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16:1  Allah's decree is inevitably coming to pass and so you Pagans need not reproach the Messenger for divine visitation in a sarcastic and insulting way. How foolish of you to cut off your last hope of forgiveness by wishing scornfully that it, be hastened on; glory be to Him and extolled are His glorious attributes; He is infinitely far beyond those whom they incorporate with Him
16:2  He sends down the angels with divinely inspired messages on whom He chooses of His worshippers as He will, enjoining them to inform people of the danger of polytheism and relate to them, thus: "There in no Ilah but I, and so entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Me"
16:3  He has created the heavens and the earth in accordance with reason and truth and for just ends. He is infinitely far beyond those they incorporate with Him
16:4  He created the Adamite from a constituent part of fluid that is emitted*, yet he -the Adamite- is more ready to argue than to obey. He brings forward reasons against Allah with a strong, capacious and argumentative mind
16:5  And the cattle He created for you to advantage yourselves of their wool for warmth and you make use of them for other purposes, and they are reared to serve as food for alimentation
16:6  And they afford you keen pleasure to the sense of sight when you drive them home and when you lead them to pasture
16:7  And they carry your burdens to a land you could not have reached but with hardship and severe toil. Allah, your Creator, is indeed Raufun (Compassionate) and Rahimun (Merciful)
16:8  And horses, mules and asses did He create for you to ride and to use as an adornment, and He creates what is yet unknown to yo
16:9  It is Allah Who indicates to you the path to tread, the path of truth guiding into all truth with some deviating from righteousness. And had He willed, He would have guided you all to the one path leading directly to Him
16:10  He is It Who sends down the rain-water from the floor of the vault of heaven suitable to drink and instrumental in springing up vegetation for your cattle to feed
16:11  And therewith He causes vegetal growth of corn, olives, palm-trees and grapes and of all kinds of fruits. Indeed, all this is emblematic of Almightiness; food for thought taken by those who are disposed to think
16:12  And He reduced for you the night and the day, the sun and the moon to a state of subservience, and He ordered the stars and the planets in subservience to your advantage and your end: signs emblematic of Omnipotence and Authority making a deep impression on the minds of those of sound intellect
16:13  Next comes all that He distributed to your necessity and advantage of objects of various glorious colours within and without the surface of the earth displaying collective beauty. This is indeed a great sign, breath-taking and highly impressive to those who keep Allah in mind and lift to Him their inward sight
16:14  It is He Who made the sea subservient to you to use as a source of aliment and ornaments. You eat of its fresh and tender meat -fish- and wear of its coral and pearls. And you see the ships cleaving its surface and ploughing its billowy waves. They help you accomplish your objects sought after of His bounty to the end that your bosoms may hopefully surge up and answer thanks
16:15  And the earth He furnished with firm stays (mountains) placed in a certain setting, fixed as with an anchor to stabilize* it lest it should sway you from side to side or in all directions. And He furnished it with rivers and road-ways to use as a guide in your travels from one place to another
16:16  And other visible signs together with signs in the heavens -the stars- serving as guide-posts to guide people on land and at sea
16:17  Therefore, would He Who creates and brings things into existence out of nothingness be likened to him who simply can never create an entity of any kind! can you people not consider this matter and ponder My cause
16:18  And if you were to compute the divine favours you wear, you shall find them out of all count; Allah is indeed Ghafurun (Forgiving) and Rahimun
16:19  And Allah is 'Alimun (Omniscient) of all that you converse secretly or whisper below your breath and of all that you suggest secretly to the mind, and He is well acquainted with all that the bosoms store of thoughts and feelings and with all that they forge, and He knows what you utter loudly and all that is being said
16:20  And those whom they invoke besides Him are incapable of creating an entity of any kind. On the contrary, they themselves have been created
16:21  Inanimate dumb idols and lifeless objects insensible to feeling and knowing, unaffected by anything specified. They do not perceive resurrection nor when shall their devotees be resurrected
16:22  In point of fact, things all around point clearly to you people that your Ilah is absolutely One Eternal Ilah. Those who deny Him simply close their hearts' ears and their minds' eyes and exercise inordinate self esteem and pride got the better of their prudence
16:23  Allah is indeed fully cognizant of all that they converse secretly or whisper under their breath and of what they suggest secretly to the mind, and of all that they openly declare and of all that is being said. He detests the arrogant exercising inordinate self- esteem
