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7:1  Alif Lam Meem Sad.
7:2  A book has been sent down to you, Messenger, so have no worries about it; through it you warn, it’s a reminder for the believers.
7:3  Follow what’s sent down to you by Your Lord, and follow no other masters beside Him. People, you pay too little attention
7:4  How many towns did We destroy? Our scourge struck them at night, or during their afternoon nap
7:5  and when Our scourge struck, they pleaded, “We were wrongdoers.
7:6  We’ll question both the messengers and their people to whom they were sent
7:7  Let Us tell them our side of the story based on irrefutable knowledge, for We were not absent
7:8  The weighing up of deeds on that day is a certainty. Anyone with heavy scales of good deeds will be successful
7:9  and anyone with light scales will lose out because they used to go against Our scripture
7:10  We established you on Earth, and gave you the means to live. People, you give little thanks
7:11  Humanity, We created you and gave you the present form; then We told the angels, “Prostrate before Adam,” they all prostrated, except Satan who didn’t prostrate
7:12  “What stopped you from prostrating when I commanded you?” Allah, Satan replied, “I am better than him since You created me from fire, and him from clay.”
7:13  Allah said to him, “Get down from here, how dare you be arrogant, so get out, you are despised.
7:14  Satan said, “Give me time until the Day of Resurrection.
7:15  Allah said, “You shall have your time.
7:16  Satan said, “Since You let me go astray, I shall sit near Your straight path for a chance to lure them
7:17  then I will pounce on them from the front, behind, and from their right and left, You will find most of them are ungrateful to You.
7:18  Allah said, “Get out of here, despised and an outcast. Anyone who follows you, I will fill Hell with the lot of you.
7:19  “Adam, live with your wife in Paradise and eat from wherever you wish, but don’t come near this tree otherwise you will be wrongdoers,” Allah said
7:20  So Satan whispered to the two of them, in order to reveal their nakedness, of which they had until then been unaware, and said, “Your Lord has only forbidden you from eating fruit of this tree to stop you becoming angels or eternal.
7:21  Then he swore an oath, “I am a sincere adviser for you both.
7:22  So, by deception, he brought about their fall. On tasting the fruit of the tree, they became aware of their nakedness and began to cover themselves with the leaves of the trees of Paradise. Their Lord called out to them, “Didn’t I forbid you from going near that tree and warned you Satan is your open enemy?
7:23  Both said, “Our Lord, we’ve wronged ourselves. If You don’t forgive us and treat us kindly we will be the losers.”
7:24  Allah said, “Get down from here, each of you the enemy of the other. On Earth you shall have a home for a while and a means of livelihood
7:25  there you will live and die, and eventually be raised from it.
7:26  Children of Adam, We’ve inspired you to wear clothing to look beautiful and to cover your nakedness, and the clothing of piety is the best. That is one of Allah’s signs to humans, so they may pay attention
7:27  Children of Adam, don’t let Satan tempt you as he tempted your parents and had them expelled from Paradise, stripping them of their clothes, exposing their nakedness. He and his type watch you from a place where you can’t see them. We made those demons the friends of disbelievers
7:28  Whenever they perform an act of indecency, they say, “We found our forefathers doing it; Allah has ordered us to do it.” Say: “Allah does not order acts of indecency. You are saying things about Allah that you don’t know?
7:29  Messenger, say: “My Lord orders you to be just; turn your faces towards Him at all time in places of worship, and call upon Him, reserving your worship for Him alone. As He created you, so you shall return to Him.
7:30  Allah guided one group, whilst He let the other group go astray because they took devils as protectors instead of Allah, thinking they were rightly guided
7:31  Children of Adam, dress beautifully when attending the place of worship, and eat and drink, but don’t squander; He dislikes the squanderers.
7:32  Say: “Who has forbidden the adornment which Allah has produced for His servants, along with the provision of healthy foods?” Say: “It is for those who believed in Allah and the Last Day during this worldly life, reserved for them alone to wear on Judgement Day.” This is how We explain Our signs for people who know
7:33  Say: “My Lord has forbidden acts of indecency, whether openly or in secret; likewise any sin; unlawful rebellion; associating with Allah anything for which He has revealed no authority; and saying things that you have no knowledge about Allah.
