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17:1  Praise be unto Him, who transported his servant by night, from the sacred temple of Mecca to the farther temple of Jerusalem, the circuit of which We have blessed, that We might shew him some of our signs; for God is He who heareth, and seeth
17:2  And We gave unto Moses the book of the law, and appointed the same to be a direction unto the children of Israel, commanding them, saying, beware that ye take not any other patron besides Me
17:3  O posterity of those whom We carried in the ark with Noah: Verily he was a grateful servant
17:4  And We expressly declared unto the children of Israel in the book of the law, saying, ye will surely commit evil in the earth twice, and ye will be elated with great insolence
17:5  And when the punishment threatened for the first of those transgressions came to be executed, We sent against you our servants, indued with exceeding strength in war, and they searched the inner apartments of your houses; and the prediction became accomplished
17:6  Afterwards We gave you the victory over them, in your turn, and We granted you increase of wealth and children, and We made you a more numerous people, saying
17:7  if ye do well, ye will do well to your own souls; and if ye do evil, ye will do it unto the same. And when the punishment threatened for your latter transgression came to be executed, We sent enemies against you to afflict you, and to enter the temple, as they entered it the first time, and utterly to destroy that which they had conquered
17:8  Peradventure your Lord will have mercy on you hereafter: But if ye return to transgress a third time, We also will return to chastise you; and We have appointed hell to be the prison of the unbelievers
17:9  Verily this Koran directeth unto the way which is most right, and declareth unto the faithful, who do good works, that they shall receive a great reward
17:10  and that for those who believe not in the life to come, We have prepared a grievous punishment
17:11  Man prayeth for evil, as he prayeth for good; for man is hasty
17:12  We have ordained the night and the day for two signs of our power: Afterwards We blot out the sign of the night, and We cause the sign of the day to shine forth, that ye may endeavour to obtain plenty from your Lord by doing your business therein, and that ye may know the number of years, and the computation of time; and every thing necessary have We explained by a perspicuous explication
17:13  The fate of every man have we bound about his neck; and we will produce unto him, on the day of resurrection, a book wherein his actions shall be recorded
17:14  It shall be offered him open, and the angels shall say unto him, read thy book; thine own soul will be a sufficient accountant against thee, this day
17:15  He who shall be rightly directed, shall be directed to the advantage only of his own soul; and he who shall err, shall err only against the same: Neither shall any laden soul be charged with the burden of another. We did not punish any people, until we had first sent an apostle to warn them
17:16  And when We resolved to destroy a city, We commanded the inhabitants thereof, who lived in affluence, to obey our apostle; but they acted corruptly herein: Wherefore the sentence was justly pronounced against that city; and We destroyed it with an utter destruction
17:17  And how many generations have We consumed since Noah? For thy Lord suffinciently knoweth and seeth the sins of his servants
17:18  Whosoever chooseth this transitory life, We will bestow on him therein before hand that which We please; on him, namely, whom We please: Afterwards will We appoint him hell for his abode; he shall be thrown into the same to be scorched, covered with ignominy, and utterly rejected from mercy
17:19  But whosoever chooseth the life to come, and directeth his endeavour towards the same, being also a true believer; the endeavour of these shall be acceptable unto God
17:20  On all will We bestow the blessings of this life, both on these and on those, of the gift of thy Lord; for the gift of thy Lord shall not be denied unto any
17:21  Behold, how We have caused some of them to surpass others in wealth and dignity: But the next life shall be more considerable in degrees of honour, and greater in excellence
17:22  Set not up another god with the true God, lest thou sit down in disgrace, and destitute
17:23  Thy Lord hath commanded that ye worship none, besides Him; and that ye shew kindness unto your parents, whether the one of them, or both of them attain to old age with thee. Wherefore say not unto them, fie on you! Neither reproach them, but speak respectfully unto them
17:24  and submit to behave humbly towards them, out of tender affection, and say, O Lord, have mercy on them both, as they nursed me when I was little
17:25  Your Lord well knoweth that which is in your souls; whether ye be men of integrity: And He will be gracious unto those who sincerely return unto Him
17:26  And give unto him who is of kin to you his due, and also unto the poor, and the traveller. And waste not thy substance profusely
