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16:1  Allah's command is already issued! So, hasten it not. Glorified and highly exalted is He above what they worship besides Him
16:2  He sends down the angels, on whom He pleases of His subjects, with the inspiration of His command: "Give the warning that there is no god but Me, and so fear Me."
16:3  He has created the heavens and the earth with the Truth and due Authority. He is far too high and exalted above what they worship besides Him
16:4  He (Allah) created man from tiny fertilized ovum. And, lo, he has become an open adversary
16:5  And He created the cattle. You get from them warm clothing and other benefits. And from them you get meat to eat
16:6  And you feel good when you drive them back home, and when you send them out to pasture
16:7  And they carry your heavy loads to lands you could not reach but with much difficulty. Your Lord is indeed Kind, Merciful
16:8  And horses, mules and asses for you to ride upon and as assets, and He creates what you do not know
16:9  And upon Allah is the determination of the Path and the deviations from it. And if He had so willed He would have certainly guided you all
16:10  He it is Who sends down water from the sky. You drink thereof, and therefrom you get the shrubbery upon which you let your cattle graze
16:11  He causes the green cultivated fields, the olives, the palm trees, the grapes and all kinds of fruits to grow for you thereby. There is indeed a sign in this for a people who think
16:12  And He has made the night, the day, the sun and the moon to work for you. And the stars are made subservient by His command. There are indeed signs in this for a people who ponder
16:13  And what He has created on the earth are of different hues and colours. There is a sign in this for a people who reflect
16:14  And He it is Who has made the sea subservient so that you may eat fresh flesh from it and bring out of it jewels you wear. And you see the ships cut through it so that you might seek His bounty and be thankful
16:15  And He has cast firm anchors [mountains] in the earth lest it should shake with you. And rivers and roads, that you may find your way
16:16  And they find their way by landmarks and the stars
16:17  Is He then Who creates like the one who does not? Do you not then reflect
16:18  And if you would count Allah's favours, you won't be able to do it. Allah is certainly indeed Forgiving, Merciful
16:19  And Allah knows what you conceal and what you do openly
16:20  And those, whom they pray to besides Allah, have not created anything; they are themselves created
16:21  They are dead — not living — and they know not when they shall be raised
16:22  The object of your worship is Allah, the One and Only! And those, who do not believe in the Hereafter, are defiant in their hearts, and arrogant
16:23  Allah does indeed, without doubt, know what they hide and what they declare. He does not, indeed, love those who are arrogant
16:24  And when they are asked, "What is it that your Lord has sent down?" They say, "Stories of the ancients."
16:25  By saying so they are going to bear not only their own entire burdens on the day of Resurrection, but also of the burdens of those whom they led astray with misinformation. Is it not too bad what they bear
16:26  Those before them plotted. But Allah struck their edifice at its foundations, so that the roof fell down on them from above them. And the punishment came to them from whence they knew not
16:27  Then on the Resurrection Day He will disgrace them and ask, "Where are they whom you worshipped besides Me, and for whose sake you caused discord?" Those who are endowed with knowledge will say, "Indeed, the disgrace and the evil, this day, shall be upon those who had suppressed the Truth."
16:28  Those that the angels caused to die while they indulged in deeds, which were ultimately injurious to their own selves. Then they would submit, "We didn't do anything bad." Aye! Allah does indeed know what you did
16:29  Enter then the gates of Hell, to be there forever! And the dwelling place of the arrogant people is certainly bad
16:30  And those who fear Allah are asked, "What is it that your Lord has sent down?" They say, "That which is good." There is goodness for those who do good deeds in this world. And certainly the abode of the Hereafter is better. And excellent certainly is the abode of those who fear Allah
16:31  They shall enter gardens of perpetuity, having rivers flowing beneath them. They shall have, in them, what they please. Thus does Allah reward those who fear Him
16:32  Those that the angels caused to die while they did good deeds, the angels saying to them, "Peace upon you! Enter the garden as a reward for what you did."
