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22:1  O the people, show the piety of your Lord. Surely the Hour’s quaking is a great thing.
22:2  On a Day when you see it: every lactating mother will be dazed about what she is lactating, and every possessor of pregnancy will deliver her gestation, and you will see the people are drunken, while they are not drunk, but Allah’s torment is severe.
22:3  And among the people whoever argues in Allah without knowledge and follows every rebellious devil.
22:4  It was written upon him, that whoever he was a guardian of him, so he would astray him, and guide him to the Blaze torment.
22:5  O the people! If you are in doubt from the raising, so We created you from dust, then from a sperm drop, then from a clinging clot, then from an embryonic lump, created and uncreated, to declare for you. And We settle down within the wombs whatever We will till a named term, then We exit you out as baby, then you will reach your full strength. And among you who will expire, and among you who will restore to the feeblest old age, so that he will not know a thing, after having knowledge. And you see the earth quiescent; so, when We send down water upon it, it vibrates, and swells, and plants from among every joyful beautiful pair.
22:6  That is because Allah is the right, and that He gives the dead life, and that He is over everything competent.
22:7  And surely the Hour is coming, there is no doubt in it, and surely Allah will raise whoever is in the graves.
22:8  And among the people whoever argues in Allah without a knowledge, nor a guidance, nor an illuminating Book.
22:9  Twisting his neck [in arrogance], to astray about Allah’s access. For him in the Dunya (World) is disgrace, and We let him taste on The Resurrection Day the Burn torment.
22:10  That is with what your hands have forwarded, and surely Allah is not an oppressor for the slaves.
22:11  And among the people is he who worships Allah upon edge. So, if he is targeted with goodness, he is tranquil with it. And if he is targeted with an infatuation, he turns over upon his face. He has lost [The Dunya] world and the Hereafter. That is the apparent loss.
22:12  He calls, without Allah, what is neither harming him nor benefiting him. That is the farthest astray.
22:13  He calls for whom his harm is closer than his benefit. How wretched is the guardian? And how wretched is the chum.
22:14  Surely Allah enters those who believed and worked the righteous deeds paradises beneath which the rivers are running. Surely Allah does whatever He wills.
22:15  Whoever was assuming that Allah will not victory him in the Dunya and the Hereafter, so let him extend with a reason to the sky, then cut off, so he observes, does his plan go away which enrages him.
22:16  And thus We sent it down, apparent verses, and surely Allah guides whomever He wills.
22:17  Surely those who believed, and those who are Jewish, and the Sabeans, and the Christians, and the Magians, and the Polytheists, surely Allah will adjudge between them on The Resurrection Day. Surely Allah is over everything, a Witness.
22:18  Have you not seen that Allah prostrates for Him whoever is in the skies and whoever is in the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the mountains, and the trees, and the creatures, and many of the people? And much is trued upon him the torment. And whomever Allah humiliates, so for him none is giving honor. Surely Allah does whatever He wills. ۩
22:19  These are two adversaries disputed within their Lord. So, those who disbelieved, were cutting for them clothes among fire, poured from above their heads the scalding water.
22:20  With it is melted what was within their bellies and the skins.
22:21  And for them are hooked rods of iron.
22:22  Whenever they wanted to exit out of it from sorrow, they returned back within it. And taste the burn torment.”
22:23  Surely Allah enters those who believed and worked the righteous deeds into paradises beneath which the rivers are running. They will be ornamented therein with bracelets of gold and pearl, and their garments therein will be silk.
22:24  And they guided toward the good things among the speech. And they guided toward the Most Praised (Al-Hameed) path.
22:25  Surely those who disbelieved and hinder Allah's access and the Sacred Mosque, which We set up for the people equally whether the residing therein or the passing through, and whoever wants atheist within it with oppression, We will make him taste among a painful torment.
