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7:1  Alif Lam Meem Sa
7:2  A Book sent down upon you — let there be no reservations in your mind on that account — which you may warn thereby. And [it's] a Reference Book, containing things to be remembered, for the believers.h
7:3  Follow what has been sent down to you from your Lord and follow not any awliya besidesh Him. Little do you remember
7:4  And in many a human settlement that We have destroyed, Our punishment came to it by night or while its inhabitants were having their midday nap
7:5  They could say nothing — when Our punishment came to them — but that, "We were indeed in the wrong!"
7:6  Then, surely, We shall question those to whom the divine Message was sent, and, surely, We shall question the Messengers
7:7  Then, surely, We shall narrate to them with knowledge, and We were never absent
7:8  And the weight that day shall be the genuine one. Those then whose scale will be heavy, those shall be successful
7:9  And those whose scale is light, those are they who have caused their own doom because they wronged Our Verses/signs
7:10  And We did provide for your boarding and lodging on earth, and created in it means of livelihood for you. You give but little thanks
7:11  And We did create you, then fashioned you, and then We said to the angels, "Prostrate to Adam." They then prostrated, but Iblees did not! He wouldn't be of those who prostrate
7:12  Allah asked, "What prevented you from prostrating when I commanded you?" Iblees said, "I am better than he. You created me of fire, and You created him of dust."
7:13  Allah said, "Down you go then from here! You cannot behave arrogantly here. Get out! You are indeed of those who have belittled themselves."
7:14  Iblees said, "Grant me respite till the Day they are raised up."
7:15  Allah said, "You are indeed one of those to whom respite is granted."
7:16  Iblees said, "Since You have led me astray, I will certainly lie in wait for them in Your Straight Path."
7:17  "Then I will certainly come to them from the front and from behind them, and from the right and from the left of them. And You shall not find a great number of them grateful."
7:18  Allah said, "Get out of here, as one rebuked and expelled! I will certainly fill Hell with you all — you and whoever of them will follow you."
7:19  "And O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in the Garden. Eat whatever you like, and go not near this tree! Otherwise, you will be of the wicked people."
7:20  And the Satan then tempted them both to lay bare to them what had been hidden from them of their carnal desires. And he said, "Your Lord forbade you from this tree lest you two should become angels or of the immortal beings."
7:21  And he swore to them both, "I am indeed one of your sincere advisers."
7:22  So he misled them both by deceit. And when they tasted of the tree, their carnal desires became manifest to them, and they both began to cover themselves with the leaves of the garden. And their Lord called out to them, "Did I not forbid you both from that tree and tell you that the Satan is an open enemy to you both?"
7:23  They said, "Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. And if You forgive us not, and have mercy on us not, we shall certainly be of the losers."
7:24  HE said, "Down you go! Some of you would be inimical to some others. And there is for you in the earth provision for lodging and boarding, for a period of time."
7:25  HE said, "Therein shall you live, and therein shall you die, and therefrom shall you be raised."
7:26  O Children of Adam! We have certainly sent down to you clothing to hide and keep in control your carnal desires and as a means to adorn yourself with. And the clothing of piety is the one that is better. This is of Allah's Verses/signs for them to remember
7:27  O Children of Adam! Let not the Satan tempt you just as he did to your parents, causing their expulsion from the Garden and stripping them both of their clothing to expose to them their carnal desires. Indeed, he and his tribe see you from where you cannot see them. We have indeed made the devils to be the awliya of those who believe not
7:28  And when they commit an indecency they say, "We found our fathers doing this, and Allah has enjoined it on us." Say, "Allah does indeed not enjoin indecency. Do you say what you know not about Allah?"
7:29  Say, "My Lord has enjoined justice. And you should pray to Him, in complete attention and devotion, at every place of worship, and keep the Religion pure for Him. Just as He brought you into being in the beginning, so shall you return [to life again]!"