17:27  For the profuse are brethren of the devils: And the devil was ungrateful unto his Lord
17:28  But if thou turn from them, in expectation of the mercy which thou hopest from thy Lord; at least, speak kindly unto them
17:29  And let not thy hand be tied up to thy neck; neither open it with an unbounded expansion, lest thou become worthy of reprehension, and be reduced to poverty
17:30  Verily thy Lord will enlarge the store of whom He pleaseth, and will be sparing unto whom He pleaseth; for He knoweth and regardeth his servants
17:31  Kill not your children for fear of being brought to want; We will provide for them and for you: Verily the killing them is a great sin
17:32  Draw not near unto fornication; for it is wickedness, and an evil way
17:33  Neither slay the soul which God hath forbidden you to slay, unless for a just cause; and whosoever shall be slain unjustly, We have given his heir power to demand satisfaction; but let him not exceed the bounds of moderation in putting to death the murderer in too cruel a manner, or by revenging his friend's blood on any other than the person who killed him; since he is assisted by this law
17:34  And meddle not with the substance of the orphan, unless it be to improve it, until he attain his age of strength: And perform your covenant; for the performance of your covenant shall be inquired into hereafter
17:35  And give full measure, when you measure ought; and weigh with a just balance. This will be better, and more easy for determining every man's due
17:36  And follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge; for the hearing, and the sight, and the heart, every of these shall be examined at the last day
17:37  Walk not proudly in the land, for thou canst not cleave the earth, neither shalt thou equal the mountains in stature
17:38  All this is evil, and abominable in the sight of thy Lord
17:39  These precepts are a part of the wisdom which thy Lord hath revealed unto thee. Set not up any other god as equal unto God, lest thou be cast into hell, reproved and rejected
17:40  Hath your Lord preferably granted unto you sons, and taken for himself daughters from among the angels? Verily in asserting this ye utter a grievous saying
17:41  And now have we used various arguments and repetitions in this Koran, that they may be warned; yet it only rendereth them more disposed to fly from the truth
17:42  Say unto the idolaters, if there were other gods with him, as ye say, they would surely seek an occasion of making some attempt against the possessor of the throne
17:43  God forbid! And far, very far, be that from Him which they utter
17:44  The seven heavens praise Him, and the earth, and all who are therein: Neither is there any thing which doth not celebrate his praise; but ye understand not their celebration thereof: He is gracious and merciful
17:45  When thou readest the Koran, We place between thee and those who believe not in the life to come, a dark vail
17:46  and we put coverings over their hearts, lest they should understand it, and in their ears thickness of hearing. And when thou makest mention, in repeating the Koran, of thy Lord only, they turn their backs, flying the doctrine of his unity
17:47  We well know with what design they hearken, when they hearken unto thee, and when they privately discourse together: When the ungodly say, ye follow no other than a mad-man
17:48  Behold! What epithets they bestow on thee. But they are deceived; neither can they find any just occasion to reproach thee
17:49  They also say, after we shall have become bones and dust, shall we surely be raised a new creature
17:50  Answer, be ye stones, or iron
17:51  or some creature more improbable in your opinions to be raised to life. But they will say, who shall restore us to life? Answer, He who created you the first time: And they will wag their heads at thee, saying, when shall this be? Answer, peradventure it is nigh
17:52  On that day shall God call you forth from your sepulchres, and ye shall obey, with celebration of his praise; and ye shall think that ye tarried but a little while
17:53  Speak unto my servants, that they speak mildly unto the unbelievers, lest ye exasperate them, for Satan soweth discord among them, and Satan is a declared enemy unto man
17:54  Your Lord well knoweth you; if He pleaseth, He will have mercy on you, or, if He pleaseth, He will punish you: And We have not sent thee to be a steward over them
17:55  Thy Lord well knoweth all persons in heaven and on earth. We have bestowed peculiar favours on some of the prophets, preferably to others; and We gave unto David the psalms
17:56  Say, call upon those whom ye imagine to be gods besides Him; yet they will not be able to free you from harm, or to turn it on others
17:57  Those whom ye invoke, do themselves desire to be admitted to a near conjunction with their Lord; striving which of them shall approach nearest unto Him: They also hope for his mercy, and dread his punishment; for the punishment of thy Lord is terrible