22:26  And when We incurred to Abraham the House’s place: “That you do not associate anything with me; and “Purify My House for the circumambulating ones, and the standing ones, and the kneeling ones, the prostrating ones.”
22:27  And announce within the people, with the pilgrimage. They will come to you on foot, and upon every lean camel. They will come among every deep gorge.
22:28  To witness benefits for them, and mention Allah’s name in known days over what He has livelihood for them among the animal livestock. So, eat from it, and feed the miserable, the poor.
22:29  Then let them complete their prescribed duties (Rites of Hajj), and fulfill their vows, and to circumambulate around with the Ancient House.
22:30  That, and whoever venerates Allah’s forbidden, so it is goodness for him with his Lord. And all the livestock are permitted (Halal) for you, except what is recited upon you. So, avoid the abomination among the idols, and avoid the perjury’s say.
22:31  Monotheist for Allah, not associating with Him. And whoever associates with Allah, it is as though he has fallout from the sky, so he is snatched by the birds, or is plummeted by the wind to an abysmal place.
22:32  That, and whoever venerates Allah’s symbols, so it is among the core's piety.
22:33  For you within them are benefits till a named term. Then their place is toward the Ancient House.
22:34  And We set up a rite for every community, to mention Allah’s name over what He has livelihood them among the livestock animals. So, your God is One God, so for Him submit, and preach to the reverenced ones.
22:35  Those who, when Allah is mentioned, their cores feel fear, and the patient ones upon what had targeted them, and the prayers establishers and among what We have livelihood them, they are spending.
22:36  And the bulks (The Camels and Cattle) We set them up for you among Allah’s symbols. In them is goodness for you. So, mention Allah’s name upon them as they line up. So, if they have fallen dead on their sides, eat from them and feed the content and the beggar. Thus, We have subservient them for you, perhaps you may be thankful.
22:37  Allah neither will obtain their flesh, nor their blood. But He will obtain piety from you. Thus, He subservient them for you, to aggrandize Allah upon what He has guided you. And preach the benefactors.
22:38  Surely Allah defends those who believed. Surely Allah does not love every infidel traitor.
22:39  It was permitted for those who are fighting because they were oppressed, and Allah is on their victory, is competent.
22:40  Those who were exited from their homes without right, except that they are saying, “Our Lord is Allah.” Unless Allah thrust some of the people with some others: there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques within which Allah’s name is much mentioned. And Allah will victory whoever victorious Him. Surely Allah is Strong, Mighty.
22:41  Those who, when We enabled them in the earth, they established the prayers, and gave the Zakat, and commanded with the well-known, and forbad about the denial. And for Allah is the matter's sequel.
22:42  If they falsified you, so already they falsified before them Noah’s kinsfolk, Aad, and Thamud.
22:43  And Abraham’s kinsfolk, and Lot’s kinsfolk.
22:44  And Midian’s accompanies. And Moses was falsified. So, I respite for the infidels, then I took them. So how was My reproach?
22:45  So, how many among a village we destroyed, while it was oppressive? So, it collapsed upon its trellises and an inoperative well and a well- built palace.
22:46  So have they not walked on the earth, so it will be for them cores with which they reason, or ears to listen with it? So, it does not blind the sights, but it blinds the cores, which are within the chests.
22:47  And they hasten you with torment. And Allah will never break His promise. And surely a day with your Lord is like a thousand lunar years from what you are counting.
22:48  And how many among a village have I respite for it, while it was oppressive? Then I took it. And to Me is the destination.
22:49  Say, “O the people, I am only an apparent warner, for you.”
22:50  So, those who believed and worked the righteous deeds, for them is forgiveness and a noble livelihood.
22:51  And those who strived in Our verses to disable them, these are the Hellfire’s companions.
22:52  And We were not sent among a messenger nor a prophet before you, except whenever he had a wish, The Satan threw into his wishes. So, Allah supersedes what Satan has thrown, then Allah judges His verses. And Allah is Knower, Wise.
