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16:1  Allah´s decree is here! But do not scramble towards it! Exalted is He! Far above all those they associate with Him
16:2  He sends the angels, and through them reveals His command to His servant _ whomever He chooses _ that there is no god except Me! So, fear Me
16:3  He created the heavens and the earth with a purpose. He is far above all (false gods) they associate with Him
16:4  He created man from a drop of fluid. Yet, man is now hostile and argumentative
16:5  He created the cattle for you! Warmth and other benefits in them exist for you; you also eat their meat
16:6  In your cattle, you have a sense of an aesthetic grace; you herd them home at sundown; at dawn you bring them out to graze
16:7  They carry your burden from town to town, something you could not otherwise do except with the greatest of effort. Indeed, your Lord is the most Gracious and the most Merciful
16:8  The horse, the mule and the donkey are adornments, and also for you to ride. He creates other things about which you do not even know
16:9  The straight path leads to Allah. Other ways deviate from it. Had Allah willed, He could have guided them all (to the straight path)
16:10  He is the One Who sends rain down from the sky. That water you drink, and it grows trees from which you secure forage
16:11  With that (water) He grows crops for you; and orchards of olives, dates and grapes and all kinds of fruit. Surely, there are signs in it for a people that ponder
16:12  For you He tamed the night and the day, as well as the sun and the moon! And by His command the stars are brought under control. Surely, there are signs in it for those who think
16:13  (He created) many things of different kinds for you and dispersed them in the land. There are signs in it for any nation that pays attention
16:14  He is the One Who subdued the sea, so that you acquire fresh meat (seafood) to eat, and extract pearls to wear. And you find ships ploughing through it. Thus you seek His blessings! So that you may be grateful
16:15  He pitched mountains on the earth _ lest it sways; and He cut rivers and paths on it, so that you may find your way
16:16  (There are) many indications! They make use of the stars, too, to navigate
16:17  So then, can the One Who creates be equal to the one who does not? Do you, then, not pay attention
16:18  If you count the blessings of Allah, you can never enumerate them all! Undoubtedly Allah is Forgiving, the most Merciful
16:19  Allah knows whatever you conceal, and whatever you reveal
16:20  The others they pray to, besides Allah, create nothing. Rather, they are themselves created
16:21  They are lifeless, not alive! They have no idea when they will be resurrected
16:22  Your God is only One God. Those who do not believe in the life-to-come are arrogant. Their hearts are steeped in denial
16:23  No doubt at all! Allah knows what they conceal, and what they reveal! He certainly, does not like the arrogant ones
16:24  When asked, ´What did your Lord reveal?´ they say, "(These are) tales of those gone by!"
16:25  On the Day of Judgment, they shall carry the entire load of their own sins, as well as the sins of others __ the ones they led astray without knowing. Beware! Very heavy, indeed, is the burden they carry
16:26  Before them, too, people tried deception and trickery. Allah finished off their edifice from its very foundation. The roof caved in upon them. Punishment came to them from where they least expected
16:27  He will disgrace them on the Day of Judgment and will say to them, "Now, where are the ones you had appointed as My partners? On their behalf, you used to argue! And those with knowledge will cry out, "Surely, today, only shame and disgrace are for the unbelievers!"
16:28  The angels shall proceed to seize their souls. They __ those who had harmed themselves __ will attempt to strike peace, and will say, "We were not doing anything evil!" .... (Really)? .... "Of course, you were! Allah knows very well what you used to do!"
16:29  "Now, enter hell through its gates, to live there forever!" Surely, wretched is the abode for the haughty
16:30  And when the righteous are asked, "What has your Lord revealed?" They say, "Excellent!" For those who do good deeds, there are advantages in this life and their abode in the life-to-come is far superior! What an exquisite home exists for the pious
16:31  An eternal paradise! Rivers run right through it! There, anything they desire shall be theirs. That is how Allah rewards the pious
16:32  The angels will take possession of their souls in a state of purity and will say to them, "Peace upon you! Enter the paradise as a reward for what you used to do!"