16:24  And when they are asked if they knew what Allah has revealed, or if they were referred to some illustration from the Quran, they dismiss it contemptuously with the remark: "Fables of old"
16:25  Such is the disposition of those who shall bear their burdensome lot at Judgment and the burden of their wrongs in full, in addition to the wrongs of those unlearned whom they misled. Evil indeed is the fate of those who are burdened with wrongs and evil indeed are the wrongs they bear
16:26  Potent was the cunning of their predecessors that it justified Allah's retributive punishment. He struck them at the roots of their foundation and their roofs collapsed over their heads and they were unexpectedly reduced to a useless form
16:27  And at Judgement they shall be put to shame and be asked about the whereabouts of those whom they once presumed divine and contended in their favour with opposing arguments against Allah's Omnipotence and Authority There and then shall the learned say: "This is the Day when disgrace and torment are laid upon those who presumed upon Providence"
16:28  It is these who persist in doing wrong and continue firmly in the state of disbelief in Allah until the encounter with the angels of death who disembody their souls. There and then they express their willingness to submit to Allah and learn at last acceptance of their lot and claim they never did wrong. But the angels say to them: "But you did, and Allah is indeed 'Alimun of all you did"
16:29  "And now", they add, "make entry through the gates of Hell wherein you will have passed through nature to eternal suffering. Evil indeed is the abode of the arrogant whose pride got the better of their prudence"
16:30  So would those who entertained the profound reverence dutiful to Allah be asked if they knew what Allah, their Creator, has revealed! "All that is truthful and virtuous", they say, "and all that was imparted to us of knowledge, wisdom and spiritual light". These and such persons whose deeds were imprinted with wisdom and piety in life below shall reap the fruits of their piety. Allah bestows on them His prevenient and efficacious grace here and His efficacious grace is far better for them Hereafter, and how excellent and supreme is the heavenly abode of the God-fearing
16:31  It is the Gardens of Eden wherein they enter into the joy of Allah, their Creator, and experience the pleasure afforded by the rivers running directly beneath. Therein they will have whatever object of desire from which pleasure or satisfaction is expected and any wish they express in words or in thought will be instantly fulfilled, for thus does Allah reward those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him
16:32  It is these whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues at the moment they encounter the angels of death who disembody their souls. They -the angels- greet them with the expressions of good will: "Peace be upon you. Make entry into Paradise which is the reward commensurate with your deeds."
16:33  Do they -the infidels- purpose to wait until some fitting event presents itself and they distinctly perceive the angels or experience the execution of Allah's decree of retributive punishment! Thus much did their predecessors behave and it was not Allah Who did them injustice but it was they who wronged themselves
16:34  By consequence, did the evil line of conduct to which they committed themselves and the evil deeds they conferred on themselves spring back and recoil on them, and they were beset on all sides by the same material and immaterial things they had turned in to ridicule
16:35  And to excuse their infidelity which it is not possible to justify, the idolaters insolently say: "Had Allah willed, neither we nor our fathers would have worshipped besides Him other gods, nor would we have enforced taboos other than those decreed by Him" Thus much acted their predecessors. But is the Messenger really responsible for any act or a duty other than relating the divine message and the elucidation of its text
16:36  And to every nation did We send a Messenger to say to them: " Worship Allah alone and adore Him with appropriate acts and rites and avoid at any cost worshipping anything else irrespective of his or its attribute, be it a human or an idol." And so, among them -the people- there were those whom Allah had guided to His path of righteousness and others who thrived on disobedience and verified Allah's justifiable ordination to their loss in the maze of error
16:37  In fact, if you O Muhammad are anxious for their guidance to Allah's path of righteousness, you had better realize that He does not guide those who thrive on disobedience and come within the measure of His wrath, nor shall they find those who afford them help
16:38  And they -the Pagans- make a solemn declaration with an appeal to Allah -if there be any- or to one of their false gods, -and they are many- that Allah shall never resurrect anyone once he is dead. But indeed He shall. This is a divine promise and the promise of Allah is truth personified but most people do not realize this fact
16:39  It is an act of mercy to both the guilty and the innocent- that Allah resurrects the dead and restores them to life to illucidate to them the strained points upon which the whole unreasoning turned and the points which were once in the heat of. dispute so that the infidels who denied Him and/or His statutes realize how unjust they were to themselves and to others to justify their falsehood and assert it as true
