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17:1  Exalted (is) the One Who took His servant (by) night from Al-Masjid Al-Haraam, to Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa which We blessed its surroundings, that We may show him of Our Signs. Indeed He, He (is) the All-Hearer, the All-Seer.
17:2  And We gave Musa the Book, and made it a guidance for the Children (of) Israel, "That not you take from other than Me (as) a Disposer of affairs."
17:3  Offsprings (of one) who We carried with Nuh. Indeed, he was a servant grateful.
17:4  And We decreed for (the) Children (of) Israel in the Book, "Surely you will cause corruption in the earth twice, and surely you will reach, haughtiness great."
17:5  So when came (the) promise (for) the first of the two, We raised against you servants of Ours Possessor those of military might great and they entered the inner most part (of) the homes, and (it) was a promise fulfilled.
17:6  Then We gave back to you the return victory over them. And We reinforced you with the wealth and sons and made you more numerous.
17:7  If you do good, you do good for yourselves; and if you do evil, then it is for it. So when came promise the last, to sadden your faces and to enter the Masjid just as they (had) entered it first time, and to destroy what they had conquered (with) destruction.
17:8  "(It) may be your Lord that (may) have mercy upon you. But if you return, We will return. And We have made Hell, for the disbelievers, a prison-bed."
17:9  Indeed, this, the Quran, guides to that which (is) most straight and gives glad tidings to the believers - those who do the righteous deeds, that for them (is) a reward great,
17:10  And that those who (do) not believe in the Hereafter, We have prepared for them a punishment painful.
17:11  And prays the man for evil (as) he prays for the good. And is the man ever hasty.
17:12  And We have made the night and the day (as) two signs. Then We erased (the) sign (of) the night, and We made (the) sign (of) the day visible, that you may seek bounty from your Lord, and that you may know (the) number (of) the years, and the account. And every thing - We have explained it (in) detail.
17:13  And (for) every man We have fastened to him his fate in his neck, and We will bring forth for him (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection a record which he will find wide open.
17:14  "Read your record. Sufficient (is) yourself today, against you (as) accountant."
17:15  Whoever (is) guided then only he is guided for his soul. And whoever goes astray then only he goes astray against it And not will bear one laden with burden, burden (of) another. And not We are to punish until, We have sent a Messenger.
17:16  And when We intend that We destroy a town, We order its wealthy people but they defiantly disobey therein; so (is) proved true against it the word, and We destroy it (with) destruction.
17:17  And how many We destroyed from the generations from after Nuh! And sufficient (is) your Lord concerning the sins (of) His servants All-Aware, All-Seer.
17:18  Whoever should desire the immediate We hasten for him in it what We will to whom We intend. Then We have made for him Hell, he will burn disgraced rejected.
17:19  And whoever desires the Hereafter and exerts for it the effort, while he (is) a believer, then those [are] their effort, (is) appreciated.
17:20  (To) each We extend (to) these and (to) these, from (the) gift (of) your Lord. And not is (the) gift (of) your Lord restricted.
17:21  See how We preferred some of them over others. And surely the Hereafter (is) greater (in) degrees and greater (in) excellence.
17:22  (Do) not make with Allah god another, lest you will sit disgraced, forsaken.
17:23  And has decreed your Lord, that (do) not worship except Him Alone and to the parents (be) good. Whether reach with you the old age one of them, or both of them, then (do) not say to both of them a word of disrespect and (do) not repel them, but speak to them a word noble.
17:24  And lower to them (the) wing (of) humility (out) of [the] mercy and say, "My Lord! Have mercy on both of them as they brought me up (when I was) small."
17:25  Your Lord (is) most knowing of what (is) in yourselves. If you are righteous, then indeed, He is to those who often turn (to Him) Most Forgiving.
17:26  And give (one of) the relatives his right, and the needy, and the wayfarer, and (do) not spend wastefully.
17:27  Indeed, the spendthrifts are brothers (of) the devils. And is the Shaitaan to his Lord ungrateful.