7:34  Every community has an allotted term, and when their allotted term comes to an end, they can neither delay it by a single hour, nor can they hasten it
7:35  Children of Adam, whenever messengers from among yourselves come to teach you My scripture; whoever is mindful and reforms himself will have nothing to fear nor grieve
7:36  However, those who deny Our signs and consider those signs to be beneath them, such people shall be the companions of the Fire, living there forever
7:37  Who can be more wicked than the one who invents lies about Allah, or denies His signs? Such people will receive their portion of enjoyment decreed in the Book, up until Our angelic messengers come to take their souls, saying to them, “Where are those you worshipped beside Allah?” They will say, “They have deserted us and testified against themselves that they were disbelievers.”
7:38  He will say, “Enter the Fire along with the communities of jinn and humans who’ve passed away.” Whenever a community enters the Fire, it will curse its fellow community, up until each of them has followed all the others into it, and the last of them will say about the first of them, “Our Lord, here are those who misled us, so double their punishment in the Fire.” He will say, “Each of you will have double the punishment, though you don’t know it.
7:39  Then the first to enter will say to the last, “You were no better than us, so taste the punishment for what you earned.
7:40  Those who deny Our signs and consider them beneath their dignity, the gates of Heaven will not open for them, nor will they enter Paradise until a camel can pass through the eye of a needle; that is how We punish sinners
7:41  They shall have a bed of Hell fire, and there will be a covering of fire above them; that is how We punish wrongdoers
7:42  The believers who did righteous deeds – We don’t task any soul beyond its capacity – will be the inhabitants of Paradise, living there forever
7:43  We shall remove malice from their hearts, and let them enjoy: rivers flowing beneath them in Paradise, they shall say, “Praise be to Allah, Who guided us to this, and we wouldn’t be guided had Allah not guided us. The messengers of Our Lord came with the truth.” They will hear the call: “This is Paradise, you’ve inherited it because of what you did.”
7:44  The people in Paradise will call out the people of the Fire: “We’ve found what our Lord promised to be true, have you found what your Lord promised you to be true?” They will say, “Yes!” So, an announcement will be made: “The curse of Allah is on the wrongdoer
7:45  who block Allah’s path, wishing to distort it, and who deny the Hereafter.
7:46  A wall will appear between both groups, and on the high places there will be men who recognise each other from their features, and they will call out to the people of Paradise, “Peace be on you.” They won’t have entered it, but they will be longing to do so
7:47  When their eyes turn toward the companions of Hell, they will say, “Our Lord, don’t put us with the evildoers.
7:48  The companions of the high places will call out to other men whom they recognise by their features, and they will say to them, “Your large group and pride hasn’t benefitted you
7:49  Are these the ones about whom you swore Allah’s kindness would never reach?” The angels will say, “Enter Paradise. You shall neither fear nor grieve.
7:50  The companions of Hell will ask the companions of Paradise: “Give us some water or anything else Allah has provided you.” They will say, “Allah has forbidden both for the disbelievers
7:51  who made their religion a fanfare, a sport and were deceived by worldly life. Today We shall abandon them just as they neglected their meeting with Us on this day, they disputed Our signs.
7:52  We brought them a book, which explained things intelligently, a guidance and source of kindness for the believers.
7:53  Are they waiting for its fulfilment? On the day when it is fulfilled, those who had neglected it will say, “Our Lord’s messengers came with the truth. Are there any intercessors to plead on our behalf, or is there a possibility that we will be returned to our former life so we can act differently from how we used to?” They’ve failed themselves, and things they invented have deserted them
7:54  Allah is your Lord, Who created the Heavens and the Earth in six days and then established Himself as befits Him on the throne. He causes the night to cover the day, which follows it swiftly. The sun, moon and stars all obey His command. Doesn’t all the creation and the command to control it belong to Him? Blessed be Allah, Lord of all the Universe
7:55  Call on your Lord, humbly and in secret. He dislikes transgressors
7:56  Do not make conflict in the land after it has been made peaceful but call on Him with fear and longing. Allah’s Kindness is close to the righteous
7:57  He sends winds – bearing glad tidings, a sign of His kindness – that carry along heavy clouds driving them towards arid lands, and We send rain, producing fruits of all kind. This is how We will bring the dead to life; perhaps you will reflect
7:58  Good soil brings forth its crops by its Lord’s permission, whereas poor soil produces only a little bit. This is how We explain the signs for people who are grateful
7:59  When We sent Nuh to his people, he said, “My people, worship Allah; you have no other god but Him. I fear the torment of a dreadful day.