16:40  Indeed, all it takes when We will to bring anything into existence is simply to say to it: "Be" and it is
16:41  And those who fled their homes and homeland by reason of persecution and emigrated to where they could best serve Allah's cause shall be the recipients of His mercy and blessings. We will confer on them Our prevenient and efficacious grace here; the efficacious grace promised Hereafter is indeed far greater if only they knew
16:42  These are the votaries who possessed their souls in patience purposed to fulfill their obligation to Allah and satisfy their conscience and their hearts, and in Him they put their trust
16:43  And never did Allah send Messengers before you O Muhammad but were men and not angels to whom We inspired Our message. Therefore, you -infidels- may ask those who are well versed in the antecedent Scriptures -Jews and Christians- if indeed you do not know
16:44  We inspired to them clear and plain revelations and signs as well as AL- Zabur (the Psalm) which guide out of darkness and superstitions elf later times and out of want of spiritual and intellectual light into illumination and enlightenment. And We inspired to you O Muhammad the Quran to explain to the people all that has been revealed to them of decrees, ordinances and the fundamental principles of Allah's system of faith and worship so that they may hopefully ponder
16:45  And now, do the infidels take their cunning for a sinister and crooked wisdom fraught with mischief and feel secure against Allah's wrath which may speak thunder. It may cause the earth to sink under their feet and assert them as her own, or that they unexpectedly be seized with a calamity from whence they never expected or perceived
16:46  Or are they certain in their minds that they shall not be seized with punishment in the midst of their activities, doings or movements and they be able to escape
16:47  Or that He shall not punish them by inspiring to them constant sense of danger and cause their gradual fall from power, in His own manner, until it is vanished, -re- conquest of Macca, and many other recent events-, to give them a chance, that at some point they may wake up to their senses. Allah is indeed Ghafurun and Rahimun
16:48  Did they -the infidels- not see into Allah's cosmic sign of the shadow, and how everything that He has created casts its shadow -or image- upon a surface by intercepting the direct rays of the great luminary and other luminaries, and how do objects turn their shadows right and left according to the relative position of the source of light, and how such shadows are governed by cosmic laws in comely prostration to Allah incensed by humiliation
16:49  And to Allah do all created beings in the heavens and all living creatures on earth prostrate themselves in reverence and adoration and so do the angels who do not display inordinate self-esteem
16:50  They entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him and keep in awe of Him, their Creator, Who is far above them and beyond all, and they discharge their duties in obedience to His command
16:51  And Allah has emphasized His Oneness and Uniqueness. He repeatedly said: "Do not Worship two gods, He is One and only, and therefore, fear Me and keep in awe of Me alone."
16:52  To Him belong all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth, and religion is a duty and an obligation incumbent on all. Therefore, will you all hold in awe of an Ilah other than Allah, the Creator
16:53  Do you -people- not realize that all grace abounding in you is the grace of Allah, and when you are befallen with a misfortune or wedded to a calamity it is to Him that you instinctively cry, pray and beseech for help
16:54  Yet when He delivers you from what was burdensome and exhaustive to the mind, some of you incorporate with Him other deities
16:55  A way of showing ingratitude and the indisposition to acknowledge the benefits received. But you just keep serving the Devil and lust after your sinful system of faith and worship and before long you shall come to know the consequence of denying the truth
16:56  They dedicate to their idols, designating them ignorantly as gods, a part of what We apportioned to them of Our bounty -cattle, crops,-, when neither themselves nor their belongings or possessions are really their own, but Allah's own. By Allah, you -infidels- shall have much to answer for and be heavily punished for your intentional assertion of what is false
16:57  And in their corrupted minds, they presume upon Allah; they regard the angels as females (the gender they detest) and ascribe them to Him as His daughters; exalted be He. Yet they ascribe to themselves the males, the gender they approve and favourably accept
16:58  The moment any of them hears the news of the birth of his own female child, his countenance at once speaks a different language, His eyes shrivel into darkness in his head and he falls into the darkness of dismay
16:59  He hides from people or keeps out of sight to conceal the news, which allegedly defames him and blackens his repute. He does not know whether to keep his child alive and be both defamed and despised or bury her in the dust and consign her and the news to oblivion. Evil indeed is the resolution uniting their evil thoughts