7:30  Some He guided and some deserved to go astray. They indeed took the devils, instead of Allah, as their awliya, and thought that they were guided
7:31  O Children of Adam! Be well-dressed, clean and tidy at every place of worship,h and and eat and drink, but indulge not in extravagance. HE does not indeed like those who indulge in extravagance
7:32  Say, "Who has prohibited Allah's decorations and the wholesome provisions which He has brought forth for His subjects?" Say, "These are for the believers in the life of this world, and exclusively for them, on the Resurrection Day." Thus do We make the Verses/signs clear for people who know
7:33  Say, "My Lord has prohibited only indecencies, those of them that are apparent as well as those that are concealed, and sin and unjustified rebellion, and that you worship others besides Allah, for which He has not sent down any authority, and that you say about Allah that which you know not."
7:34  And for every community there is an end. So when their end comes, not a moment can they delay it nor advance it
7:35  O Children of Adam! As and when Messengers come to you from amongst you relating to you My Verses/signs, then on those who take heed and mend themselves, there shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve
7:36  And as for those who reject Our Verses/signs and arrogantly turn away from them, they will be the dwellers of the Fire and will abide therein forever
7:37  Who is then more wicked than he who concocts a lie against Allah or rejects His Verses/signs? Such persons get what is destined for them in this life, until, Our Messengers come to them causing them to die and ask, "Where are those whom you used to invoke and worship besides Allah?" They would say, "They have deserted us." And they shall bear witness against themselves that they were suppressors of the Truth
7:38  He will say, "Enter the Fire among communities of jinn and humans that have passed away before you." Every time a community enters, it curses its sister community, until when they all will have reached it, the community that followed shall say with regard to the community that preceded it, "Our Lord! These led us astray, so give them a double punishment of the Fire." He will say, "It's double for every one, but you know not."
7:39  And the community that preceded will say to the community that followed, "So you have no preference over us. You taste then the punishment for what you used to earn."
7:40  Indeed, the doors of heaven shall not be opened for those who reject Our Verses/signs and arrogantly turn away from them, nor shall they enter Paradise until the cable [thick rope] passes through the eye of the needle. And thus do We reward the sinners
7:41  For them shall there be a bed of Hell and over them coverings thereof. And thus do We reward the wicked people
7:42  And as for those who believe and do good deeds, We burden not anyone beyond one's capacity. They will be the dwellers of Paradise and will abide therein forever
7:43  And We will remove any ill-feeling they had in their minds, and beneath them the rivers shall flow. And they will say, "All praise is due to Allah Who guided us to this! And had Allah not guided us we would never have found the way. Messengers of our Lord had certainly brought the Truth. And it shall be announced to them, "This is the Paradise for you. You have inherited it on account of what you used to do."
7:44  And the dwellers of Paradise will call out to the dwellers of the Fire, "We have indeed found what our Lord promised us to be true. Have you too found what your Lord promised to be true?" They will say, "Yes!" Then an announcer in between them will announce, "Allah's curse is on the wicked people."
7:45  "On those who hindered people from Allah's Path and sought to distort it. And they believed not in the Hereafter."
7:46  And between the two there shall be a veil. And on the heights there will be men who will recognise all others by their distinguishing features. And they will greet the dwellers of Paradise, "Peace on you." They will not have yet entered it, but will hope to
7:47  And when their eyes will be turned towards the dwellers of the Fire, they will say, "Our Lord! Place us not with the wicked people."
7:48  And the dwellers of the heights will call out to men whom they will recognise by their distinguishing features, "Of no avail were to you the wealth you amassed and the things you took pride in!"
7:49  "Are these — who were told, 'Enter Paradise! You shall have no fear, nor shall you grieve' — the same about whom you swore that Allah will not bestow mercy on them?"
7:50  And the dwellers of the Fire will call out to the dwellers of Paradise, "Let some water or some of the provisions Allah has given you overflow to us!" They will say, "Allah has indeed prohibited them both upon those who suppressed the Truth."