16:33  Are they (evildoers) waiting for the angels to visit them? Or for Allah´s decree to come crashing down on them? Other folks before them did just that! Allah did not victimize them wrongfully. Rather, they used to treat their own selves unjustly
16:34  The evil of their own deeds struck them down. Their acts of ridiculing and mocking (the truth) engulfed them
16:35  Those guilty of ´shirk´ (ascribing partners to Allah) said, "Unless Allah had so willed, we would not worship anyone else besides Him. Nor would our ancestors. We could not have sanctified anything else other than Him." Those others before them said that too! Is there any (obligation) upon the messengers, except to convey the message distinctly
16:36  Surely We raised into every people, messengers who exhorted them to worship Allah and to avoid false gods. Among the people were those whom Allah guided, while waywardness became the lot of others. Move about in the land and observe the demise of those who denied
16:37  You may desire guidance for them, but Allah does not show the way to anyone He has already led astray. They have no allies
16:38  They swear by Allah a lot, claiming emphatically that Allah will not bring the dead back to life. On the contrary, though most people do not understand, this is the promise incumbent upon Him
16:39  (Allah will fulfill His promise) in order to clarify the matter for those who dispute, and so that the unbelievers would realize that, for sure, they are the liars
16:40  Indeed, when We intend for anything to happen, We need only to express and say to it, ´Be´ and it happens
16:41  Allah will provide nicer homes to those who __ because they are oppressed for the sake of Allah __ leave their homes and emigrate. This (He will do) in this life, and the reward in the afterlife is far superior! If only they realize
16:42  (It is for) those who are patient, and place their trust in their Lord
16:43  Prior to you, too, We appointed men and sent revelations to them. If you do not know, ask the people of the scriptures
16:44  (We sent) clear proofs and the scriptures. Now, We have sent you this reminder (Qur´an) so that you may demonstrate the revelations to them. Perhaps they may reflect and ponder
16:45  While playing their dirty tricks, do they not worry that Allah might make the ground swallow them, or that the punishment may pounce on them from an unexpected source
16:46  And grab them while they are bustling with activity? They cannot thwart (Allah´s designs)
16:47  Or seize them first with terror, then grab them as they dread? Yet, your Lord is most Forgiving and most Beneficent, indeed
16:48  Do they not observe all the things Allah has created? Their shadows shift from right to left, falling prostrate before Allah, and recognizing their meagerness and infirmity
16:49  All those in the heavens and the earth __ angels and animals, alike __ fall prostrate before Allah! They are not arrogant
16:50  They fear their Lord above, and they carry out their orders
16:51  And Allah proclaimed, "Do not accept two gods! Indeed, He is the only One God! So fear Me alone!"
16:52  Everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him. This is the permanent lasting religion! Will they then, fear those other than Allah
16:53  Every benefit you enjoy is from Allah, and when a calamity befalls, you implore Him
16:54  And when He eases your distress, a group among you commits ´shirk´ (associates partners with Allah)
16:55  For the blessings of Allah they show ingratitude. So, have fun! Soon, you will know (your folly)
16:56  Out of the bounties Allah has provided, they allot a portion for those, about whom they know nothing! (I swear) by Allah! They will very definitely be asked about the lies they invent
16:57  For Allah they imagine daughters. Exalted is He! And for themselves (sons), which they prefer
16:58  Just break the good news of a daughter to any one of them. His face darkens with dismay, and he struggles to hide (his feelings)
16:59  He hides this fact from his people and wonders, "Should he bear the shame in public? Or perhaps he should bury (the infant girl) in the ground?" Evil is what they decide
16:60  Wicked are the attributes of those who do not believe in the afterlife. Allah´s attributes are sublime! He is the Powerful, the Wisest
16:61  If Allah were to punish people for (all) their evil deeds (in this life), no one would be left with any life (on this planet). But, for a determined time, He has postponed the final judgment. Once that time comes, no stay shall be allowed __ not even for an hour
16:62  To Allah they assign that which they despise for themselves. They utter lies, that theirs would be all the good things. No doubt at all! Fire is for them, and they will enter it ahead of all others
16:63  By Allah, surely, We also sent messengers to the nations before you (Oh Mohammed, SAW). Shaitan, however, made their deeds appear adorable to them. Today too, he is their friend and theirs is the painful punishment
16:64  We revealed this Book to you so that you may resolve their disputes. (It is) a guidance and mercy for any nation that believes
16:65  Allah sends rain down from the sky. With that (water), He brings the dead barren land back to life. Surely, there is a sign in it for any nation that listens
16:66  Surely, there exists a lesson for you in the cattle. We bring out _ from between the dung and the blood _ pure milk, a tasty soothing drink
16:67  And from the dates and grapes, you extract wine as well as healthy nourishment. Surely, there is a sign in it for any nation that thinks
16:68  And your Lord inspired the bee to build its hive on the hills and the trees, and on the rooftops of buildings
16:69  And (He inspired the bee) to suck the nectar of all kinds of fruit, and follow the smooth path laid down by your Lord. Extracts of varying colors, having medicinal properties for people, ooze out from its body. Surely, there is a sign in it for any nation that ponders
16:70  Allah created you and He will give you death. Some of you live to a feeble old age, so that once again you forget those few things you learn in life! Surely, Allah is the Knower and really Proficient