7:60  The leaders of his community said, “We believe you’re mistaken.
7:61  He said, “My people, I am not mistaken; rather I am a messenger of the Lord of the Universe
7:62  conveying to you, as a sincere advisor, the messages of My Lord, and I have knowledge from Allah that you don’t have
7:63  Are you surprised that a reminder has come from your Lord through one of your men, who teaches you to be mindful of Allah and wants you to be treated kindly
7:64  They called him a liar, but We saved him and his followers aboard the ship, and those who denied Our signs We drowned; they were blind people
7:65  And to the tribe of Ad, We sent their brother Hud, who said, “My people, worship Allah; you have no god but Him. Will you not be mindful of Allah?
7:66  The disbelieving leaders of his community said, “We think you have gone crazy, and you’re a liar.
7:67  He replied, “My people, there is nothing crazy about me; rather I am a messenger from the Lord of the Universe
7:68  conveying to you, as a sincere advisor His messages.
7:69  Are you surprised that a reminder should come to you to warn you from your Lord through one of your men? Remember what happened to the people of Nuh, He made you their successors and made your body strong. So remember Allah’s gifts, and you will be successful.”
7:70  They said, “Have you come to us to make us worship Allah alone and to abandon what our forefathers worshipped? If so, bring on what you are threatening us with, if you are telling the truth.
7:71  Hud said, “May punishment and wrath befall you from your Lord! Are you arguing with me about simple names that you and your forefathers have made up, and for which Allah has sent no authority? Wait for Allah’s decree, and I shall wait with you.
7:72  We were kind so We rescued him and his followers, but destroyed the deniers of Our signs; they weren’t believers
7:73  And to the tribe of Thamud, We sent their brother Salih who said, “My people, worship Allah; you have no god but Him. Clear proof has come to you from your Lord; this is the she-camel of Allah, a sign for you. Let her graze wherever she wants in Allah’s Earth, but do not harm her, or else you’ll be severely punished
7:74  And remember how He made you successors after what had happened to Ad, establishing you in the land, where on its plains you now build mansions and carved homes in the mountainsides. So, remember Allah’s gifts, and don’t spread violence in the land.”
7:75  Some arrogant leaders from his community said to the believers from the weak people, “Do you know for certain that Salih is a messenger from his Lord?” They said, “We believe in the message he’s been sent with.
7:76  But the arrogant leaders said, “We reject what you believe in.
7:77  So they hamstrung the she-camel, disobeying their Lord’s command, saying, “Salih, bring on what you have threatened us with, if you are a messenger.
7:78  An Earthquake seized them so violently that they ended up lying face down in their homes
7:79  Salih turned away from them, saying, “My people, I delivered My Lord’s message sincerely to you, but you don’t like the one who gives you sincere advice.
7:80  And remember Lut, when he said to his people, “Why do you commit indecent acts that have no precedence anywhere in the whole world
7:81  You approach men with lust rather than women. You’ve gone to excess in satisfying your sexual appetites.
7:82  His people said, “Expel them from your town. They are puritanical.
7:83  So We saved him and his family, except his wife, who stayed behind
7:84  and We pelted them with hailstones. Look at the outcome of the sinners
7:85  And to Madyan, We sent their brother Shu’ayb, who said, “My people, worship Allah; you have no god but Him. Clear proof has come from your Lord, so be honest in your weights and measures, and don’t deprive people of their rights, and don’t create conflict in the land after it has been made peaceful. That’s the best advice for you, if you are believers.
7:86  Don’t sit at the roadside, threatening people and preventing believers from following the path of Allah, wishing to distort it. Remember how few you were in number, and how He increased you. Look at the fate of trouble-makers.
7:87  A group of you believes in what I was sent with while the other group doesn’t, so let us wait until Allah decides between us: He is the best judge.
7:88  The arrogant leaders of his community said, “We will expel you from our town, Shu’ayb, you and all those who believe in you, unless you return to our way of worship.” He said, “Even if we don’t want to
7:89  We would be inventing lies about Allah if we returned to your way of worship after Allah had saved us. There is no way that we would return unless Allah, Our Lord, should wish it. Our Lord has the knowledge of everything. We place our trust in Him. Our Lord! Decide justly between us and our people, for You are the best judge.
