for one of them two paradises from vine, and We edged them with palm-trees, and We set up between them vegetation.
18:33  Both paradises brought their food, and not oppressed among it, a thing. And We burst a river through them.
18:34  And there was fruitage for him. So, he said to his friend, while he conversed with him, “I am greater than you in money, and mightier in persons.”
18:35  And he entered his paradise, while he oppressed himself. He said, “I do not assume that this will ever be eradicated.”
18:36  “And I do not assume the Hour is established. And even if I returned to my Lord, I would find better than it, as resorts.”
18:37  His friend said for him, while he conversed with him, “Have you disbelieved with the one who created you from dust, then from a sperm-drop, then He normalized you, a man?
18:38  But as for me, He is Allah, my Lord, and I never associate with my Lord anyone.
18:39  And why not when you enter your paradise, you say, “As what Allah willed (Masha Allah); there is no power except with Allah”? If you see me, I have less than you, money and progeny.
18:40  So, perhaps my Lord will give me better than your paradise, and send upon it thunderbolts from the sky, so it becomes slippery barren.
18:41  Or its water becomes deep-well, so you are unable to request it.”
18:42  And ruin was encompassed by his fruitage, and so he became overturning his hands for what he had spent in it, while it was empty upon its trellises, and said, "Oh, I wish I had not associated with my Lord anyone.”
18:43  And it was not for him a group victorying him without Allah, and he was not victorious.
18:44  There the guardianship is for Allah, Al-Haq (The Right). He is the best in reward and best consequence.
18:45  And cite for them an example of the Dunya (present) life: as like water that We send down from the sky; so was mixed with it the earth’s plant; so, it becomes broken, the winds scatter it. And Allah is ever, over everything competent.
18:46  The money and the progeny are the adornments of the Dunya (present) life. And the righteous remaining deeds are more goodness with your Lord in rewards, and more goodness in hope.
18:47  And on a Day when We move the mountains; and you see the earth prominent; and We mustered them, so We do not depart from among them anyone.
18:48  And they presented upon your Lord in a row. “You have already come to Us as We created you for the first time. Nay, but you claimed that We will not set up an appointment for you.”
18:49  And the Book was positioned, and you will see the criminals are apprehensive from what was in it. And they are saying, “Woe to us! What is the matter of this book, it does not leave a small or a big, except it has enumerated it?” And they found what they had worked for was present. And Your Lord has not oppressed anyone.
18:50  And when We said to the angels, “prostrate for Adam.” So, they prostrated, except for Iblis. He was from the jinn, so he debauched about his Lord’s command. So, are you taking him and his offspring as guardians without Me, while they are an enemy for you? Wretched it is for the oppressors as an exchange.
18:51  I did not let them witness the skies creation and the earth, nor creation of themselves; and I was not taking the misleaders as assistants.
18:52  And on a Day when He will say, “Call on My associates whom you have claimed.” Then they will call on them, so they do not respond to them. And We set up wrecking barriers between them.
18:53  And the criminals saw the Fire, so they assumed that they would be fallen into it. And they did not find a diversion from it.
18:54  And We have already diversified in this Qur'an for the people from every example, and the human was the most argumentative of anything.
18:55  And what prevented the people from believing when the guidance has come to them, and seek their Lord’s forgiveness? Except that the former’s route (Sunnah) should come to them, or the torment should come opposite them.
18:56  And We do not send the messengers except as preachers and Warners. And those who disbelieved argue by the invalid, to disprove by it the right. And they took My Verses, and what they were warned as mockery.
18:57  Who is more oppressor than who is reminded with his Lord’s verses, so he turned away from them, and forgot what his hands have forwarded? Surely, We set up upon their cores, shields lest they understand it, and in their ears a load. And if you call them to the guidance, they will not be guided, then ever.
18:58  And your Lord is Al-Ghafor (The Forgiver), Possessor of the Mercy. If He takes them with what they have earned; He would hasten the torment for them? Nay, but they have an appointment they will not find asylum other than it.
18:59  And these villages, We destroyed them when they oppressed, and We set up for their destroying an appointment time.
18:60  And when Moses said to his guy, “I will not cease until I reach the two seas junction, or I continue going for periods of time.”
18:61  So, when they reached a junction between them, they forgot their fish. So, it took its pathway into the sea, slipping away.
18:62  So, when they passed, he said to his guy, “Bring us our lunch; we already met from our journey - this, painful fatigue.”
18:63  He said, “Have you seen when we sheltered into the rock? So, I forgot the fish. And none made me forget to remember it except Satan. And it took its pathway within the sea, wonder.”
18:64  He said, “That is what we were seeking.” So, they returned, retracing upon their footsteps.
18:65  So, they found a slave among Our slaves, We gave him from Us a mercy, and We taught him knowledge from Our presence.
18:66  Moses said for him, “May I follow you upon, that you teach me from what you have been taught a righteous guidance?”
18:67  He said, “You will not be able to be patient with me.