7:51  "Who took their religion as just sport and pastime and their worldly life deceived them." So today We forget them, as they forgot their appointment for this day and denied Our Verses/signs
7:52  And certainly We have brought them a Book, which We have explained on the basis of knowledge, and which is a guidance and a mercy for people who believe
7:53  Are they waiting for it to occur first? On the day it occurs, those who had forgotten about it before, will say, "Messengers of our Lord had indeed come with the Truth! Are there for us then any intercessors to intercede on our behalf? Or could we be sent back so that we do things other than what we used to do?" Indeed they have doomed themselves and that which they concocted has deserted them
7:54  Surely your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods of time, and Who then ascended the Throne. He brings the night as a cover over the day, the night pursuing the day incessantly. And the sun and the moon and the stars are subservient to His command. Aren't the Creation and the Command His? Blessed is Allah, the Lord of the worlds
7:55  Invoke your Lord in humility and secrecy. He does not indeed like those who transgress the limits
7:56  And make no mischief on the earth after its reformation, and invoke Him with fear and hope. Allah's Mercy is ever near those who are good
7:57  And He it is Who sends the winds heralding the good news of His mercy, until, when it carries a heavily laden cloud, We make it serve as a water-carrier for a dead land. We then send water down on it, and bring out with it all kinds of fruits. Thus shall We raise the dead, may you remember
7:58  And as for the good land, its vegetation springs forth by the permission of its Lord, and as for the infertile one, its vegetation comes forth but scantily. We thus variously explain the Verses/signs for people who are grateful
7:59  We did send Noah to his people. He told them, "O my people! Worship Allah, you have no god other than Him! I do indeed fear for you the punishment of a dreadful Day."
7:60  The leaders of his people said, "We do indeed see you to be in clear error."
7:61  He said, "O my people! There is no error in me, but I am a Messenger from the Lord of the worlds."
7:62  "I deliver to you Messages of my Lord, and I advise you, and I know from Allah what you know not."
7:63  "Does it surprise you that a Reminder has come to you from your Lord through a man, from amongst you, so that he may warn you and you may fear Allah, and so that you may be treated with Mercy?"
7:64  And they refused to believe him, and We saved him and those with him in the Ark, and We drowned those who refused to believe in Our Verses/signs. They were indeed a blind people
7:65  And to AAadWe sent their brother Hood. He said, "O my people! Worship Allah, you have no god other than Him. Will you not then guard yourselves against evil?"
7:66  The leaders of those who suppressed the Truth from among his people said, "We do indeed see you in folly, and we do indeed consider you to be among the liars."
7:67  He said, "O my people! There is no folly in me, but I am a Messenger of the Lord of the worlds."
7:68  "I deliver to you Messages of my Lord and I am a trustworthy adviser to you."
7:69  "Does it surprise you that a Reminder has come to you from your Lord through a man, from amongst you, so that he may warn you? And remember when He made you His vicegerentsh on earth after Noah's people and made you excel in construction activity. So remember Allah's Graces so that you may succeed."
7:70  They said, "Have you come to us to make us worship Allah alone and give up what our fathers used to worship? Then, if you are of the truthful ones, bring to us what you threaten us with."
7:71  He said, "Disgrace and wrath from your Lord have indeed befallen you. Do you argue with me about names which you and your fathers have given, and for which Allah has not sent any authority? Then wait! I am with you, among those who wait."
7:72  We then saved him, and those with him, by Mercy from Us. And We cut off the roots of those who treated Our Verses/signs as lies. And they believed not
7:73  And to ThamoodhWe sent their brother Salih. He said, "O my people! Worship Allah, you have no god other than Him. Clear proof indeed has come to you from your Lord: this Allah's she-camel is a sign for you. Leave her alone then to graze on Allah's land, and harm her not, lest a painful punishment should seize you."