7:90  The disbelieving leaders of his community said, “If you follow Shu’ayb, you will be losers.
7:91  After that they were seized by an Earthquake so violent that they ended up lying face down in their homes
7:92  As though those who treated Shu’ayb as a liar never lived there; the ultimate losers were those who called Shu’ayb a liar.
7:93  So he withdrew from them saying, “My people, I delivered to you the messages of my Lord, and I was sincere towards you. So why should I mourn people who choose to disbelieve?
7:94  We haven’t sent a single prophet to any community without initially putting its inhabitants through suffering and hardship to humble them
7:95  Then We would replace the evil with good until they overtook their predecessors and, without a thought for Allah, said, “Hardship and prosperity affected our forefathers too.” Suddenly, We would take them unaware
7:96  If the people of the communities had believed and been mindful, We would have opened up for them blessings of the Heavens and Earth, but they rejected Our signs, so We seized them for what they did
7:97  Were the people of the communities confident that Our punishment wouldn’t come when they were asleep at night
7:98  Or were they confident that Our punishment wouldn’t come as they played at mid-morning
7:99  Or did they feel secure from Allah’s plan? It is only the losers who are not afraid of Allah’s plan.
7:100  Didn’t any guidance come to those who inherited the land from previous inhabitants, if We wished, We could afflict them too because of their sins, and We could seal their minds so they would no longer hear
7:101  Such communities, We have told you some of what happened to them. Their messengers came to them with clear proofs but, because they had already denied them, they were not prepared to believe; that is how Allah seals the hearts of disbelievers
7:102  We found most of them uncommitted to the contract, they were mostly disobedient
7:103  After them, We sent Musa with our miracles to Pharaoh and his leaders, but they rejected them. Look what happened to the trouble makers
7:104  Musa said, “Pharaoh, I am a messenger from the Lord of the universe
7:105  I am duty-bound to speak the truth about Allah. I have come to you with clear proof from your Lord, so let the Israelites go with me.
7:106  He replied, “If you have come with a sign, then show it, if you are telling the truth.
7:107  So he threw his staff, and straightaway it turned into a snake, everyone saw that
7:108  next he pulled his hand out from his cloake, and it looked white to the onlookers
7:109  The leaders of Pharaoh’s people said, “He’s an expert magician
7:110  he wants to expel you from your land, so what do you command?
7:111  They said, “Delay him and his brother and, in the meantime, send messengers to the citie
7:112  to bring every experienced magician here.
7:113  The magicians came to the Pharaoh, they asked, “Will we be rewarded if we win?
7:114  He said, “Yes! You will join people who are in my inner circle.
7:115  They said, “Musa, either you go first, or let us go first?
7:116  He said, “You start.” So they went first, with trickery charmed people’s eyes to frighten them, and made an impressive magical spectacle
7:117  Then We urged Musa, “Throw down your staff,” and at once it began to swallow up their fake devices
7:118  So the truth came out, and what they had done was shown to be fake
7:119  They were defeated there, and humiliated.
7:120  The magicians threw themselves to the ground in prostration
7:121  saying: “We believe in the Lord of the universe
7:122  the Lord of Musa and Harun.
7:123  Pharaoh said, “How dare you believe before I give you permission! This is some cunning plot that you have all devised in this city to expel its people. You will soon know where true power lies
7:124  I will have your hands and feet cut off on the opposite sides and crucify you all.
7:125  They said, “We hand ourselves over to our Lord
7:126  What reason do you have to take revenge on us except that we believed in signs of our Lord when they came? Our Lord, give us patience, and let us die in submission to You.
7:127  The leaders of Pharaoh’s community said, “Are you going to leave Musa and his people to wreak havoc in the land, disregarding you and your gods?” He said, “We will slay their sons and let their women live to show that we are dominant over them.
7:128  Musa told his people, “Seek Allah’s help and be patient. The Earth belongs to Allah, and He gives it to any of His servants to inherit it, and only the mindful of Allah shall have success in the end
7:129  They said, “We suffered before you came and continue to suffer.” He said, “It may be that your Lord will destroy your enemy and make you successors in the land, so that He may see how you will behave.