16:33  They do not wait for anything but that the angels should come to them or that the Commandment of your Lord should come to pass. This is what those before them did. And Allah oppressed them not, but they oppressed themselves
16:34  So the bad things they did shall afflict them and the things they mocked at shall besiege them
16:35  And they who worship others besides Allah say, "Had Allah so willed, we would not have worshipped anything besides Him. Nor would our fathers do it. And we would not have prohibited anything without His Command." This is what those before them did. Are the Messengers then responsible for anything but the plain and clear conveyance of the divine Message?h
16:36  And certainly We raised in every community a Messenger saying, "Worship Allah and shun whatever is worshipped other than Allah." So there were some, among them, whom Allah guided and there were others who were destined to be misguided. Travel in the land then, and see what the end of those who rejected the divine Message was
16:37  Even if you are anxious for their guidance, Allah does not indeed guide him who willfully goes astray. And there shall be none to help them
16:38  And they swear by Allah most solemnly that Allah will not raise anyone who dies. Yea! It is a promise binding on Him, but most people know it not
16:39  Allah will raise the dead so that He might make matters, in which they differ, clear to them, and that those who suppress the Truth might know that they were liars
16:40  When We intend a thing, We just say "Be" and it is
16:41  And those who migrate for Allah's sake after they are oppressed, We will certainly resettle them in a good position in this world. And the reward of the Hereafter is certainly much greater, if they but know
16:42  Those that are patient and have trust in their Lord
16:43  And We did not send before you any but men to whom We revealed our Verses/signs. Ask the people of the divine Reminder/Book if you do not know.
16:44  We had sent only men, to the earlier people, with clear signs/evidences and scriptures. And We have sent down to you the Reminder (the Qur'aan) that you may make clear to mankind what has been sent down for them, and that they may think about it
16:45  Do they then who plan evil deeds feel confident that Allah will not cause the earth to swallow them, or that punishment may not overtake them from whence they know not
16:46  Or that He may not seize them while they are on the move, and so they cannot escape
16:47  Or that He may not seize them with fear and/or slow destruction? And your Lord is indeed Kind, Merciful
16:48  Do they not see that anything, which Allah has created, casts its shadow right and left in humble prostration to Allah
16:49  And to Allah does prostrate any creature that is in the heavens and that is in the earth, and the angels too do protrate. And they do not show pride
16:50  They fear their Lord over them. And they do what they are commanded
16:51  And Allah tells human beings not to take two gods. He is Allah, the One and Only. "So Me alone should you hold in awe."
16:52  And whatever is in the heavens and the earth is His, and the way of life ought to be for Him ever. Will you then fear any being other than Allah
16:53  And the good things, you have, are all from Allah. Then when anything bad afflicts you, to Him do you complain loudly
16:54  And yet when He removes the hardship from you, lo, some of you worship others besides their Lord
16:55  And so they become ungrateful for what We have given them. Enjoy then for now! You shall soon come to know your real destiny
16:56  And they set apart a portion of what We have given them for those of whom they know nothing. By Allah, you shall most certainly be questioned about that which you have been concocting
16:57  And they arbitrarily attribute daughters (angels) to Allah. HE is too glorious to have any such creaturely attribute. And, for themselves, they would have what they desire (sons)
16:58  And when news of a daughter being born is given to any of them, his face becomes darkened with suppressed anger
16:59  He hides himself from the people because of the stigma of the news given to him. Shall he keep it despite the disgrace, or bury it in the dust? Verily, their judgment is vicious.
16:60  An example of evil applies to those who believe not in the Hereafter. And the best/loftiest example applies to Allah. And He is the Omnipotent, the Wise
16:61  And had Allah seized mankind for their unjust acts, He would not have left, on the earth, even a single creature. But He gives them a definite time limit. And when their time comes, they shall not be able to postpone it for a moment nor prepone it
16:62  And they assign to Allah what they hate for themselves. And their tongues philosophically cover up the lie to say that for them there shall be nothing but the good. There is no doubt that for them there shall be the Fire and that they shall be hastened thereto
16:63  By Allah, We did certainly send Messengers to peoples that existed before you. Then the Satan made their deeds seem good to them. And he became their walihof the day (period). And they shall have a painful punishment
16:64  And We have not sent down the Book to you but to make clear to them what they differ in, and as Guidance and Mercy for people who believe
16:65  And Allah it is Who sends down water from the sky and therewith gives life to the earth after its death. There is indeed a sign in this for people who listen
16:66  And, indeed, in the cattle there is a lesson for you. We give you pure, potable drink of milk out of what they consume in their bellies, and drawn from excreta and blood.
16:67  And from the fruits of the palm-tree and the vine, you get intoxication as well as good food. There is indeed a sign in this for a people who ponder
16:68  And your Lord inspired the bee to "have hives in the mountains, in the trees and in the buildings."