16:60  If these infidels who deny the Hereafter were to be likened in a parable to anything material or immaterial to represent their attributes, their image shall always stand similitude exact of evil, whereas if we were to represent Allah in a parable we find Him above all comparison and like unto Him there is none. And if His attributes were represented in a parable they shall be summed up in the word "Perfection" personified. and He is AL-Aziz (the Almighty) and AL-Hakim (the Wise)
16:61  And if Allah were to punish the people for their wrong or evil doings the minute they commit themselves to such a line of conduct, He would not allow one single living creature domiciled on earth to remain thereon, but He respites them to a predetermined point of time (that they may hopefully repent). And when their time is fulfilled never shall they be able to delay it or anticipate it for one hour or infinitely less
16:62  And they ascribe to Allah the female gender which they themselves detest and they give a speaking tongue to falsehood at the grossness of which; common sense revolts. They presume upon Allah that all that is good and pleasing shall fall to their lot. It is no wonder that Hell shall be the sea of misery into which their sail be rushed
16:63  Rest assured O Muhammad by Allah, your Creator, We sent Messengers before you to nations who preceded in order of time. 'They presented them with the spirit of truth guiding into all truth. But AL-Shaytan (Satan) allured them to brighter worlds as a logical result or sequence to their doings and he led the way then and he leads it now amid the encircling gloom wherein he leads them by the nose, but they shall suffer painfully for it
16:64  And We send down the Book -the Quran- to you O Muhammad only to serve Allah's purpose and be of service in effecting Allah's object of illucidating to the various sects and to the people at large the strained points upon which the whole unreasoning turns and the points in the heat of dispute. 1t is the spirit of truth that guides into all truth as well as a mercy to those whose hearts are imprinted with the image of religious and spiritual virtues
16:65  And it is Allah Who sends down rain-water from the floor of the vault of heaven wherewith He revives the earth after it has suffered death. This is indeed emblematic of Almightiness; food for thought that is taken by those who are disposed to listen
16:66  And you certainly have a sermon in cattle, serving as an incitement and exhortation to you people. We supply you with a drink from their bellies, a drink produced -under specific circumstances- in the breasts by conjoint action between chyle -the product of chyme or digested food in the intestines- and blood -which carries to the breasts all necessary aliment and elements- and there flows wholesome Milk, pure white and palatable to those who drink it
16:67  And out of the date-palm and the vine you extract sweet Juices, and other wholesome beverages; another sign, among the marvels of Allah, esteemed highly by those who reflect
16:68  And Allah has inspired the bees with the instinct of building their homes or hives in the mountains, on the trees and in the trellis (constructed for the climbing trees amid their habitations)
16:69  And to collect their food from the nectar produced by the blossoms of the various kinds of fruits and to tread the paths to which Allah, their Creator, has guided them -by way of a natural and innate antenna-. There issues from their bellies a nutritious juicy drink of varying hues affording remedy to people. Indeed, this is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace appreciated by people who ponder
16:70  And Allah is He Who brought you people into being and caused you to exist. Then He disembodies your souls and deprives you of animate existence, and among you is he who is carried through the stealing steps of age to advanced life that he loses the wits once about him and he loses remembrance of the knowledge he formerly mastered and he becomes the abject heir of an illustrious name
16:71  And it is Allah Who privileged some of you with more livelihood than others and made His grace abound more in some than in others. And those who are privileged will not go shares with what has fallen to their lot with those whom they have on hand -captives, slaves,- so that they be as the master, so the man. How then do they make Allah go shares with His servants! Is this not simply a denial of His grace which abounds in them
16:72  And it is Allah Who provided you with wives and mated you to your kind and from them did He bless you with sons and grandsons, and provisioned you with the wholesome sustenance of victuals, eatables and drinkables. Is it then that they -the infidels- assert or vindicate falsehood and will not esteem Allah's efficacious grace abounding in them
16:73  Yet they worship besides Allah objects with no power to provision them from the heavens or from the earth with one part or infinitely less of their sustenance or the necessities of life nor can they possibly do that
16:74  And you infidels must realize that Allah is beyond all comparison and like unto Him there is none. Therefore, do not set to Him examples nor express to Him comparisons and parables nor draw similes between Him and created beings, animate or inanimate, for He Knows and you do not