7:130  For years there was a drought, We caused crop failure for Pharaoh’s people, hopeful they might reflect
7:131  In good times they would say, “We deserve this,” but in hard times they would take it as an evil omen brought on by Musa and those with him. Is it not the case that their omen comes from Allah? Most of them are ignorant.
7:132  They said, “Any signs you come up with to captivate us, we will not believe.
7:133  So We sent down clear signs to them: floods, locusts, lice, frogs and blood, but they were arrogant and sinful people
7:134  When caught in a plague, they would say: “Musa, pray to your Lord for us through the contract you have. If you can relieve us of the plague, we will believe you and send the Israelites with you.
7:135  However, when We relieved them of the plague and gave them a respite, after a while they’d go back on their word
7:136  So We took revenge, drowning them in the sea since they denied Our signs and paid no attention to them.
7:137  Those who were once helpless We made them inherit the lands We had blessed from the east to west, and so it was that the gracious word of your Lord to the Israelites came to be fulfilled, because of what they had suffered: and We destroyed what Pharaoh and his people had built
7:138  After We had led the Israelites across the sea, they came across people who worshipped idols. The Israelites requested, “Musa, let us have a god like their gods.” He said, “You are ignorant people.
7:139  These people, whatever state they are in is beyond repair, and whatever they have been doing is null and void.
7:140  He said, “How can I seek a god other than Allah for you, it is He Who has favoured you over the rest of humanity?
7:141  Remember when We saved you from Pharaoh’s people, who inflicted the worst punishment imaginable on you: slaying your sons and leaving your women to live; that was a big test from Your Lord
7:142  We kept Musa on mount Sinai for thirty nights, to which We added ten, so he stayed a total of forty nights with his Lord. When Musa was leaving, he said to his brother, Harun, “Be deputy over my people, do what is right, and do not follow the path of those who are mischievous.
7:143  After Musa came to Us according to his appointment, and his Lord spoke to him, he said: “My Lord, let me see You.” Allah said, “You will not be able to see Me, but look towards the mountain; if it stays in its place, then you will be able to see Me.” When His Lord appeared in His glory on the mountain, it crumbled, and Musa fell unconscious as though struck by lightning. When Musa regained consciousness, he said, “Glory be to You! I seek Your repentance, and I am the first believer.
7:144  Allah said, “Musa, in giving you My messages and My words, I have chosen you above all people, so take what I have given you and be grateful.
7:145  We wrote everything on the tablets for him as a warning, explaining things in detail: “So hold the tablets firmly, and order your people to take hold of the best of what is in them. I’ll show you the houses of the sinners.
7:146  Those who behave arrogantly unjustifiably in the land shall be deprived of seeing My signs, even if they saw every single sign, they still wouldn’t believe, if they were to see the path of guidance, they wouldn’t take it; but if they see the path of error, they follow it. That’s because they denied Our signs and paid no attention to them
7:147  Those who denied Our signs and meeting in the Hereafter, their deeds will prove worthless. Wouldn’t they be rewarded for their deeds
7:148  Meanwhile Musa’s people took a calf as god, with a mooing sound and a body moulded from their jewellery. Wasn’t it obvious to them it neither spoke to them nor guided them along any path? Nevertheless, they adopted it as a god and so became wrongdoers
7:149  When the enormity of what they had done struck them they realised they were misled, so they said, “If our Lord isn’t kind and forgives us, we will be losers.
7:150  Musa returned to his people, and saw what they had done; he was angry and sad and said, “How foul is what you did after me! Were you so keen to hasten your Lord’s judgement?” He lay down the tablets and grabbed hold of his brother’s head by the hair, pulling him towards himself. Harun said, “Son of my mother, they thought I was weak and almost killed me. So do not give our enemies any reason to ridicule me, and don’t put me in the same category with the wrongdoers.
7:151  Musa said, “My Lord, forgive me and my brother, embrace us with Your Kindness, for you are the most Kind
7:152  Those who accepted the calf as a god will have their Lord’s wrath and disgrace in this worldly life. That is how We reward those who invent lies.
7:153  Those who were evil then repented and believed, your Lord will forgive and be Kind.
