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16:1  God's order/command came so do not hurry/rush/hasten Him , His praise/glory and (He is) high, mighty, exalted and dignified about what they share/make partners (with God)
16:2  He descends the angels with the Soul/Spirit from His order/command on whom He wills/wants from His worshippers/slaves, that warn/give notice, that He is, no God except Me, so fear and obey Me
16:3  He created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth with the truth, (He is) high, mighty, exalted and dignified from what they share/make partners (with God)
16:4  He created the human/mankind from a drop/male's or female's secretion/little water, so then he (the human/mankind) is (a) clear/evident disputer/adversary
16:5  And the camels/livestock, He created it for you, in it (is) warmth, and benefits/uses, and from it, you eat
16:6  And for you in it (is) beauty/grace/loveliness when/where you come or go in the evening/rest , and when/where you go out/depart freely
16:7  And it loads/carries your loads/belonging (weights) to a country/land , you were not reaching it, except with the selves' difficulty/hardship, that your Lord (is) merciful/compassionate (E), merciful
16:8  And the horses and the mules and the donkeys, (are) to ride it and decoration/beauty , and He creates what you do not know
16:9  And on God (is) the path's/way's objective/direction , and from it, (there is) unjust/deviation , and if He willed/wanted He would have guided you all together
16:10  He is who descended from the sky water , for you from it (is) a drink, and from it (are) trees in it you graze/put (to) pasture
16:11  He sprouts/grows for you with it the plants/crops and the olives and the palm trees and the grapes, and from all the fruits, that in that (is) a sign/evidence (E) to a nation thinking
16:12  And He manipulated/subjugated for you, the night , and the daytime and the sun , and the moon , and the stars/planets (are) manipulated/subjugated with His order/command, that in that (are) signs/evidences (E) , to a nation reasoning/understanding
16:13  And what He created/seeded for you in the earth its colours (are) different, that in that (is) an evidence/sign (E) to a nation mentioning/remembering
16:14  And He is who manipulated/subjugated the sea/ocean to eat from it soft/tender meat , and you bring out from it a jewel/ornament you wear/dress it, and you see the ships audibly cutting/shearing in it, and to wish/desire from His grace/favour, and maybe/perhaps you thank/be grateful
16:15  And He threw in the earth/Planet Earth anchors/mountains that (E) it sways and leans/moves and unsettles with you, and rivers/waterways and ways/paths , maybe/perhaps you be guided
16:16  And signs/identification marks, and with the star/planets, they be guided
16:17  Is who creates as/like who does not create, so do you not mention/remember
16:18  And if you count God's blessing/goodness you do not compute it , that God (is) forgiving (E), merciful
16:19  And God knows what you keep secret and what you publicize/announce
16:20  And those whom they call from other than God, they do not create a thing, and they, they are being created
16:21  Deads other than alive, and they do not feel/know/sense when they are being sent/resurrected/revived
16:22  Your God (is) one God, so those who do not believe with the end (other life), their hearts/minds (are) defiant of God and His orders/obscene , and they are arrogant
16:23  Undoutably/surely that God knows what they keep secret and what they publicize/announce , that He does not love/like the arrogant
16:24  And if (it) was said to them: "What (did) your Lord descend?" They said: "The firsts'/beginners' myths/baseless stories ."
16:25  To carry/burden their sins/burdens complete (on) the Resurrection Day, and from the sins/burdens (of) those who they misguide them without knowledge. Is it not bad/evil/harmful what they sin/carry/bear
16:26  Those from before them had cheated/deceived/schemed, so God came (and) destroyed their buildings/structures from the foundations/bases, so the roof/ceiling fell down on them from above them, and the torture came to them from where/when they do not feel/know/sense
16:27  Then (on) the Resurrection Day He shames/scandalizes/disgraces them, and he says: "Where (are) my partners those who you were making animosity/revolting/disobe ying in (because of) them?" Those who were given the knowledge said: "That the shame/scandal/disgrace, today , and the bad/evil/harm (is) on the disbelievers."
16:28  Those who the angels make them die, (while) unjust/oppressive (to) themselves, so they threw the submission/surrender (and said): "We were not making/doing/working from the bad/evil/harm/corruption." Yes/certainly that God (is) knowledgeable with what you were making/doing/working
16:29  So enter Hell's doors/entrances, immortally/eternally in it, so how bad (E) (is) the arrogant's home/dwelling
16:30  And (it) was said to those who feared and obeyed: "What (did) your Lord descend?" They said: "Goodness/honour to those who did good in this the present world a goodness, and the house/home (of) the last (other life is) best , and blessed/praised (E) (is) the fearing and obeying's house/home."