16:75  Allah cites an instance of two men in illustration of a general truth. One is a slave, the property of his master, who is divested of freedom and personal rights, the other is the master in whom Our grace abounds; he is free to spend in divine service and/or in other services secretly and publicly. Can they produce or achieve something equal or possess a like degree in any aspect of life! Never. Therefore, how can Allah the Creator of all be equaled with any being! Praise be to Him and extolled are His glorious attributes, but most of them do not realize this fact
16:76  Again Allah cites an instance of two other men in illustration of a general truth: one of them is mute, unable to accomplish anything, totally dependent on his master for his livelihood. Wherever he sends him to perform a work he utterly fails to accomplish the desired end. Does he compare width his master who is whole just and keeps on the path of righteousness
16:77  And it is Allah alone Who is Omniscient of all the hidden, the unknown and the mysteries in the heavens and the earth which are beyond human knowledge or comprehension. The bringing about of the Eventful Event of the predetermined Hour takes no more time than that taken in the twinkle of an eye or even less; Allah is Qadirun indeed over all thing
16:78  And it is Allah Who brought you of your mothers' wombs to the external world unconscious of your surroundings, devoid of intellectual acquaintance or with perception of your environment and empty of all knowledge, and He provided you with the faculties of hearing and vision faculties divine, and He implanted in you the seat of feeling, understanding and thought –intellect- that you may hopefully be thankful
16:79  Do they -the infidels- not apply their sight and direct their intellectual eye to the birds moving through mid air at the floor of the vault of heaven! No one keeps them equipoise but Him Who designed their construction and made it fit to the object in view. Is this not indeed emblematic of Almightiness and Omnipotence to which bow those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand
16:80  And it is Allah Who made of your homes a place inspiring calm and peace of mind, and of the skins of animals or hides He provided you with portable dwellings -tents- easy to carry in your travels from place to place and to pitch them where you choose to rest. And from their wool, their fur and their hair did He furnish you with movable articles, goods and chattels to enjoy up to a predetermined point of time
16:81  And it is Allah Who made the trees and other objects He created cast shadows* when they intercept light to protect you from the scorching heat of the sun and He hollowed out for you caves in the hills and the mountains to shelter you and He equipped you with garments to protect you from the heat and other garments -armours- to shield you from the weapons when you contend in warfare. Thus does Allah mean to make all grace abound in you that you may hopefully conform to Islam
16:82  Should they yet O Muhammad turn a deaf ear, you incur no blame, for you are responsible only for relating the divine message and the illucidation of its text
16:83  These infidels are fully aware of Allah's grace abounding in them, but their wrongful actions and their unpious and unwise deeds bespeak clearly of the denial of Allah's merited or unmerited favours. And those of them who do not acknowledge Allah's goodwill constitute the majority
16:84  The day shall come when We summon a witness from every nation -the Messenger sent to them- to testify of his peoples' response. There and then never shall those who denied Allah be permitted to plea in justification of their deeds of inequity. And if they invoke His forgiveness, never will heaven respond favourably to their invocation
16:85  And on the Day the wrongful of actions are confronted with the torment laid on the damned, never shall it be mitigated nor be put in respite
16:86  And when those who incorporated with Allah other deities see their predominant partners, they shall say: "These, O Allah, are our partners whom we invoked besides You". But the predominant partners shall cast back the charge and say to them: "You are indeed liars"
16:87  There and then shall they -the infidels- resign themselves to the will of Allah and be forsaken and renounced by those whom they presumed to share with Allah His divine nature
16:88  Those who denied Allah and stood in the way to prevent His spirit of truth from guiding people into all truth shall have much to answer for. We will double their punishment. They shall be requited for the denial of Allah and for obstructing divine truth and creating discord
16:89  The day shall come when We summon a witness from every nation, the Messenger who evolved from their midst and conveyed Our message, to testify of his peoples' response and We summon you O Muhammad to testify of your peoples' response. The Book -the Quran- which We sent down to you is the fountain-head of divine knowledge and the chief source of divine information. It illucidates every aspect of every thought and it is a guide into all truth and a mercy extended to the people and a joyful tidings to those who conformed to Islam