16:69  "And then eat of all the fruits and tread the paths of your Lord submissively." A beverage of various colours comes forth from within it, wherein there is curative value for mankind. There is indeed a sign in this for people who reflect
16:70  And Allah it is Who has created you. It is He then Who causes you to die. And among you there may be someone who, after having acquired knowledge, is reduced to such a decrepit state of life that he knows nothing. Allah is indeed Knowledgeable, Powerful
16:71  And it is Allah Who has given some of you more/better provisions than to others. Would then those who are thus favoured give away their provisions to their slaves so that they become equal therein? Do they then deny this privilege that Allah has given them
16:72  And it is Allah Who has made spouses for you from among yourselves, and through your spouses He has given you sons, daughters and their further families. And He has provided wholesome food for you. Do they believe then in the falsehood and suppress the fact that it is Allah Who has given them the good things they enjoy
16:73  And they worship, besides Allah, those that possess nothing, in the heavens and the earth, wherewith to sustain their worshippers. Nor have those any power to possess anything
16:74  So liken not anything to Allah! Indeed, Allah knows and you do not
16:75  Allah gives an example: a slave — property of another person — who has no power over anything, and, on the other hand, a free man whom We have given a good provision from Ourselves and he spends from it secretly and openly. Are the two alike? To Allah is due all praise! But, most of them know not
16:76  And Allah gives another example, of two men, one of whom is dumb, unable to do anything, and a burden on his master. He is not good at whatever task the master gives him. Can he be held equal to him who enjoins what is just, and is himself on the right path
16:77  And with Allah is the knowledge of the unseen/secrets of the heavens and the earth. And the happening of the Hour is but as a momentary sight or consuming even less time. Allah indeed can do anything
16:78  And it is Allah Who brought you out from the wombs of your mothers, knowing nothing. And He gave you hearing and sight and intellect that you may be grateful.
16:79  See they not how the birds are enabled to be in mid-air above? None keeps them there but Allah! Indeed, there are signs in this for people who believe
16:80  And Allah has facilitated for you rest, security and solace in your houses. And He has facilitated for you tents.of the skins of cattle which you find light to carry when you travel and when you stay out. And of the animal wool, fur and hair, He has given you assets and possessions for a time
16:81  And Allah has made for you shelters from what He has created, and places of retreat in the mountains. And He has provided for garments for you to protect you from the heat and for armour to protect you in your armed conflicts. Thus does He complete His favour upon you in order that you submit to Him
16:82  And if, even then, they turn away, the responsibility on you (Prophet Muhammad) is only to deliver Allah's Message clearly to the people
16:83  They are aware of Allah's favour, yet they deny it! And most of them are those who suppress the Truth
16:84  And One Day We will raise a witness out of every community. Then shall no leeway be given to those who suppress the Truth, nor shall they be allowed to solicit favours
16:85  And when those who are wicked experience the punishment, its severity on them shall not be decreased, nor shall they be given any respite
16:86  And when those who worship others besides Allah see those others, they shall say, "Our Lord! These are our other gods whom we prayed to besides You." But they will retort, "Certainly indeed you are liars!"
16:87  And they shall tender submission to Allah on that day. And what they used to concoct shall depart from them
16:88  For those who suppress the Truth and cause hindrance in Allah's Path, We will add punishment over punishment because they have been spreading corruption
16:89  And One Day We will raise in every people a witness against them from among themselves, and bring you as a witness against these. And We have revealed to you the Book explaining everythingclearly, and as a guidance, mercy and good news for those who submit.