16:31  Treed gardens/paradises (as) eternal residence, they enter it, the rivers/waterways flows/runs from below/beneath it , for them in it what they will/want, as/like that God reimburses the fearing and obeying
16:32  Those whom the angels make them die pure , they say: "A greeting/peace/security on you, enter the Paradise because (of) what you were making/doing/working."
16:33  Do they wait/watch except that the angels or your Lord's order/command comes ? As/like that those from before them made/did, and God did not cause injustice/oppression to them, and but they were themselves causing injustice/oppression
16:34  So sins/crimes (of) what they made/did struck/hit them , and what they were with it mocking/making fun (of) surrounded/afflicted with them
16:35  And those who shared/made partners (with God) said: "If God willed/wanted, we would not have worshipped from other than Him from a thing, us and nor our fathers, and nor forbade/prohibited from other than Him from a thing." As/like that those from before them made/did, so is there on the messengers except the information/communication the clear/evident
16:36  And We had sent in every nation a messenger: "That worship God and avoid/distance (yourselves from) the every thing worshipped other than God/idols ." So from them who God guided, and from them who the misguidance became certain/deserved on him, so walk/move in the earth/Planet Earth, so see/wonder about how was the liars'/deniers' end/turn (result)
16:37  If you held onto stingily and desire strongly (are careful) on their guidance, so that God does not guide who misguides, and none from victoriors/saviors (are) for them
16:38  And they swore/made oath by God their rights'/oaths' utmost , (that) God does not send/resurrect/revive who dies, yes/certainly a promise on Him truth , and but most of the people do not know
16:39  To clarify/show/explain for them what they differ/disagree/dispute in it, and (for) those who disbelieved to know that they were lying/denying/falsifying
16:40  Truly/indeed Our saying/word to a thing if We willed/wanted/intended it (is) that We say to it: "Be." So it becomes
16:41  And those who emigrated in (to) God from after what they were caused injustice to/oppressed, We return/reestablish them (E) in the present world a goodness, and the end's (other life's) reward/wage (E) (is) greater/bigger , if they were knowing
16:42  Those who were patient, and on their Lord they rely/depend/surrender to
16:43  And We did not send from before you except men , We inspire/transmit to them, so ask/question the reminder's/remembrance's people , if you were not knowing
16:44  With the evidences and The Books, and We descended to you the reminder/remembrance to clarify/show/explain to the people what was descended to them, and maybe/perhaps they think
16:45  Did those who cheated/deceived/schemed the sins/crimes trust that God sinks down with them the earth/Planet Earth, or the torture comes to them from where/when they do not feel/know/sense
16:46  Or He takes/receives/punishes them in their turning/returning so they are not with disabling/frustrating
16:47  Or He takes/receives/punishes them on fear/fright, so that your Lord (is) merciful/compassionate (E), merciful
16:48  Did they not see/understand, to what God created from a thing (that) its shades/shadows turns/follows from the right and the lefts, prostrating to God and (while) they are degraded/humiliated
16:49  And to God prostrates what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth from a walker/creeper/crawler , and the angels , and they are not being arrogant
16:50  They fear their Lord from above them, and they make/do what they are ordered/commanded
16:51  And God Said: "Do not take two gods two, but/truly/indeed, He is one God, so (only) Me, so be awed/monkish/monastic of Me
16:52  And to Him what (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and to Him (is) the permanent/continuous/lasting religion, so is other than God you fear and obey
16:53  And what (is) with you from a blessing/goodness , so (it) is from God, then if the harm touched you, so to Him you pray/cry aloud and humbly
16:54  Then if He removed/uncovered/(relieved) the harm from you, then a group/party from you, they share/make partners with their Lord
16:55  To disbelieve with what We gave/brought them, so live long/enjoy, so you will/shall know
16:56  And they make/create/put to what they do not know a share from what We provided for them. By God you will be asked/questioned about what you were fabricating/cutting and splitting
16:57  And they make/create/put to God the daughters, His praise/glory, and for them what they lust/desire/crave
16:58  And if any of them was announced good news to with the female, his face became/remained blackened, and he is holding (his) breath/suppressed
16:59  He hides/conceals from the nation from (the) bad/evil/harm (of) what he was announced good news to with it, does he hold/grasp/cling to it on disgrace/weakness , or he buries/hides/conceals it in the dust/earth? Is (it) not bad/evil what they judge/rule