7:74  And remember when He made you His vicegerents after AAad, and settled you in the land. You build for yourselves palaces on its plains and carve out houses in the mountains. So remember Allah's Graces, and do not go about making mischief on the earth
7:75  The leaders of those who behaved arrogantly among his people said to those who believed, among the weak, "Do you know that Salih is sent by his Lord?" They said, "We are indeed believers in what he has been sent with."
7:76  The arrogant ones said, "We do indeed reject what you believe in."
7:77  Then they hamstrung the she-camel and behaved insolently towards the Command of their Lord. And they said, "O Salih! If you are one of the Messengers, then bring us what you threatened us with."
7:78  Then the earthquake shook them, and they lay prostrate in their houses
7:79  Then he turned away from them and said, "O my people! I did certainly deliver to you the Message of my Lord, and I gave you advice, but you do not like those who advise."
7:80  And Lot, when he said to his people, "You commit an obscene offence that none in the worlds committed before you!?"
7:81  You do come to men for sexual pleasure, instead of to women!? Nay! You are a people who transgress
7:82  And the response of his people was but to say, "Drive them out of your place; they are men who want to cleanse themselves!"
7:83  We then saved him and his family, except for his wife; she was of those who remained behind
7:84  And We rained upon them a rain. Look! What the sinners end up with
7:85  And to Midian We sent their brother Shu'aib. He said, "O my people! Worship Allah, you have no god other than Him. Clear sign indeed has come to you from your Lord, so give full measure and weight and do not cheat people in their things, and make no mischief on the earth after its reformation. It is better for you if you do believe
7:86  And do not lie in wait on every path, cajoling away and hindering one who believes in Allah from His way, seeking to make it crooked, complicated or difficult.And remember when you were but few, He increased you in number. And look! What the mischief-makers end up with
7:87  And if there is a section of you who believe in that which I am sent with, and another section who do not believe, then wait patiently until Allah judges between us. And He is the Best of judges.h
7:88  Those of the nobility among his people, who were arrogant, said, "We will certainly drive you, and those who have believed with you, out, O Shu'aib, from our place, unless you return to our way of life." He said, "Even when we dislike it?"
7:89  "We should be forging a lie against Allah if we return to your way of life after Allah has delivered us from it. And it befits us not that we should return to it, unless Allah, our Lord, so wishes. Our Lord comprehends all things in His knowledge. In Allah do we trust. Our Lord! Decide justly between us and our people. And You are the Best of judges."
7:90  And those of the nobility among his people, who suppressed the Truth, said, "If you follow Shu'aib, then surely you are doomed!"
7:91  A violent shaking seized them then, and they lay lifeless in their abode
7:92  Those who denied Shu'aib, they were as though they had never flourished therein; those who denied Shu'aib, they were the ones who were doomed
7:93  He then turned away from them and said, "O my people! I have indeed delivered to you the Messages of my Lord and I have given you good advice. How can I then grieve over people who suppressed the Truth?"
7:94  And We sent not a Prophet to a place but We seized its people with adversity and distress so that they became compliant
7:95  We then changed the bad condition to good until they grew in prosperity and said, "Distress and ease did befall our fathers." Then, all of a sudden, We caught them unawares
7:96  And if the people of those places had believed and had been pious, We would certainly have opened up for them blessings from the heavens and the earth. But they denied the Truth! So We seized them because of what they had earned
7:97  Did those people then feel secure from Our punishment coming to them by night while they slept
7:98  Or, did they feel secure from Our punishment coming to them in the morning while they played
7:99  Did they then feel secure from Allah's plan? But none felt secure from Allah's plan except those who were doomed
7:100  Has it not dawned on those who have inherited the earth from their earlier occupants that if We please, We would punish them for their sins and set a seal on their minds so they wouldn't hear
7:101  These places of human habitation! We relate to you some of their stories. And their Messengers did come to them with evidences. But they could not believe because, earlier, they had denied ! Allah thus seals the minds of those who suppress the Truth
7:102  And We found most of them unreliable. And We did indeed find most of them to be dissolute
7:103  We then, after them, sent Moses with Our Signs to Pharaoh and his chieftains, but they wronged those Signs! See then what end the transgressors met with
7:104  And Moses said, "O Pharaoh! I am indeed a Messenger from the Lord of the worlds."
