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17:1  Glory be to Allah and extolled are His glorious attributes attendant upon His manifestation of conducting His servant by night from the Sacrosanct Mosques - Macca- to the Farthest Mosque,- Jerusalem whose precincts We had blessed. A journey that was planned without the factor of time or that of space to show him our spiritual world and some of Our signs evincing both Our Almightiness and Omnipresence. Allah is indeed AL-Sami' (Omnipresent) with unlimited audition and AL-Bassir (He clearly sees all things)
17:2  It was within these precincts which constituted the heart of the Sacred environs that Bani Isra‘il (the Children of Israel) were directed to make their abode and We sent to them Mussa to whom We gave the Book,-AL-Tawrah (Torah)- which was a guide into all truth, and We enjoined them thus: "Take no tutelary guardian", We said, "other than Me"
17:3  They were the progeny of those whom We carried in the Ark with Nuh (Noah) who was a thankful worshipper in whose heart reigned piety and gratitude
17:4  We foretold Bani Israel in the Book, thus: "You shall occasion two events of self-induced misfortunes; twice shall your arrogance stir you up to exaltation and be your greatest incitement of evil to the end that you shall go to the mischief and create discord"
17:5  When in due time the first occasion came to pass We humbled your arrogance by wedding you to a calamity. We sent against you servants of Ours invested with merciless power and martial daring who penetrated deep in the land and made their way right through your homes, and there the mission was accomplished and the promise fulfilled*
17:6  When the conquerors abounded in self - conceit and you humbled yourselves to Allah We gave you mastery over them and We made you abound more in numerosit
17:7  There, you can see that if you imprint your deeds with wisdom and piety and conduct yourselves with prudence, you advantage yourselves of good behavior. But if you should bode ill, misbehave or commit yourselves to an evil line of conduct you will have harmed your own souls. Then, when in due time the second occasion* came to pass you were overpowered and vanquished that your countenances spoke a different language. Your eyes shriveled into darkness in your heads and you fell into the darkness of dismay and they -the enemies- broke into you Temple as they did once before and reduced to ruins all that they acquired
17:8  May Allah, your Creator have mercy on you; but should you resume your iniquities, We will in turn resume Our retributive punishment. We have made Hell for the infidels the dungeon's grim confines
17:9  This Quran does indeed guide to the best way of moral rightness which has had everlasting residence in the character of the Godhead and to the uprightness of decision. It announces joyful tidings to those who acknowledge Allah with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and with deeds of wisdom and piety; they shall be recipients of a great reward
17:10  As it announces an ominous destiny to those who deny the Day of Judgement that they must expect the torment laid upon the damned
17:11  Man moves quickly and sometimes unjustly (as in response to slander) to invoke evil upon people as he moves quickly to invoke a blessing upon them, for man has a natural propensity in him to be unduly hasty of spirit
17:12  We made the night and the day two outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace. We effaced the light from the entity of the night and put it out in obscure darkness to hide things from view. We made the day a visible entity for objects to be perceptible by the sense of sight in order to betake yourselves to Providence, for His bounty, and in order to know the number of the years. Also to reckon the time occupied by the sun in its apparent passage through the signs of the Zodiac and the period of the earth's revolution round the sun forming a natural unit of time and you be able to compute time and determine it by calculation. And everything did We expound and make plain and abounding in detail
17:13  We encircled the neck of every human being with a bird of omen, (as it were) auguring well or ill, and in Day of Judgement will We present each with a book bearing his precise record laid open to view
17:14  There and then shall each be told, thus: "Read your own book and enough is your secret self be today your judge"
17:15  Indeed, he who is steered by the spirit of truth into all truth and Providence his guide benefits his own soul, and he who errs and strays from the path of truth and righteousness will prejudice his own soul. No soul bearing wrongs or not, will in any way bear the wrong of another, nor would We inflict a penalty on a people until We had sent to them a Messenger serving as a spectacle and a warning and they counselled deaf
17:16  And when We justly decide to do away with a town by reason of obliquity, We incite those of its people who live in luxury to indulge in the style of shameless luxury, and there comes to be what was predicted beforehand that they were born to be losers and We reduce it to a useless form
17:17  How many generations have We uprooted since the period in the life of Nuh, and enough is Allah, your Creator, to hold prescience and be an eyewitness of the iniquities of His servants