16:90  Allah enjoins justice and deeds of wisdom and piety, and benevolence to those of your kindred who are in need. And He forbids all that is wrongful and obscene, all that is offensive and excites disgust and unwarranted severe course of action. He exhorts you and urges you to what is good and laudable, that you may hopefully heed
16:91  And fulfill the solemn promise if you make one and keep the vow and do not break the. oaths after being ratified and after you have made solemn appeal to Allah in witness thereof; Allah knows all that you do
16:92  Do not be like the unstable workwoman who unravels and breaks the strands of her woven fabric after she has manufactured it in a loom by crossing the warp and the weft and interlaced them very strongly. What a tangled web you weave when first you practice to deceive. You use your oaths among yourselves with the guilt of deception residing in the intention; you break and dishonour your vows with the weak when you find them more advantageous with the strong. This is unexcusable nor is it in conformity with Islamic principles. Allah tests your prudence and in Day of Judgment shall He clear up matters with which you were at varianc
16:93  Had Allah willed He would have made all of you one conjoint body united in feeling and thought, but He deafens the heart's ears of whom He pleases and opens the mind's eyes of whom He will
16:94  And do not carelessly use your oaths among yourselves to practise deception lest one's foot should slide and lose its hold after it has been holding in a stable position and you suffer the evil consequence for precluding Allah's spirit of truth from guiding into all truth and you suffer the torment laid upon the damned
16:95  Nor dishonour My covenant or exchange it for the vanity of the fleeting and ephemeral world. What Allah has in store for those who honour their vows is indeed in superlatives if only you knew
16:96  What you people may have of advantages shall come to an end or cease to exist whereas what Allah has is eternal and everlasting, and We will richly reward those who possessed their souls in patience which was purposed to fulfill their obligation to Allah and satisfy their conscience and their hearts. Their reward shall be assessed at the gauge of the best of their deeds
16:97  Anyone whose deeds are imprinted with wisdom and piety, be it male or female, and whose heart with the image of religious and spiritual virtues shall be made to enjoy a good and happy life that is worth living and We will reward them Hereafter at the gauge of the best of their worldly deeds
16:98  And when you recite the Quran begin with the opening formula of seeking Allah's help against satanic secret suggestions to the mind, thus: "To You O Allah do I commit myself counter to AL-Shaytan the accursed"
16:99  He has no influence on those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand and in Allah they trust
16:100  But he exerts influence upon those who take him as a tutelary guardian and incorporate with Allah other deities
16:101  If We happen to exchange a revelation which has already served its purpose for another revelation appropriate for the new circumstance, and Allah knows exactly what to reveal and when, they -the infidels- accuse your O Muhammad of forgery. Indeed, most of them do not know the facts nor do they reflect
16:102  Say to them: "This and that and all divine revelations are being conveyed by the Holy Spirit from Allah, my Creator, to strengthen -in opinion, action and purpose- those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand and they are joyful tidings to those who have conformed to Islam
16:103  And We do know what they say, thus: "He -Muhammad- is being taught by a man who dictates to him the words he expresses to the people". But the man they refer to is foreign while the Quran is being revealed in plain Arabic literary form
16:104  Indeed, those who deny Allah's revelations shall not be blessed with Allah's guidance to His path of righteousness and must expect the torment which shall be laid upon the damned
16:105  Those who intentionally assert falsehood are but those who deny Allah's revelations and it is they who lie in their teeth
16:106  He who renounces his faith in Allah after he has conformed his will earlier to His will shall suffer for it unless he has been forced to do so by persecution and assault but deep down he preserves a heart happily maintaining the image of religious and spiritual virtues. But he who cunningly and deceptively incites someone to reject the idea of Faith and allures him or her to brighter worlds shall have come within the measure of Allah's wrath and these are they who shall pass through nature to eternal suffering
16:107  This is on account of their love for life here afore that Hereafter, besides the fact that Allah does not guide those who deny Him to His path of righteousness
16:108  These are they whose hearts has Allah imprinted with dullness of Comprehension and whose faculties of hearing and sight with lack of perception and these are the heedless
16:109  It is no wonder that Hereafter shall they be the captive victors who have lost in gain
16:110  Nevertheless, Allah, your Creator, accepts true repentance and the atonement made by the people. Therefore, those who emigrated to where they could best serve Allah, after they had suffered persecution and were forced to turn renegade, and strove in Allah's cause. and endured the hardships with patience and perseverance shall find Allah indeed Ghafurun and Rahimu
