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16:1  The commandment of Allah will come to pass so do not desire to hasten it. Glory be to Him and He is high above that which they associate (with Him as partners).
16:2  He sends down the angels with the spirit by His command on whom he wills of His servants (with the message) that, “Warn that there is no god but Me, so fear Me.”
16:3  He created the skies and the earth in reality, He is high above that which they associate (with Him as partners).
16:4  He created man from a sperm, even then he is an open disputant .
16:5  And He created the cattle for you, (you have) in their (skins) warm clothing and (other) uses, and (some) of them you eat.
16:6  And there is a beautiful (sight) for you in them, when you bring them home (in the evening) and when you take them out (for pasture, in the morning).
16:7  And they carry your heavy (things) to a land which you could not have reached but with hardship to yourselves, your Fosterer is certainly full of pity, Merciful.
16:8  And (He created) horses and mules and asses that you may ride upon them and as an ornament and He creates that which you do not know.
16:9  And on Allah (rests) the direction (towards the right) way and (some) of the (ways) turn aside and had He willed He would have guided all (of you). (R 1)
16:10  He it is Who sends down water from the sky for you, from it you drink and through it (grow) trees on which you feed your cattle,
16:11  through it He causes vegetation to grow for you and (also) the olives and the date palms and the grapes and all (kinds) of fruits. There is certainly a sign in that for a people who reflect.
16:12  And He compelled the night and the day and the sun and the moon (to follow His laws) for your (service), and the stars (too) are compelled (to follow His laws) by His command. There are certainly signs in that for a people who understand.
16:13  And He has produced for you in the earth (things) differing in their colours. There is certainly a sign in that for a people who are mindful.
16:14  And He it is Who compelled the ocean (to follow His laws) that you may eat fresh flesh (of fish) from it and bring out form it ornaments (pearls) which you wear, and you see the ships cleaving (the water and sailing) in it, that you may seek of His grace and that you may be grateful (to Him).
16:15  And He has put in the earth mountains lest it should shake with you and (He has made) rivers and roads that you may find guidance (to their desired destination).
16:16  And (through) landmarks and through the stars they find guidance (to your desired destination).
16:17  Then, is He Who creates, like one who does not create? Will you not then be mindful?
16:18  And if you count the favours of Allah you will not be able to compute them. Allah is certainly Protectively Forgiving, Merciful.
16:19  And Allah knows that which you keep secret and that which you make public.
16:20  And those whom they pray to, besides Allah, they do not create anything, while they are themselves created.
16:21  (They are) dead, not alive and they do not perceive when they will be raised.
16:22  Your God is one God, so those who do not believe in the hereafter, their hearts do not recognize( this) and they consider themselves great.
16:23  Allah assuredly knows that which they keep as secret and that which they make public. He certainly does not like those who consider themselves great.
16:24  And when it is said to them, “What has your Fosterer sent down?” They say, “Stories of the ancient,”
16:25  that they may bear their own burdens in full on the day of resurrection, along with the burdens of these whom they mislead without knowledge. Beware! evil is that which they will bear.
16:26  Those before them had (also) planned, so Allah brought (down) their building from the (very) foundations so that the roof fell down on them from above them and the punishment came to them from directions they did not perceive.
16:27  Then on the day of resurrection He will disgrace them and say, “Where are those whom you associated with Me as partners, due to whom you were in opposition?” Those who are given knowledge will say, “This day disgrace and evil are upon the infidels,”
16:28  whom the angels take back (cause to die) while they are unjust to themselves. They would then put (forward) submission (saying), “We did not do any evil.” Why not! Allah is certainly the Knower of what you used to do,
16:29  so enter the gates of hell. They will stay therein. So evil is the home of those who consider themselves great.
16:30  And (when) it is said to those who guard (against evil), “What has your Fosterer sent down?” They say, “Good.” For those who do good in this world is good, and the home of the hereafter will be better, and the home of those who guard (against evil) is excellent,
16:31  everlasting gardens, they will enter therein, rivers flowing from beneath them, for them therein, there will be whatever they will (for).Thus does Allah reward those who guard (against evil),
16:32  those whom the angels take back(cause to die while they are good),saying, “Peace be on you, enter the garden because of that which you used to do.”
16:33  Do they wait for anything else, except that the angels should come to them or the command of your Fosterer should come to pass? Thus, those before them (also) did, and Allah was not unjust to them but they were unjust to themselves.
16:34  So the evil (consequences) of what they did afflicted them and that which they used to mock at, surrounded them. vil (consequences) of what they did afflicted them and that which they used to mock at, surrounded them.