7:105  "It is just and proper for me that I say about Allah nothing but the Truth. I have come to you indeed with evidence from your Lord. So send the Children of Israel with me."
7:106  He [Pharaoh] said, "If you have come with a sign, then come out with it, if you are of the truthful ones."
7:107  So he [Moses] threw down his staff, when, lo and behold, it was a veritable serpent
7:108  And he stretched his hand, when, lo and behold, it was shining white to the onlookers
7:109  The chieftains among Pharaoh's people said, "This one is indeed an expert magician."
7:110  "He intends to drive you out of your land. What counsel do you then give?"
7:111  They said, "Defer the matter concerning him and his brother, and send callers into the cities and towns
7:112  to bring to you every expert magician."
7:113  And the magicians came to Pharaoh and said, "We should indeed have a reward if we are the victors."
7:114  He said, "Yes, and you shall indeed be of those who are close."
7:115  They said, "O Moses! Either you do the throwing down, or we do it."
7:116  He said, "You throw!" So when they did, they hoodwinked the people's eyes and frightened them, and they displayed some great magic
7:117  And We revealed Our instruction to Moses, "Throw down your staff." And, lo and behold, it swallowed up what they had conjured up
7:118  So the truth prevailed, and what they did became null and void
7:119  They were thus defeated there, and they turned back subdued
7:120  And the magicians fell prostrate
7:121  They said, "We believe in the Lord of the worlds
7:122  the Lord of Moses and Aaron."
7:123  Pharaoh said, "Did you believe in Him before I permitted you!? This indeed is a plot which you have devised in the city to drive its people out. But you shall soon know
7:124  I will certainly cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides. Then will I crucify you all!"
7:125  They said, "Surely to our Lord shall we go back
7:126  And you do not take revenge on us except because we have believed in the signs of our Lord when these came to us! Our Lord! Grant us patience and cause us to die as Muslims."
7:127  And the chieftains among Pharaoh's people said, "Would you leave Moses and his people free to make mischief in the land and to forsake you and your gods?" He said, "We will kill their sons and spare their women. And we do indeed have absolute power over them."
7:128  Moses said to his people, "Ask for help from Allah and be patient. The land is Allah's; He leases it to such of His subjects as He wills. And the good end is reserved for those who are pious
7:129  They said, "We have been persecuted before you came to us and since you have come to us." He said, "It may be that your Lord will destroy your enemy and make you rulers in the land, and then He will see how you act."
7:130  And We did seize Pharaoh's people with years of drought and loss in agricultural produce that they may take heed
7:131  But when they got anything good, they said, "We certainly deserve this." And when any bad thing befell them, they attributed its cause to Moses and those with him. Nay! The cause for anything happening to them lay only with Allah, but most of them knew not
7:132  And they said, "Whatever be the sign you bring to beguile us with, we will not believe in you."
7:133  We then sent upon them the storm, the locusts, the lice, the frogs and the blood as distinct signs ; but they behaved haughtily and they were a sinning people
7:134  And when the calamity fell upon them, they said, "O Moses! Pray for us to your Lord as He has a covenant with you. If you remove the calamity from us, we will certainly believe in you and we will certainly send the children of Israel with you."
7:135  But when We removed the calamity from them for a term within which to fulfil their promise, they broke the promise
7:136  We then took our revenge from them and drowned them in the sea because they rejected Our signs and paid no heed to them
7:137  And We leased the lands to the East and to the West of the earth, in which We have placed Our Blessings, to the people deemed to be weak. And the good word of your Lord was fulfilled upon the Children of Israel because they bore up sufferings patiently. And We annihilated what Pharaoh and his people had wrought and what they had built
7:138  And We enabled the Children of Israel to cross the sea. Then they came upon a people given to the worship of their idols. They said, "O Moses! Make a god for us like the ones they have." He said, "You are indeed an ignorant people
7:139  What these people are engrossed in is bound to be destroyed and what they do is all in vain."