17:28  And if you turn away from them seeking mercy from your Lord, which you expect then say to them a word gentle.
17:29  And (do) not make your hand chained to your neck, and not extend it (to its) utmost reach, so that you sit blameworthy, insolvent.
17:30  Indeed, your Lord extends the provision for whom He wills, and straitens. Indeed, He is of His slaves All-Aware, All-Seer.
17:31  And (do) not kill your children (for) fear (of) poverty. We (We) provide for them and for you. Indeed, their killing is a sin great.
17:32  And (do) not go near adultery. Indeed, it is an immorality and (an) evil way.
17:33  And (do) not kill the soul which has forbidden Allah, except by right. And whoever (is) killed wrongfully, verily We have made for his heir an authority, but not he should exceed in the killing. Indeed, he is helped.
17:34  And (do) not come near (the) wealth (of) the orphan, except with what [it] is best until he reaches his maturity. And fulfil the covenant. Indeed, the covenant will be questioned.
17:35  And give full [the] measure when you measure, and weigh with the balance the straight. That (is) good and best (in) result.
17:36  And (do) not pursue what not you have of it any knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, and the sight, and the heart all those will be [about it] questioned.
17:37  And (do) not walk in the earth (with) insolence. Indeed, you will never tear the earth and will never reach the mountains (in) height.
17:38  All that is [its] evil near your Lord, hateful.
17:39  That (is) from what (was) revealed to you (from) your Lord of the wisdom. And (do) not make with Allah god other lest you should be thrown in Hell, blameworthy, abandoned.
17:40  Then has chosen (for) you your Lord sons and He has taken from the Angels daughters? Indeed, you surely say a word grave.
17:41  And verily, We have explained in this the Quran, that they may take heed, but not it increases them except (in) aversion.
17:42  Say, "If (there) were with Him gods as they say, then surely they (would) have sought to (the) Owner (of) the Throne a way."
17:43  Glorified is He and Exalted is He above what they say (by) height great.
17:44  Glorify [to] Him the heavens seven and the earth and whatever (is) in them. And (there is) not any thing except glorifies His Praise, but not you understand their glorification. Indeed, He is Ever-Forbearing, Oft-Forgiving."
17:45  And when you recite the Quran, We place between you and between those who (do) not believe in the Hereafter a barrier hidden.
17:46  And We have placed over their hearts coverings, lest they understand it, and in their ears deafness. And when you mention your Lord in the Quran Alone, they turn on their backs (in) aversion.
17:47  We know best [of] what they listen to [it] when they listen to you, and when they (are) in private conversation, when say the wrongdoers, "Not you follow but a man bewitched."
17:48  See how they put forth for you the examples; but they have gone astray so not they can (find) a way.
17:49  And they say, "Is it when we are bones and crumbled particles, will we surely (be) resurrected (as) a creation new."
17:50  Say, "Be stones or iron.
17:51  Or a creation of what (is) great in your breasts." Then they will say, "Who will restore us?" Say, "He Who created you (the) first time." Then they will shake at you their heads and they say, "When (will) it (be)?" Say, "Perhaps that (it) will be soon."
17:52  (On) the Day He will call you and you will respond with His Praise, and you will think, not you had remained except a little (while).
17:53  And say to My slaves (to) say that which (is) best. Indeed, the Shaitaan sows discord between them. Indeed, the Shaitaan is to the man an enemy clear.
17:54  Your Lord (is) most knowing of you. If He wills, He will have mercy on you; or if He wills He will punish you. And not We have sent you over them (as) a guardian.
17:55  And your Lord (is) most knowing of whoever (is) in the heavens and the earth. And verily We have preferred some (of) the Prophets to others. And We gave Dawood Zaboor.
17:56  Say, "Call those whom you claimed from besides Him, [then] not they have power (to) remove the misfortunes from you and not (to) transfer (it)."
17:57  Those whom they call, seek to their Lord the means of access, which of them (is) nearest, and they hope (for) His mercy and fear His punishment. Indeed, (the) punishment (of) your Lord is (ever) feared.