16:60  To those who do not believe with the end (other life) the bads'/evil's example/proverb, and to God the example/proverb the highest/mightiest , and He is the glorious/mighty, the wise/judicious
16:61  And if God punishes the people because of their injustice/oppression, He would not (have) left on it from a walker/creeper/crawler , and but He delays them to a named/identified term/time, so if their term/time came, they do not delay/lag behind an hour, and they do not advance/precede (an hour)
16:62  And they make/create/put to God what they hate, and their tongues/speeches describes/categorizes the lies/falsehood , that to them (is) the best/most beautiful , undoutably/certainly that to them (is) the fire , and that they truly are neglected/wasted/hastened
16:63  By God, We had sent to nations from before you, so the devil decorated/beautified for them their deeds, so he is their guardian/ally today, and for them (is) a painful torture
16:64  And We did not descend on you The Book except to clarify/show/explain to them what they differed/disagreed/disputed in it, and guidance and mercy to a nation believing
16:65  And God descended from the sky water, so He revived with it the land/Earth after its death/lifelessness, that in that (is) an evidence/sign (E) to a nation listening/hearing
16:66  And that for you in the camels/livestock (is) an example (E) , We make you drink from what (is) in its bellies/insides, clear/pure milk pleasant tasting to the drinking, from between fully and partially digested food/feces and blood
16:67  And from the palm trees' and the grapes' fruits you take from it intoxication , and a good/beautiful provision , that in that (is) an evidence/sign (E) to a nation reasoning/understanding
16:68  And your Lord inspired/signaled to the bees, that take from the mountains homes , and from the trees, and from what they raise and support/hold onto
16:69  Then eat from all the fruits, so enter/pass your Lord's roads/paths manipulated/dangled low, from its bellies/insides emerges/appears a drink its colours (are) different, in it (is) a cure/healing for the people; that in that (is) an evidence/sign (E) to a nation thinking
16:70  And God created you, then He makes you die, and from you who is returned to the lifetime's worst/meanest/despised, so that (he) not know after knowledge a thing, that your Lord (is) knowledgeable, capable
16:71  And God preferred/favoured some of you over some in the provision , so those who were preferred/favoured are not with returning their provision on (to) what their rights/oaths owned/possessed, so they are in it equal/alike . So are they with God's blessing/goodness disbelieving and denying
16:72  And God made/created for you from yourselves spouses , and He made/created for you from your spouses sons/sons and daughters, and sons of your sons , and He provided for you from the goodnesses . Is it with the falsehood they believe, and with God's blessing/goodness they disbelieve
16:73  And they worship from other than God what does not own/possess for them a provision/rain a thing from the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and they are not able
16:74  So do not give the examples/proverbs to God, that God knows and you do not know
16:75  God gave an example , an owned slave/human , he is not capable/able on (of) a thing, and whom what We provided for him from Us a good/beautiful provision , so he spends from it secretly and publicly , do they become equal/alike? The praise/gratitude (is) to God, but most of them do not know
16:76  And God gave an example (of) two men, one of them (B) is mute, he is not capable/able on (of) a thing, and he is tired/weak (tiresome/burdensome) on (to) his master/friend/owner wherever he aims/turns him, he does not come/bring with goodness , does he become equal/alike, he and who orders/commands with the justice/equality and he is on a straight/direct/balanced road/way
16:77  And to God (is) the skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's unseen/invisible ; and the Hour's/Resurrection's order/command/matter/affair is not except as the eye sights'/knowledges' twinkling/quick glance or it is nearer/closer, that God (is) on every thing capable/able
16:78  And God brought you out from your mothers' bellies/insides, you do not know a thing, and He made/created for you the sense of hearing , and the eye sights/knowledge, and the hearts/could be minds, maybe/perhaps you thank/be grateful
16:79  Do they not see (look) to the birds subjugated/manipulated in the sky's atmosphere/air? None holds/grasps them except God, that in that (are) signs/evidences (E) to a nation believing
16:80  And God made/created/put for you from your houses/homes tranquillity/security/residence, and He made/created/put for you from the camels'/livestock's skins houses/homes you find it light (during the) day/time (of) your moving/departure/travel , and (the) day/time (of) your residency, and from its wool/animal hair , and its hair/wool (fur/down) , and its hair/fur home effects/woven wool and enjoyment/effects/goods to a time