7:140  He said, "Shall I seek for you a god other than Allah, while He has favoured you over the worlds!?"
7:141  And when We delivered you from Pharaoh's people! They were inflicting on you a terrible torment: they were killing your sons and sparing the lives of your womenfolk. And therein was a mighty trial from your Lord
7:142  And We gave an appointment to Moses for thirty nights and extended the appointment by ten to complete the appointed time of his Lord to forty nights. And Moses said to his brother Aaron, "Be my representative among my people, be righteous and follow not the way of the mischief-makers
7:143  And when Moses came at Our appointed time and his Lord spoke to him, he said, "My Lord! Reveal yourself to me so that I may see You." He said, "You cannot see Me, but look at the mountain. If it remains firm in its place, then will you see Me." But when his Lord manifested His glory to the mountain, He made it crumble and Moses fell down in a swoon. Then when he recovered, he said, "Glory to You! I turn to You in repentence, and I am the first of the believers."
7:144  He said, "O Moses! I have indeed distinguished you above the people with My Messages and with My speaking to you directly. So hold on to what I give you and be of the grateful ones."
7:145  And We wrote down for him in the tablets, every kind of advice/admonition, and everything in detail. "So hold on to them firmly and enjoin your people to hold on to the excellence thereof. I will show you where the dissolute abide."
7:146  I will turn away from My Verses/signs those who are unjustly proud on the earth. And even if they see every sign, they will not believe in it. And if they see the way of rectitude, they do not take it. And if they see the way of error, they take it! This is because they rejected Our Verses/signs and were heedless of them
7:147  And as for those who reject Our Verses/signs and the meeting of the Hereafter, their deeds have gone in vain. Shall they be rewarded except for what they have done
7:148  And Moses' people, after he left, made a calf of their ornaments — just a body, which emanated a sound.Could they not see that it did not speak to them nor guide them to any way? They took to it and indulged in wrong-doing
7:149  And when they repented and saw that they had gone astray, they said, "Should our Lord show no mercy on us and forgive us not, we shall certainly be of those who are doomed."
7:150  And when Moses returned to his people, in anger and grief, he said, "What an evil thing you have done after I left! Were you so hasty for the command of your Lord? " And he threw down the tablets and caught hold of his brother by the head, dragging him towards him. He said, "Son of my mother! Indeed, the people reckoned me weak and had almost killed me. So make not the enemies gloat over me and do not count me among the wicked people."
7:151  He said, "My Lord! Forgive me and my brother and admit us to Your Mercy, and You are the Most Merciful."
7:152  Those indeed who took to the calf, wrath from their Lord and disgrace in this world's life shall overtake them, and thus do We recompense the fabricators of lies
7:153  And your Lord is indeed Forgiving and Merciful to those who do evil deeds, but then repent thereafter and believe
7:154  And when Moses calmed down, he took up the tablets. And in the inscription thereof, there was guidance and mercy for those who fear their Lord
7:155  And Moses chose from his people seventy men for the appointment with Us.hSo when the violent shaking seized them, he said, "My Lord! Had You so willed, You could have destroyed them before — and me too. Will You destroy us for what the fools among us have done? It is indeed nothing but a trial from You. You make whom You will to go astray with it and You guide whom You will. You are our Wali. So forgive us and have mercy on us, and You are the best of the forgivers."
7:156  "And ordain for us good in this world and in the Hereafter, for indeed we turn to You for guidance." HE said, "I inflict My punishment on whom I will. And My mercy covers all things, and I ordain it [Mercy] for those who are pious, give in charity, and believe in Our Verses/signs."