17:18  He who wishes to go by the world and its fleeting, evanescent and ephemeral enjoyment and glory will find Allah moving quickly to respond to whom He will and apportion to him what He will, but in the end We will make Hell his abode where he sits brooding on its vast abyss, censured, despised and rejected
17:19  But he who chooses the Hereafter and has purposed that it be the heart of his purpose and directs his efforts to fulfilling the requirements incidental to this end with a heart impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues shall, he and such persons find that heir endeavor is esteemed and highly appreciated
17:20  Those and these are given what is apportioned to them. We bestow on both of them of our bounty and never was the bounty of Allah, your Creator, confinable to any limits
17:21  See how We distinguish some in status, rank or fortune above others! And by the same token have We made the Hereafter excel here below and be the world of choice
17:22  Do not set up with Allah another god nor incorporate with Him other deities lest you should be censured and left abandoned and forsaken
17:23  Allah, your Creator, has ordained, that you worship no one but Him and you adore Him with appropriate acts and rites and that you commit your parents to your kind care. When one or both of them attain old age they expect your friendly disposition by your conduct to them. Therefore do not offend them by giving vent to an exclamation of impatience or disgust nor should you rebuke or reprimand them and let your dissertation with them be a sweet discourse
17:24  And lower to them the wing of power in humility, standing manifest of kindness and mercy and invoke Allah to be merciful to them and express your invocatory prayer in words, thus: O Allah, my Creator, I pray and beseech you to extend to them Your mercy in return for bringing me up and setting me on my feet which confess their toilsome care for me in my childhood
17:25  Allah, my Creator, knows best your thoughts and feelings and all that is stored in your innermost being. If you happen to be virtuous, He is indeed forgiving to those who in lowliest plight repentant stand
17:26  And render to the poor being of kin his due and also to the needy and to the wayfarer who does not have the means for transportation, but do not expend extravagantly or wastefully
17:27  Indeed, the wasteful given to useless or excessive expenditure are the twins of the satanic, and AL-Shaytan has been rebellious, disobedient and ungrateful to Allah, his Creator
17:28  But if you happen to keep away from those of them who are needy in expectation of Allah's mercy to help you be helpful to them, then let your dissertation with them, until then, be a sweet discourse
17:29  And do not bind your hand to your neck, as it were, unwilling to give or spend anything, nor should you spread it in the "spread-eagle style", lest you sit brooding on the vast abyss of reprimand and woeful want
17:30  Indeed, Allah, your Creator, gives livelihood generously and confers support gratuitously to whom He will and He also gives with restraint and by measure to whom He will. He has always been Khabirun (Omniscient) and Bassirun, (Omnipresent) whose constant vigilance is extended to all His creatures
17:31  Do not kill your children for fear of want. We provide for them and for you. Indeed, killing them was a flagrant violation of Allah's system of faith and worship and a major sin
17:32  Nor should you commit adultery. It is a forbidden sexual union, regarded by Allah as an immoral act, a degrading vice and an evil line of conduct
17:33  Nor should you deprive anyone of life Allah has made sacred, unless be justified for a proved crime. And if someone has been killed wrongfully, then his next of kin is authorized by Allah to use the means of procuring redress of grievances through avenging his right or forgiveness, (court of law, now). But should he choose to avenge his right, he must not carry it to excess, for the divine law is on his side
17:34  Nor should you encroach upon the property of the orphan, unless it be with the motive principle of improving, advancing or raising it to be a better quality or condition, until he reaches maturity and be able to take charge of it. Fulfill the solemn promise if you should make one and keep the vow and meet your engagements and obligations. A vow is great responsibility and those who break it shall have much to answer for in Day of Judgement
17:35  Dispense the quantity ascertained by measuring to the full if you happen to sell by a standard measure. And if you are using the method of weighing then you are enjoined to use an accurate and precise balance conforming to a standard, and an exemplar of truth and equity. This is a wise course of action ensuring safety and leading to the intended purpose
17:36  And do not gratify your desire or inclination to pursue a subject of which you have no knowledge nor charge anyone with a fault or a crime when you are not sure of his guilt nor pursue vain things which will avail you nothing. Indeed, he faculties of hearing, sight and intellect, each and all, are held responsible in Day of Judgement and shall have much to answer for
17:37  Nor should you walk on earth displaying inordinate self-esteem or with an overweening opinion of your qualities, attainments or estate, for even if the incessant tread of your feet wear the rough stones smooth, you shall not be able to rend the earth nor shall you be able to level to a mountain in height
