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17:1  Glory be unto Him who made his servant to journey at night from the sacred mosque [in Mecca] to farthest mosque [in Jerusalem] in the surroundings of which We have spread Our blessings so that We may show him from Our signs. For He indeed is The All-hearing, The All-seeing.
17:2  And We gave the book to Moses and We made it a guidance for the children of Israel [saying unto them] “Do not take anyone as a trustee other than Me”
17:3  They are the descendants of those that We carried with Noah [in the ark]. He indeed was a grateful servant.
17:4  And We have ordained for the children of Israel in the book that most certainly you will spread corruption in the earth twice and you most certainly will conduct yourself to a haughtiness most great.
17:5  When the first of the two ordinances came to pass, We raised against you slaves of Ours, mighty in warfare so they ran amok through [your] homes and thus it was an ordinance fulfilled.
17:6  Then We turned the tide against them for you and We furnished you with wealth and children and We made you more numerous in number.
17:7  If you do good, you have only done good to your own souls but if you do wrong, it is only against them [your souls] and when the last of the [two] ordinances came to pass [We let your enemies] to bring sorrow unto your faces and to enter the mosque, as they did enter it the first time, and to level down all that they had raised a complete levelling.
17:8  And perhaps your Lord may turn to you in mercy but if you revert [back to your evil ways], We will come back [with our punishment]. And We have made hell a bedding for the disbelievers.
17:9  Truly this Quran guides to that [way] which is the most upright and it brings glad tidings to the believers, those who act in righteousness, that truly for them there will be a grandiose reward.
17:10  And [it warns] that those who do not believe in the hereafter for them We have prepared a painful punishment.
17:11  And human being prays for evil as much as his prayers are for good. And the human being indeed is hasty.
17:12  And We have made the night and the day as two signs. We have darkened the sign of the night and We have made the sign of the day bright so that you may seek favor from your Lord and so that you may know the number of years and [know] the computation and everything have We detailed a complete detailing.
17:13  And for every human being have We fastened his record around his neck and on the day of resurrection We will bring forth for him a book that he will find in elaborate details.
17:14  [It will be said unto him] “Read your book, for today your soul suffices as a reckoner against your own self.”
17:15  Whoever follows guidance, he only follows guidance for [the goodness of] his soul and whoever goes astray, his going astray is only against it [his own soul] and no bearer of a burden bears the burden of another and We are not going to punish [a nation] until We have sent a messenger [to them].
17:16  And when We will to destroy a township, We cause its people of affluence to grow and increase and thus they turn renegades therein. Thereupon the word [of punishment] becomes fulfilled against it [the township] then We annihilate it a complete annihilation.
17:17  And how many generations have We destroyed after Noah and your Lord suffices as All-Acquainted, All-Seeing of the sins of His slaves.
17:18  And whoever wills to have the present life of this world, We will presently give him therein whatever We wish for whomever We will, but then We will make hell for him to burn therein despised, banished.
17:19  And whoever wants [to have] the life of hereafter and he works his uttermost effort for it and all the while he is a true believer certainly those are the ones whose efforts are accepted with gratitude [and increased].
17:20  We furnish each group these and those from the bounties of your Lord and the bounties of your Lord are not restricted to anyone.
17:21  See how We bestowed more of our bounties on ones than on the others [in this life] but truly the life of the hereafter is greater in ranks and is greater in preferment.
17:22  Do not make another deity with Allah lest you will sit despised forsaken.
17:23  And your Lord has ordained that you should worship none except Him and [He has also ordained] kindness to parents. If one or both of them attain old age with you, do not tell them ‘fie’ and do not treat them uncouthly and do speak to them with a gracious speech
17:24  and out of mercy spread for them the wings of tenderness and humility and say, “O my Lord, bestow [your] mercy on both of them as they raised me when I was small.”
17:25  Your Lord knows well what is within your souls. If you be righteous [within your souls], then He indeed is Oft-Forgiving for those who are criers unto Him.