17:58  There is no city but We will destroy the same before the day of resurrection, or We will punish it with a grievous punishment. This is written in the book of our eternal decrees
17:59  Nothing hindered us from sending thee with miracles, except that the former nations have charged them with imposture. We gave unto the tribe of Thamud, at their demand, the she-camel visible to their sight; yet they dealt unjustly with her: And We send not a prophet with miracles, but to strike terror
17:60  Remember when We said unto thee, verily thy Lord encompasseth men by his knowledge and power. We have appointed the vision which We shewed thee, and also the tree cursed in the Koran, only for an occasion of dispute unto men, and to strike them with terror; but it shall cause them to transgress only the more enormously
17:61  And remember when We said unto the angels, worship Adam; and they all worshipped him except Eblis, who said, shall I worship him whom Thou hast created of clay
17:62  And he said, what thinkest thou, as to this man whom thou hast honoured above me? Verily, if thou grant me respite until the day of resurrection, I will extirpate his off-spring, except a few
17:63  God answered, be gone, I grant thee respite: But whosoever of them shall follow thee, hell shall surely be your reward
17:64  an ample reward for your demerits! And entice to vanity such of them as thou canst, by thy voice; and assault them on all sides with thy horsemen and thy footmen; and partake with them in their riches, and their children; and make them promises; (but the devil shall make them no other than deceitful promises:
17:65  As to my servants, thou shalt have no power over them; for thy Lord is a sufficient protector of those who trust in Him
17:66  It is your Lord who driveth forward the ships for you in the sea, that ye may seek to enrich your selves of his abundance by commerce; for He is merciful towards you
17:67  When a misfortune befalleth you at sea, the false deities whom ye invoke are forgotten by you, except Him alone: Yet when He bringeth you safe to dry land, ye retire afar off from Him, and return to your idols; for man is ungrateful
17:68  Are ye therefore secure that He will not cause the dry land to swallow you up, or that He will not send against you a whirlwind driving the sands to overwhelm you? Then shall ye find none to protect you
17:69  Or are ye secure that He will not cause you again to commit your selves to the sea another time, and send against you a tempestuous wind, and drown you; for that ye have been ungrateful? Then shall ye find none to defend you against Us, in that distress
17:70  And now have We honoured the children of Adam by sundry peculiar privileges and endowments; and We have given them conveniencies of carriage by land and by sea, and have provided food for them of good things; and We have preferred them before many of our creatures which We have created, by granting them great prerogatives
17:71  On a certain day We will call all men to judgment with their respective leader: And whosoever shall have his book given him into his right hand, they shall read their book with joy and satisfaction; and they shall not be wronged a hair
17:72  And whoever hath been blind in this life, shall be also blind in the next, and shall wander more widely from the path of salvation
17:73  It wanted little but the unbelievers had tempted thee to swerve from the instructions which We had revealed unto thee, that thou shouldest devise concerning Us a different thing; and then would they have taken thee for their friend
17:74  And unless We had confirmed thee, thou hadst certainly been very near inclining unto them a little
17:75  Then would We surely have caused thee to taste the punishment of life, and the punishment of death; and thou shouldest not have found any to protect thee against Us
17:76  The unbelievers had likewise almost caused thee to depart the land, that they might have expelled thee thence: But then should they not have tarried therein after thee, except a little while
17:77  This is the method of dealing which We have prescribed our selves in respect to our apostles, whom We have already sent before thee: And thou shalt not find any change in our prescribed method
17:78  Regularly perform thy prayer at the declension of the sun, at the first darkness of the night, and the prayer of day-break; for the prayer of day-break is born witness unto by the angels
17:79  And watch some part of the night in the same exercise, as a work of supererogation for thee; peradventure thy Lord will raise thee to an honourable station
17:80  And say, O Lord, cause me to enter with a favourable entry and cause me to come forth with a fabourable coming forth; and grant me from Thee an assisting power
17:81  And say, truth is come, and falsehood is vanished: For falsehood is of short continuance
17:82  We send down of the Koran that which is a medicine and mercy unto the true believers, but it shall only increase the perdition of the unjust