17:38  Of all such attributes, those that have a name of evil savour stand in Allah's sight accursed and deserving of hatred
17:39  These -the above mentioned attributes- are maxims expressing some of the manifestation of wisdom Allah, your Creator, has inspired to you. He has issued a mandate commanding that you people do not associate with Him another Ilah nor incorporate with Him other deities lest you should be thrown into Hell where you sit brooding on the vast abyss of reprimand and rejection
17:40  Do you -infidels- really believe that Allah, your Creator, has committed to you the sons and ascribed to Himself the daughters from among the angels! In effect what you put in words to describe your thoughts of Him is indeed malicious, slanderous, blasphemous and of grave consequence
17:41  We have expounded and oriented Our revelations in this Quran to circumstances and requirements so as to bring them -the infidels- to their senses, yet they do what is contrary to that normally expected. They push themselves away from it with an averted state of mind and feelings and with a mental attitude of opposition and repugnance
17:42  Say to them: If indeed He had, as they say, associate deities who share His divine nature, His Omnipotence and His Authority, then they would have certainly sought out a way to expropriate Him of His throne, His rights and His Exclusive Authority
17:43  Praise be to Him and extolled are His glorious attributes, He is infinitely far above the impiety they utter against Him
17:44  The seven heavens and the earth and all animate and inanimate beings therein praise His glory and extoll His glorious attributes. There is not one single creature but displays outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace reflecting Allah's Omnipotence and Exclusive Authority, but you -infidels- do not apprehend their way of ascribing His glory. Indeed, He has always been Halimun (Forbearing) and Ghafurun (Forgiving)
17:45  When you Muhammad recite the Quran We interpose an invisible screen between you and those who deny the Hereafter to keep their better nature isolated from the truth
17:46  We enshrouded their hearts to preclude them from exercising intellectual power or understanding and struck them deaf so that nothing that engages the intellect would come to their hearing. These are the people whose hearts dare rise defiant against Allah; when you recite the Quran and Allah is mentioned as the sole Omnipotent and Exclusive Authority, they insolently turn their backs upon you with a mental attitude of opposition and repugnance
17:47  We do know the reason why they lend you their ears when they listen to you O Muhammad; they are reticent about their intention disclosed only in their secret counsel. They turn what they hear to ridicule albeit their nature or innermost being is attracted to the divine discourse. To keep their nobility and authority in the status quo, the wrongful of actions publicly declare, thus: "You people" they say, "only follow a man who has witchcraft in his lips and you foolishly hang on to them"
17:48  See how they describe you O Muhammad in irrelevant similies reflecting deviation of mind and thought that they are unable to strike on the path of truth that guides into all truth
17:49  They say in wonderment: " Do you mean that after we have been reduced to bones and dust we shall be restored to life and be created anew!"
17:50  Say to them: "So be it, even if you were converted into stones or iron"
17:51  "Or any other material you have in mind and you know it is beyond animation" There and then they shall say: "who will then restore us to life?" Say to them: "He who brought you into being and caused you to exist in the first creation". There, they shall shake their heads to you in doubt and ask: "When". Say to them: "It may well be quite soon"
17:52  "This shall be the Day when He summons you all from the graves and you rise praising the O Allah and ascribing His glory"
17:53  Tell My servants O Muhammad who declare or state in words a specified fact, thought, opinion or intention, an event or a remark or the like to say what is friendly, favourable and laudatory and to keep a civil tongue in their heads, for AL-Shaytan is on the alert for an occasion to divide mankind and set them at variance and to stir up enmity among them. Indeed AL-Shaytan has always been to man an avowed enemy
17:54  Allah, your Creator, knows best your disposition. He has mercy on you if He will or if He will He inflicts you with punishment, and We did not send you to the people to be their tutelary guardian
17:55  Allah, your Creator, knows best all creatures, the animate and the inanimate in the heavens and on earth and We invested some prophets with more privileges than we invested others and We gave David the Psalms
17:56  Say to the infidels who incorporate with Allah other deities "Ask earnestly or humbly or make a devout supplication to those objects of worship whom you suppose share with Allah His divine nature and you shall realize that they shall utterly fail to respond. They have neither the power to relieve you from what is burdensome and exhaustive to the mind nor the influence to avert it either"