17:26  And give unto the near of kin what is due to him and unto the needy and unto the wayfarer and do not squander extravagantly.
17:27  Truly the squanderers are the brethren of devils and Satan was truly ungrateful to His Lord.
17:28  If you ever do turn away from them in pursuit of a mercy from your Lord which you expect, however speak to them a word of ease and gentleness.
17:29  And do not tie your hand to your neck [out of stinginess] and do not stretch it out completely or you will be sitting down blameworthy weary.
17:30  Indeed your Lord expands the sustenance for whom He wills and constricts [to whom He wills]. Truly He is All-acquainted, All-seeing about His slaves.
17:31  And do not kill your children out of fear of poverty. It is Us who provide for them as well as for you. Indeed killing them is a great error.
17:32  And do not come near to adultery. It indeed is an act of injustice and an evil way.
17:33  And do not kill the soul which Allah has made sacred except in truth. Whoever is killed wrongfully, We have indeed given authority to His heir but let him [the heir] not exceed the limits [of just retribution; qisas] in killing. For He [the heir] most certainly is helped [by Allah].
17:34  And do not come near the property of the orphan except by way of goodness until he reaches the fullness of his strength and fulfil the promise. For the promise is certainly going to be questioned about.
17:35  And fulfill the measurement when you measure and weigh with the most upright balance. That is better and most excellent in the ultimate interpretation.
17:36  And do not follow that which you have no knowledge [certitude] for. Truly the hearing and the sight and the understanding, all of that are going to be questioned about.
17:37  And do not walk in the earth with conceit. Truly you will never rend the earth asunder nor will you ever tower high above the mountains.
17:38  The ill of all of this is detestable to your Lord.
17:39  That is part of what your Lord has revealed unto you from the wisdom and do not make with Allah another deity lest you will be thrown in hell fire blameworthy and banished.
17:40  Has then your Lord distinguished you with the honour of having male children but has taken female children for Himself from the angels? Truly, you surely utter a most egregious utterance.
17:41  And indeed We have repeated [Our message] in this Quran in various ways so that they may remember but it does not increase them [in anything] except in aversion.
17:42  Say, “If there were any other deities with Him as they claim, certainly then they will have to find a way to the Lord of the throne.”
17:43  Glory be unto Him and far exalted is He above that they say a most great exaltation.
17:44  The seven heavens and the earth as well as those who are in them glorify Him. There is not a thing but that glorifies [Him] with His praise but you do not discern their glorification. Truly He is All-magnanimous, Oft-Forgiving.
17:45  And when you recite the Quran, We put between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter a protecting veil.
17:46  And We placed on their hearts coverings so they do not discern it [the Quran] and in their ears [We placed] a heavy weight and whenever you mention your Lord as One in the Quran, they turn their backs in aversion.
17:47  It is We who know well of that by which they listen when they listen to you and when they take their private counsel, when the wrongdoers say, “you are only following a man who is bewitched.”
17:48  See how they strike resemblances for you so they have gone astray and they will not be able to find a way.
17:49  And they say, “Is it that after We have indeed become bones and brittles, are we certainly going to be raised into a new creation?”
17:50  Say to them, “Be stone or iron”
17:51  or any other form of creation that looks great in your bosoms and they will say, “who is going to bring us back?” Say, “the one who created you the first time.” They will then nod their heads to you and say, “When will that be?” say, “Perhaps it will be soon.”
17:52  The day He will call you and you will respond [to His call] with His praise and you will think that you remained [in the earth] but little.
17:53  And tell My slaves to say only that which is most excellent. For truly Satan sows discord between them and truly Satan is surely an enemy most evident for the human being.
17:54  It is your Lord who knows you the most. If He wishes, He will bestow [His] mercy on you and if He wishes, He will punish you and We have not sent you a trustee over them.
17:55  And your Lord knows best about those who are in the heavens and in the earth and truly We have raised some prophets in favor over others and unto David We gave the Psalms.