7:157  Those who follow the unlettered Messenger-Prophet, whom they find mentioned with them in the Torah and the Gospel, who enjoins them to do good things and forbids them from bad things, and makes pure, wholesome things lawful to them and impure things unlawful, and removes from them their burden and the fetters which were upon them. So then those who believe in him, honour him and help him, and follow the lightwhich has been sent down with him — those it is that succeed
7:158  Say, "O people! I am indeed the Messenger, to you all, of Allah, Whose is the absolute suzerainty over the heavens and the earth. There is no god but He. He gives life and causes death." So believe in Allah and His Messenger, the unlettered Prophet, who believes in Allah and His words. And follow him so that you are on the right path
7:159  And of Moses' people was a group, who guided with the truth, and therewih did they judge
7:160  And We divided them into twelve tribal groups. And when his people asked Moses for water, We inspired him, "Strike the rock with your staff!" There then gushed forth twelve springs therefrom. Thus did all come to know their respective sources of drinking water. And We made the clouds to provide shelter over them and We sent to them manna and quails. "Eat of the good things We have provided for you." And they did not do Us any harm, but they did harm to their own souls
7:161  And when it was said to them, "Reside in this place of habitation and eat wherever you wish therefrom, and say, 'hittatun.' And enter the gate prostrating. We will forgive you your wrong-doings. We will give more to those who do good."
7:162  But then those who were wicked among them changed it for a word other than that which they had been told to utter. So We sent down upon them a calamity from the heavens because they were wicked.
7:163  And ask them about the place of human habitation which stood by the sea, where they crossed the limits of the Sabbath : their fish came to them, up on the surface of the water, on the day of their Sabbath, and not on other days! Thus did We try them because they transgressed
7:164  And when a section of them said, "Why do you admonish a people whom Allah would destroy or give a severe punishment?" They said, "To be free of blame before your Lord! And, haply, they may fear Allah."
7:165  So when they forgot what they had been reminded of, We saved those who forbade evil and We severely punished those who did wrong, because they transgressed
7:166  And when they revoltingly persisted in what they had been forbidden, We said to them, "Be apes, despised and hated."
7:167  And when your Lord declared that He would certainly impose upon them, till the Day of Resurrection, those who would treat them badly, your Lord indeed is quick to requite and indeed He is Forgiving, Merciful!h
7:168  And We broke them, on the earth, into groups; some of them are righteous and some of them are not. And We tried them with good things and bad, so that they might turn back to the Right Path
7:169  Then, there came after them a posterity that inherited the Book, taking what this worldly life offers and saying, "We will be forgiven!" And if a like offer came to them again, they would take it too! Was not a promise taken from them in the Book that they would not speak anything about Allah but the truth? And they have read what is there in it! And the abode of the Hereafter is better for those who fear Allah. Don't you understand
7:170  And as for those who hold fast to the Book and establish proper prayer, We do not indeed cause the reward of the doers of good to go waste
7:171  And when We made the mountain shake over them like a shadow — and they thought that it was definitely going to fall down upon them — telling them, "Hold firmly what We have given you, and take heed of what there is in it, so that you become pious."
7:172  And when your Lord brought forth, from Adam and his children, their offspring, and made them bear witness against their own souls, "Am I not your Lord?" they said, "Yes! We bear witness." Lest you should say on the Day of Resurrection, "Indeed, we were unaware of this."
7:173  Or you should say, "It was our fathers, before us, who worshiped others besides Allah, and we were only their offspring following them! Will You then destroy us for what those followers of falsehood did?"