16:71  And Allah has excelled some of you over others in wealth. Those given preferences do not hand over their riches to their slaves, letting their slaves rise to a status equal to theirs. Yet they fail to acknowledge the blessings of Allah
16:72  And Allah provided you spouses from your own kind, and through them He granted you children and grand children. He gave you good clean means of living! Yet, they believe the absurd and show ingratitude for the blessings of Allah
16:73  And they worship others besides Allah __ those who do not provide any subsistence from the heavens or the earth. Nor do they have any such power
16:74  Therefore, do not try to teach Allah! Surely, Allah knows it (all), while you know nothing (at all)
16:75  Allah quotes the example of a bonded slave who does not own a thing. To another, We have granted enough riches, and he spends his wealth, openly and in secret. Can the two be equal? (Of course not)! All praise is for Allah! But most people do not know
16:76  Allah quotes another example, that of the two men. One is deaf and dumb, has no ability and is nothing but a liability for his master. He fails every task he is asked to perform. Can he be compared to the man who manages his affairs with fairness, and is on the straight path
16:77  The mysteries of the heavens and the earth belong to Allah, and the hour (of Judgment) will come about in a blink of an eye, even less than that. Surely, Allah has power over all things
16:78  Allah brings you out of your mother´s womb, devoid of any knowledge! He gives you the faculties of hearing and sight, and He gives you the heart! Perhaps you will be thankful
16:79  Have they not observed the birds? Freely they glide in the sky! No one holds them there except Allah! Surely, there are signs in it for a nation that believes
16:80  Allah provided houses for you to rest and stay in peace, and from the hides of cattle He brought about for you the tents (temporary abodes). You find it light as you pitch it to stay, and as you pack it to travel. From the wool, fur and the hair of cattle, He brought about furnishings and other benefits for you __ all for a while
16:81  Allah brought about shelters and protection for you out of what He created. He provides you refuge in the mountains (caves), the garments to shield you from heat, and the shirts to shield you from injury (during combat). Thus, He made His blessings complete upon you! Perhaps, you would bow in obedience
16:82  Of course, in case they ignore and turn away, your obligation is to convey the message in clear and precise terms
16:83  They recognize the blessings of Allah, and yet renounce them! Most of them are unbelievers
16:84  On that day, out of every nation We will call out a witness to testify against them. The unbelievers, then, will neither be allowed to offer excuses, nor urged to seek forgiveness
16:85  They will witness their inevitable torture! Their sentence will not be lightened! Nor shall they have a respite
16:86  Those guilty of ascribing partners to Allah, will spot those partners (on the Day of Judgment) and will cry out, "Oh our Lord, these are the ones we used to worship besides You!" In response, they will retort, "You are liars!"
16:87  On that day, they will extend an offer of peace towards Allah. The lies they used to invent will fritter away
16:88  There are those who refuse to believe, and also place obstacles on the path of Allah. Because of their treachery, We will augment their agony by enhancing their punishment
16:89  That day, against each nation We will summon one of their own as a witness, and (Oh Mohammed, SAW) against these people We will bring you out to testify. We have granted you this book, which explains everything. It is the guidance, the mercy and glad tidings for those who submit
16:90  Indeed, Allah orders you to be fair and magnanimous, and to show kindness to the kinsfolk! He forbids immoral deeds, detestable acts and fornication. He counsels you; perhaps you will heed
16:91  And if you undertake a pledge with Allah, live up to it. Do not break your vows once you have affirmed them and have invoked Allah as your guarantor! Allah knows what you do
16:92  Do not be like the woman who spun her yarn into fine thread and then shredded it to pieces. You employ your oaths as mere ploys, so that your nation gains superiority over all others. In fact, Allah tests you with it! On the Day of Judgment, He will disclose to you all that you used to dispute
16:93  Had Allah wished, He would have created you all as a single nation. But He guides or leads astray whomever He pleases. And you would very definitely be interrogated regarding everything you used to do
16:94  And do not employ your oaths as ploys, lest you stumble again just as you are becoming steady on your feet. If you prevent people from the path of Allah, you will experience a calamity and a terrible punishment
16:95  And do not trade away your covenant with Allah for a mere pittance. That which is with Allah is better for you, if you only know
16:96  What you have does not last, while that which is with Allah is eternal. We will most certainly reward those who persevere __ a reward commensurate with the best of their deeds
16:97  We will let those who do good deeds __ men or women, provided they believe __ have a wholesome life in this world. And We will surely, reward them in keeping with the best of their deeds
16:98  So, before you recite the Qur´an, seek refuge with Allah from Shaitan, the cursed one
16:99  He (Shaitan) certainly does not hold sway over anyone who believes and reposes his trust in Allah
16:100  In fact, he exerts his power over those who befriend him and ascribe him to be a partner
16:101  And when We bring a verse in place of another __ Allah knows best what He reveals __ they say, "Surely, you have made it up." Most of them in fact do not understand
16:102  Say, "The Holy Spirit (Angel Gibra´eel) brings the absolute truth from your Lord, in order to consolidate those who believe. It is the guidance and the glad tiding for the obedient."