7:154  Once Musa’s anger had subsided, he picked up the tablets. They contained guidance and teachings of kindness for anyone who fears their Lord
7:155  Then Musa chose seventy men from his people to meet with Us. After a blast had taken them, Musa said, “My Lord, if this is what You wanted, You could have killed them and me long before. Will You now kill us all because of what the fools among us did? This was Your way of testing to let anyone you wish to go astray and anyone You wish to guide; You are our Protector, so forgive us and be kind to us; You are the best Forgiver
7:156  Decree for us in this world what is good and in the Hereafter; we return in humility to serve you.” Allah said, “I afflict with My punishment whomever I please, while My kindness embraces everything. I shall decree what is good for those who are mindful of Me, pay Zakat and believe in Our signs.
7:157  Those who follow the Messenger, the untutored Prophet, they will find him mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel. He who instructs them to do good and forbids evil, declares lawful all that is pure and healthy, and prohibits whatever is unclean, and relieves them of their burden and the shackles that once bound them. So, they believe in him, honour him, support him, and obey the light that was sent with him, they shall be successful
7:158  Say: “People, I am the Messenger to you all from Allah, sovereignty of the Heavens and the Earth belongs to Him; He is the only God, He gives life and death. So, believe in Allah and His Messenger, the untutored Prophet, who believes in Allah and His words, and follow him so that you might be guided.
7:159  Among Musa’s people is a community that guides others with the truth and practises justice
7:160  We divided the Israelites into twelve tribes, each a community, and when his people asked Musa for water We told him: “Strike the rock with your shepherd’s staff.” Twelve springs gushed out, and the people of each tribe knew their drinking place. We made the clouds shade them and sent them manna and quails, saying, “Eat of the wholesome things We provided you.” The Israelites never harmed Us, but they harmed themselves
7:161  For example, when they were told: “Settle down in this town and eat of its fruits from wherever you please, and when you enter the gates, prostrate yourselves and say: ‘Forgive us our sins,’ so that We forgive your wrongs, and We will increase the reward of the righteous ones.
7:162  The wrongdoers among them altered the phrase to something else than what they were told to say, so We sent punishment from Heaven because of the wrong they did
7:163  Ask them, messenger, about the town by the sea; they broke the law of Sabbath. On the Sabbath, the fish would appear on the surface of the sea, but not on any other days when they were fishing. We tested them because they sinned
7:164  Another group from the Israelites said, “Why are you preaching to people, who Allah will destroy or punish?” They said, “It is a plea for clemency from your Lord,qand in the hope that they might be mindful of Allah.
7:165  Once they forgot all they had been reminded of, We punished them severely because of their sinfulness and saved those who warned them against doing evil
7:166  When they disrespectfully continued doing what they were forbidden, We said, “Become like apes, despised!
7:167  Remember when your Lord declared: “Let there arise against the wrongdoers, people who will inflict the terrible torment on them from now until Judgement Day.” Your Lord is quick to punish, but He is also Forgiving, Kind
7:168  And so it was that We dispersed the Israelites across the face of the Earth as separate communities – some are righteous and others not at all like them – and We tested them through good and bad times hoping they may return to Us
7:169  After them came a successor nation, who inherited the Book but practised only the easy parts of the Book’s teachings, saying, “We’ll be forgiven,” and if the like of it comes their way from a source other than the Book, they willingly take that too. Will they not be taken to task over the pledge in the Book to say nothing but the truth about Allah, given that they have studied whatever is in the Book? The home of the Hereafter is better for the mindful. Do you not understand
7:170  Those who hold fast to the Book and perform the prayer, We do not allow the reward to go to waste for people who strive for improvement in society.
7:171  Remember, We shook the mountain that loomed over them like a shadow, and they thought it would fall over them; and We said, “Hold firmly what We gave you and remember what’s in it so that you become mindful.”
7:172  Remember when Your Lord took all the offspring from the loins of the children of Adam to be witnesses, saying, “Am I not Your Lord?” They replied, “Yes, we bear witness.” This was so that, on Judgement Day, you would not say, “We were unaware of this contract
7:173  or say, “It was our forefathers who first associated partners with Allah, and we are merely descendants who came afterwards. Will You kill us because of the actions of the falsifiers?