16:35  And those who associate partners (with Allah) say, “Had Allah willed we would not have served (worshipped) anything besides Him, we and our fathers; and we would not have made anything unlawful, besides Him*.” Those before them (also) did like that, so what (else is incumbent) on the messengers except clear conveyance (of the message)? * In addition to His making certain things unlawful.
16:36  And We had raised a messenger in every community (saying) that, “Serve Allah and keep away from false deities.” So among them were (some people) whom Allah guided and among them were (others) on whom error became due. So travel in the earth and see, how the end of those who denied was (brought about).
16:37  (Even) if you excessively desire for their guidance, (even) then Allah certainly does not guide him whom He leaves to stray and for them there are no helpers.
16:38  And they swear by Allah their strongest oaths, “Allah will not raise him who dies.” Why not? It is a promise binding on Him but the majority of mankind does not know.
16:39  (He will raise them) that He might make clear to them that in which they disagreed and that those who did not believe might know that they were liars.
16:40  Our saying for anything when We intend it is that We say to it only, “Be,” so it is.
16:41  And those who migrated in (the cause of) Allah after the injustice that was done to them, We will definitely settle them well in this world and the reward of the hereafter will be greater, if (only) they knew,
16:42  those who were patient and had put their trust in their Fosterer.
16:43  And We did not send before you, (messengers) other than men, to whom We had communicated. So ask the people who remember, if you do not know,
16:44  (they came) with clear proofs and books. And We sent down the reminder to you, that you may make clear to mankind that which is sent down to them and that they may reflect.
16:45  Then, do those who plan evil (things consider themselves) secure that Allah will (not) sink the earth with them, or that the punishment will (not) come to them from directions they do not perceive,
16:46  or that He will (not) seize them in their going to and fro, when they will not be in (a position to) frustrate (Him),
16:47  or that He will (not) seize them by causing them to suffer a gradual loss? But your Fosterer is certainly full of pity, Merciful.
16:48  Or did they not see towards all the things which Allah has created, (how) their shadows return from right and left bowing down to Allah while they are humbly (following His laws)?
16:49  And to Allah bows down whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth of moving creatures and the angels and they do not consider themselves great.
16:50  They fear their Fosterer above them and do what they are commanded.
16:51  And Allah has said, “Do not take two gods, He is only One God, so fear Me alone.”
16:52  And whatever is in the skies and the earth is His and His is the law (that prevails) forever. Will you then fear (someone) other than Allah?
16:53  And whatever (items of) comfort are with you they are from (no one) but Allah. Then when harm afflicts you, to Him (alone) do you cry for help.
16:54  But when He removes the harm from you, then (there is ) a party from among you, which associates partners with their Fosterer,
16:55  so as to be ungrateful for that which We have given them. So enjoy yourselves, but you will come to know.
16:56  And they assign a portion from that which We have provided them, to that which they do not (even) know. By Allah, you will definitely be asked about that which you forged.
16:57  And they assign daughters to Allah, far it is from His Glory, and for themselves what they will.
16:58  And when one of them is given the news of (the birth of a) girl, his face is shadowed black and he becomes a restless restrainer (of grief).
16:59  He hides himself from the people because of the (presumed) bad news which is given to him, shall he retain her in shame or bury her in the soil? Beware! evil is that which they decide.
16:60  For those who do not believe in the hereafter, there is an evil similitude and for Allah is the highest similitude, and He is the Mighty, the Wise.
16:61  And had Allah caught mankind for their injustice, He would not have left on the (earth) any moving creature, but He gives them time till an appointed term, so when their term comes (to an end), they will neither be able to postpone the hour of doom nor advance (it).
16:62  And they assign to Allah what they (themselves) dislike, and their tongues utter the lie, that the good is for them. Assuredly, for them is the fire and they will be the first to be sent (into it).
16:63  By Allah, We had sent (messengers) to the communities before you but the devil made their deeds fair-seeming to them, so he is their friend this day and for them there is a painful punishment.
16:64  And We sent down the book to you so that you should make clear to them that about which they disagree and (that it should serve as) a guidance and a mercy for a people who believe.
16:65  And Allah sends down water from the sky and gives life through it to the earth after its death, there is certainly a sign in that for a people who listen.
16:66  And there is certainly a lesson for you in the cattle. We give you to drink from that which is in their stomachs, (formed) from (the conjunction) between the particles of food in the intestine and blood, pure milk, agreeable for those who drink (it).
16:67  And from the fruits of the date palms and the grapes, you take (out) intoxicants there from and (also) good provision (in the form of food). There is certainly a sign in that for a people who understand.