16:103  And surely, We know what they allege! That a man has taught him (Mohammed, SAW)! The language of the one they allude to, however, is not Arabic, while this (Qur´an) is in precise and perfect Arabic
16:104  Surely, Allah does not guide those who refuse to believe in the verses of Allah. For them, there is the painful punishment
16:105  Surely, the unbelievers fabricate lies __ those who do not believe in the verses of Allah. They, indeed, are the liars
16:106  The one who denies after having first believed __ not the one who is coerced (into unbelief) while his heart is firm on belief, but rather the one who rejects with the full approval of his heart __ earns the wrath of Allah. For him, there is a tremendous punishment
16:107  Because they prefer the life of this world to that of the afterlife! Allah does not guide the nation of unbelievers
16:108  Allah has sealed off their hearts, their hearing and their sight. They are careless and neglectful
16:109  No doubt at all! They will be the losers in the life-to-come
16:110  Surely, your Lord is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful for those who, having been tortured (for the sake of Allah), emigrate and continue to struggle and persevere patiently
16:111  That day, every soul will arrive squabbling about itself, and each will receive in full the result of its action. Not a soul will be treated unjustly
16:112  Allah cites the example of a peaceful and tranquil town. It enjoyed abundance and opulence. Its provisions came to it from every source. But its inhabitants showed ingratitude towards the blessings of Allah. So, as a result of their deeds, Allah wrapped them in famine and fear
16:113  Indeed, a messenger __ from amongst their own people __ had already come to them. But they called him a liar! So the punishment grabbed them. They were evildoers
16:114  Eat the allowable wholesome food Allah has provided, and show gratitude for the blessings of Allah __ if you in fact, worship Him exclusively
16:115  Dead animal, blood and swine-flesh are what Allah has forbidden for you, and also the offerings made to deities other than Allah. But if someone (eats because he) is forced by dire necessity __ not out of desire or habit __ then, surely Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Kind
16:116  You concoct lies about Allah! You blurt out and falsely claim some things to be permissible, others not! Those who fabricate lies about Allah will never prosper
16:117  (After this) brief enjoyment, theirs is the painful punishment
16:118  And for those who became Jews, We prescribed what We have described to you earlier. We did not oppress them. Rather, they used to treat their own selves unjustly
16:119  There are those who commit wrongful acts out of foolish ignorance, but later repent and make amends. Surely, for them your Lord is the most Forgiving and the most Kind
16:120  And Ibraheem was a nation (all by himself), obedient to Allah and a true believer. He was not an idolater
16:121  He was grateful for the blessings. (Allah) chose him and led him to the straight path
16:122  In this world, We gave him the bounties, and surely, in the afterlife, he will be amongst the righteous
16:123  Then, We revealed to you to follow the nation of Ibraheem, the true believer. He was not an idolater
16:124  The Sabbath was something made obligatory upon those who quarreled about it. On the Day of Judgment your Lord will definitely decide and settle all matters in which they now differ
16:125  Call them towards the path of your Lord with wisdom and right advice, and debate with them amicably. Surely, your Lord knows very well who has deviated from His path, just as He knows best who are the well guided
16:126  Should you want to retaliate, get even only to the extent you were wronged. But to endure and bear calmly is much better for those who are steadfast
16:127  Be patient! The patience, too, comes from Allah! Do not grieve over them! Do not feel uneasy about their deceit
16:128  Of course, Allah is on the side of the righteous and the beneficent