17:56  Say, “call on those whom you claim [as gods] besides Him” certainly they do not have the power to remove the harm from you nor can they change it [into blessing].
17:57  They [who are in the heavens and in the earth] are those who call [their Lord] and seek the mean to their Lord whichever is the closest and they hope for His mercy and they fear His punishment. Truly the punishment of your Lord is something to wary off.
17:58  And there is not a township but that We are going to destroy it before the day of resurrection or We are going to punish it with a severe punishment. That is a thing inscribed in the book.
17:59  Nothing holds Us back from sending the signs except that the people of old belied them and We gave Thamud a she-camel as a visible sign but they wronged her. And We do not send the signs except as a means of warning.
17:60  And when We told you that your Lord does encompass the mankind [with His knowledge and mercy] and We made the vision that We showed you only as a trial for the mankind and the cursed tree [mentioned] in the Quran and we continue to warn them, but all that does not increase them except in overwhelming transgression.
17:61  And when We said to the angels, “Bow down to Adam” and they did bow down except Iblis and he said, “Should I bow down to someone that You created out of clay?”
17:62  He said, “Do you see this [human being] whom You have honored over me and if You give me respite till the day of resurrection, I shall most certainly destroy his posterity except a little.”
17:63  He said, “Go [out of My mercy] whoever follows you among them, then certainly hell will be your reward, a most ample reward.
17:64  And provoke whoever you can among them with your voice and charge at them with your cavalry and your infantry and be their partner in the property and in the children and promise them.” but Satan promises them nothing but delusion.
17:65  Truly as for My servants there is no authority for you over them and your Lord suffices as a trustee.
17:66  Your Lord is the one who causes the ship to sail for you in the ocean so that you may seek from His bounties. Truly He is Most merciful to you.
17:67  and whenever harm touches you in the sea, all that you are used to invoking besides Him goes missing but when He brings you safely to the land, you turn away and the human being is most ungrateful.
17:68  Do you then feel safe that He may cause a portion of the land to slide under you and swallow you or that He will rain down unto you a hail of stones and you will not then find anyone as a trustee for you?
17:69  Or do you feel safe that He will bring you back [in the ocean] a second time and then send against you a violent storm and then cause you to drown because of your ingratitude and then you find no helpers for you against Us?
17:70  And truly We have honored the children of Adam and We carried them in the land and in the sea and We provided them with goodly provisions and We raised them in preferment above many of whom We have created, with a most distinguished preferment.
17:71  The day we will call every group of people by their book and whosoever is given his book by his right hand, they will certainly read their book and they will not be wronged in the least.
17:72  And whoever is blind in here, he will certainly be blind in the hereafter and he is farthest astray from the way.
17:73  And they almost nearly tempted you away from that which We have inspired you with so that you may contrive in Our name something other than it [Quran] and then they will certainly take you as a true friend
17:74  and had We not strengthened you, you almost nearly leaned towards them a little bit.
17:75  Then We would have made you taste a double measure of life and a double measure of death and then you would have found no helper for you against Us.
17:76  and they almost nearly estranged you from the land in order to drive you out of it but then they will not remain after you except a little.
17:77  This is the tradition of those whom We sent before you from among Our messengers and you will find no change in Our tradition.
17:78  Establish the prayer from the setting of the sun to the darkness of the night and [establish] the prayer of dawn. Truly the prayer of the dawn is well witnessed.
17:79  and in the night keep watch with it [Quran] that is a gift of excellence for you so that perhaps your Lord may raise you to a station which is praiseworthy
17:80  and say, “O my Lord, make me enter a truthful entry and make me exit a truthful exiting and give unto me from Your presence an assisting authority
17:81  and say, “The truth has come and the falsehood has dismantled, for truly the falsehood is meant to be dismantled.
17:82  And We sent down from the Quran what is a healing and a mercy for the believers, and as for the wrongdoers, it will only increase them in loss.
17:83  And when We bestow the blessings on the human being, he turns away and draws himself to his farthest corner but when ill fortune touches him, he becomes full of desperation.