16:68  And your Fosterer communicated to the bee that it should take residence (by making hives) in the mountains and in the trees and on (buildings) which the men rise high,
16:69  then eat from all fruits and move in the ways of your Fosterer in humility*. There comes forth from their stomachs a drink, the varieties (colours) of which are different, there is healing in it for mankind. There is certainly a sign in that for a people who reflect. *This movement may be the bee’s dance which is a means of communication to other bee’s.
16:70  And Allah creates you then He takes you back (causes you to die) and among you is he who (on account of old age) is brought back to the worst part of life, so that he does not know anything (even) after (having had) knowledge. Allah is certainly Knowing, Powerful.
16:71  And Allah has made some of you to excel others in provision. So those who are made to excel do not give away their provision to those (slaves) whom their right hands possess, so that they all become equal in it. Then is it the favour of Allah (which) they deny?
16:72  And Allah has made for you, from among yourselves, mates and made for you through your mates sons (and daughters) and grandsons (and grand-daughters) and has provided you of the good things. Then is it falsehood in which they believe and are ungrateful for the favour of Allah?
16:73  And they serve besides Allah, that which does not control for them anything of the provision from the skies and the earth, nor do they have any power.
16:74  So do not set forth similitude’s for Allah, Allah certainly knows and you do not know.
16:75  Allah sets forth a similitude: a slave under someone’s control, having no power on anything; and (another person) whom We have provided from Ourselves a good provision so that he spends from it secretly and openly; are they equal? Praise is due only for Allah. No! the majority of them does not know.
16:76  And Allah sets forth (another) similitude (of) two men, one of them dumb having no power on anything and he is a burden on his guardian, in whichever direction he sends him he brings no good; is he equal to (one) who enjoins justice and is on the straight path?
16:77  And Allah’s is the unseen of the skies and the earth and the affair of the hour of doom will be like the twinkling of the eye or it may be quicker, Allah certainly has power over everything.
16:78  And Allah brought you out form the wombs of your mothers (when) you did not know anything and gave you the (senses of) hearing and seeing, and the hearts that you may be grateful.
16:79  Did you not see towards the birds compelled (to follow His laws) in the space of the sky, no one holds them but Allah, there are certainly signs in that for a people who believe.
16:80  And (it is) Allah (Who) has made your houses as places of rest for you and He has made for you houses (tents) from the skins of cattle which you find light to carry on the day you travel and on the day you halt (camp), and of their wool and their fur and their hair( you make) things of necessity and (it is) a provision till a time.
16:81  And (it is) Allah (Who) has made shelters for you from (things) which He created and He has made (places of) refuge for you in the mountains and made for you garments to protect you from the heat and garments to protect you in your fighting. Thus He completes His favor on you that you may submit (to Him).
16:82  But if they turn away, then (the only duty incumbent) on you is clear conveyance (of the message).
16:83  They recognize the favor of Allah (even) then (they behave as if) they have not recognized it, and the majority of them is ungrateful.
16:84  And on the day when We will raise a witness from every community, then (on that day), those who did not believe will not be excused, nor will they be able to seek good will.
16:85  And when those who did injustice will see the punishment, it will not be lightened for them nor will they be given time.
16:86  And when those who associate partners (with Allah) will see their (presumed) partners, they will say, “ Our Fosterer! these are our (presumed) partners to whom we used to pray besides You.” But they will throw back ( the reply ) to them by saying, “You are certainly liars.”
16:87  And on that day they will offer submission before Allah, and that which they used to forge will go away from them.
16:88  Those who do not believe and turn away (people) from the way of Allah, We will increase for them the punishment over (their) punishment because they used to cause corruption.
16:89  And on the day when We will raise from every community a witness against them from among themselves, then (on that day) We will bring you (as) a witness against these. And We have sent down on you the book (which gives) an explanation for everything, and (it is) a guide and a mercy and good news for those who submit (as Muslims).
16:90  Allah certainly enjoins doing of justice and good (to others) and giving to relatives, and He forbids indecency and (things) not recognized (as good) and rebellion, He admonishes you that you may be mindful.
16:91  And fulfill the agreement of Allah when you have made an agreement (with Him) and do not break the oaths after you have confirmed them when you have made Allah surety over you. Allah certainly knows that which you do.
16:92  And do not be like her who breaks her thread, disintegrating it into pieces after it has been (spun) strong, (by) taking your oaths (as means of) deceit between you that you may become a community more elevated (or numerous) than (another) community. Allah only tests you through it, and He will definitely make clear to you on the day of resurrection, that in which you disagreed.
16:93  And had Allah willed He would have made you a single community, but He leaves astray whom He wills and guides whom He wills and you will definitely be asked about that which you used to do.
16:94  And do not take your oaths (as a means of) deceit between you, so that your foot should slip after its establishment, and you should taste evil because you turned away (people) from the way of Allah and there should be a great punishment for you.