17:58  And not (is) any town but We (will) destroy it before (the) Day (of) the Resurrection or punish it with a punishment severe. (it) is that in the Book written.
17:59  And not stopped Us that We send the Signs except that denied them the former (people) And We gave Thamud the she-camel (as) a visible sign, but they wronged her. And not We send the Signs except (as) a warning.
17:60  And when We said to you, "Indeed, your Lord has encompassed the mankind." And not We made the vision which We showed you except (as) a trial for mankind, and the tree the accursed in the Quran. And We threaten them but not it increases them except (in) transgression great.
17:61  And when We said to the Angels, "Prostrate to Adam." So they prostrated except Iblis. He said, "Shall I prostrate to (one) whom You created (from) clay?"
17:62  He said, "Do You see this whom You have honored, above me? If You give me respite till (the) Day (of) the Resurrection, I will surely destroy his offspring except a few."
17:63  He said, "Go, and whoever follows you among them then indeed, Hell (is) your recompense - a recompense ample.
17:64  And incite whoever you can among them with your voice, and assault [on] them with your cavalry and infantry and be a partner in the wealth and the children, and promise them." And not promises them the Shaitaan except delusion.
17:65  "Indeed, My slaves not for you over them any authority. And sufficient (is) your Lord (as) a Guardian."
17:66  Your Lord (is) the One Who drives for you the ship in the sea, that you may seek of His Bounty. Indeed, He is to you Ever Merciful.
17:67  And when touches you the hardship in the sea, lost (are) who you call except Him Alone. But when He delivers you to the land you turn away. And is man ungrateful.
17:68  Do you then feel secure that (not) He will cause to swallow you, side (of) the land or send against you a storm of stones? Then not you will find for you a guardian?
17:69  Or do you feel secure that (not) He will send you back into it time another, and send upon you a hurricane of the wind, and drown you because you disbelieved? Then not you will find for you against Us therein an avenger?
17:70  And certainly, We have honored (the) children (of) Adam and We carried them on the land and the sea, and We have provided them of the good things and We preferred them over many of those whom We have created (with) preference.
17:71  (The) Day We will call all human beings with their record, then whoever is given his record in his right hand, then those will read their records, and not they will be wronged (even as much as) a hair on a date seed.
17:72  And whoever is in this (world) blind, then he in the Hereafter (will be) blind, and more astray (from the) path.
17:73  And indeed, they were about (to) tempt you away from that which We revealed, to you that you invent about Us other (than) it. And then surely they would take you (as) a friend.
17:74  And if not [that] We (had) strengthened you, certainly, you almost (would) have inclined to them (in) something a little.
17:75  Then We (would) have made you taste double (in) the life, and double (after) the death. Then not you (would) have found for you against Us any helper.
17:76  And indeed, they were about (to) scare you from the land, that they evict you from it. But then not they (would) have stayed after you except a little.
17:77  (Such is Our) Way (for) whom [verily] We sent before you of Our Messengers. And not you will find (in) Our way any alteration.
17:78  Establish the prayer, at the decline (of) the sun till (the) darkness (of) the night and Quran at dawn, indeed, the Quran (at) the dawn is ever witnessed.
17:79  And from the night arise from sleep for prayer with it (as) additional for you; it may be that will raise you your Lord (to) a station praiseworthy.
17:80  And say, "My Lord! Cause me to enter an entrance sound, and cause me to an exit sound and make for me from near You an authority helping."
17:81  And say, "Has come the truth and perished the falsehood. Indeed, the falsehood is (bound) to perish."
17:82  And We reveal from the Quran that it (is) a healing and a mercy for the believers, but not it increases the wrongdoers except (in) loss.
17:83  And when We bestow favor on man he turns away and becomes remote on his side. And when touches him the evil he is (in) despair.
17:84  Say, "Each works on his manner, but your Lord (is) most knowing of who [he] (is) best guided (in) way."