7:174  And thus do We explain the Verses, in details and so as to facilitate their return to the Right Path
7:175  And recite to them the story of one to whom We gave Our Verses/signs, but he withdrew himself therefrom! The Satan then followed him, and he became one of those who deviate from the Right Path
7:176  And if We had so willed, We would certainly have exalted him thereby; but he remained clinging to the earth and followed his base desires. His example then is that of the dog; if you assault him he lolls out his tongue, and if you leave him alone he lolls out his tongue! Similar is the example of those who reject Our Verses/signs. Relate the story then; perhaps they will reflect
7:177  Evil is the example of people who reject Our Verses/signs, and are unjust to their own souls
7:178  Whomsoever Allah guides, he is the one who follows the right way; and whomsoever He sends astray, these are the ones who are doomed
7:179  And certainly We have grown for Hell many of the jinn and the human beings; they have minds with which they do not understand, and they have eyes with which they do not see, and they have ears with which they do not hear. They are like cattle — nay, they are worse in going astray. They are the ones grievously unaware of their destiny
7:180  And Allah has the best of names, for you to call on Him wherewith. And keep away from those who violate the sanctity of His names. They shall be punished for what they did
7:181  And of those whom We have created there are people who guide with the truth and judge therewith
7:182  And as to those who reject Our Verses/signs, We rein them in, by degrees, from whence they know not
7:183  And I (Allah) give them a long rope. Indeed, My plan is fool-proof
7:184  Do they not reflect that their companion is not unsound in mind? He is only a plain warner
7:185  Do they not ponder over the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and whatever things Allah has created, and over the likelihood of their own death being near? What hadeeth would they then believe in after this
7:186  Whomsoever Allah sends astray, there is no guide for him. And He leaves them alone wandering blindly in their inordinateness
7:187  They ask you [Prophet] about the Hour (the time when the present world will end and the Hereafter begin), "When is it coming?" Say, "The knowledge of it is only with my Lord. None but He shall manifest it at its time; it will be a hard time in the heavens and the earth; it will not come on you but of a sudden." They ask you as if you were well-informed about it. Say, "Its knowledge is only with Allah, but most people know not."
7:188  Say, "I cannot have any benefit or harm for my own self except as Allah pleases. And had I known the unseen I would have had much of good and no evil would have touched me. I am but a warner and the giver of good news to people who believe
7:189  He it is Who created you from a single being, and He made therefrom his mate, that he might have the pleasure of living with her. So when he mounts her she bears a light burden, and she moves about with it. And when it grows heavy, they both call upon Allah, their Lord, "If You give us a good child, we shall certainly be of those who are grateful."
7:190  But when He gives them a good child, they set up associates with Him in what He had given them. But high is Allah above what they associate with Him
7:191  Do they associate with Allah those who do not create anything, but are themselves created!
7:192  And they can muster no help, nor can they help themselves
7:193  And if you invite them to guidance, they follow you not. It is immaterial whether you invite them or not
7:194  All those whom you pray to, besides Allah, are under Allah's absolute control just like you are. Call on them then, and let them answer you if you are right
7:195  Have they feet with which they walk, or have they hands with which they hold, or have they eyes with which they see, or have they ears with which they hear? Say, "Call those whom you worship besides Allah, then plot against me and give me no concession."
7:196  Allah is indeed my Wali, Who has sent down the Book. And He is close to the good, righteous people
7:197  And those, whom you pray to, besides Him, are not able to help you, nor can they help themselves
7:198  And if you invite them to the Guidance, they do not listen. And you see them looking towards you, yet they do not see
7:199  Show forgiveness and enjoin what is good and be indulgent towards the ignorant people
7:200  And if a mischief from the Satan affects you, seek refuge in Allah. HE does indeed hear, know
7:201  Those indeed that fear Allah remember Him much when a visitation from the Satan affects them. Then lo! They see
7:202  And their brethren relentlessly help them in wrong-doing
7:203  And when you do not bring them a miracle/sign, they say, "Why have you not brought it?" Say, "I follow only that which is revealed to me from my Lord. These are clear insights from your Lord and guidance and a mercy for a people who believe."
7:204  And when the Qur'aan is recited, then listen to it and remain silent, so that you are showered with mercy
7:205  And remember your Lord within yourself, humbly and in fear — and in a voice that is not loud — morning and evening, and be not of those who are heedless
7:206  Indeed, those with your Lord are not too proud to worship Him, and they declare His glory and to Him they prostrate