17:83  When We bestow favours on man, he retireth and withdraweth himself ungratefully from Us: But when evil toucheth him, he despaireth of our mercy
17:84  Say, every one acteth after his own manner: But your Lord best knoweth who is most truly directed in his way
17:85  They will ask thee concerning the spirit: Answer, the spirit was created at the command of my Lord: But ye have no knowledge given unto you, except a little
17:86  If We pleased, We should certainly take away that which We have revealed unto thee; in such case thou couldest not find any to assist thee therein against Us
17:87  unless through mercy from thy Lord; for his favour towards thee hath been great
17:88  Say, verily if men and genii were purposely assembled, that they might produce a book like this Koran, they could not produce one like unto it, although the one of them assisted the other
17:89  And We have variously propounded unto men in this Koran, every kind of figurative argument; but the greater part of men refuse to receive it, merely out of infidelity
17:90  And they say, we will by no means believe on thee, until thou cause a spring of water to gush forth for us out of the earth
17:91  or thou have a garden of palm-trees and vines, and thou cause rivers to spring forth from the midst thereof in abundance
17:92  or thou cause the heaven to fall down upon us, as thou hast given out, in pieces; or thou bring down God and the angels to vouch for thee
17:93  or thou have a house of gold; or thou ascend by a ladder to heaven: Neither will we believe thy ascending thither alone, until thou cause a book to descend unto us, bearing witness of thee, which we may read. Answer, my Lord be praised! Am I other than a man, sent as an apostle
17:94  And nothing hindreth men from believing, when a direction is come unto them, except that they say, hath God sent a man for his apostle
17:95  Answer, if the angels had walked on earth as familiar inhabitants thereof, We had surely sent down unto them from heaven an angel for our apostle
17:96  Say, God is a sufficient witness between me and you: For He knoweth and regardeth his servants
17:97  Whom God shall direct, he shall be the rightly directed; and whom He shall cause to err, thou shalt find none to assist, besides him. And We will gather them together on the day of resurrection, creeping on their faces, blind, and dumb, and deaf: Their abode shall be hell; so often as the fire thereof shall be extinguished, We will rekindle a burning flame to torment them
17:98  This shall be their reward, because they disbelieve in our signs, and say, when we shall have been reduced to bones and dust, shall we surely be raised new creatures
17:99  Do they not perceive that God, who created the heavens and the earth, is able to create other bodies, like their present? And He hath appointed them a limited term; there is no doubt thereof: But the ungodly reject the truth, merely out of unbelief
17:100  Say, if ye possessed the treasures of the mercy of my Lord, ye would surely refrain from using them, for fear of spending them; for man is covetous
17:101  We heretofore gave unto Moses the power of working nine evident signs. And do thou ask the children of Israel as to the story of Moses; when he came unto them, and Pharaoh said unto him, verily I esteem thee, O Moses, to be deluded by sorcery
17:102  Moses answered, thou well knowest that none hath sent down these evident signs except the Lord of heaven and earth; and I surely esteem thee, O Pharaoh, a lost man
17:103  Wherefore Pharaoh sought to drive them out of the land; but We drowned him, and all those who were with him
17:104  And We said unto the children of Israel, after his destruction, dwell ye in the land: And when the promise of the next life shall come to be fulfilled, We will bring you both promiscuously to judgment
17:105  We have sent down the Koran with truth, and it hath descended with truth: And we have not sent thee otherwise than to be a bearer of good tidings, and a denouncer of threats
17:106  And We have divided the Koran, revealing it by parcels, that thou mightest read it unto men with deliberation; and We have sent it down, causing it to descend as occasion required
17:107  Say, whether ye believe therein, or do not believe, verily those who have been favoured with the knowledge of the scriptures which were revealed before it, when the same is rehearsed unto them, fall down on their faces, worshipping
17:108  and say, our Lord be praised, for that the promise of our Lord is surely fulfilled
17:109  And they fall down on their faces, weeping; and the hearing thereof increaseth their humility
17:110  Say, call upon God, or call on the Merciful: By which soever of the two names ye invoke Him, it is equal; for He hath most excellent names. Pronounce not thy prayer aloud, neither pronounce it with too low a voice, but follow a middle way between these
17:111  And say, praise be unto God, Who hath not begotten any child; Who hath no partner in the kingdom, nor hath any to protect him from contempt: And magnify Him by proclaiming his greatness