16:111  The Day shall come when each soul pleads on behalf of itself and is requited with what is commensurate with its deeds and never shall they be wronged
16:112  Allah represents the fate of those who rebelled against His law by means of a parable of the town in which His grace abounded in security and peace of mind and in rich supplies of provisions from every direction. But instead of content living ever in thankful hearts, its heart beat rebellious to its own resolves and was rendered ungrateful to Allah and disobedient to His laws. By consequence He incensed it by humiliation and vested it with hunger and fear devolving upon it in requital of what its peoples' souls had impelled them to do
16:113  A Messenger who evolved in their midst was sent to them with the spirit of truth guiding into all truth, but they denied Our message and accused him of falsehood. In consequence, they came within the measure of Our wrath and were made to suffer for their perpetual iniquities
16:114  These were people who refused to acknowledge the true source of the bounty. Therefore, eat O you Muslims of what We provisioned you; it is all replete with choice of all delight and enjoy all that is pure lawful, wholesome and not forbidden, and be thankful to Allah for His grac
16:115  He only forbids you to eat the flesh of a dead beast and blood, the flesh of swine and the flesh of a beast slaughtered under the invocation of a- name other than that of Allah. But under compelling circumstances and not through willful disobedience and transgression shall Allah admit of relaxation that no sin is incurred; Allah is indeed Ghafurun and Rahimu
16:116  Do not give a speaking tongue to falsehood at the grossness of which common sense revolts. You create taboos for yourselves out of superstition and designate this as lawful and that as forbidden, wherefore you assert what is false and ascribe it to Allah. Those who relate falsehood to Allah or wittingly endeavour by falsification of words to make things seem divine which are not, shall never be graced with prosperity from heaven, nor with success
16:117  They derive pleasure and satisfaction from their falsehood but the pleasure it affords them is of short duration, then comes the encounter with the torment laid upon the damned
16:118  As to the Jews, We forbade them -for their iniquities- the things We have already mentioned to you O Muhammad earlier* We never wronged them but it was they who always wronged themselves
16:119  Nevertheless, Allah, your Creator, always extends mercy and forgiveness to those who wrong themselves in ignorance and repent thereafter imprinting their deed with wisdom and piety; Allah, your Creator, is indeed Ghafurun and Rahimu
16:120  Ibrahim (Abraham) was indeed a perfect example of excellence, submissive to the will of Allah and an Orthodox Muslim. He never incorporated with Allah other deities
16:121  He was always thankful for the grace of Allah abounding in him; Allah chose him and guided him to His path of righteousness
16:122  And We bestowed upon him Our prevenient and efficacious grace here and he shall be a crown to the virtuous Hereafter
16:123  And We inspired to you O Muhammad what We ordained: that you follow the system of faith and worship followed by Ibrahim, the orthodox Muslim who never incorporated with Allah other deities
16:124  The Sabbath was imposed on those who were hard hearted and always disputed with their prophet and argued against its validity and its timing -the Jews- Saturday and the Christians -Sunday- and many among them defiantly and shamefully broke it. And they shall always contend with opposing arguments until Allah settles their dispute in Day of Judgement
16:125  Invite people O Muhammad graciously to the path of Allah, the path of righteousness, with wise, graceful and appropriate inducements meeting them on their own ground and propitiating them, each in his own capacity, to open their hearts' ears and their minds' eyes. Reason with them in a logical, peaceable and gracious manner; Allah, your Creator, knows best those who have wandered from His path of righteousness and He knows best those who steer a straight course and Providence their guide
16:126  And if you should inflict punishment, exact a retribution or make reprisals for injury, harm or wrong, then you may avenge your right with a similar injury and to the same extent. But if you bear the wrong and bear with the wrongful -as an obligation to Allah and not a reflection of human weakness- you shall possess your souls, derive great benefits and advantage yourselves of Allah's expectative grace
16:127  And have patience O Muhammad, show forbearance under their provocation and bear with them their faults and limitations. For in patience, you apply yourself unto Allah Who consoles your soul and your heart unto wisdom which alleviates your mental distress. And do not be grieved at heart for their denial of the divine message and for their hearts which dare rise defiant against Allah. Nor should you be sorely distressed on account of their cunning which they take for a sinister and crooked wisdom
16:128  Rest assured that Allah upholds those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him, who perfect their illustrious toils and turn their thoughts on moral excellence and benevolence