17:57  Those to whom they make a devout supplication -Saints, jinn or angels- are themselves devout servants of Allah seeking the union of their nature with the Divine, and striving which of them shall be the nearest to Allah and the more efficient in serving His purpose! They entertain expectation of His mercy and they dread His retributive punishment. Indeed, the punishment Allah, your Creator, inflicts on the offender makes one heedful, for the thought of it arouses an emotional feeling tinged with latent and deep mysterious fear
17:58  There is not one single town but shall suffer destruction before The Day of Judgement or We make them suffer the torment We lay upon the damned, an ordinance that has been decreed and entered in the archetypal Book
17:59  In fact nothing prevented Us from sending you O Muhammad to the people with the power of working miracles to evince both your mission and Allah's Omnipotence and Rightful Authority except that people of bygone times refused to acknowledge them. Among them were the Thamudites to whom We sent the she –camel- as an evident and undoubted sign, but they mistreated her without due regard and wronged themselves. We only authorize the work of miracles so that the people be moved with a mingled feeling of dread and reverence toward Allah and realize the evil consequence of disobeying or denying Him
17:60  And for once We told you O Muhammad that Allah, your Creator, surrounds all people on all sides -therefore declare Allah's message and do not be afraid ever-. We only made you see the vision of glory We presented to you in your night journey through the spiritual world to test the inclination of the people and their spiritual and moral attributes. The same purpose was also served by the accursed tree growing in the bottom of Hell to feed the sinners. We purposed that the infidels be moved with a mingled feeling of dread and veneration toward Allah and realize the evil consequence of disobeying and denying Him. But on the contrary, it only makes them sink deeper under the vexations of their minds, run riot and transgress the goal
17:61  We said to the angels: "Prostrate yourselves to Adam in adoration", and they prostrated to him in comely order, praise and admiration except Iblis AL- Shaytan-to-be who said: "Shall I prostrate myself before him whom You created from clay!"
17:62  And he added: "Do you see that creature whom you treated with more honour than you treated me!" "If You grant me respite from death till The Day of Judgement, I will bridle his progeny, control them and misguide them excepting a few"
17:63  "Reprieve is granted", said Allah, "wherefore you and those of them who follow you shall suffer the fatal consequence. Hell shall be requital enough of the manner you conducted yourselves in life"
17:64  "Entice those of them whom you can allure to brighter worlds with your whispering voice and assault them by any manner of means, be it cavalry or infantry or any other means, and go shares with them in their ill-gotten gains and in their illegitimate children, and give them fair words and large promises to fair the foul and to arouse in them vain desires. In effect what AL-Shaytan promises them is only what is vain, deceptive and deluding"
17:65  "Indeed, My devout servants" Allah added, "do not come under your authority nor have you the power to influence their conduct or actions and enough is Allah, your Creator, to be their Tutelary Guardian"
17:66  It is Allah, your Creator, Who keeps the ships afloat and makes them move on the surface of the sea to be of service in effecting your objects which are sought after of His Bounty. Indeed, He has been always Rahimun (Merciful) to you
17:67  And when you are befallen with a misfortune or with a distressful condition at sea, there vanish into thin air those whom you invoke besides Him. And when He delivers you safe ashore you turn away from Him! It is a pity that man has always been inclined to display no gratitude
17:68  Do you -infidels- feel really secure and in your minds you are sure that He who is in heaven's realm will not cause that shore bordering on the sea where you disembark to sink down below your feet and you disappear utterly in its depth! Or that He will not make you suffer the disastrous consequences of a whirlwind and a sand dune and no one will you find then to afford you protection or to render void Our decree
17:69  Or do you feel really secure and in your minds you are sure that He will not send you back to sea on another occasion and send against you a gale of considerable strength that drowns you in requital of your ingratitude and no avenger will you find to exact satisfaction or retaliate upon Us on your behalf
17:70  We have honoured the Adamites and We provided them with means of transportation to carry them on land and at sea and We provisioned them with the good wholesome victuals and We placed them in a class distinctly above many of Our creatures and We ascribed to them distinguished attributes. We furnished them with powers of the mind -the will, the reason and the perception of truth or fact, theoretical and practical understanding of art, science, language- and many other faculties
17:71  And the Day shall come when We summon all people, each nation with their respective leader who is to bear witness to the behavior of his people and the way they conducted themselves in life. There and then he who is given his book of his record in life in his right hand shall he and such persons be delighted to read their records and no one shall ever be wronged not even to the equivalent of a single hair of the dry integument of the smallest seed
