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15:1  Alif, Laam, Ra. These are the verses of the book, a clear lucid Qur´an
15:2  There will come a time when the unbelievers would look back and yearn to have lived as obedient ones
15:3  So leave them alone. Let them eat and enjoy! Let their hopes distract and perplex them. They will soon come to know
15:4  We never destroy any locality except in accordance with a preordained scheme and time-plan
15:5  No generation shall hasten or delay the term fixed for it
15:6  They (the unbelievers) said, "Oh you, upon whom this reminder is revealed! You are really insane!"
15:7  "Wouldn´t you have come to us with angels, had you been truthful?"
15:8  We dispatch the angels only with the final judgment. In that case, they would have no respite
15:9  Indeed it is We Who revealed this Qur´an, and of course We are its guardian
15:10  Indeed, prior to you too, We sent (messengers) __ even to ancient tribes
15:11  They mocked every messenger that ever came to them
15:12  Thus We let this (mockery) pass through the hearts of the criminals
15:13  They do not believe! This has been the tradition of their ancestors
15:14  Even if We were to fling open a door in the sky, and they were actually climbing up through it
15:15  They would say, "Our sights fail us, we are drugged. Rather, we are a nation bewitched!"
15:16  And surely, We created fortified spheres in the sky, and for the viewers We decorated it
15:17  And We have secured it against every cursed Shaitan
15:18  Occasionally, one of them eavesdrops, and a bright blazing meteor streaks after him
15:19  We spread out the land and pitched mountains on it, firm and immovable. In the land, We grew all kinds of things in a perfect balance
15:20  Out of the land, We provide livelihood for you, and other creations, too. You are not their providers
15:21  We have all things in infinite quantities. We mete them out in measured amounts
15:22  We circulate the winds full of moisture. We send rain down from the sky, and We have you drink that water. You could not hold that (much water) in reservoirs
15:23  We, indeed, grant life as well as death! And We are the (ultimate) Receiver and Inheritor
15:24  We surely know those who have gone by before you, just as We know those who have yet to come
15:25  Your Lord will, indeed, gather them all. Verily, He is the Wisest and all-Knowing
15:26  Surely, We have molded the humans from the dried-out stinking clay
15:27  And We had earlier fashioned jinn from a hot sultry flame
15:28  Your Lord said to the angels, "I am going to bring a man into existence from the dried-out stinking clay."
15:29  When I put him in order and breathe my spirit into him, you must fall prostrate before him
15:30  The angels fell prostrate! All of them
15:31  Except Ibleees! He refused to be among those who fell prostrate
15:32  (Allah) said, "Oh Iblees! What is the matter? Why did you not fall prostrate?"
15:33  He said, "I am not the one to prostrate myself before a man! You have fashioned him from the dried-out stinking clay!"
15:34  (Allah) said, "Get out of here! You, surely, are damned!"
15:35  "Curse will loom over you till the Day of Judgment!"
15:36  He (Iblees) said, "Oh my Lord, grant me a moratorium till the day You raise them again!"
15:37  (Allah) said, "you have been granted the stay!"
15:38  "Till that appointed day!"
15:39  (Iblees) said, "My Lord, since You led me astray, I will definitely embellish the allure of this world for them. I will fascinate and entice them all away!"
15:40  "Except the sincere ones among Your servants!"
15:41  (Allah) said, "This Qur´an is, indeed, the path straight towards Me!"
15:42  "You shall have no hold over My servants except those who follow you and stray from the path!"
15:43  "And verily, hell is the promised place for them all!"
15:44  It has seven gates, each for a different class of sinners
15:45  The pious shall be in paradise, amid its fountains
15:46  (They shall be told to) enter it in peace and security
15:47  We will rid their hearts of the residual rancor and resentment. Seated on couches and facing each other, they will live there like brothers
15:48  There, they will encounter no hardship, and they will never be asked to leave
15:49  (Oh Mohammed, SAW), inform My servants that I am the most Forgiving. Indeed, I am the most Kind
15:50  The punishment I inflict is really very painful
15:51  And inform them about Ibraheem´s guests
15:52  They came to him and said, "Peace!" He said, "We feel afraid of you!"
15:53  They said, "Don´t be afraid! In fact, we give you the good news of a son endowed with wisdom!"
15:54  "Do you give me this news even though I have attained an old age? What kind of good news is that?"
15:55  They said, "We bring you this good news with certainty. So, do not be pessimistic!"
15:56  He (Ibraheem) said, "Only the misguided abandon hope in the mercy of their Lord!"
15:57  Said, "What is your mission, Oh angels?"
15:58  They said, "We have been dispatched towards a nation of criminals!"
15:59  "Other than the family of Loot. For, we will rescue them all!"
15:60  "With the exception of his wife who, it is decreed, will be among those who shall lag behind."
15:61  And when they came to visit the family of Loot
15:62  He (Loot) said, "You appear to be strangers here!"
15:63  They replied, "Rather, we come to accomplish that about which they were in doubt!"
15:64  "We bring you the infallible certainty! What we say is really the truth!"
15:65  "Let your family slip away under the cover of darkness. You follow them closely and let none of you glance back! Continue on towards the directed spot!"
15:66  We conveyed to him Our decision that by dawn those people will be completely annihilated
15:67  The people of the town came (to Loot) rejoicing
15:68  He said, "They are my guests. Do not disgrace me!"
15:69  "Fear Allah and do not humiliate me!"
15:70  They said, "Did we not forbid you to stand up for the whole world?"
15:71  He said, "Here are my daughters. If you follow my advice!"
15:72  (I swear) upon your life, (oh Mohammed, SAW) they were intoxicated _ rampaging and out of control
15:73  So at the crack of dawn, a blast grabbed them
15:74  We flipped them upside down! We rained upon them stones made of baked clay
15:75  Herein are the signs for those who scrutinize closely
15:76  That town happens to be located along a main thoroughfare
15:77  In this are signs for the believers
15:78  And the people (living in the town) of ´Aika´ were evildoers
15:79  We breathed vengeance upon them. Those (two settlements) existed on the main travel routes
15:80  The people of (the town) of ´Hijr´ too, had rejected the messengers
15:81  We sent the messengers with Our signs, but they ignored
15:82  They used to carve safe and secure homes in the mountains
15:83  A mighty blast grabbed them in the morning
15:84  None of what they used to gain and gather could offer them any security or protection
15:85  We created the heavens and the earth, and all else in between, with a specific purpose! The hour (of Judgment) is sure to arrive! So, forgive and forget with grace
15:86  Surely, your Lord is the Omniscient, the ingenious Creator
15:87  We have bestowed seven verses upon you, (the Surah Fatiha), worthy of being recited repeatedly, and the Majestic Qur´an
15:88  Do not covet the temporary enjoyment We have bestowed upon certain groups of them. Do not grieve for them. Rather, be considerate to the believers
15:89  Tell them, "I am truly an obvious warner for you!"
15:90  Like the one We sent to those who split into groups
15:91  Those who separated the Qur´an into fragments
15:92  By your Lord! We will definitely call them all to accounts
15:93  About what they used to do
15:94  So, proclaim as commanded, and ignore the idol worshippers
15:95  We are more than sufficient against those who scoff
15:96  Those assigning other gods besides Allah will soon come to know
15:97  Of course, We know that their remarks sting your heart
15:98  Chant the praises of your Lord! Be among those who fall prostrate
15:99  And remain obedient to your Lord, right until your death