18:68  And how will you be patient upon what you do not encompass with it a knowledge?”
18:69  He said, “You will find me, if Allah wills, a patient; and I will not disobey a command for you.”
18:70  He said, “So, if you follow me, do not ask me about a thing, until I narrate for you from it a reminder.”
18:71  So they launched. Until, when they had embarked in the ship, he holed it. He said, “Did you hole it, to drown its inhabitants? You already brought an awful thing.”
18:72  He said, “Did I not say that you will not be able to be patient with me?”
18:73  He said, “Do not censure me with what I have forgotten, and do not overstrain me from my matters, difficulty.”
18:74  So they launched. Until, when they met a lad, so he killed him. He said, “Did you kill a refined soul, without a soul? You already brought a denial thing.”
18:75  He said, “Did I not say to you that you will not be able to be patient with me?”
18:76  He said, “If I ask you about a thing after this, then do not accompany me. You already have notified from my presence, an excuse.”
18:77  So they launched. Until, when they came to a village’s inhabitants, they asked them for food, so they refused to guest them. So, they found a wall in it that wanted to be collapsed, so he built it. He said, “If you are willing, you could take a wage.”
18:78  He said, “This is a parting between you and between me. I will inform you with an interpretation of what you could not be patient on.
18:79  As for the ship, it was for needy persons working in the sea. So, I wanted to blemish it and there was a king behind them taking every ship by usurpation.
18:80  And as for the lad, so his parents were believers, so we were awed that he would overstrain them in tyranny and infidelity.
18:81  So we wanted that their Lord replaces for them a goodness than him in refinement, and nearer in mercy.
18:82  And as for the wall, it was for two orphaned lads in the city. And it was underneath it a treasure for them. And their father was a righteous man. So, Your Lord wanted them to reach their strength, and exit out their treasure, as a mercy from your Lord. And I did not do it on my command. That is an interpretation of what you were unable to be patient on.”
18:83  And they are asking you about Zul-Qarnain. Say, “I will recite upon you from him a reminder.
18:84  We enabled him on the earth, and gave him, from everything a reason.
18:85  So, he followed a reason.
18:86  Until, when he reached the sun set place, he found it set in a dark mud spring, and found kinfolk at it. We said, “O Zul-Qarnain, you may either torture, or take a goodness, in them.
18:87  He said, “As for whoever oppressed, so we will torture him, then he will be returned to his Lord, so He will torture him, an awful torment.
18:88  “And as for whoever believed and worked righteous, so for him the excellent reward, and We will say for him from Our command an ease.
18:89  Then he Followed a reason.
18:90  Until, when he reached the sunrise, he found it rises upon a kinfolk for whom We do not set up for them a screen without it.
18:91  And thus, and We already encompassed, with what he had of news.
18:92  Then he Followed a reason.
18:93  Until, when he reached between the two dams (Mountains), he found without them a kinfolk who could not almost understand a saying.
18:94  They said, “O Zul-Qarnain, that Yagog and Magog are spoiling the earth. So., can we set up for you a tribute, in order to set up between us and them a dam?
18:95  He said, “What my Lord has enabled me within it is goodness. So, aid me with power, I will set up a back-fill between you and them.”
18:96  “Bring me the iron’s blocks.” Until he had leveled up between the two cliffs, he said, “blow.” Until when he set it up as fire, he said, “Bring me a molten copper to pour over it.”
18:97  So they could not scale over it, and they couldn't hole it.
18:98  He said, “This is a mercy from my Lord. So, when my Lord's promise comes, He will set it up into rubble, and my Lord’s promise is ever a true.”
18:99  And on that Day, We left some of them surge into some others. And it was blown in the Trumpet, so We will gather them, gathering.
18:100  And We presented Gohanam on that day for the infidels, a presentation.
18:101  Those whose eyes were in cover from My reminder, and they were not able to listen.
18:102  Are those who disbelieved assume that they take My slaves without Me, as guardians? We have prepared Gohanam (Hell) for the infidels, as a lodge.
18:103  Say, “Shall We inform you with the most work losers?
18:104  “Those whose striving in the Dunya (this world) life was strayed, while they are assuming that they excel at making.”
18:105  Those who disbelieved with their Lord’s verses and His meeting. So, their work is inhibited. So, on The Resurrection Day, We do not value them, a weight.
18:106  That is their penalty, Gohanam (Hell) with what they disbelieved, and took My verses and My messengers as mockery.
18:107  Surely those who believed and worked the righteous deeds, were for them Al- Ferdous Paradises as a lodge.
18:108  Immortals therein, do not seek other transference than it.
18:109  Say, “If the sea was ink for my Lord’s words, the sea would run out, before my Lord’s words run out,” even if We bring with the likeness of it, as extension.
18:110  Say, “I am only a humankind like you, being revealed to me, that your God is only One God. So, whoever expects to meet his Lord, So, he should work a righteous work, and never associate with his Lord’s worshiping anyone.”