17:72  And he who has been blind here below and has been lacking in intellectual, moral and spiritual perception shall be jus as blind Hereafter, having no opening for light as if he were lost in blind mazes of entangled wood
17:73  They -the infidels- tried their best to tempt you O Muhammad and incite you to make some concessions. They thought they almost seduced you into a course of action totally undivine
17:74  Had We not confirmed you and influenced your heart and mind and impelled to the feeling of authority and security of position you would have gone along with them up to a point, thinking that with making a small concession you would succeed in fulfilling the divine mission
17:75  But then, by consequence, We would have made you taste a double punishment in life and at death, besides the second death, and no protector would be found to render void Our decree
17:76  They were resolved to impel you to the feeling of fear to make you resolve to quit the land and depart from Macca. But then they would have been allowed to remain only for a short while to come to the end of their rope wherefore We vanquish them and reduce them into a useless form
17:77  This has always been Allah's way of action which has long been pursued in the past with those of the Messengers whom We had sent before you in order of time. Each typical instance formed a particular case of a principle and a single instance of punishment. This mode of action, you will find, shall never alter
17:78  You just engage in the act of worship and hold intimate mental and spiritual intercourse with Allah at the point of time of the sun's declination or deviation from the Meridian or the zenith of the sky as it begins to sink toward setting and onward to the time when the darkness of the night prevails* And noteworthy is the Quran when recited at dawn. Indeed recital of the Quran at dawn is of great moment and a goodly loan. It inspires piety to the heart and makes the soul sensible of the presence of Allah; it is attended by the angels who witness its perusal
17:79  And rouse up during the hours of the night to additional devotional exercise which is meritorious and adds to your credit; may Allah, your Creator, elevate you to a position of great honour, excellence and glory**
17:80  And call upon Allah in your invocatory prayer thus: "O Allah, my Creator, may I ask You to make my entry upon the stage of life an entry by the gate of truth wherefore I stay my course in accordance with the divine standard. And make O Allah, my Creator, my exit at the end of my doings and from the scene of life an egress vested with fidelity, truthfulness, virtue and integrity, and invest me, my Creator, with the divine insignia of power and authority"
17:81  And say: "Truth has now prevailed and falsehood has eventually perished, for falsehood is always apt to perish in the wreck of time"
17:82  And We have send down, from the realm of heaven, of the Quran what serves as a remedy and a mercy to those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues whereas it adds to the detriment of the wrongful of actions
17:83  When We mercifully bring man in Our grace and show it in Our munificence, he feels impelled to move away and more distant from what Allah inclines him to propound, and when he is befallen with a misfortune or wedded to a calamity he nurses despair
17:84  Say to them: "Every one acts according to his inherent and innate disposition or character, and Allah, your Creator, knows quite well who exercises his will to the best to accept Allah's Authority, espouse His cause and keep in His path
17:85  And they ask you O Muhammad about the spirit
17:86  If We willed, We could erase from your mind or memory O Muhammad all that We have inspired to you of divine discourse, and you shall find no one to plead on your behalf or render void Our decree
17:87  But it is only through the mercy of Allah, your Creator, that it continues to be preserved. Indeed, great is His bounty and much is His grace that abound in you
17:88  Say to them "It could not be more emphasized that if both mankind and the Jinn should come together to compose a divine discourse of a like nature to the Quran, never shall they be able to produce a discourse of its likeness even with the help of one party to the other"
17:89  We have expounded and oriented Our revelations in the Quran to circumstances and requirements and We quoted every typical instance forming a particular case of a principle, yet most people simply refuse to acknowledge the truth and will not express esteem nor gratitude
17:90  They say to you O Muhammad: "We will not believe in you until you have caused water to rise and flow in a constant stream out of the ground"
17:91  "Or until you have an orchard enclosing palm-trees and vines and you cause the earth to cleave in its midst forming channels for water to flow in copious streams like rolling rivers with murmuring flows that flow forever?"
17:92  "Or until you have caused the sky to fall on our heads in pieces as you assumed it would, or until you have brought before our eyes Allah and His angels together"
17:93  "Or until we have seen you residing in a house adorned with gold, or until we have seen you climbing a ladder heavenward, nor will we believe in your ascent until you have brought down a book that we could read". Say to them: "Praise be to Allah and extolled are His glorious attributes; am I in any respect but a human Messenger!"