16:90  Allah does indeed enjoin justice, kindness and giving things to near and dear ones. And He forbids obscenity, abomination and rebellion. He admonishes you that you may remember and take heed
16:91  And fulfill Allah's covenant when you make one. And break not oaths after affirming them; for, then, you have indeed made Allah stand surety for you. Allah does indeed know what you do
16:92  And be not like the woman who disintegrates her well-spun yarn into fibres.You take your oaths as means of interference in one another's affairs so that one community gets bigger than another. Allah has not but put you on trial by this; and He will certainly make clear to you, on the Resurrection Day, that, about which you differed
16:93  And if Allah had so willed, He would certainly have made you a single community. But He causes whom He wills to go astray and guides whom He wills to go on the Right Path. And you will certainly be questioned as to what you did
16:94  And take not your oaths as means of interference in one another's affairs, lest a footstep should stumble after it is firmly taken and you should taste adversity because you hindered someone from Allah's Path. And grievous punishment should be your lot
16:95  And trade not covenant with Allah, for petty gains. That which is with Allah is certainly better for you, if you but knew
16:96  What is with you gets exhausted and what is with Allah endures. And We will certainly give to those who are patient their reward for the good things they did
16:97  Whoever, male or female, does good work, and he/she is a believer, We will certainly make him/her live a good and clean life, and We will certainly give them their reward for the good things they did
16:98  And when you recite the Qur'aan, seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan
16:99  Indeed he (Satan) has no authority over those who believe and have trust in their Lord
16:100  His authority is only over those who befriend him and over those who worship him besides Allah
16:101  And when We change one Message for another — and Allah knows best what He reveals they say, "You are only a forger." Nay, most of them know not
16:102  Say, "The Holy Spirit has authoritatively revealed it (the Qur'aan) as from your Lord, in order that it may stabilise those who believe and give guidance and good news for those who submit."
16:103  And We are certainly aware that they say, "A certain man it is who teaches him." The person they are alluding to speaks a foreign tongue, and this is clear Arabic tongue
16:104  Allah does indeed not guide those who do not believe in His Messages. And they shall have a painful punishment
16:105  Those that believe not in Allah's Messages, it is they who concoct the lie. And those are the liars
16:106  Allah's Wrath is on people who deny Allah after having believed in Him, not on those compelled while their hearts are at rest with faith, but on those that open their minds to suppression of the Truth. And they shall have the most severe punishment
16:107  That is because they love this worldly life more than the Hereafter, and because Allah does not guide people who suppress the Truth
16:108  These are the people on whose hearts, hearing and eyes Allah has set a seal. And they take no heed
16:109  No doubt, in the Hereafter, they will be the doomed ones
16:110  And then, on the other hand, your Lord is indeed Forgiving and Merciful on those who migrate after they are persecuted, then struggle hard and are patient
16:111  On that Day every one shall come, pleading for one's own self. And every one shall be paid one's full dues, and they shall not be wronged
16:112  And Allah gives an example of a village/town, safe and secure, to which its means of subsistence came in abundance from every quarter. Then it became ungrateful to Allah's favours. And Allah made it wear the garb of hunger and fear because of what they wrought
16:113  And, of course, a Messenger from among them had come to them, but they rejected him. So disaster struck them because of their wickedness
16:114  Eat then of what Allah has given you, lawful and wholesome. And be grateful for Allah's favours, if Him it is that you worship
16:115  HE has forbidden you only carrion (what dies of itself), blood, flesh of swine and that over which any name, other than that of Allah, has been invoked. But if anyone is driven by necessity — and not desire — and does not exceed limits, then Allah is indeed Forgiving, Merciful
16:116  And describe not anything falsely, with your tongues, as being lawful or unlawful so as to concoct a lie and ascribe it to Allah. Indeed, those who concoct a lie and ascribe it to Allah shall not prosper
16:117  They will enjoy a little and then have a painful punishment
16:118  And for those who were Jews, We prohibited what We have related to you already.h And We did them no wrong, but they wronged themselves
16:119  And your Lord is indeed Forgiving and Merciful to those who do an evil act in ignorance, then turn in repentance after that and make amends
16:120  Abraham was indeed an institution by himself, firmly committed to Allah. And he was never a polytheist
16:121  He was ever grateful for Allah's favours. HE chose him and guided him to the Straight Path
16:122  And We gave him a good life in this world, and, in the next, he will indeed be among the good, righteous people
16:123  We then instructed you to follow Abraham's lifestyle steadfastly. And he was not of the polytheists
16:124  The Sabbat was ordained only for those who differed about it, and your Lord indeed will judge between them on the Resurrection Day concerning that about which they differed
16:125  Call people to the Path of your Lord with wisdom and good counsel, and argue with them in the best possible manner. Your Lord does indeed know who go astray from His path, and who follow it
16:126  And if you retaliate, then retaliate with the like of that with which you were afflicted. But if you are patient, it will certainly be better for those who are patient
16:127  And be patient and your patience is not but by Allah's Grace. And grieve not for them, and do not distress yourself at what they plot
16:128  Allah is indeed with those who fear Him and with those who do good deeds