17:84  Say that, “Each of you acts according to their own manner but it is your Lord who knows best who is best guided on the way”
17:85  And they ask you about the spirit, say, “The spirit is from the commandment of my Lord and you are not given from the knowledge except a little
17:86  and if We so willed, We could take away that which We have inspired you with and then you will find no trustee for you against Us on account of it
17:87  It is but a mercy from your Lord. Truly His favor on you is indeed great.
17:88  Say, “Surely if the human beings and the Jinns were to come together in order to produce the like of this Quran, they cannot produce the like of it even if some of them were to back the others.”
17:89  And We have indeed presented every type of similitude for the humankind in many ways in this Quran but most of the mankind refuse anything else except ingratitude.
17:90  And they said, “We will never believe you until you make a spring to gush forth for us from the earth
17:91  Or that you have a garden of dates and grapes and then you cause the rivers to gush forth in abundance through it
17:92  Or [until] you cause the heaven as you claimed [you could] to fall on us piecemeal or until you bring Allah and the angels face to face [with us]
17:93  Or that you have a house decorated with gold or that you ascend into the heaven and we will never believe in your ascension until you send down a book upon us that we can read.” Say, “glory be to my Lord. Am I except a human who is a messenger?”
17:94  And nothing prevented the human beings from believing when the guidance came to them except their saying, “has Allah raised a human as a messenger?”
17:95  Say, “had there been angels walking in the earth in tranquility, We would certainly have sent from the heaven an angel as a messenger to them”
17:96  Say, “Allah suffices as a witness between me and you. For He indeed is All-acquainted, All-seeing about His slaves.”
17:97  And whoever Allah guides, then it is he who is the guided but whosoever He causes to go astray, then you will never find any allies for them besides Him and We will gather them on the day of resurrection cast on their faces; blind, dumb and deaf. Their resting abode is hell. Each time its fire abates, We increase them with more burning fire.
17:98  That is their reward for they indeed disbelieved in Our signs and they said, “is it that after we have become bone and brittle, are we definitely going to be raised as a new creation?”
17:99  Have they not seen that Allah who has created the heavens and the earth is able to create the likes of them and He has appointed a term for them about which there is no doubt but the wrongdoers refuse all else except ingratitude.
17:100  Say, “If it were you who controlled the treasures of mercy of my Lord, then you will most certainly hold back for fear of spending.” Ah! Human being is indeed tight handed.
17:101  And We indeed have given unto Moses nine clear signs. Ask then the children of Israel when he came to them and Pharaoh said to him, “Truly I do think that you are bewitched O Moses.”
17:102  He said, “You do well know that none sent down these [signs] except the Lord of the heavens and of the earth as clear evidences and I indeed do think that you are doomed for destruction O Pharaoh.”
17:103  So he resolved to displace them from the land so We drowned him and those with him altogether
17:104  and We said after that to the children of Israel, “Dwell in the land in tranquility but when the last promise will come to pass, We will bring you out group after group.”
17:105  And by the truth have We sent it [the Quran] down and by the truth had it came down and We have not sent you except as a bringer of glad tidings and as a warner.
17:106  And it is a Quran which We have divided into several parts so that you may recite it unto people by gradual stages and We have sent it down piece by piece.
17:107  Say, “Believe it or do not believe”. Truly those who were given the knowledge before it, whenever it is rehearsed unto them, they fall on their faces in prostration
17:108  and they say, “Glory be to our Lord and truly the promise of our Lord will most certainly be fulfilled”
17:109  And they fall down on their faces crying and it [the Quran] increases them in humility [in their hearts].
17:110  Say, “Call Allah or call Ar-Rahman, by whichever name you call him, all the excellent names are His. And do not read your prayer aloud nor make it silent and find a way between them [neither loud nor silent]”
17:111  And say, “The praise is for Allah who has not taken a son and there is no partner for Him in the kingdom and there is no ally for Him from humiliation and so magnify Him with a complete magnificence.”