22:53  He will set up what Satan throws as an infatuation for those who in their cores a disease, and who have the cruel cores. And surely the oppressors are within, far split.
22:54  And those who have been given the knowledge shall know that it is the right from your Lord, so they shall be believing in it, so their cores reverence to it. And surely Allah will guide those who are believed to a straight path.
22:55  And those who disbelieved are still within skepticism from it, until the Hour comes upon them unexpectedly, or there comes to them a Barren Day Torment.
22:56  The Sovereignty on that Day is for Allah; He judges between them. So, those who believed and worked the righteous deeds are in The Grace Paradises.
22:57  And those who disbelieved and falsified with Our verses, so these for them a humiliating torment.
22:58  And those who emigrated in Allah’s access, then got killed, or died, Allah will have livelihood them with excellent livelihood. And surely Allah is the Best of the livelihood Providers.
22:59  He will enter them at an entrance that satisfies them. And surely Allah is Knower, Clement.
22:60  That! And whoever is punished with similarity to what he was punished with, then it was transgressed over him, Allah will victory him. Surely Allah is Pardoning, Forgiver.
22:61  That is because Allah logs the night into the day, and He logs the day into the night, and surely Allah is Hearer, Seer.
22:62  That is because Allah is Al-Haq (The Right), and what they are calling without Him is the void, and because Allah is Al- Aly (The Highest), Al-Kabeer (The Grand).
22:63  Have you not seen that Allah sends down the water from the sky, so the earth becomes greenish? Surely Allah is Subtle, Expert.
22:64  For Him whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth. And surely Allah is Al-Ghany (The Rich), Al-Hameed (The Praiseworthy).
22:65  Have you not seen that Allah is subservient to you what is in the earth? And the arks run in the sea by His command? And He grasps up the sky lest it falls upon the earth, except by His permission? Surely Allah is with the people, is Kind, Merciful.
22:66  And He is the one who gives you, life then causes you to die, then revives you. Surely humans are ungrateful.
22:67  For every community We set up a rite, which they will ritualize. So do not let them dispute with you in the matter. And invite to your Lord; surely you are upon a straight guidance.
22:68  And if they argue with you, say, “Allah is knower with what you are working.”
22:69  Allah judges between you on The Resurrection Day within what you were differing within it.
22:70  Have you not known that Allah knows what is in the skies and the earth? Surely that is in a book. Surely that upon Allah is easy.
22:71  And they worshiped, without Allah, which He has not sent down with it a Sultan, and what they have no knowledge with it. And there is none for the oppressors among the victorious.
22:72  And when Our Proof Verses are recited upon them, you will recognize in the faces of those who disbelieved the denial. They are almost assaulted with those who recite upon them Our Verses. Say, “Shall I inform you with eviler than that? The Fire! Allah has promised it to those who disbelieved, and wretched is the destination!”
22:73  O the people! An example was cited, so listen for it: Surely those you call without Allah will never create a fly, even if they gathered together for it. And if the fly steals anything from them, they cannot rescue it from it. Weak are the seeker and the sought.
22:74  They did not value Allah as His right value. Surely Allah is Strong, Almighty.
22:75  Allah chooses among the angels, messengers and among the people. Surely Allah is Hearer, Seer.
22:76  He knows what is between their hands, and what is behind them. And to Allah all the matters are returning.
22:77  O you who believed! Kneel, and prostrate and worship your Lord, and do the goodness, perhaps you may be gaining. ۩
22:78  And effort in Allah, His right effort. He has elected you and has not set up upon you in the religion from a critical, your father Abraham’s creed. He named you Muslims before, and in this the Messenger will be a witness against you, and you will be witnesses against the people. So, establish the prayers, and give the Zakat, and hold firmly with Allah. He is your Guardian. So, a Gracious is Al-Mawla (The Guardian), and a Gracious is Al-Naseer (The Victorious).