16:81  And God made/created/put for you from what He created shades, and He made/created/put for you from the mountains covers/shelters/homes, and He made/created/put for you shirts/clothes (that) protects you (from) the heat, and shirts/clothes (that) protects you (from) your hardship in war, as/like that/that is how He completes His blessing on you, maybe/perhaps you submit/surrender
16:82  So if they turned away, so but on you (is) the information/communication, the clear/evident
16:83  They know God's blessing , then they deny it, and most of them (are) the disbelievers
16:84  And a day/time We send/resurrect/revive from every nation a witness/testifier, then (it will) not be allowed/permitted to those who disbelieved, and nor they be allowed to offer reconciliation/appeasement
16:85  And if those who caused injustice/oppression saw/understood the torture, so (it) does not be reduced/lightened from them, and nor they be given time/looked at
16:86  And if those who shared/made partners (with God) saw their partners (with God), they said: "Our Lord, those (are) our partners (with You), those whom we were calling from other than You." So they threw the saying/word/opinion and belief that you (are) lying/denying/falsifying (E)
16:87  And they threw to God (on) that day/time the submission/surrender , and what they were fabricating/cutting and splitting (was) wasted/nullified/lost from them
16:88  Those who disbelieved and prevented/obstructed from God's way/path , We increased them torture over/on the torture, because (of) what they were corrupting/disordering
16:89  And a day/time, We send/resurrect/revive in every nation/generation a witness/testifier on them from themselves, and We came with you (as) a witness/testifier on those, and We descended on you The Book (a) clarification/explanation to every thing, and guidance, and mercy, and a good news to the Moslems/submitters/surrenderers
16:90  That God orders/commands with the justice/equality and the goodness, and giving/bringing (to) of the relations/near, and (God) forbids/prevents from the enormous/atrocious deeds , and the defiance of God and His orders/obscenity , and the oppression/transgression , He preaches to/advises/warns you, maybe/perhaps you mention/remember
16:91  And fulfill/complete with God's promise/contract if you promised/pledged , and do not break/destroy the faith/belief after its confirmation/assurance , and you had made/put God on you (as) a sponsor/supporter , that God knows what you make/do
16:92  And do no be like who unbound/broke/destroyed her yarn/spun thread (into) unraveling/fraying/untwisted strands of yarn from after (its) strength , you take your rights/oaths (as) deceit/blemishes between you, that (E) a nation be more grown/increased than a nation, but/truly God tests you with it, and to clarify/show/explain for you (on) the Resurrection Day what you were in it differing/disagreeing/disputing
16:93  And if God wanted/willed He would have made/created you one nation/generation , and but God misguides whom He wills/wants, and He guides whom He wills/wants, and you will be asked/questioned (E) about what you were making/doing
16:94  And do not take your rights/oaths (as) deceit/blemishes between you, so (a) foot/foothold in goodness and knowledge slips/falls/sins after its steadfastness/stability/strength , and you taste/experience the bad/evil/harm because (of) what you prevented/obstructed from God's way/path , and for you (is) a great torture
16:95  And do not buy/volunteer with God's promise/pledge a small/little price, but/truly (what is) at God, it is best for you, if you were knowing
16:96  What (is) at you depletes/exhausts , and what (is) at God (is) remaining/lasting/continuing, and We will reimburse (E) those who were patient their reward with (the) best (of) what they were making/doing
16:97  Who made/did correct/righteous deeds from a male or a female, and he is believing, so We will make him live a good life , and We will reward them (E) , their reward/wage/fee with (the) best (of) what they making/doing
16:98  So if you read the Koran so seek protection by God from (against) the devil, the cursed/expelled
16:99  That He, (there) is not for him power/control on those who believed and on their Lord they rely/trust/surrender to
16:100  But his power/control (is) on those who follow him, and those whom (are) with him, (they are) sharing/taking partners (as gods)
16:101  And if We exchanged/replaced/substituted a verse in place (of) a verse , and God is more knowledgeable with what He descends, they said: "But you are a fabricator/cutter and splitter." Rather most of them do not know
16:102  Say: "The Holy/Sanctimonious Soul/Sprit descended it from your Lord with the truth to affirm/strengthen those who believed, and guidance, and a good news to the Moslems/submitters/surrenderers."