7:174  This is how We explain Our signs, perhaps they will return to the right path
7:175  Tell them about the one who We gave knowledge of Scriptures, but he shed them as a snake sheds its skin; then Satan made him follow him so that he became disobedient
7:176  If We wanted, We could have raised his status because of those signs, but he chose to pursue Earthly matters and follow his whims. His type is like a dog: if you attack it pants, and if you leave it alone it pants, and the people who deny Our signs are like that. So, repeat these stories to them, perhaps they might reflect
7:177  How wretched is that type of person who denies Our Scripture and, in the process, wrongs himself.
7:178  Anyone Allah guides is truly guided but anyone He allows to go astray; such people are the losers
7:179  And so it is that many of the jinn and humans that We’ve created are intended for Hell. They have brains which don’t think, eyes that don’t see, and ears that don’t hear, such people are like cattle, even more dumb, worse than them; they are unaware of reality
7:180  Allah has the most beautiful names, so call Him by those names, and avoid those who take His names in vain, they will be appropriately rewarded for what they earned
7:181  Among Our created beings there is a community that lives according to the guidance, and practises justice in agreement with the truth
7:182  But others who deny Our signs, We will let them edge their way little by little towards destruction from where they least expect it
7:183  I will give them some respite, but My decision is made
7:184  Have they not thought it through? There is no madness in their companion; he is a clear warner
7:185  Haven’t they seen the realm of the Heavens and the Earth and in all that Allah has created a single thing to suggest that perhaps their end is near? If not, then what message will they ever believe in after this
7:186  Anyone Allah allows to go astray will have no guide, and Allah will leave them to stumble blindly into wickedness
7:187  They ask you about the Final Hour, “When will it come?” Tell them: “My Lord alone knows it; except for Him, no one can reveal its timing. However, it hangs heavy in the Heavens and Earth and will come to you suddenly.” They ask you as though you were thoroughly acquainted with it. Say: “Knowledge of it rests with my Lord alone,” but most people are ignorant of that fact
7:188  Say: “I have no control to bring benefit or harm even for myself, except to the extent that Allah wills. If I had full knowledge of the unseen, then I would have amassed a lot of wealth, and no harm to come my way. As it is, I am a warner and bearer of good news for people who believe.
7:189  He created you from a single soul, and from that made its spouse to live together. When he slept with her, she became pregnant, the pregnancy was a light burden at first, allowing her to go about her daily life, but as the foetus grew heavier they both prayed to Allah, their Lord: “If You bless us with a healthy child, we will be grateful.
7:190  When He delivered them a healthy child, both set about attributing partners to Him regarding what He gave them. Allah is exalted above whatever people associate with Him .
7:191  Do people associate partners with Allah that create nothing, but are created
7:192  they can’t help them, or even help themselves
7:193  if you call them towards guidance, they will not follow you? It is all the same for those partners whether you pray to them or stay silent
7:194  Those you worship beside Allah are His servants just like yourselves, so pray to them and let them respond to you, if you are telling the truth.
7:195  Do they have legs to walk? Do they have hands to hold? Do they have eyes to see? Do they have ears to hear? Tell them: “Pray to your idols, plot against me, be quick about it.
7:196  My protector is Allah, Who revealed the Book, and He protects the righteous.
7:197  Those you worship beside Him cannot help you, nor help themselves:
7:198  if you call them towards guidance, they won’t hear. You may think they are seeing you, but they can’t see.”
7:199  Messenger pardon them, enjoin the common good, and avoid the ignorant people
7:200  When Satan tempts you, seek Allah’s refuge. He is Hearing, Knowing
7:201  Whenever Satan tries to run rings around those who are mindful of Allah, they remind each other and at once they see straight again
7:202  As for their unmindful brothers, the demons draw them further and further into error, sparing no effort in doing so
7:203  If you don’t bring a fresh sign, such unmindful people say, “If only you could choose one yourself!” Say: “I follow only what’s revealed to me by My Lord. These are deep insights from your Lord and guidance and kindness for the believers.
7:204  Whenever the Quran is recited, listen carefully to it, and be silent so that you may benefit from it
7:205  Humbly remind yourself morning and evening of Your Lord and be in awe of Him, without speaking loud, and don’t be one of the neglectful
7:206  The angels in the Divine Presence do not turn away from His worship arrogantly; rather they glorify Him and prostrate before Him