17:94  In effect nothing holds back the people and hinder them from conforming to Islam as ordained by Allah despite sending Messengers to guide them but their presumption upon Providence. "Is it conceivable", they say, "That Allah sends to the people a human Messenger!"
17:95  Say to them: "If it were possible for angels to feel safe and secure when they move about on the ground here below, We would have sent down a divine Messenger"
17:96  Say to them: "Enough is Allah to be my witness and your witness; He is indeed Khabirun (Omniscient) and Bassirun (Omnipresent) Whose constant vigilance is extended to all His creatures. "
17:97  He whom Allah guides to His path of righteousness is the one who is guided by the spirit of truth into all truth. But those whom Allah sends astray, never shall you find for them tutelary guardians besides Him. We shall throng them drawn on their faces In Day of Judgement, blind, deaf and dumb to be delivered to their appropriate quarters in Hell which is constantly fed with fuel .As often as it abates We feed it so that they suffer the increasingly fierce and merciless flames of the fire
17:98  This is in requital of their denial of Allah's Omnipotence and Authority and of their refusal to acknowledge His revelations and signs evincing both His Godhead and His divine nature. And they insolently voice their denial of Resurrection. Thus: "Is it conceivable", they exclaim: "that when We have been reduced to bones and dust We will be restored to life and be created anew!"
17:99  Do they not perceive by visual tokens and by their minds' eyes that Allah Who created the heavens and the earth is Omnipotent enough to recreate the like thereof and restore the dead to life and create them anew! It is He Who determined their span of life which He decreed to end at a certain and undoubted point of time, yet the infidels refuse to acknowledge the truth and choose to sink under the vexations of their minds
17:100  Say to them: "If you -infidels- were to have a place in the realm of the ruling power and you have the power of governing and controlling the vast treasuries of Allah's mercy, you would have exercised restraint by virtue of your niggardly disposition and for fear of want. Nonetheless, man has always been characterized by parsimony
17:101  We went Mussa with nine divine signs. You Muhammad just ask Bani Israel about the course of events relative to Mussa as he presented himself to Pharaoh and his people. Pharaoh said to him: "I do think that you Mussa are indeed bewitched"
17:102  "But you know", said Mussa, "That no one could have sent down these divine and evident signs but the Omnipotent Who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth; He made them clear to the understanding and judgement" "In effect I think that you Pharaoh are obstinate and unyielding to the truth and with unerring doom you shall see what is to come"
17:103  Pharaoh decided on what he thought would be the best course of action, namely, to rid the land of them, but We drowned him together with all those who followed him
17:104  Following Pharaoh's death, We said to Bani Isra‘il: "Now you may have your abode in the promised land, and when the promised Day of Judgement comes to pass We will gather you and all the others from wherever you may be"
17:105  In truth We sent down the Quran and in conformity with fact and in agreement with reality has it been revealed. We have only sent you O Muhammad as a spectacle and a warning
17:106  A Quran that has been revealed in partible division at intervals so that you may recite it O Muhammad to the people slowly and deliberately. We revealed it in succeeding stages and each part with the others makes up the whole
17:107  Therefore say to them -the infidels- O Muhammad: "Believe in it or do not give credence to it; those to whom We imparted knowledge, wisdom and spiritual light before it was revealed bow to it in reverence and submission. When it is recited to them they cast themselves down prostrate in humility and veneration"
17:108  And they say: "Praise be to Allah, our Creator, and extolled are His glorious attributes. Indeed, the promise of Allah, our Creator, inevitably comes to pass and is always fulfilled."
17:109  The Quran influences their senses and minds and excites their emotion that it prompts weeping and as they stand in awe of their Creator they prostrate themselves in profound reverence and humility
17:110  Say to the Pagans who reject the attribute AL- Rahman and think it is another god: Invoke Allah or invoke AL-Rahman whichever you choose, for to Him belong all the graceful Names which are the supreme appellations in which His unique qualities are ascribed. And to avoid -O Muhammad- their mockery and derision when you engage in the act of worship, you just entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah. And do not voice your prayer loudly nor pronounce it inaudibly or below your breath but hold a middle degree between the two extremes
17:111  And express you gratitude to Him in words for His unipersonality and Unique divine nature, thus: "Praise be to Allah Who did not beget nor adopt a son nor is there anyone to share His divine nature or His realm nor is He dependent upon a tutelary guardian to protect Him from harm and from humiliation and praise Him highly for His imposing Omnipotence"