17:85  And they ask you concerning the soul. Say, "The soul (is) of (the) affair (of) my Lord. And not you have been given of the knowledge except a little."
17:86  And if We willed, We (would) have surely taken away that which We have revealed to you. Then not you would find for you concerning it against Us any advocate,
17:87  Except a mercy from your Lord. Indeed, His Bounty is upon you great.
17:88  Say, "If gathered the mankind and the jinn to [that] bring the like (of) this Quran, not they (could) bring the like of it, even if were some of them to some others assistants."
17:89  And verily We have explained to mankind in this Quran from every example, but refused most (of) the mankind except disbelief.
17:90  And they say, "Never we will believe in you until you cause to gush forth for us from the earth a spring.
17:91  Or you have for you a garden of date-palms and grapes, you cause to gush forth the rivers within them abundantly.
17:92  Or you cause to fall the sky, as you have claimed, upon us (in) pieces or you bring Allah and the Angels before (us).
17:93  Or is for you a house of ornament or you ascend into the sky. And never we will believe in your ascension until you bring down to us a book we could read it." Say, "Glorified (is) my Lord! "What am I but a human, a Messenger."
17:94  And what prevented the people that they believe when came to them the guidance except that they said, "Has sent Allah a human Messenger?"
17:95  Say, "If (there) were in the earth Angels walking securely, surely We (would) have sent down to them from the heaven an Angel (as) a Messenger."
17:96  Say, "Sufficient is Allah (as) a witness between me and between you. Indeed, He is of His slaves All-Aware, All-Seer."
17:97  And whoever guides Allah then he (is) the guided one; and whoever He lets go astray - then never you will find for them protectors from besides Him. And We will gather them (on) the Day (of) the Resurrection on their faces - blind and dumb and deaf. Their abode (is) Hell; every time it subsides, We (will) increase (for) them the blazing fire.
17:98  That (is) their recompense because they disbelieved in Our Verses and said, "When we are bones and crumbled particles, will we surely (be) resurrected (as) a creation new."
17:99  Do not they see that Allah, the One Who, created the heavens and the earth (is) Able [on] to create the like of them? And He has made for them a term, no doubt in it. But refused the wrongdoers except disbelief.
17:100  Say, "If you possess the treasures (of) the Mercy (of) my Lord, then surely you would withhold (out of) fear (of) spending." And is man stingy.
17:101  And certainly We had given Musa nine Signs clear, so ask (the) Children (of) Israel when he came to them, then said to him Firaun, "Indeed, I [I] think you - O Musa! (you are) bewitched."
17:102  He said, "Verily, you have known none has sent down these except (the) Lord (of) the heavens and the earth (as) evidence, and indeed, I [I] surely think you O Firaun! (you are) destroyed."
17:103  So he intended to drive them out from the land, but We drowned him and who (were) with him all.
17:104  And We said from after him to the Children (of) Israel, "Dwell (in) the land, then when comes (the) promise (of) the Hereafter, We will bring you (as) a mixed crowd."
17:105  And with the truth We sent it down, and with the truth it descended. And not We sent you except (as) a bearer of glad tidings and a warner.
17:106  And the Quran We have divided, that you might recite it to the people at intervals. And We have revealed it (in) stages.
17:107  Say, "Believe in it or (do) not believe. Indeed, those who were given the knowledge from before it, when it is recited to them, they fall on their faces (in) prostration."
17:108  And they say, "Glory be to our Lord! Indeed, is (the) promise (of) our Lord surely fulfilled."
17:109  And they fall on their faces weeping, and it increases them (in) humility.
17:110  Say, "Invoke Allah or invoke the Most Gracious. By whatever (name) you invoke, to Him (belongs) the Names the Most Beautiful. And (do) not be loud in your prayers and not be silent therein, but seek between that a way."
17:111  And say, "All Praise (is) for Allah the One Who not has taken a son and not is for Him a partner in the dominion, and not is for Him any protector out of weakness. And magnify Him (with all) magnificence."