16:103  And We have known that they say: "But/indeed a human teaches/instructs him, (the) tongue/language/speech (of) those who deviate, insult and defame to Him, non-Arabic/Persian (tongue/language/speech), and this (is) an Arabic clear/evident tongue/language/speech
16:104  That those who do not believe with God's verses/evidences/signs, God does not guide them, and for them (is) a painful torture
16:105  But/indeed (who) fabricates/cuts and splits the lies/defiance/falsehood (are) those who do not believe with God's verses/evidences , and those, they are liars/deniers/falsifiers
16:106  Who disbelieved with God after his faith/believing , except who was compelled/forced, and his heart/mind (is) assured/tranquillised/secured with the faith/belief, and but who delighted/expanded his chest (innermost) to the disbelief, so on them anger from God and for them (is) a great torture
16:107  That (is) because they (E), they loved/liked the life the present world/worldly life more/over the end (other life), and that God does not guide the nation, the disbelieving
16:108  Those are those who God stamped/closed/sealed on their hearts/minds , and their hearing/sense of hearing , and their eye sights/understanding, and those, they are the ignoring/neglecting/disregarding
16:109  Certainly/undoutably that they, in the end (other life), they are the losers/misguided and perished
16:110  Then that your Lord to those who emigrated from after what they were misled/betrayed , then they struggled/did (their) utmost and were patient, that your Lord (is) from after it forgiving (E), merciful
16:111  A day every self comes to argue/dispute about (for) her/its self, and every self be fulfilled/completed what it made/did/worked, and they are not being caused injustice to/oppressed
16:112  And God gave an example/proverb (of) a village/urban city (that) was safe/secure assured/tranquillised/secured, its provision comes to it easily/comfortably from every place, so it disbelieved with God's' blessings/goodnesses , so God made it taste/experience the starvation's/hunger's cover/dress/mixture and the fear/fright, because (of) what they were making/producing/manufacturing
16:113  And a messenger from them had come to them so they denied him , so the torture took/punished them , and (while) they are unjust/oppressive
16:114  So eat from what God provided for you permitted/allowed/good/pure and thank/be grateful (for) God's blessing/goodness , if you were (only) Him worshipping
16:115  Truly/indeed He forbade/prohibited on you the dead, and the blood, and the pigs'/swine's flesh/meat, and what was declared to other than God with it, so who was forced not (intending) transgressing/corrupting and nor transgressing/violating , so that God (is) forgiving, merciful
16:116  And do not say to what your tongues/languages/speeches describes/categorizes the lies/defiance/falsehood, that (is) permitted/allowed, and that (is) forbidden ." To fabricate/cut and split on (about) God the lies/denials/falsehood: "That those who fabricate/cut and split on (about) God the lies/denials/falsehood do not succeed/win
16:117  Little long life/enjoyment and for them (is) a painful torture
16:118  And on those who repented/guided/Jews We forbade/prohibited what We narrated/relayed/informed on (to) you from before, and We did not cause injustice to/oppress them, and but they were themselves causing injustice to/oppressing
16:119  Then that your Lord to those who made/did bad/evil/harm with ignorance/foolishness, then they repented from after that, and they corrected/repaired , that your Lord (is) from after it forgiving (E), merciful
16:120  That Abraham was a nation/constitution/(set example) (he) was obeying humbly/holding the prayer to God, a submitter/Moslem/Unifier of God, and (he) was not from the sharers/takers of partners (with God)
16:121  Thankful/grateful for his blessings/goodnesses , He chose/purified Him, and He guided him to a straight/direct road/way
16:122  And We gave/brought him in the present world goodness, and that he truly (is) in the end (other life) (is) from (E) the correct/righteous
16:123  Then We inspired/transmitted to you that follow Abraham's religion/faith, (he was) a submitter/Moslem/Unifier of God and (he) was not from the sharers/takers of partners (with God)
16:124  But/indeed the Saturday/Sabbath was put/made on those who differed/disagreed/disputed in it, and that truly your Lord judges/rules (E) between them (on) the Resurrection Day in what they were in it differing/disagreeing/disputing
16:125  Call to your Lord's way/path with the wisdom, and the good sermon/advise/warning, and argue/dispute with them with which it is best , that your Lord He is more knowledgeable with (of) who misguided from His path/way , and He is more knowledgeable with the guided
16:126  And if you punished/rewarded, so punish with similar/equal (to) what you were punished with it, and if (E) you were patient it (E) (is) best to the patient
16:127  And be patient, and your patience is not except with/by God, and do not be sad/grievous on them, and do not be in tightness/distress from what they cheat/deceive/scheme
16:128  That God (is) with those who feared and obeyed, and those whom they are good doers