16:95  And do not sell the agreement of Allah for a small price. Only that which is with Allah is better for you if you were to know.
16:96  That which is with you passes away and that which is with Allah remains. And We will definitely reward, those who are patient, with their reward (which will be) better than that which they used to do.
16:97  Whoever does righteous work, whether male or female and he/she is a believer, We will definitely cause him/her to live a good life and We will definitely reward them with their reward (which will be) better than that which they used to do.
16:98  So when you recite the Quran, seek the protection of Allah from the accursed devil,
16:99  he certainly has no authority over those who believe and put their trust in their Fosterer,
16:100  he has authority only on those who turn to him (for friendship) and those who are polytheists because of him.
16:101  And when We change (one) sign in the place of (another) sign, and Allah knows best that which He sends down, they say, “You are only a forger.” No! the majority of them does not know.
16:102  Say, “The holy spirit has brought it down from your Fosterer in truth, that those who believe may be established, and (it is) a guidance and good news for those who submit (as Muslims).”
16:103  And We indeed know that they say, “Only a man teaches him.” The language of the person towards whom they incline (doubting that he teaches the messenger of Allah) is foreign and this is clear Arabic language.
16:104  Those who do not believe in the signs of Allah, Allah will certainly not guide them for them and there is a painful punishment.
16:105  Only they who do not believe in the signs of Allah, forge falsehood and those are the persons who are liars.
16:106  He who does not believe in Allah after his having believed (in Him), except he who is compelled while his heart is peaceful with belief, but he who opens (his) bosom for infidelity, then on them is anger from Allah and for them there is a great punishment.
16:107  That is because they love the life of this world more than the hereafter and because Allah does not guide a people who are infidels.
16:108  Those are the persons on whose hearts and their hearing and their eyes Allah has set a seal and those are the persons who are heedless.
16:109  Assuredly, they will be the persons who will be at loss in the hereafter.
16:110  Then certainly your Fosterer, for those who migrated after they are persecuted then struggled and were patient, your Fosterer, after that, is certainly Protectively Forgiving, Merciful.
16:111  (One) day every soul will come pleading for itself, and every soul will be paid back in full (for) that which it did and they will not be dealt with unjustly.
16:112  And Allah sets forth a similitude of a town (which was) secure, peaceful, its provision coming to it in abundance from every place, then it became ungrateful to Allah’s favors, so Allah made it taste the confusion of hunger and fear because of the (evil) they used to do.
16:113  And there had come to them a messenger from among them but they denied him so the punishment seized them while they were unjust.
16:114  So eat the lawful and good (things) from that which Allah has provided for you and be grateful for Allah’s favor, if it is Him alone you serve (worship).
16:115  He has forbidden for you only: the dead and blood and flesh of swine and that over which (a name) other than that of Allah has been invoked, but one who is driven to necessity (being helplessly forced to eat) neither desiring it nor revolting, then Allah is certainly Protectively Forgiving, Merciful.
16:116  And do not say regarding (anything) which is (based just on) the false utterances of your tongues, “This is lawful and this is unlawful,” so as to forge (a lie) against Allah, those who forge a lie against Allah will certainly not be successful.
16:117  A little enjoyment and (then) there will be a painful punishment for them.
16:118  And on those who are Jews, We had made unlawful that which We narrated to you earlier and We did not do injustice to them but they were unjust to themselves.
16:119  Then your Fosterer, for those who do evil in ignorance then repent after that and amend (themselves), your Fosterer, after that, is certainly Protectively Forgiving, Merciful.
16:120  Ibrahim was certainly a leader obedient to Allah, upright, and he was not of the polytheists,
16:121  grateful for His favors, He chose him and guided him to the straight path.
16:122  And We gave him good in this world and in the hereafter he will certainly be among the righteous.
16:123  Then We communicated to you that you should follow the religious dictates of Ibrahim the upright and he was not of the polytheists.
16:124  The Sabbath was appointed only for those who disagreed about it and your Fosterer will certainly judge between them, on the day of resurrection, regarding that in which they used to disagree.
16:125  Invite to the way of your Fosterer with wisdom and good admonition and dispute with them in (a manner) which is the best. Your Fosterer certainly knows best about him who goes astray from His path and He knows best those who are guided.
16:126  And if you retaliate then retaliate in a manner similar to that in which you are afflicted, but if you are patient, (then) that is certainly the best for those who are patient.
16:127  And be patient, and your patience is not (due to anything) but by (the help of) Allah and do not grieve over them nor be in a state of distress because of that which they plan.
16:128  Allah is certainly with those who guard (against evil) and those who are doers of good.